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For the teenager, see Becky.

Becky is a minor character in The Casagrandes. She is a student of Chavez Academy that likes Lucha Libre.


Becky first appears in the episode "The Two of Clubs" in which she and Artemis wrestle against Ronnie Anne and Sid in Lucha Libre club. She savagely tackles Sid and knocks her out of the ring, causing her and Ronnie Anne to quit and find a different club to join. At the end of the episode she joins the Lucha Libre Robotics club, enters the ring with the bots, and beats them up off-camera.

Sometimes Becky is friendly towards Ronnie Anne and her friends. In "Trend Game", she talks to Ronnie Anne about a concert. In "Team Effort", she tries to get the group to join her water fencing team (but then accidentally pops her inner tube with her saber and is sent flying) and later compliments Ronnie Anne on the tacos her abuela made. In "Teacher's Fret", she gossips with them about Ms. Galiano's new love interest. In "For the Record" she hears Sameer declare that he'll break a record. She decides to help him, stating that she holds the record for most kids stuffed in a locker and he could use her record-breaking expertise. Most of the records she chose for him were a bit too extreme, some resulting in injury, but she found a record that incorporated his best skills - blowing a gum bubble and skateboarding at the same time - and even actively worked to defend his bubble from getting popped.

However, there are some episodes in which Becky plays antagonistic roles. In "Gossipy Girl", after hearing about Ronnie Anne's dream about marrying Artemis, she sets up a mock wedding for them in school for everyone to see. This humiliates Ronnie Anne and she runs away crying. In "A Very Casagrandes Christmas", she and her brother, Ricky, vengefully throw snowballs at Ronnie Anne and Bobby after Bobby destroys their snowman house of horrors. This indirectly causes them to be trapped in the Hi n' Buy store. In "Throwing Pains", Becky exhibits really good dodging and throwing skills in dodgeball. She takes on the whole team of skaters on her own and almost wins, but Ronnie Anne catches the ball that was thrown at her, so Becky and the dodgeball team lose and have to leave the gym. Overall, Becky seems like a frenemy of Ronnie Anne's group.


Becky is a light-skinned blonde with short messy hair and a unibrow. She wears a blue drees with a blue long sleeve shirt and white shoes.


Becky is shown to be wild and free-spirited in a tomboyish way.


  • She is shown to be have a crush on a female classmate named Dodge.[1]
  • She is able to tolerate cold conditions such as snow and cold showers.[1]
  • According to her bio in Anything For Familia, Ricky is her younger brother.


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