Nurse Puppo Nurse Puppo 20 hours ago

Zach Attack review

We're back with another Loud House episode review, this one is centered around Zach (obviously, the title was a dead giveaway) and i'm gonna be honest, i didn't care for this episode. It was super cliche with the whole premise of one person pretending to have an alien sighting and of course have it be revealed to be a hoax in the end, so sadly this episode didn't live up to my expectations. But hey the ending where Flip used the fake UFO to fool everyone without them knowing got me, but alas it was not enough to pull the episode together so I have to give this episode a 1.5/5

I'll see you for my next episode review of Diamonds Are For Never

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Metool Bard Metool Bard 1 day ago

Fanfiction: Zoo Coup Riot (Chapter 8)

When we got to the donkey ride area, I could already tell that we missed a lot.  Adelaide wasn’t exactly crying her eyes out, but she kinda looked like she wanted to.  Not only that, but her face was all dirty, and Colin was in the process of cleaning her up.  Just as Pat said, Froggy 2 was nowhere to be seen, but oddly enough, neither was Carl.  Man, I really hope he’s nearby.  Carl is not the kind of kid you want to leave to his own devices.

“Papa~!  We’re back!” Nat called out.

Colin looked up and nodded. “Ah, good.  Did you managed to tell Mrs. Chang?”

“Yeah, Mom knows.  She’s having Bitsy put the other animals on high alert,” said Sid.

Colin raised an eyebrow. “Bitsy?”

“She’s an elephant.  Long story,” I said.

“No, I know who Bitsy is,” sai…

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Ethan Lessons Ethan Lessons 2 days ago

Fanmade Episodes

In the comments, tell me any of your fanmade episodes!

I have four at the moment, Hey from Fairway, Three's Company, Reverse Card and The Card Pack.

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Jah3154 Jah3154 2 days ago


The Muppet show was a show from 1991-2002 on Fox on Friday nights. The host of the show was Chandler McCann

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Mimikyuman14 Mimikyuman14 4 days ago

50 episode ideas

Since there are no episodes that are known for Season 6 yet, I decided to do an endeavor and make 50 fan made episodes for Season 6. Hope you enjoy!

1a. Anyway But The Fairway- When Lori goes to Great Lakes City during spring break to get away from golf, she realizes her golf obsessed classmates have the same idea

1b. Complete Overhall- When Lincoln realizes the hallway is too loud to concentrate on his project, He and Lisa make schedules for the other sisters to follow.

2a. Peddle to the Medal- Leni, Luna and Luan set up competing businesses at school, but competition gets heated when Mayor Davis comes to visit

2b. Yogi Bare- Rita takes Lincoln and his sisters to a new yoga gym with a kids club that they try to escape

3a. Myrtle and The Turtle- Myr…

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Loudtivity Loudtivity 5 days ago

The Loud House Fanfiction: Make Roommate for Caddy

NOTE: This takes place after the events of Schooled!.

(Lori is reading a pamphlet about Fairway University in the living room.)

Lori: Hmm. (reading) “Fairway University offers a wide selection of classes, highly qualified and trained instructors, and various events to participate in.” Interesting. Well, (getting up) I’m off to get coffee! Has anyone seen my credit card?

(Lisa walks downstairs, returning a burnt version of it.)

Lisa: Apologies. I was doing some nuclear testing on it.

Lori: LISA!

Lisa: I said I was sorry!

Lori: (groans) Now I’m gonna have to get a new card!

Lisa: No worries. (gives her a new one) I made an exact copy of the old one.

Lori: Oh, (hugging her) thank you, thank you, thank you, Lisa!

Lisa: Ah, it’s what a scientist does.


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Zoopmech-134 Zoopmech-134 5 days ago

Lincoln's Appearances on the Title Cards

This list counts up every time Lincoln appears on the title card of a Loud House episode and what he appears as.

NOTE: This list stops at "Diamonds Are for Never" because this was posted before any other episodes premiered in any territory.

