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S1E02B Hey, fifth grade! Ever wonder what happens when 672 breath mints meet 88 gallons of diet soda?
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Big Bertha is a toilet auger used by Lana and Lynn Sr.


Big Bertha is used to clear out huge clogs in the Loud family's toilet. It seems to only be used for the more damaging clogs that occur, such as the one in "Sleuth or Consequences", which Lana dubbed as a Class 5 clog. Big Bertha was used to clear up the Class 5 Clog, caused by a book that one of the girls tossed in, to avoid getting caught. Later that evening, Lynn comes back from a roller derby match, and after having crammed in so many meatball subs for refusing to go before a game, hurries to the bathroom, and Lana tells Dad to get Big Bertha for another fixing after Lynn is finished.



  • Big Bertha is the name of a howitzer supertank that Germany used in World Wars I and II. It is also the name of a superheroine from Marvel.

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