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[The Burnt Bean is having an open mic night. Luna shreds her guitar, Mazzy hits her drums, Sully on keyboard and Sam on bass. The four friends rock out]


♫ Every time I can, you better know I wanna play with my… ♫
Luna & Sam:
♫ Band! ♫
[Sully continues playing and uses his head to play a riff]
♫ Play a little guitar and clap my hands!
[Sam spins her bass around her neck. Chunk and Scoots are rocking out in the seats. Scoots rocking so hard she keeps bumping into Mr. Grouse's chair]
Every time we get together, you know that I could play forever!
[Mazzy rocks her drums so hard she falls backwards, but keep playing]

Anytime I can, you better know I wanna play with my band! ♫

[The crowd cheers]
Luna: “We are the moon goats! Thank you Burnt Bean!”
Scoots: “Yeah! Goat head for life! Check out my tattoo.”
[Starts lifting her shirt]
The Moon Goats: [Not needing to see that] “We believe you!”
Chunk: [Taking their equipment] “Boy, wicked show, mates.”
Mazzy: “Yeah, Sully, you destroyed those keys.”
Sam: “You can still see the marks on his forehead.”
Sully: [Lift his bangs and laughs, then goes deadpan] “Ow.”
Luna: “Let's go grab some grub. Chunk, you coming?”
Chunk: “Love to mate, but I got another gig.” [Rolls out the bingo balls. Checks the mic] “Testing, testing, one, two, three.”
Scoots: “Bingo!”
Chunk: “No, love, we haven't started yet.”
[Scoots throws her card and stamp at him]
Luna: “Sam, hurry and put your bass away so we can go.”
Sam: [Goes to do so] “Alright, alright.”
[Sam goes to put her bass away, while Luna, Sully and Mazzy snicker. Sam opens her case and gets glitter bombed]
Luna, Sully & Mazzy: “Band pranked!”
Sam: [Laughs] “Okay, you got me.”
Sully: “Glad it wasn't me this time.”
[The Moon Goats leave, laughing]
Mr. Grouse: [Got hit with glitter too] “Lucky you.”
[Coughs up more glitter]

[Later, at Lynn's Table]
Luna: “Dudes, I can't wait for us to be touring the world and rocking sold-out stadiums.”
Lynn Sr.: [Walks up] “Just don't forget all your adoring fans back home. I assume you want the usual; Moon Goat cheese fries…”
Everyone: “Easy on the moon, hold the goats.”
Lynn Sr.: “Be right…” [Bleets like a goat] “Get it? Cause it sounds like a goat.” [Walks off]
Luna: “Alright dudes, game time. Guess the rockstar, I'll go first.” [Luna is about to make a pose]
Sam, Sully & Mazzy: “Mick Swagger.”
Luna: “I didn't even start yet.”
Sam, Sully & Mazzy: “It's always Mick Swagger.”
[The friends laugh together when a rather serious looking woman passes them and up to Kotaro]
Katie: “Hi, I'm picking up a to-go order. Katie Crest.”
Luna: “Guys, she's the biggest manager in the music biz. I'm gonna see what she's doing in town.”
Kotaro: “So, are you new to Royal Woods?”
Katie: “No, just in town a couple of days. Launching a summer rock tour.”
Kotaro: “Cool, here's your Lynnsange to-go.” [Reaches for something else] “And should your tour ever need a little more cowbell…”
[Gives Katie a business card]
Katie: [Unimpressed] “The Clang?”
Kotaro: “Cause that's the sound a cowbell makes.”
[Kotaro starts playing cowbell and Katie gets really irritated]
Katie: [Gives the card back] Oh, yup, git it. Did you put extra parmesan in the bag?”
[Kotaro does that and Katie takes the bag and leaves. She walks past The Moon Goats again]
Luna: [Pops out at her friends] “Guys! This could be our big break. If we can get Katie to hear us rock, she might agree to be our manager. You in?”
[Luna puts her hand in and her friends stack theirs on top]

[At the Royal Woods Hotel and Spa, The Moon Goats approach the front desk]
Sam: “We're here to see Katie Crest.”
Front Desk Clerk: [Closes her book] "Okay, no. Ms. Crest said absolutely no visitors. Especially musicians!"
Room Service Attendant: "Taking this food order to Ms. Crest's suite. Could you check the room number for me?"
[Luna and Sam smirk]
Front Desk Clerk: [as the band sneaks into the food cart] "Give me one second here. Room two-thirty-seven."
Room Service Attendant: "On my way!" [wheels out]
Front Desk Clerk: "Wait, did I say Room two-thirty-two or two-thirty-seven?" [shrugs, reads book]

[Room 237.]
Room Service Attendant: "Room service!"
Luna: "Hey Katie, we're the Moon-"
[It's revealed this is actually Flip's room. He screams in pain as he's receiving a back waxing; the band stares in disgust.]
Flip: "Well, don't just stand there gawking. Grab a strip and start rippin'!" [The band bolts out of the room. Flip snaps his fingers, and the band can hear the waxing from outside the room.] "Holy nachos!"
[The band gags at this]
Katie: "Where's that room service? Should've been here by now..."
Luna: "We're the Moon Goats! And we're your next new band!"
Katie: "I'm not looking for any new bands." [slams the door]
Luna: "We don't give up that easy."

