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Bienvenue chez les Loud : Saison 4: Partie 1 (Season 4, Volume 1) is a Region 2 DVD release of The Loud House. It was released by Nickelodeon and Paramount Home Media Distribution in France on November 17, 2021[1]. As the title suggests, this two-disc set includes the first half of Season 4.


10 sœurs ? Même pas peur. Telle pourrait être la devise de Lincoln, petit garçon de 11 ans qui raconte de manière décalée son quotidien familial, entouré de ses 10 sœurs !

Translation: 10 sisters? Not even afraid. This could be the motto of Lincoln, an 11-year-old boy who recounts his family daily life in an offbeat way, surrounded by his 10 sisters!

Episodes included

Disc 1:

Disc 2:


  • This is the first French season compilation DVD:
    • To split the season in half, rather than in quarters.
    • To not have a full collection of the season released on the same day (not counting the fact that the Season 3 DVD did not split the season into separate volumes).
    • To be released on a separate date from the other volume(s).
  • This and the accompanying volume are together the first overall DVD releases of Season 4, despite the fact that a Region 1 release has not yet been announced.


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