  • 1 Season 1
  • 2 Season 2
  • 3 Season 3
  • 4 Season 4
  • 5 Season 5

  • Left in the Dark: Himself
  • Get the Message: Himself
  • Heavy Meddle: Himself
  • Making the Case: The statue on a trophy
  • Driving Miss Hazy: Himself
  • No Guts, No Glori: The picture on a keycard
  • The Sweet Spot: His shadow
  • A Tale of Two Tables: His head (as a broiled face)
  • Project Loud House: Himself
  • In Tents Debate: Himself
  • Sound of Silence: Himself
  • Space Invader: Himself
  • Picture Perfect: Himself
  • Undie Pressure: The patterns on the underpants (and possibly his arms)
  • Linc or Swim: Himself
  • C…

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Nurse Puppo Nurse Puppo 5 days ago

Electshunned review (yes, really)

After yesterday's marvellous episode "Hurl, Interrupted" which did the unthinkable and dethrone Shop Girl from being my favorite episode of all time, can today's episode prove to be another great season 5 episode? Well first of all this episode is a Leni centered episode which i'm happy to hear but for the most part the episode was kinda ehh, I mean once again I knew that Leni would lose the election but i'm happy she had a change of heart in the end, in the end this episode is not terrible or good so i'm going to give this episode a 2.5/5 it's nothing to write home about

that'll do it for today's episode, next time we'll have a look at Zach Attack.

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Loudtivity Loudtivity 5 days ago

The Loud House Fanfiction: It Takes Two to Sing-o

(Open up on The Loud House. Zoom down to the garage, where Lynn Sr. is rocking out with Kotaro. Lynn Sr. is on cowbell, and Kotaro is on keyboard. Lynn Sr. finishes with a big ending on the cowbell and Kotaro with a keyboard glide.)

Lynn Sr.: WOO! Rock n roll!

(Luna is heading to Vanzilla.)

Luna: Rockin’ , pops!

Lynn Sr.: Say, Luna, where are you going?

Luna: Off to band rehearsal.

Lynn Sr.: Kay, have fun!

Luna: Thanks, Pops!


(Luna closes the door, and Rita drives her away. Kotaro’s watch suddenly beeps.)

Kotaro: Yeah, and Lynn? I gotta go make dinner for my wife. (running to his car) Have a great night!

Lynn Sr.: Thanks, Kotaro!

(Kotaro drives away in his car.)

Lynn Sr.: (to the audience) Me and Kotaro have a pretty good relationshi…

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Nurse Puppo Nurse Puppo 6 days ago

Hurl Interrupted review

I've not reviewed any loud house episodes for a while and i've kinda ignored this episode because i thought it sounds bad, this week i decided to give it a review... AND BOY AM I GLAD THAT I DID!

Today we're looking at Hurl Interrupted, it's a Lynn centered episode and even though i thought the idea of her not wanting to go on a rollercoaster because she's afraid of vomiting was kinda ehh, it wasn't a terrible episode... in fact i think this may be the best episode i've reviewed yet! It wasn't much at first but when i saw the introduction of Ursula the cow i thought to myself "Hey, this actually seems pretty good..." and when it came to the final showdown between Lynn and Ursula I was absolutely hooked! I'm glad Lynn overcame her fear of vo…

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Antisocial64 Antisocial64 6 days ago

The Loud House vs. Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure

So, regarding that Loud House/Tangled Adventure crossover... I know it seems like a fever dream, and quite frankly, it kinda is. But in my defense, they're actually more similar than you might realize!

Main character's home where they get into tons of wacky hijinks: The Loud House and Corona Castle

Bustling hometown of the main character: Royal Woods and Corona

The main character's hair is unique: Lincoln's white hair and magical blonde hair

Alleged punk who's actually a good person: Luna and Eugene

Cynical female lead who finds herself at odds with one of the male leads: Lori and Cassandra

Smart but clumsy scientist with an abusive side: Lisa and Varian

Twins who enjoy getting into trouble together: Lana & Lola and Kiera & Catalina

Four-legged gr…

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Kylefan92 Kylefan92 9 days ago

The Casagrandes Panorama Museum

Welcome to The Casagrandes Panorama Museum. Just like Loud House Panorama Museum, this is where I keep all of my panoramas, which I made for fun. And sometimes I like to do some GIF panoramas, hope you like my museum. "It's under construction."

If you wanna see some Loud House Panoramas, click here: The Loud House Panorama Museum

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DriftLoud DriftLoud 9 days ago


This is a blog about the character themes for Cesco: Son Of Orion.









