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"Battle of the Grandpas" is the twenty-fourth episode of the second season, and the sixty-second episode of The Casagrandes.


When Frida's fun dad comes to visit, Hector tries to win back his grandchildren's attention.


In the living room, Ronnie Anne, Bobby, Carlota, CJ and Carl are watching a movie starring Phoebe Powers. After Hector feeds them sandwiches, they suddenly hear a motorcycle vrooming outside. The kids look out the window, and Carlota, CJ and Carl realize that it's Danny, their grandfather, who is a movie stuntman that works for Phoebe Powers. While everyone is happy about his visit, Hector is the only one who shows disdain for Danny, as he always overshadows him as the better grandpa in the family by giving them presents and likes to show off his talents. At Vito's suggestion, Hector tries to prove that he can be just as cool as Danny.

First, Hector tries to tell the kids that he bought their favorite snacks, but the kids are eating crepes Danny had made. Second, he tries to show off some of his musical talents, but Danny wows them with a rap song. After finishing the song, Danny suggests that they all get froyo. Later, at the subway, the family waits for the train to arrive so that they can get froyo. When the express train arrives, Hector successfully gets rid of Danny by tricking him into boarding it by saying that they have to board right now, when in actuality, they're supposed to board the local. With Danny gone, Hector proceeds to take the kids to the froyo store. Three hours later, as Hector cleans up the mercado, Danny arrives, angry over Hector's trick. When Hector says he got rid of him because he kept stealing the kids' attention, Danny realizes that he's being challenged and tells Hector that they hold a series of challenges, where the winner will be declared "#1 Grandpa".

What follows is Hector and Danny partaking in multiple challenges:

  • First, the two eat some very spicy chili peppers, and Hector wins when Danny is unable to tolerate the heat.
  • Second, the two try to catch the biggest fish. Hector manages to catch a red snapper, but Danny catches an even bigger one.
  • Third, the two chug a bottle of prunes to see who has to use the bathroom first. Danny ends up having to go first, and Hector, just a second after celebrating, has to go as well.
  • Fourth, the two have an arm wrestle with their mustaches.

For the final challenge, Hector and Danny decide to show off their best talent. Danny uses his motorcycle to ride up a ramp and land on the roof the building across the street, and succeeds. Hector decides to relive his bull rider days and tries to see if he can last riding on a bull. In the ensuing ride, Hector's belt buckle snaps off and hits the bull on the head, causing the angry animal to launch him off. Suddenly, Hector's pants fall down, revealing a red pair of underwear, causing the triggered bull to ram right into Hector's butt.

Later, as Hector grumpily sits in the living room with butt bandaged up, Danny arrives, boasts that he's the best grandpa (and that he should never be challenged), and Hector concedes defeat. Unfortunately, Danny soon learns first hand the struggles he must face as a grandpa, like dealing with the kids' constant demands, having chores thrown at him, and Sergio and Lalo riding his motorcycle. This causes Danny to admit that Hector is a better grandpa, as he has more experience in dealing with this kind of stuff. As a result, Danny apologizes for upstaging him, relinquishes his title of "#1 Grandpa", and decides to be his friend.

Later, Hector and Danny are about to ride off into the sunset on the latter's motorcycle, with the former riding in a side car (and also sporting labels on their back that read "#1 Grandpa" for Danny and "OG #1 Grandpa" for Hector). However, just seconds after they ride off, the bull arrives and rams into them, sending them flying.



  • This episode reveals that Hector used to be a bull rider, that he can't rap very well, that he can tolerate very spicy food, that he is strong enough to hold Lalo (but only for a short time), and that he can fish. According to Vito, he can also eat cereal off his belly without using his hands.
    • Seeing as how Hector was able to hold Vito for long spans of time in "Fails from the Crypt", this means that Lalo is heavier than Vito.
  • The premise of this episode is similar to that of the Loud House episode "Grub Snub", as both involve a person or a group of people (Lincoln's friend group/Hector) trying to earn something that they had first (Gus' Games and Grub/his family's attention) back from another person or group of people (Leni's friend group/Danny) who interfered and took it.
  • Cartoon biology: The reason why the bull rammed itself into Hector's butt was because Hector was wearing red underwear. In actuality, bulls being triggered by the color red is a misconception; they are colorblind and the thing that triggers them is the way a matador's cape moves.
  • Cartoon physics: Hector and Danny have an arm wrestle with their mustaches.


  • Akira - The way Danny slides on the motorcycle is the same as how Kaneda slides on his bike in this 1988 anime film.

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