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The biker girls are unnamed minor characters in The Loud House.


The biker girls are a group of three young girls seen in "Hand-Me-Downer". After Lincoln is rejected from Papa Wheelie's biker gang, the girls tell Lincoln that he could be their leader.


The biker girls wear pink and purple outfits, with different icons in the same places on their helmets. They are all about the same height, and ride miniature bicycles, with baskets, and streamers.

The girl on the left has long, brunette hair, a purple helmet with a star on it, a pink dress with a sash on her waist, white slip-on shoes, and a pink bike.

The girl in the middle has a pink helmet with a cat, a blue bike with a pink bow in the basket, and a pink shirt with a purple heart on it. She wears a lavender and purple pants, and pink slip-on shoes.

The girl on the right has a lavender helmet with a white daisy. She has curly brown hair, a purple dress, black Mary Jane shoes with white socks, and a pink bike.

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