Banger's & Mosh is a restaurant that first appears in "L is for Love".


Not much is known about this restaurant, but it has a British motif, and it's where Rita and Lynn Sr. had their first date.

In "L is for Love," the kids follow the love letter to Banger's & Mosh where they think that Luna was invited their by Sam only to find that it was written by Lynn Sr. to Rita.

In "Fool Me Twice," Luan has Lynn Sr.'s double participate in a trivia contest and miss an easy question to embarrass Lynn Sr.

In "Cooked!," Banger's & Mosh is featured in Lincoln and Clyde's commercial to promote Lynn's Table. When told about the big group by Lincoln, the host tells Lincoln that he can sit them in pairs yet one person is going to have to sit by themselves.

In the book The Ultimate Party, it is revealed that Duke, the owner of Banger's & Mosh, is a friend of Howard and Harold McBride from college.


  • The restaurant's name is a take on Headbanging and Moshing.
  • The lower part of the logo is designed after the font used by the American rock band KISS.

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