This page describes all of Becky's relationships with her friends.

Chaz and Joey

S3E10A They never will be old for Ace

Becky with Chaz and Joey at fan convention.

Becky seems to be a close friend to Chaz and Joey, because they all are fans of Ace Savvy and together went to a fan convention.


In Ultimate Treehouse, it is implied that she and Tad are in a relationship, but it's not explored.


S2E09B Pizza

Becky bringing to Lori.

Becky was among friends Lori invited to her sophisticated party, but like all guests she didn't enjoy the boring party at all. Eventually Becky got fed up with Lori, so she pretended that her mother is giving an emergency calling for her, so she would leave the party. After Leni invited Becky to a new party, Becky purchased pizza for the party.


S3E14A Becky and Leni at a picnic

Leni and Becky having a picnic together.

Becky is also one of Leni's friends from school. They get along really well.

In "Friendzy", Leni invites Becky over to get special friend privileges. In one scene, they were playing badminton together.

In "Scales of Justice", they are having a picnic together until they got scared away by the "swamp monster".


Becky and lincoln

Lincoln and Becky laughing together.

Lincoln met Becky on Lori's sophisticated party in "Party Down". She enjoyed his party tricks like juggling and removing his underwear without using his hands. When she asked him for more tricks, he said "For you babushka, no problem". Together they enjoyed a wild party when Lori was finally herself.

Both Lincoln and Becky are fans of "ARGGH!" and both went to see "ARGGH!" when it stopped in Royal Woods.

They are both also fans of Ace Savvy, in "Deal Me Out" Lincoln and Clyde ran into Becky and her friends at the convention.

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