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"Band Together" is the eighth episode (ninth in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-seventh episode of The Loud House.


Luna has to decide between playing in a band with her friends or playing with professionals.


At the Burnt Bean, Luna and her band, the Moon Goats (consisting of Sam, Sully, and Mazzy), are performing a gig for the crowd. The moment they finish their song, the crowd gives them uproarious applause, and depart after Chunk preps up a table for bingo. As Luna and her bandmates eat at Lynn's Table, Luna discovers Katie Crest, the biggest manager in the music business. While spying on her, Katie reveals that she's hosting a summer tour and is staying in town for a few days. Luna informs her bandmates that if they can show off their talent in front of Katie, they might get her as their manager.

At Royal Woods Spa, Luna and her bandmates asks the front desk clerk if they can see Katie Crest, but the clerk tells them that Katie won't accept seeing guests. At that moment, an employee delivering room service asks for Katie's room number, and the gang quickly hide under his carts to arrive to her room. After a brief encounter with Flip being waxed, the gang spots Katie and attempt to show her their skills, but Katie refuses to listen, not wanting to be bothered. Not giving in, the gang begins to stalk Katie all around town, where she constantly denies wanting to listen to them. At Lynn's Table, as Katie gets a meal, the gang approaches her and she begrudgingly allows them to play their song on the condition that they won't bother her anymore. After playing a brief portion of their song, Katie is left blown away by the performance. However, Katie reveals that she's actually referring to Luna only, saying that the lead singer of a band she's managing quit, and needs a replacement. When Katie asks if Luna is up for this, Luna agrees, but Sam, Sully and Mazzy disagree. Excusing themselves to the kitchen, the bandmates ask Luna is she's really considering abandoning them, despite the promise of making it big together. Luna explains that as much as she loves her band, she can't skip this opportunity and says that if she supports them making it big, then they should do the same for her. As a result, Sam, Sully and Mazzy agree to let her join Katie's band.

Sometime later, Luna arrives to the recording studio where she meets her new bandmates: bassist Reg, keyboard player Bonnie, and drummer Jolly Jim. After Luna attempts to offer some cheese fries (which everyone denies for specific reasons), the band is ready to record a song. The moment they start, Luna begins improvising choreography, and when she finishes, she is lashed out for acting unprofessional. Later, after rehearsals, Luna proceeds to prank Reg by having a glitter bomb explode when he opens his guitar case, much to the annoyance of Katie and the other bandmates. At Lynn's Table, Katie and the band are having a meal before they go on tour. When Luna attempts to play charades, she ends up bumping a tray of milkshakes onto everyone, causing Katie to excuse Luna and inform her that because she's not with the Moon Goats anymore, she needs to be more serious.

After eating, the band's tour bus arrives, and Luna packs her equipment, Katie brings up how Luna will have a new rock-star life filled with adoring fans, sold-out stadiums, and being in a new city every night. However, this causes Luna to state that she's quitting the band so she can go back to her old one. Arriving to the Burnt Bean, Luna reunites with her fellow Moon Goats, telling them that she quit so she can rejoin them. Unfortunately, they reveal that they had Chunk replace her as their lead singer, saying that they had no other choice. Luna sadly confesses that she should've never left them, and allows Chunk to take her place, while she becomes their roadie. As the group hugs it out, Chunk says that he's a bit disappointed that Luna didn't go on tour, saying that he would enjoy a life with adoring fans, sold-out stadiums and being in a new city every night. This causes Luna to get an idea.

Later, it is revealed that Chunk is now taking the position of the lead singer in Katie's band so he can live the life he wanted. Now that Chunk is on tour, the Moon Goats realize that they need a new lead singer and they immediately appoint Luna back to her old position.


Sadie has no lines in this episode.



@SarahJSketches Twitter Picture.jpg
Sarah J - #NewDeal4Animation
For the Loud House wiki - "Band Together" (airing Friday) is my final episode I storyboarded. Insane to think I was working on this in February. Feels like forever ago but time means nothing in 2020. 🙃
Oct 14, 2020[1]
  • This is the last episode to be boarded by Sarah Johnson before her departure from Nickelodeon. According to her, she worked on this episode back in February of 2020.
  • The episode has a similar story to "House Music". In both episodes Luna initially enjoys playing with her bands, but later abandons them for sake of career and going despite her claims of working together, in the end Luna returns and apologizes.
  • This episode reveals that Luna's band with Sam, Sully and Mazzy is called the Moon Goats. Roles:
    • Luna guitarist and lead vocals,
    • Sam bass guitartist and backing vocals,
    • Sully keyboardist,
    • Mazzy drummer.
    • Chunk roadie.
  • Sully is shown to have some culinary skills.
  • Lincoln appears on the title card as the sticker on the far right of the guitar case.
  • On the square title card, the text "MOON GOATS" is missing from the emblem. It's possible it was removed to keep the band name a surprise for when the episode premiered.
  • The front desk clerk is modeled after former Loud House writer Sammie Crowley. The same thing happened in "Suite and Sour".
  • Following "The Old and the Restless", "Legends", "Net Gains", "The Write Stuff", "Power Play with the Casagrandes", "Senior Moment", and "Sand Hassles", this is the eighth episode with only one main character.
  • Irony: Luna easily abandoned her band despite earlier singing "Every time we get together, you know that I could play forever! Anytime I can, you better know I wanna play with my band!".
  • Innuendo: When Scoots mentions her new tattoo, she's about to lift her sweater to reveal it.


  • Band Together - The title of this episode is a phrase meaning to form a group in order to do or achieve something.
  • The Shining - Flip's room number is 237, a reference to the hotel room Danny is advised to stay away from in this 1980 psychological horror film.
    • This reference was previously used in the Season 2 episode "Suite and Sour", where the room number on the title card is 237.


  • When Luna and her band are meeting Katie Crest at Lynn's Table, Sam's and Mazzy's positions changed a couple times.
  • When Luna is approaching the music studio, the strap on her guitar case is over her right shoulder. In the next shot, it's over her left shoulder.
  • As Luna is singing with the professionals, in the shot of her singing next to Bonnie, the eyelashes on her left eye disappeared when she closed her eyes.
  • When Luna sings "Try to use tape to mend my broken heart" the second time, as she says "tape", her mouth moves as if she said "glue".
  • Kotaro gives Katie her Lynn-sagna to-go in a bag and she grabs it. But when she leaves, the bag disappeared.
  • When Luna and her band arrived at the hotel, Sam is behind Sully and Mazzy and the straps on Luna's and Sam's guitars are over their right shoulders. Then after the room service attendant came, Sam is next to Luna and the straps are over their left shoulders.
  • When Katie chose Luna to join the tour, Sam is seen with her hands already on her hips. Then when Luna says yes while her bandmates say no, Sam puts her hands on her hips.
  • In the beginning when Luna is singing, her mouth movement doesn't match what she is saying.
    • In the same scene, in the shot where Luna is playing her guitar, the strings are white instead of the usual black.
  • When the Moon Goats appeared at the movie theater to see Katie, Luna is seen non-shaded compared to everyone else, as if light is shining on her.



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