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"Bad Cluck" is the fourth episode of the second season, and the forty-second episode of The Casagrandes.


A haunted chicken is pestering the Casagrandes.


Sergio is looking through his closet trying to figure out what to wear. After some consideration, he settles with a pair of sunglasses. He meets up with the family, who are watching wrestling in the living room. Just when the program gets to the good part, the TV goes out. When Hector tries to fix it (while a disturbing image briefly appears), Carlitos' animal sounds toy suddenly activates (with Carlos pointing out that the toy doesn't have its battery in) and points to a chicken. When the TV comes back, the Casagrandes discover that they have laid eggs, which begin to glow and levitate in the air. Rosa believes that this is a sign that they're being haunted, but Ronnie Anne refuses to believe, thinking this is a prank from Carl. Carl denies anything involved, and tells Ronnie Anne to turn around, revealing the ghost of a giant chicken floating beside her. The family attempts to hide from the ghost, but can't escape from it. After exiting their apartment, Mr. Nakamura arrives, having been informed by Hector that a ghost is haunting them, and says that he might have an idea on how to banish the ghost.

Mr. Nakamura explains that as a part of Japanese tradition during a spring festival, they throw beans to try and ward off evil spirits. Hiding in the living room, the family and Mr. Nakamura throw their beans into the kitchen, where the ghost is lingering. However, the ghost proceeds to throw the beans, among other items from the kitchen, back at them. When Mr. Nakamura leaves out of fear, Stanley arrives and says that he has an idea on how to get rid of the ghost. He explains that every New Year's, he and his family use snap pops to scare off ghosts. Armed with their snap pops, everyone quickly toss them into the kitchen in the hopes to scare off the ghost. However, the ghost reveals its own set of fireworks, which is uses to scare the family and Stanley away.

Later, Arturo arrives, believing that they're eating chicken. However, Ronnie Anne points out that they're referring to a chicken ghost, and Arturo quickly takes cover in the couch upon seeing it. Suddenly, one of the couch pillows starts floating and begins attacking Sergio. When Frida tearfully asks why they're being haunted, feathers from the pillow that attacked Sergio point towards him. Rosa asks if Sergio has any sort of relation to this chicken, and Sergio says that he had a chicken roommate from flight school name Alfredo. When Sergio confirms it's him, Rosa tells him that ghosts haunt because of unfinished business, and asks if he has wronged Alfredo. Thinking to a previous time, Sergio remembers pooping on the windshield of Alfredo's pristine car as a joke. Because of this, the family forces him to make up for the incident by cleaning his car.

After cleaning the car, Alfredo reveals that he's still not satisfied. Thinking back Sergio remembers that he tried to help clean the poop off with a hose, but the force of the hose caused Alfredo to crash the car onto a table with a cake, revealing that it was his birthday at the time of the incident. Because of this, the Casagrandes and a few pigeons sing "Feliz Cumpleaños" to him, but Alfredo is still not satisfied. Sergio then remembers that he stole Alfredo's wallet when he was knocked out. After Sergio gives back his money (with interest), Alfredo reveals that he doesn't want it. As Sergio questions what else he did to tick him off, Alfredo proceeds to possess Carlos to reveal how the story really ended.

It turns out that when Alfredo was at the hospital, covered in a full-body cast because of his injuries, Sergio arrived to apologize for the accident. However, when Sergio saw the sunglasses that Alfredo was wearing on his forehead, he proceeded to take them, and that was the last thing Alfredo saw before he flatlined out of anger. When Sergio realizes that the sunglasses he was wearing all day actually belong to Alfredo, the vengeful chicken demands them back, but when Sergio refuses, an enraged Alfredo proceeds to levitate the entire family. At the family's demand, Sergio finally relents and gives Alfredo his sunglasses back, and Alfredo, now satisfied that he got the one item he wanted back, exits Carlos' body and leaves, finally lifting the curse from the family. When Rosa hopes that there won't be anymore chickens that Sergio wronged haunting them, and Sergio promising that Alfredo was the only one, Carlitos' animal sounds toy suddenly activates and points to a cow (indicating that Sergio had wronged a cow at some point as well), much to the frustrations of the Casagrandes.


Carlitos and La Tormenta have no lines in this episode.


  • This episode reveals that Sergio once attended flight school ("flight" in this scenario referring to birds flying instead of airplanes).
  • This episode implies that Sergio had wronged numerous animals before. In this episode, he wronged his chicken roommate Alfredo, and at another point, a cow.


  • Bad Cluck - The title of this episode is a pun of "bad luck".
  • See 'n Say - Carlitos' animal sounds toy is modeled after this toy made by Mattel.
  • Setsubun - The event that Mr. Nakamura describes in this episode is this festival that happens every February 3rd in Japan, which is the day before spring in the country. The bean throwing aspect (called mamemaki, meaning "bean scattering") is considered by the Japanese as a way to ward off the evils of the past year so that future years won't be tainted by said evils.
    • Coincidentally, the Dutch premiere fell on this date.

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