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Blarney the Dinosaur is a minor character in The Loud House.


Blarney is a children's character, whom Lana and Lola are fans of.

He first appears in "For Bros About to Rock", where Lola tells Lincoln to not let Luna know that he's going to his first concert. She further explains this by saying that Luna ruined her and Lana's first Blarney the Dinosaur concert. In a flashback, while Lana, Lola, and other kids are watching Blarney singing and dancing, Luna jumps on them and others, in an attempt to do a crowd surf, squashing them in the process.

He is later mentioned in "The Price of Admission", where he has a new movie playing at the Royal Woods Cinema, called "The Luck of the Cretaceous". Lincoln doesn't want to see it, because he thinks that movie's for babies, but Clyde happens to be a fan of the Irish dinosaur, and goes to see it, while Lincoln goes to see The Harvester. Clyde also sings some songs about trust and lies along with two little girls who are also Blarney fans. When Lincoln is going to see The Harvester for the second time, he admits to his parents that he saw it after they told him not to, and they all go and see the Blarney movie instead.

In "The Whole Picture", it is mentioned that one time, Lincoln wore his Blarney the dinosaur costume every day for a week.


Blarney is a greenish blue, anthropomorphic dinosaur. He wears an Irish themed outfit that consists of a green hat, and a green waistcoat with a small three leaf clover on it.

Known Fans


  • He is based on Barney the Dinosaur and play on words of the name of the Blarney Stone in Ireland. A similar Blarney character also appeared in "Dinosaurs".
  • Clyde uses the term "Blarnadoon" to refer to someone who watches the show.

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