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Becca Chang is a minor character in The Loud House and a supporting character in The Casagrandes.


In "Friended!", Becca Chang moved with her family to Great Lakes City. She is the mother of Sid and Adelaide Chang, as well as the wife of Stanley Chang.

In "Room for Improvement", Becca took care of a sloth and brushed its teeth.

In "Store Wars", Becca went to the mercado and got a can of tamarindo balls from CJ.

In "Croaked", Sid and Ronnie Anne went to Pete's Pets to buy a frog from Pete and he gave it to them for free because Sid was the daughter of Becca and he was a huge fan of her work. At the end of the episode, Becca was shown celebrating The Day of the Dead with Stanley.

In "How to Train Your Carl", Becca gave everyone a tour of the Great Lakes City Zoo. During the tour, she introduces everyone to the night monkeys. When she realizes that Carl ditched, she goes to find him. During her search she is able to communicate with many of the animals. When Carl calls for help to save Nico the monkey, she shows no fear in confronting Keyon, and succeeds in rescuing Nico. After Carl tells the story to the others, she has a chat with Carl. But instead of calling his parents to take him home, she instead offers to let Carl help around the zoo so he can understand why they have their rules.

In "Monster Cash", Becca was only mentioned in dialogue when Stanley took Becca's tour bus without her permission.

In "Karma Chameleon", Becca and the rest of the Chang family left, while Ronnie Anne took care of their pets.

In "New Roomie", Becca and the rest of her family are rather annoyed when Vito won't go to sleep.

In "Fool's Gold", Becca is one of the neighbors who gets Hector's text about the gold.

In "A Very Casagrandes Christmas", Becca and her family go to the Casagrandes' for help when their holiday plans get messed up. They join them in singing to their neighbors.


Becca is a light-skinned woman with long blonde hair, pink lipstick, two pairs of eyelashes and freckles. She wears a dark green t-shirt, mint green jeans, white shoes, and golden earrings.


Becca is a quirky, smart, and funny zoologist, who loves working with animals and treats them like people.


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