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"Blinded by Science" is the seventh episode (eighth in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-sixth of The Loud House.


After searching for her next big scientific breakthrough, Lisa discovers Flip is a marvel of modern science.


Lisa is in her room, looking through her collection of experiments. Lincoln, having been altered by the noise Lisa is making, asks what she's doing. Lisa explains that she is slated to give a keynote speech at a convention called Genius Con, and can't figure out what to present. Lincoln says that whenever he can't think straight, he simply goes and gets a Flippee.

Lisa discovers her next scientific outbreak (Flip).

Later, as the two drink their Flippees at Flip's Food & Fuel, Flip arrives carrying a giant steel barrel and drops it straight onto his foot. Realizing he's not reacting in pain, Lisa informs Flip of his flattened foot, and he proceeds to get it back to normal by pumping air into his body. After opening the barrel, which contains nacho cheese, Flip proceeds to eat the content inside, and begins to suffer from heart pains. When Lisa notices that Flip is clutching his stomach instead of his chest, she attempts to correct him by telling him where his heart really is, but Flip reveals that his heart is actually in his belly. Because of these two discoveries, Lisa asks Flip if he would like to be her subject of research. When Flip says he's not into science, Lisa says that she'll present him at a large convention, and it could help spread publicity of his store, and Flip immediately agrees.

Throughout the day, Lisa does numerous tests on Flip, and discovers some fascinating details about him, like his ability to hold his breath underwater for five minutes, his ability to withstand subzero temperatures, and seeing his internal organs consisting of food. Later that day, Lisa is at Genius Con, ready to give her keynote speech about Flip. As she readies herself, she discovers Lincoln and Clyde arriving, where Flip states that they're here to promote his store. At that moment, Lisa comes out of the curtain and reveals to the audience of scientists her latest research subject: Flip (or by his scientific name Anamalia Cordata Mammalia Flipia). She reveals to the audience the amount of oddities Flip has, like his liver being in his neck, his entire skin being a giant callus, having fish gills on his legs, and the most impressive discovery to her, having two butt cracks. With the presentation over, Lisa is suddenly approached by a scientist named Dr. Carol Linnaeus of Incognito Laboratories, where she explains that the discoveries she made with Flip are a major breakthrough, and asks if she could borrow Flip for further research. Lisa accepts the offer, and when Flip asks what he gets in return, Dr. Linnaeus says that he'll be paid, and Flip eagerly accepts the offer.

The next day, at the Loud House, Lisa tries to do some research on Dr. Linnaeus and Incognito Labs. Lisa is unable to find any search results of Dr. Linnaeus, but when she find the one search result of Incognito Labs, her computer crashes. Suddenly, Lisa discovers Lily playing with a rat, mistaking it for a cat. After snatching the rat away, Lisa notices a business card attached with the word "HALP!" written on it. Knowing that it's from Flip (since he spelled "help" wrong), Lisa enlists the rat's help to find him. At night, Lisa and the rat spot Incognito Labs in the distance, and use a drone to observe on Flip. They discover that Flip is literally being treated like a lab rat, causing Lisa to realize that she had done the same thing to Flip while she was observing him. Later, as Dr. Linnaeus enters her car, Lisa, who is revealed to already be inside, asks why they're treating Flip poorly. Dr. Linnaeus explains that Incognito Labs specializes in space travel and astronomy, and reveals that they plan on sending Flip to space without a spacesuit in order to examine how the human body would react outside of Earth's atmosphere. Lisa, knowing that this would seriously hurt Flip, demands that Flip be let go, but the scientist ejects her out of her car. Arriving to Flip's Food and Fuel, Lisa enlists Lincoln and Clyde's help in breaking Flip out of Incognito Labs, and they agree to help. Noticing the giant Flippee mess after the machine exploded, Lisa gets an idea.

Arriving to Incognito Labs, Lisa and Lincoln, posing as a tall scientist pushing a bin of radioactive waste (with Clyde hiding inside), successfully trick the security guard into letting them in. After entering the building, Lincoln uses bags of nacho cheese to take out the security cameras. Suddenly, Lincoln accidentally triggers a laser alarm, alerting the security guard of their presence. After shooting the guard down with balls of Flippees, security men in suits arrive. Lincoln tells Lisa to go rescue Flip while he and Clyde fend off the men. Arriving to the lab where Flip is being held captive, Lisa successfully unlocks the cage Flip is in. However, before they could escape, they are approached by Dr. Linnaeus, where she states that Lisa is throwing away her fame by rescuing Flip. When Lisa argues that Flip is just like any other human being, Dr. Linnaeus, claiming that Flip is hers, begins to chase after the two with some men. When they reach a dead end at the rocket's launch pad, Flip pulls out an emergency Flippee, and tosses it at Dr. Linnaeus and her men, where they end slipping right into the rocket, just as it launches into space. After Flip thanks the kids for rescuing him, they decide to celebrate by drinking Flippees, and Flip suffers a brain freeze (by clutching his knee).



  • This episode reveals the following biological oddities about Flip:
    • One of his feet doesn't feel pain under immense weight.
    • His heart is in his belly.
    • He can burp out of his ear, and his burps can wilt plants.
    • He can hold his breath underwater for five minutes.
    • He can swallow many gallons of water at once.
    • He can withstand sub-zero temperatures.
    • His internal organs mostly consist of food products.
    • His liver is in his neck.
    • His skin is one big callus.
    • He has fish gills on at least one of his legs.
    • He has four butt cheeks, and by extension two butt cracks.
    • His brain is in his knee (or at least that's where he feels a brain freeze).
  • Lincoln appears on the title card as a bubble in a flask.
  • This episode reveals that Flip is not interested in science and that he spells help with an a.
  • The title card bares a similarity from the title card of "The Mad Scientist", though the background is teal and grey.


  • Blinded by Science - The title of this episode shares its name with Thomas Dolby's 1983 EP album of the same name.
  • Yahoo! - Lisa uses a parody of this search engine (Wahoo!) to research Dr. Linnaeus and Incognito Laboratories.
  • Carolus Linnaeus - The name "Carol Linnaeus" is a pun on this Swedish biologist, who was known colloquially as the "father of modern taxonomy".


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