    • 1.1 MAIN HEROES
    • 2.1 LOUDS
    • 2.3 OTHERS

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Loudtivity Loudtivity 10 days ago

The Loud House Fanfiction: Freedom Boredom


Second Note: This takes place either during the weekend, when Lori was still in high school, or during spring break.

(We see a calendar full of activities.)

Lincoln: (narrating) Freedom. Sometimes, it can’t be earned. Especially in this house.

(Lincoln is shown next to the calendar. The calendar is on the refrigerator.)

Lincoln: Our family schedule is super busy. There’s work, school, games, tournaments, hangouts, concerts, recitals, gigs, readings, pageants, lectures, seminars, appointments, even normal, everyday things we do! This leads to busy schedules, stress, lack of sleep, and so on. But then freedom comes around, and you know what that means:   

(Lincoln takes out a video game …

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Loudtivity Loudtivity 12 days ago

The Loud House Fanfiction: Quest for the Pets


Second Note: This is an AU where Lori goes to college during regular school hours instead of being there a full day, so don’t complain that Lori is not at college, as this takes place during the weekend or spring break.

Part 1

(Open up on The Loud House. Zoom down to the backyard. Lynn Jr. tosses a frisbee to Charles.)

Lynn Jr.: Okay, Charles, get it! (tosses)

(Charles runs after the frisbee and gets it.)

Lynn Jr.: Oh, you good boy! (runs up to him and pets him) Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy?

Charles: (barks twice)

Leni: (walking Cliff out of the house) Come on, Cliff! Time for a walk!

Lori: (offscreen) Leni! You’re not supposed to take Cliff for a walk! Not after the last incident! …

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Metool Bard Metool Bard 14 days ago

Fanfiction: Zoo Coup Riot (Chapter 7)

“…and this here is Keyon.  He’s one of our more popular animals.”

“Hmm.  Does that mean he gets some sort of… special treatment?”

We got back to Keyon’s habitat just as Mrs. Chang was making introductions.  Sparkletooth seemed to be keeping his cool, but Mrs. Chang looked like she was ready to blow a gasket.  This is not gonna be pretty, but it has to be done.  Sid and I ran up, flagging her down.

“Mom!  Hey, Mom!” Sid called out.

Everyone turned to face us.  Mrs. Chang took a deep breath while Sparkletooth raised an eyebrow.

“I thought you promised they wouldn’t interfere with the interview,” he said plainly. “Are you trying to weasel your way out of this?”

“N-no.  Of course not,” said Mrs. Chang, her cheeks turning red. “I-I’m terribly sorry a…

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The Casa-Un-Grandes Final Battle Lines

For everyone who knows about the Casa-Un-Grandes, here's the lines for the final battle between Ronnie Anne and Uncle-King Gatoi.

Ronnie Anne: YOU CAN'T WIN GATOI!!!!

Gatoi: THIS IS MY HOME!!!! MY DESTINY!!!!!!!

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282838383jdjdidid 282838383jdjdidid 17 days ago

Loud house Lincoln baby years

Loud house Lincoln baby years takes place 11 years before the original series all younger loud aren’t born yet like Lucy Lola Lana Lisa and lily. Voices

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Mattiebarnes18 Mattiebarnes18 17 days ago

UMy loud House Ships


LeniXMattie (my oc and me myself)




Carlos jr.XMs. Carmichael's son










Lynn Sr.XRita




FlipXFiona (my oc)


RonnieXboy jordan




Mr. NakamuraXMiranda



ZachXjackie (child)












Becky (child)XBelle


BillyXHarry (my oc)














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Mattiebarnes18 Mattiebarnes18 17 days ago

house Music with Mattie

[In the Louds' living room, Lincoln shows his sisters and me a chart.]

Lincoln: "Guys! We gotta figure out something! The Family Fun Fair is tonight, and we've got nothing for the talent show."

Lynn: [raises her hand] "I know! How about a family trapeze act?"

Lisa: "Just because you fractured every bone from your maxilla to your metatarsals doesn't mean we want to."

Lola: "I know! How about a family beauty pageant?" [beat] "Never mind. That would take years to prepare for."

