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Bitey is a minor character in The Loud House, and Lana's pet rat.


Bitey first appears in the episode "Baby Steps", where Lana and Lisa were fighting for Bitey, because Lisa wanted to test her experiments on the rat, while Lana refused to let Lisa do so. Later on, Bitey, along with Lana, get trapped in a tree. Lana was trying to rescue Bitey, but her acrophobia (fear of heights) kicked in, and was too scared to get down. Clyde helped Lana and Bitey down the tree, causing Lana to hug Clyde in gratitude.

In "Fool's Paradise", Lana mentions him while praying before going to sleep.

In "Job Insecurity", he is seen when Lana shows Mr. Grouse the difference between an actual mouse and a computer mouse.

In "Tripped!", Lana brought Bitey, Hops, and El Diablo on the family road trip.


Bitey is a standard rat, with gray fur, whiskers, buck teeth, and a pink tail.


  • Although Bitey is Lana's pet, it is implied that Lisa tries to use him for lab experiments.
  • According to Lana, he is afraid of heights, just like her and Clyde.
  • Up until Duncan was adopted in "Coupe Dreams", he was the only one of Lana's named pets who was warm-blooded.

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