Blarney The Luck of the Cretaceous

The Blarney Movie Poster

Blarney: The Luck of the Cretaceous is a movie in The Loud House, that stars Blarney the Dinosaur. It first appeared in "The Price of Admission".


This movie is rated G. Clyde and two other unnamed preschoolers went to see it, while Lincoln went to see The Harvester. The next day, when Lincoln and his parents were going to see The Harvester, they instead watched this movie, as Lincoln did not want to see the movie again.


  • According to this movie, Blarney has two songs:
    • Every time you lie / a Leprechaun will cry. /A fib to Mom and Dad? / Well that's just twice as bad!
    • When someone is wrong, don't make a note. / The truest friends should never ever gloat. / Just cause you're the wiser one.
  • The movie is similar to Barney's Great Adventure.

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