Baseball Opening Day! The Bases Are Loaded w The Loud House Nick

Baseball Opening Day! The Bases Are Loaded w The Loud House Nick

Baseball Opening Day!, AKA The Bases Are Loaded, is an online video released on and Nickelodeon's YouTube Channel. It was released on April 27, 2017.


The annual Loud House Family Baseball Game is about to begin and the Loud kids are figuring where to play. The positions are listened with a clip from an episode following.

Lynn could play all the positions, but Lisa hasn't cloned her yet. So, she'll be the pitcher. (Lynn trying to pitch to Lily from "Changing the Baby")

Lily will be the catcher behind home plate. (Lily acting as Mr. Coconuts from the same episode)

Lincoln will back Lily up since they work together quite well... (Lincoln giving Lily her corn popper from "Baby Steps") ...and because Lily's not strong enough to toss the ball back to Lynn. (Lily walking around naked from "Project Loud House" and sleeping in Lincoln's arm in "Left in the Dark")

Luan will be playing first base to the famous "Who's on first?" sketch by Abbott and Costello. (Luan asking if they get her foot jokes from "Suite and Sour")

Leni is at first suggested to play second base since she's the second oldest sister (Leni saying she's making Lori's bed from "Driving Miss Hazy"), but she gets changed to right field instead.

Lola and Lana will play second and short-stop due to their incredible twin abilities. (Lana and Lola warning Lincoln in their hall monitor practice from "Get the Message").

Lori will play third base to catch line drivers due to her quick dexterity to answer her phone (Lori answering her phone from "No Guts, No Glori", Left in the Dark, and Suite and Sour).

Lucy will be center field and Lisa will play left, but then they switch positions due to left field being shadier (Lucy complaining about the back corner of her attic being her favorite dark place from "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House") and Lisa has calculated a winning formula to make the outs on their opponents.

Finally, Luna is going to be batting with some heavy hitting and heavy metal with doubling as playing the National Anthem for the opening ceremony.

With the bases loaded, it's time to play ball!

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