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"Bend It Like Abuelo" is the seventy-sixth episode, and the third season premiere of The Casagrandes.


Hector finally joins his dream soccer team as their good luck charm.


There's a championship soccer game being held today, and the Casagrandes are rooting for their favorite team, the Gatos. As Vito brags about rooting for anyone but the Gatos, considering their unsuccessful track record, the Gatos' star player, Picosito, arrives and asks for some spicy bags of chicharrones. As Carlos fulfills that task, Hector asks for a group photo, and everyone gets together while Vito takes their photo. Later, as the Casagrandes and Vito watch the soccer game, the Gatos are winning 6-1, and when Vito questions how it's possible for them to be so successful, Hector believes it was the result of Picosito rubbing his head, since he placed his hand on his head during the group photo.

At the soccer stadium, Hector arrives, intending to get close to Picosito so he can rub his head. However, the security guard refuses to let Hector pass, since he doesn't have a ticket. As Hector begins to leave, he spots the guy who wears the mascot costume, and decides to steal the mask to gain entry. Upon entering the stadium, he approaches Picosito and encourages him to rub his head, saying he's their good luck charm. Picosito initially denies, saying that many of their fans proclaim themselves to be their lucky charm. After Hector manages to trick Picosito into rubbing his head, the security guard is about to throw Hector out, when suddenly, Picosito manages to get a goal on the opening kick. As a result, Picosito tells the guard to not kick Hector out and proclaims to everyone that Hector is their good luck charm.

The next day, before the next game, Hector gets his head rubbed by each member of the Gatos. Unfortunately, the Gatos are losing to 5-0, and Hector believes that his luck has ran out. Arriving back home, Hector enlists Rosa's help in getting his luck back. This ranges from having Hector eating a remedy, being blasted with sage, and being controlled by a custom made doll bought from Ernesto Estrella's online shop. Arriving back to the stadium, Hector tells Picosito that he recharged his luck, but the Gatos still greatly struggle. As the family watches in the apartment, Carlos say that he has been lucky all day, but that his underwear is too big. Taking the underwear off, Rosa identifies them as Hector's jalapeno pattern boxers, which he was wearing yesterday and the day before. This causes her to realize that Hector's luck comes from this one pair of underwear.

Later, Rosa and Carlos have arrived to the stadium to give Hector his lucky underwear. After Hector puts them on, he tries to go over to Picosito, but his underwear gets stuck on a ball launcher. As he runs, security begins to chase after him to stop him, but the ball launcher manages to stop them. Hector begins to chase Picosito, but he still refuses to rub his head. After a brief scuffle, Hector does get a noogie from Picosito before the security guard arrives to drag Hector away. Later, as the guard drop Hector off at his house, Hector learns from his family that Picosito managed to score six goals in the last two minutes, guaranteeing victory for the Gatos. This causes the fans, the team, and the Casagrandes to praise Hector, as it was his lucky underwear and his enthusiasm for the team on why they won.

Sometime later, the Gatos visit the mercado and thank Hector for his support. In gratitude, Picosito gives him the winning ball, and Hector and Rosa offer the team their own pairs of jalapeno underwear (apparently made from real jalapenos).



  • This is the first season premiere episode to not be written by Alejandro Bien-Willner.
  • This episode reveals that the Casagrande family's favorite soccer team is the Gatos, in spite of their dislike for cats.
    • It's possible, however, that they only dislike the street cats as a result of the latter group's excessive aggressiveness, in addition to the fact that Frida is allergic to cats.
  • This episode reveals that Hector owns a pair of underpants with jalapeño peppers on it that brings him good luck.

International edits

  • In the Croatian dub, U.S. dollars are localized as kunas, despite the setting being specified as the U.S.


  • Bend It Like Abuelo - The title of this episode is a reference to the 2002 romantic sports comedy Bend It Like Beckham, which is also about soccer.


  • While Vito says that the Gatos lose every game, Ronnie Anne's mouth changes positions.

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