Lana: "I say we wrestle alligators!" [lunges at Lincoln and pins him down.]

Lincoln: [gets her off] "Lana, that's a terrible idea!"

Lana: "You're right..." [gets out a lasso] "Calf roping is much better!" [lassos and hogties Lincoln]

Lincoln: "We need something we can all do."

Lynn: "Then let's do my…

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Discofurby Discofurby 17 days ago

Rhyming Recaps: Diamonds are for Never

Lincoln was practicing his magic act,

But Lynn said, "Bro, we know how you do all that!".

A glowing ring next door caught Lola's eye,

So she ran to the next yard and thought, "Me oh my!".

Mr. Grouse said, "Lola, it's for a show.

When I win the prize I'll be rolling in dough."

Lola thought, "I would like some dough as well,

But how do I get it? I really can't tell."

She went to see Lisa, for it would be nice,

If she had a treasure-detecting device.

Soon, Lola Loud was feeling real keen,

And driving in a treasure-finding machine.

But when old Grouse saw it, it made the guy frown,

And the two searched for treasure and scowled all through town.

Mr. Grouse said, "You search here, I'll search there,"

But that was no end of the trouble, I fear.

A huge diamond wa…

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Antisocial64 Antisocial64 17 days ago

Let Me Make You Proud (Rewritten for Luan)

Yep, I'm still on that Tangled kick. But this time, I'm re-writing one of the series' most popular songs in the Loud style. It's Varian's own "Let Me Make You Proud" sung by the prankster princess herself, Luan!

...And yes, I'm also partially doing this in honor of her recent "redemption" in Silence of the Luans.

Luan: I know I make things a mess,

And perhaps you're right to have doubts in me.

Possibly, but nonetheless...

If for once, you'd just trust me!

Just this once, let me come through for you

The way you've wanted me to!

Let me make you proud!

Let me show you the best in me!

Let me give you a reason to believe that I can stand tall!

And when I return,

And I'm more than you dreamed I'd be

Maybe that's when you'll realize you didn't actually know m…

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Discofurby Discofurby 18 days ago

Rhyming Recaps: Undercover Mom

Rita was picking the teens up from school,

But they couldn't think of anything cool,

And only young Lily gave Rita a kiss.

Rita Loud felt rather sad 'cause of this.

At work, Gary gave Rita quite a surprise,

When he showed up next to his desk in disguise.

Then, Rita thought that it just might be cool,

To go in disguise as a girl at high school.

She put on a wig and some new duds as well,

And thought, "If this works, then it's gonna be swell!".

At lunch, she said, "Hi, the name's Brita. I'm new."

Leni said, "Gosh, I feel sorry for you."

Luna arrived, and so did Luan.

"I'll use my whoopee cushion if I can."

"I don't think it's wise," her disguised mother said,

And so Luan started a food fight instead.

The rest of the day brought the Loud mother joy:

Leni said…

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Mattiebarnes18 Mattiebarnes18 19 days ago

mattie with dark the in Left

Hunter Spector: "Do you believe in ghosts? Join me, Hunter Spector, spectre hunter, leader of the Academy of Really Good Ghost Hunters, or ARGGH! As I descend into the scariest place in any home, the basement! Sunday night at 8 PM! Don't miss it, or you'll be left in the dark! ARGGH!"

Lincoln: [marks calendar] "It's finally here! The live season finale of the greatest show ever! [Lincoln looks at the viewers] All right, I know you're probably saying to yourself 'Lincoln, with ten sisters, there's no way you're going to get to watch your favorite show.' And, you'd be right. Every Sunday at 8, it's the same thing." [Cut to flashback of his sisters fighting over the remote; End flashback.] "But tonight, I have a plan." [Breaks out his walkie t…

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Joey Cockroach Joey Cockroach 20 days ago

Fanfic:Risky Bees-ness

My first fanfiction. Commentary is acceptable. By the way, this is NOT Lincoln torture. I hope you buzz in and enjoy the story. Wink-wink.

(It's morning and Lincoln is in his room, counting his money)

LINCOLN: (to the viewers) You may be wondering why I'm counting my money, I'm running low on cash and I wanted to go to the movies. Unfortunately, I got nothing.