[Katie is watching a movie at a theater, eating popcorn and sipping a Flippee when the Moon Goats pop up, startling her.]
Katie: "No!" [Storms out]
Mr. Grouse: [Covered in Flippee and popcorn] "This is not my day..."
[Next, Katie is in Dairyland, eating a cheese on a stick when the Moon Goats pop up, wearing Tippy the Cow mascot disguises, startling her.]
Katie: "Gah!"
Luna: "Dude!" [Katie runs from them]
"Wait! Just give us a listen." [As they go after her, they all trip over.]

[Back at Lynn's Table]
Katie: “You ever have that feeling a bunch of kids are following you?”
Lynn Sr.: “Every moment of every day.”
[Meanwhile, The Moon Goats are hiding in the kitchen]
Luna: “Now!” [They come out and Katie groans again] “Let us play one song for you and I promise we'll leave you alone.”
Katie: [Sighs] “Fine.”
Luna: “Yes! Alright, one… two… three… four...”


♫ Every time I can, you better know I wanna play with my band! ♫
[They keep playing]

♫ Play a little guitar and clap my hands! ♫

Katie: “Stop, stop. I've heard enough.” [The Moon Goats are kind of bummed out, thinking the answer is no] “That was… phenomenal, I mean I… had my doubts but I was clearly wrong, you've got some serious star appeal, the look, the vibe. I'd love to manage you."
[The Moon Goats cheer]
Lynn Sr.: [Leans out the kitchen window] “Congrats, kids.” [Falls out the window. Gets up, tearing up] “I'm so ding-dang happy for all of you.”
Katie: “All?” [Laughs] “No, just her.” [Points at Luna]
Luna: “Wait, what? Why only me?”
Katie: “The lead singer in one of my bands just dropped out of the tour. Her cat became an influencer. You'd be the perfect replacement. What do you say?”
Sam, Sully & Mazzy: [In unison] “No!”
Luna: [In unison] “Yes!”
[The Moon Goats look at each other]
Katie: “The tour leaves at the end of this week, I need an answer.”
Luna: “Umm… Can you just give us one sec?” [To her friends] “Moon Goats conference in the kitchen.”
[The Moon Goats go into the kitchen]
Lynn Sr.: [Whispers to Katie, cowbell at the ready] “How 'bout a little hold music?”
Katie: “I have your card.”
[In the kitchen]
Sam: “Are you seriously going to say yes?”
Mazzy: “The Moon Goats were supposed to make it big together.”
[They look in the direction of stirring. Kotaro is trying not to disturb them]
Kotaro: “I'm gonna give you guys some space. Would you mind just stirring the chilli?”
[Kotaro leaves and giving Luna the spoon]
Luna: [Starts stirring the chilli] “Look, I hate leaving the band too. But, I can't pass up this chance. I would support you guys if you got your big break, and I'm really bummed you're not supporting me.”
[Luna's friends look at each other]
Sam: [Sighs, heartbroken] “Okay, if that's what you want.”
Luna: “Sorry, it is. I need to go tell Katie.”
[Luna takes off and Sully starts stirring the chilli. He tries it and adds some red pepper flakes]
Sully: “Needs some heat.”

[The next day, Luna walks into the studio, ready for her first day. She enters and is amazed. On the wall is a whole display case full of golden records]
Luna: “Whoa! Look at all these gold records.” [She takes a breath and continues onward. She enters a room, pumped] “Woo! Who's ready to jam?!”
[No one says anything, and Katie goes up to Luna]
Katie: “Luna, sweetheart, let me introduce you to your new bandmates. This is Reg, Bonnie…”
Reg: [Strumming his bass] “Yo.”
Bonnie: [Waves, and continues her phone call] “Yeah, sorry. What were you saying?”
Katie: “And Jolly Jim.”
[Jolly Jim doesn't say anything]
Luna: “A pleasure dudes. I brought a little something to share.” [Reaches into her bag] “My dad's famous Moon Go-” [Stops] “I mean, just cheese fries.”
Reg: “I'm lactose intolerant.”
Luna: “Sorry, I'll remember that.” [Goes to Bonnie]
Bonnie: “Yeah, I don't eat carbs.”
Luna: “Okay, noted. Jolly Jim?” [Goes to him]
Reg: “Wait, the smell of cheese makes him-”
[Jolly Jim smells the cheese and goes offscreen to puke. Luna closes the container]
Katie: “Enough chit chat, time to rehearse.”

