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Billy's father is an unnamed minor character in The Loud House.


Billy's father first appears in "Two Boys and a Baby", when Lincoln and Clyde return Billy to him, who they accidentally took instead of Lily. He returns Lily to the boys, who he had mistaken for Billy and takes his son back. He was frustrated when he realized he took the wrong baby.

In "Come Sale Away", Billy's father is seen at the Loud House garage sale.

He makes a cameo in "A Fair to Remember".

In "The Old and the Restless", he is seen in the crowd coming out of the baseball stadium.

In "Kick the Bucket List", he can be seen waiting in line at Dairyland.

In "Mall of Duty", he can be seen in the mall.

In "Snow Way Out", he can seen outside Burpin' Burger waiting for Bobbie Fletcher.


He is a man in his mid age, and has a half bald head, with a small mustache, hair strand like Lynn Sr., light brown hair, and eyebags. He wears a dark blue t-shirt.


  • In "A Fair to Remember", he's seen in a company of a woman and a child other than Billy. This means he has at least 2 children.

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