(Lincoln then decides to go on a walk, as he wear his coat and walk on the pathway, he finds a flyer on beekeeping)

LINCOLN: "Beekeeping. Enjoy this hobby with buzzing excitement". - Lincoln read - Cool, I can do beekeeping!

(Lincoln runs back to the house and to his Dad's room)

LYNN SR: Hey, son, what can I do for you? - Lynn Sr ask

LINCOLN: Hey, Dad, can I use your beehive, I wanna do bee…

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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 20 days ago

Post your FandomDesktop feedback

Hey everyone!

Fandom posted a preview of the new Fandom desktop experience, called FandomDesktop.

The blog outlines some areas which are seeing significant changes such as:

  • Native support for Light and Dark mode
  • Flexible content area width
  • Collapsible right rail
  • Redesigned editor toolbar
  • And more!

We really want your feedback, both good and bad, so please feel free to fire away! If we know of your concerns beforehand, we can pass that on so those areas can receive extra attention, to help the transition go as smooth as possible.

What do you think of FandomDesktop? Do you have any concerns/highlights? How do you feel it will impact the community?

Comment below! :) --Spongebob456 talk 11:53, 28 March 2021 (UTC)

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Discofurby Discofurby 20 days ago

Rhyming Recaps: Silence of the Luans

Lincoln was holding a gravy squirt gun.

He said to the viewers, "We never have fun,

On April Fool's Day because of Luan,

And so this year, we're being sly as we can."

They'd locked up Luan in a cell down some stairs,

To try to avoid any skinned knees or fears.

A salami hit Lincoln with one great big "Pow!",

But Luan was locked up, so the question was "How?".

Up the stairs, Linc was hit by a dust cloud,

And pink paint was there on Lynn and Leni Loud.

Lincoln felt dizzy and Lucy did fly.

The parents and Lily were covered in pie.

A bruised, angry Lola said, "What is all this?"

Lincoln said, "Dunno, I've just seen our sis!"

Something exploded in Luna Loud's face,

And Lisa fell into the Louds' fireplace.

"Let's go to the bunker!", Rita Loud cried,

But in there,…

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LanceLoud13 LanceLoud13 20 days ago

How "Silence of the Luans" should have ended

I'll be Honest; i was a bit disappointed about how the episode end (with Lily and Luan now known to be pranksters) because i was hoping the ending should have been like this.

After Lincoln and Luan stopped Lilly's Plan, Lincoln apologizes for not believing in her and Luan takes the apology. Meanwhile as the family returns and became mad that Lily could do that, Lincoln told the family that Luan was telling the truth and Rita admit that Lincoln was right..... Just then they notice that Luan and Lily is nowhere to be found, then suddenly a can of knock-out gas appeared and knocked out the whole family.

Upon waking up, they found themselves inside the locked cellar Luan was in for a whole week. To make matters worst the door was welded shut, wh…

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Dinoco95 Dinoco95 21 days ago

The Loudra Lair - Anatomy of a Hydra

(The Loudra is standing next to the Black Mirror in their cave. They hold a pointer in their middle left hand. Lisa clears her throat.)

Lisa: Greetings to all our readers out there. Today, I, Lisa Loudra, shall be giving a presentation about the biology of our species. It includes all things you humans have questioned about hydras.

Lori: Try not to use many big words, okay?

Lisa: Eldest sibling, I know what I'm doing, and I would greatly appreciate it if you didn't interrupt.

Luna: Sure thing , sis. We'll be quiet. (She snickers to the others.)

Lisa: Alright then, let's begin. (An image of a hydra appears on the mirror) The hydra, or Serpentus polycephalus, is a large reptilian organism characterized by its possesion of multiple heads. You may wond…

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LankyBoxyman LankyBoxyman 21 days ago


Hello, i am @LankyBoxyman..... and thats it

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VN-GO1998 VN-GO1998 22 days ago

Tweeny Bird

Hi guys VN-GO1998 here with another story, I'm wrapping up my first story "Little Loud in the House". Looking back at his past birthdays, Lincoln tries to avoid celebrating his upcoming 12th birthday in order to not have another embarrassing mishap.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Outside view of the Loud House

We cut to Lincoln's bedroom where Lincoln is marking off the days on his calendar.