[With her guitar, Luna goes to the mic, and lowers it to her level]
Katie: “Alright, let's try a run through.”
[Jolly Jim warms up his stacks and they start playing a rather slow song]


♫ “Trying to use tape to mend my broken heart.”
“But, every time, it falls apart.”
[Luna gets a little too close to Bonnie. Luna walks away and Bonnie rolls her eyes]
Maybe try a little glue. [Knocks over Reg] “But I'm just stuck on you.”
[Reg grumbles, and now Luna is standing on the drums]

“Trying to use tape to mend my broken heart.” ♫

[Luna jumps down and flourishes]
Katie: [Helps Reg up] “Luna, we don't improv choreography.”
Reg: “We're professionals.”
Luna: [Awkwardly laughs] “I guess I got carried away.”

[Later, rehearsal is over]
Katie: “Great rehearsal everyone.”
[Luna, snickering, directs Katie and Bonnie's attention to Reg as he's putting his bass away. Reg opens his case and gets glitter bombed. Katie and Bonnie are shocked]
Luna: “Band pranked!”
Katie: [Annoyed] “Ugh! Nice going, now you really upset Jim.”
[Jim is still wearing his deadpan face but is also covered in glitter. Luna sighs]

[At Lynn's Table]
Luna: “Cheers to our last meal in town before the tour.” [No one says anything] “Dudes, wanna play 'Guess the rockstar'? Okay great, I'll go first.”
[She makes an attempt, but accidentally hits Kotaro, who accidentally drops a tray of milkshakes on Katie and the band]
Katie: [Mad, pulls Luna away] “Come here.”
[Mr. Grouse is in the adjacent booth, with an umbrella]
Mr. Grouse: [Triumphantly laughs] “Not today ya bozos.”
Luna: “I'm so sorry! I was just trying to have some fun. Like I did with my old band.”
Katie: “Look, Sweetie, you're not with the Moon Goats anymore. It's time to get serious.”
[Reg takes a napkin out of the dispenser, only for him and Jolly Jim to get glitter bombed again]
Luna: “Sorry, I had that planned before this talk.”

[Later, Luna and the band are waiting outside the studio as the tour bus arrives. Luna tosses her bag into the compartment, grabs her guitar case, and notices The Moon Goats sticker on it. She remembers the great time she always had playing with her friends]
Katie: “Well, Luna, today is the beginning of a new rockstar life for you. Adoring fans, sold-out stadiums, a different city every night.”
Luna: “I can't do this.”
Katie: “Are you serious! We're loading the bus right now! Don't tell me your cat got famous too.”
Luna: “No, look, I'm super grateful for the opportunity. But, I don't wanna do this without my friends, I'm meant to rock with them.” [Grabs her case] “I'm so sorry.”
[Runs off. Jim walks up to Katie, still deadpan]
Katie: “I know Jim, I'm just as shocked as you are.”

[The Moon Goats are still rehearsing]
Luna: "Dudes! I told Katie I'm not going on tour! I'm back with the Moon Goats!" [The Moon Goats look at each other] "Why are you all making that face?"
Chunk: [Testing the microphone] "Oh, hello, Luna, love."
Luna: "Oh. You replaced me."
Sam: "Luna, what were we supposed to do? You left us."
Luna: [Tries to be strong] "Yeah. No, no, no. I mean, sure. That's cool. I totally get it."
Chunk: [Feeling the awkwardness] "Oi, I just remembered I have to hit the loo."
Luna: "No, Chunk, stay! It's all good. You're going to love being a Moon Goat, trust me. Dudes, I never should have left you. I'm so sorry." [leaves, but gets an idea] "Hey, I just thought of something. You guys probably need a new roadie now, right?"
Sam: "Would you really want to do that?"
Luna: "For sure! All I care about is being with you guys. Even if I have to fetch you sodas or clean up glitter bombs."
Suly & Mazzy: "You're hired."
Sam: "You're hired."
[They hug Luna]
Chunk: [Joins in] "You're a right mate, you are, Luna, but I can't believe you gave up the tour! Always dreamed of doing that. Adoring fans, sold out stadiums, different city every night..."
[Suddenly, Luna gasps with another idea]

[The Moon Goats perform at the Burt Bean]
Chunk: "Thank you, Burnt Bean! Good night! Stick around, Bingo is coming up next."
Luna: [To Katie] "Oh, yeah! So what do you think?"
Katie: [Walks out with Chunk] "Chunk, welcome to the rockstar life. You're not a glitter guy, are you?"
Sam: "Looks like we have an opening for a lead singer."
Mazzy: "How about we give our new roadie a promotion?"
Sully: "Works for me."
Luna: "You won't regret it. I missed you guys."
Moon Goats: "Moon Goats for life!"
Scoots: "Hey, losers! I'm four espressos deep and I'm ready to mosh!"
[The Moon Goats smile at each other. Later they are rocking out, Scoots crowd surfs and ends up falling on Mr. Grouse]
Mr. Grouse: [Irritated] "Dang it!" [Less irritated] "Nice tattoo, Scoots."
[Scoots giggles]

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