Lincoln: One more week until the big day (to the viewers) As you may have guessed, my birthday is coming up. Usually kids are excited to celebrate the day they're brought into the world but I'm not. For the past years, my birthdays have been nothing but total disasters (pulls out a photo album showing his previous 11 birthdays).

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Discofurby Discofurby 22 days ago

Rhyming Recaps: Hurl, Interrupted

Lynn and her friends all went out to eat.

Her friends said, "The new Dairyland ride looks neat!".

Lynn didn't seem quite so eager to go,

But did she admit it? That's a hard "no".

Lynn went to Clyde-- for advice, that was why.

She tried to present the "I have this friend" lie,

But Clyde said to Lynn, "Miss, I don't have the time,"

So Lynn said, "OK, here's the deal, young Clyde. I'm,

Afraid to ride that ride because I might spew."

Clyde said, "Face up, 'cause it's all you can do."

Lynn said, "No way! I am not doing that!",

And soon Dairyland was where our girls were at.

Paula, too, was rather scared of the ride,

And so, to fess up, our young heroine tried,

But when the other girls started to tease,

Lynn just said, "Let's ride the other rides, please."

She …

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Nurse Puppo Nurse Puppo 25 days ago

School of Shock review

Coming up next in my reviews for loud house episodes we have School of Shock and it's another episode centered around one of my personal favorite characters, Lisa!

To be honest i did get a rise out of every time Lisa tried contradicting her teacher but the premise of Lisa acting as a teacher because the other one gave up feels a bit too overdone cos i feel a lot of other shows have tackled this idea before, though I will admit the addition of a dinosaur in the mix was great too but in the end, this Lisa episode was just not all it was cracked up to be so i'll give School of Shock a 2/5.

That is it for today's review and i'll see you for the next episode

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Nurse Puppo Nurse Puppo 26 days ago

Resident Upheaval review

And now i'm back with another loud house review, this time we're looking at Resident Upheaval, it's another Clincoln Mcloud episode and to be honest it was ok but nothing that good to write home about, I mean I loved when the two of them we're trying to do challenges to decide who gets the room but I just can't come back to this episode, don't get me wrong the plot twist at the end really surprised me but I just didn't find much good about the episode so i'll give it a 1.5/5

Next time we're doing School of Shock, it's a Lisa episode so it oughta be good, I hope...

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Metool Bard Metool Bard 27 days ago

Fanfiction: Zoo Coup Riot (Chapter 6)

Thanks to Sid knowing her way around the zoo, it wasn’t long before we found Grit near the monkey habitat.  We couldn’t tell from this distance, but it looked like he was circling the pen and looking for someone.  Are there more of these ARF guys just hiding out in the animal habitats?  What is going on here?

“There he is,” Nat pipped up. “We should ask him what all this is about, da?”

“Not yet,” I said, holding up my hand. “If he sees up chasing him, he’s just going to run away again.  We need a plan.”

“Well, I don’t think Nat can help you there,” said Pat dryly.

Nat scowled and slashed at Pat with her fidget spinner, only for Pat to catch her wrist.

“I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true,” she stated.

“Guys, focus,” said Sid. “I think we need to…

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The747Guy The747Guy 28 days ago



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PageEmperor PageEmperor 29 days ago

Now that the loud house episode ideas are all the rage...

I shall now post my own! Here’s a secret for y’all: I’ve actually been making episode ideas for this show for nearly 4 years, and has made at least 200 possible ideas! Now, I shall pick 10 of the best ideas I made to share with you guys!

[1] Team Supreme

Lynn is given an opportunity to team up with other little girls who aspire to be sports stars. She is required to make sure they manage to win a baseball competition, or else!

[2] DJ got us falling in Loud

Lincoln tries out for DJ spinning sessions. Unfortunately, his taste in music seems to be, well kind of interesting...

[3] Breakfast at Lynn’s

Lynn opens up a fresh new luxurious gym that anyone can use at their time. A bunch of bullies come up and mistake the gym for a hotel. Lynn was excited…

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Nurse Puppo Nurse Puppo 29 days ago

No Bus, No Fuss review

We're back at it again with another new Loud House episode review, this time we are having a look at No Bus, No Fuss!

I can kinda relate to this one cos i used to always be one of those kids who was harassed a lot on the bus to an extent, but for the most part the episode was kinda bland, I liked the introduction to the three bullies on the bus who are probably a one time set of characters, and it was great to see most of the parents in the episode including the parents of Zach, Liam, Rusty and of course Clyde's dads!

So was this episode blowing me away? No, it's nothing special so i'll probably give No Bus, No Fuss a 3/5. Average, nothing to write home about. next time we have Resident Upheaval, will it be a better episode than this? we'll…

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Nurse Puppo Nurse Puppo 17 March

Cow Pie Kid & Saved by the Spell double review

Ladies and Gentlemen, i've finally returned for another Loud House episode review. And yes while I am officially retired from the wiki after hitting my 365 contribution streak like I said i'll still keep pumping out new episode reviews whenever they should come. So without further ado i've prepared a double review of Cow Pie Kid and Saved by the Spell so here's my honest opinion.

Cow Pie Kid: Going off of the title I had absolutely no idea what to expect, though I kinda saw the fact it was centered around Liam coming. Still there was some parts I kinda saw coming like when Liam's arm gave out from all the throwing he did and how I kinda knew that Lynn's team was gonna lose in the end. So while the episode does lose points for being predict…

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Discofurby Discofurby 15 March

Lincoln and Stella Buy a Bed

This is a parody of Monty Python's "Buying a Bed" sketch, requested by the same user who asked for The Dead Console. However, I added more stuff at the end because I just didn't want to end with Stella crying.

One day, Lincoln was carrying Stella through Tall Timbers Park and feeling quite out of breath. When they got out of the park, he continued to carry her down the street.

He continued to carry Stella until he got to a furniture store in Royal Woods Mall and she climbed out of his arms and stood up.

“We’d like to buy a bed, please,” he said to Clyde, who was working as an intern at the store. (Clyde was a bit young to be an intern, but his dads had made a deal, and they said that it was OK for a few hours. The reason Lincoln and Stella wan…

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Antisocial64 Antisocial64 14 March

All Tangled Up: Overview

This is an idea I had a while ago, and once again it's the product of a kick I've been on. See, I've been really into Tangled as of late, so I figured why not cross it over with my favourite Nicktoon?

This'll be an overview of the basics.

Voice actors (hypothetical)

Loud House characters:

Asher Bishop as Lincoln

Catherine Taber as Lori

Liliana Mumy as Leni

Nika Futterman as Luna

Cristina Pucelli as Luan

Jessica DiCicco as Lynn, Lucy, Zach

Grey Griffin as Lana, Lola, Lily

Lara Jill Miller as Lisa, Liam

Andre Robinson as Clyde

Brian Stepanek as Lynn Sr.

Jill Talley as Rita

Owen Rivera-Babbey as Rusty

Haley Tju as Stella

Tangled characters:

Mandy Moore as Rapunzel

Zachary Levi as Eugene

Eden Espinosa as Cassandra

Jeremy Jordan as Varian

Points of interest:

  • Rapunzel h…

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Discofurby Discofurby 14 March

Burning Secret review

I was asked to review Burning Secret by a guy named Samtastic 3.0 and... well, this review is a bit of a strange one, because unlike most of my reviews, it isn't a sense of "this story was for the birds, but at least it had this going for it" or "this was a great story except for this". Instead, I don't even know what to think of the story. I don't think I can even rate it, there was so much up and down.

First of all, the subject matter was a little too dark for my tastes. The scene with the fire climbing up the extinguisher foam and all the sleep deprivation and stuff... it was very scary, but that had a positive side too-- it kept me captivated and made me want to keep reading to find out what happened.

Also, there was the odd cliche, but th…

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Maplacher1012 Maplacher1012 13 March

The loudest yard (rewrites)

(Same as original except to the point where Lincoln gives up training with Lynn after the Hawkers' taunting)

Lincoln: That's it! I am done! Let's tell mom that your training isn't working out!

Lisa (aprotching them with a flask of red liquid): Not to fear, elder brother. I have something that may help you. (Hands him the flask) drink this.

(Lincoln hesitantly drinks the liquid, then he feels football-tastic)

Lincoln: Wow. I feel like I'm great at football.

Lisa: That's because of my new football potion.

Lincoln: Wow, thanks, Lisa. Now I can play football with ease.

Lynn: Well, I guess this is okay.

(A montage of Luncoln going to football matches after taking a potion from Lisa and back takes place. Once when Lincoln comes home from a football game…

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ChristopherDobelman ChristopherDobelman 11 March

Random Stories Of Mine & That

Ik I have not been active on this wiki since I retired last July, but I've been slowly getting back into this fandom once again and I think with TLH for me starting to get into a writing fatigue since the end of the 3rd season in early 2019. I thought I would help shape things up and help get writers (and fanfic writers ofc) some ideas when they write their next thing after their local gov't shuts down their area for 3 months once again

Layed Off - After being laid off at Reininger's by her boss Mrs. Carmichael. Leni with the help of her siblings, open up a fashion store in Downtown Royal Woods to compete against her former employer

Royal Woods Got Talent - Lola & Lana must work together and prevent a rival school from winning their local t…

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Discofurby Discofurby 11 March

Random Thoughts About My Song Parodies

  1. I love "When You're a Loud Kid". Some of the rhymes might have been a bit iffy, but I love the premise.
  2. I think that the parody of Daffy Duck's Rhapsody is my favourite one, not counting the ones I came up with on my own.
  3. I'm proud of "I Don't Want to Be a Bluebell".
  4. The Spider Song parody was one that I had to be creative with, since the original singer had a British accent, so "hearth" and "bath" rhymed. I had to think of words that'd rhyme with "bath" in Lynn Sr.'s and Leni's voices. Also, the shaving part seemed too dark in the original song and too out-of-character for Lynn Sr. so I had to change that up a bit. I'm satisfied with the result.
  5. I think the F-U-N one is one of my funniest.
  6. I like "Read an NSL Fanfic", but the song I had to lis…
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Discofurby Discofurby 7 March

Pipette Dreams

This is "Pipe Dreams" from Lisa's perspective. I wrote it to explain what the nuclear accident was, why Lily was in the bathroom line, and mainly just for the giggles.

It was Sunday morning, and Lisa Loud was sitting at her desk. She was working very hard in an attempt to create a machine which could tell when a person was carrying a disease. That way, she reasoned to herself, there would be a way to spot any asymptomatic carriers of any given disease without even touching them, and situations like the time everyone got the flu could’ve been avoided by Lori taking the device to school and avoiding whoever infected her.

As she reached for a piece of wire, however, she smelled a foul odour. She looked around, and sure enough, Lily’s diaper was…

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Chloe Two Chloe Two 2 March

Hoy tenemos una pregunta ¿Sam es un niño o una niña

Comment Below Please

Comenta abajo por favor

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KingPaula KingPaula 1 March

roblox studio logo

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Discofurby Discofurby 28 February

The Fox and the Airhead

Hello, Loud crowd! This is my take on what was going on during my story The Fox and the Hunt Saboteur and the episode "The Price of Admission" from Leni's perspective. The reason is because I thought the events of that fox story would be weird from an outsider's perspective, and also because I wanted to see what Leni was thinking when she went to school in the middle of the night.

On the last day of fall break (not counting the weekend), Leni was on a picnic with her family in Ketcham Park.

She was talking on her cell phone to her friend Mandy, and so wasn’t really paying attention to her surroundings. At one point, she thought she heard a voice that sounded cute and somewhat familiar, but she brushed it off.

When the picnic was over, she notic…

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Incrediblehouse Incrediblehouse 25 February

Luan Out Loud

The 5th fanfiction of Incrediblehouse

(It starts Luan finishing up her video in her website "Luan Out Loud".)

Luan: And that blogosphere is another vlog of Comedy Channel with Luan Loud. "Smell" ya later.

(She squirts water from her flower and laughs as the video ends. On the News with Katherine in the diner.)

Katherine Mulligan: Katherine Mulligan reporting live on the funniest new trend, Luan Loud. Everybody wants to be like Luan. Even the diner is getting on the Harlow flying fun with a banana smoothie. (takes a sip of the smoothie and it blows up on the face)

(The camera zooms out that Luna and Violet are watching the report on a laptop.)

Luna: Dude, Luan's gone viral?

Violet: Let's hope it doesn't go into her head.

Luan: (burst the door weari…

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