• New User in Town

    I noticed many of you didn't enjoy the episode, Kings of the Con. I do like the episode, but it's disappointing that it got a lot of dislikes. However, I do agree that Lincoln and Clyde being the Kitty's pooper scoopers wasn't funny. And I bet you all didn't like how the boys got the sisters out of the picture. But at least they got to be honest and let the sisters win near the end. To everyone who hates Kings of the Con, how would you make it better?

    Let me know in the comments.

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  • Facefun

    thoughts on latest episodes

    November 20, 2019 by Facefun

    will be tomarrow cause i have not seen them

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  • IWasFormerlySpongeBoy


    November 20, 2019 by IWasFormerlySpongeBoy

    Lincoln: i would rather starve to death

    Lynn Loud Sr: What do you want to drink? Lincoln

    Lincoln: P***, To go with this sh**** food

    Lynn Loud Sr: Lincoln, what do you want to drink

    Lincoln: This coke right here,

    Lynn Loud Sr: You get diet coke,

    Lincoln: No, that says Die, in it

    Lynn Loud Sr: Lincoln, that's not the word Die, it's diet,

    Lincoln: I dont care if it's a girl

    • Lincoln shakes the diet coke bottle and then it bursts out coke*


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  • Steven A. Lucas

    Hello, Steven again. Right now, I'm releasing my own version of Shop Girl. In this one, I helped alongside Leni's siblings, however I feel worried about changing Leni, because she is one of my favorite characters of the shows. I changed a bit where Lori gets tackled by Lola, in this version, I'm the one getting tackled by Lola. I hope you enjoy it. I do not own the show, the characters, the locations, and the stories. It belongs to its rightful owners, the creators, the writers, the directors, and the producers. Enjoy!

    Steven Lucas in The Loud House

    Shop Girl

    Originally Written by Sheela Shrinivas

    Re-Written by Steven A. Lucas

    [The episode begins early morning at the Loud House, the siblings, and Steven, except Leni, are in their pajamas eating…

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  • Steven A. Lucas

    Hello, once again. It's Steven A. Lucas here. It's almost time for Thanksgiving, so my version of The Loudest Thanksgiving will be coming soon. So right now, I'll be releasing a couple of my versions of a couple of episodes. I've chosen A Fridge Too Far, however, my role is very brief. I had a couple of moments like trying to steal one of the Loud's leftovers and planned a trap. I also added a little scene where I looked through my food zone, where I think the air in a jar is Leni's, but it's not. I really hope you enjoy it. I do not own the characters, the stories, and the show, it belongs to it's respectful owners, the creators, the directors, the writers, and the crew. Enjoy!

    Steven Lucas in The Loud House

    A Fridge Too Far

    Originally Writt…

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  • Discofurby

    Royal Woods was having an Astonishing Quest,

    And Luna was trying to look just her best,

    For Sam was her partner and Luna wondered whether,

    She and her crush would end up together.

    She wanted to make the perfect impression.

    Meanwhile, Lynn was banned due to previous aggression.

    At the quest, Luna and Sam were happy as can be,

    And the rest of the participants shouted, "Yippee!".

    Scoots was determined that the prize would go,

    To her and a woman "Helen" who she seemed to know.

    The first clue for the quest involved a blaster.

    Luna found that one easy to master,

    And they hightailed it off to the Laser Maze.

    Luna played laser tag worthy of praise,

    Zapping Lisa, Scoots, Helen, and little Darcy too,

    But Sam was less sure about what she should do.

    She accidentally …

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  • IWasFormerlySpongeBoy

    Lincoln: TO THE CON!

    sammie: hey, im gonna ruin this, do u want to as well whitney

    whitney: sure, lets make this a lincoln torture ep

    judges: we love the sisters more than u two


    Judges: ooc (out of character) B R U H

    Lincoln: we'll just have to rap about USA and all of the countries.

    Lincoln & Clyde: USA, We're here to stay! But today, we're goin' on a quick vacay to Canada!

    Lincoln: Can't get no tan-ada

    Clyde: A pan-ada in Canada?

    Lincoln: No Man-ada

    Lincoln & Clyde: It's China!
    Nothing could be finer except their twice-cooked pork
    No fork! Chopsticks!
    Irish! Sheep are fleecy

    Clyde: France is just chill, 'cause they take it easy

    Lincoln: Hey Mexico, you'r…

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  • IWasFormerlySpongeBoy

    Lincoln: And now, some soothing tunes from Lincoln's bass

    (he plays his bass guitar)

    People: BORING

    Lincoln: *empty face on bed*

    Lincoln: *cries with his hands covering it*

    • 1 frame of red mist linc appears and goes away*
    • A glitch?*

    Lincoln: *stopped crying with his eyes fully red and the red mist on his eyes will come out of his eyes and then cried more*

    • then a lot of vivid colors appear on the screen, and his eyes would change from any color with red mist blood down on his face*
    • he then grabbed a shotgun and put it in his mouth and he shot himself and blood coming out of his mouth as suicide with his eyes still open even though he's dead*
    • Creepy, right? I hope you enjoyed this dark fanfic.*
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  • Darthbane2017

    So why weren't the other Ace Savvy fans in attendance trying to get into the movie or be noticed? No way Lincoln & Clyde were the only ones to find out...

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  • Discofurby

    In the kitchen, the parents were talking about,

    How their kids had been good and they hardly had to shout.

    They thought, "We should take them for ice cream today,

    If, for this day, their behaviour is also OK."

    "And you know what?" said Rita, "II think we should let,

    Lily have ice cream.". Lily thought, "You bet!",

    And she imagined herself way up high,

    With a self-making sundae in a magic pink sky.

    Then, she got grumpy, 'cause if her siblings acted bad,

    She wouldn't have ice cream and that'd make her sad.

    She rounded them up into her and Lisa's room,

    To try and warn them to prevent the no-ice-cream gloom.

    She drew a sundae on paper so that they could see,

    But Lola thought it was an upside-down tree.

    She tried miming, but they thought she simply had gas.


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  • UltimateLoud

    S4: Ratings (1st Half)

    November 18, 2019 by UltimateLoud

    From Friended! to Kings of the Con.

    My rating system goes as follows:

    0 (Scum)

    1-3 (Awful)

    4-5 (Bad)

    5-6 (Mediocre)

    7 (Good)

    8-9 (Great)

    10 (Excellent (weaker 10)/Legendary (stronger 10))

    Friended! - 8/10 (Great)

    Power Play - 10/10 (Excellent)

    Room for Improvement - 2/10 (Awful)

    Roll Model - 6/10 (Mediocre)

    No Show - 10 (Legendary)

    Face the Music - 8 (Great)

    Pranks for the Memories - 5 (Mediocre)

    Store Wars - 9 (Great)

    Lucha Fever - 7 (Good)

    Washed Up - 10 (Legendary)

    Recipe for Disaster - 6 (Mediocre)

    Present Tense - 10 (Legendary)

    Any Given Sundae - 10 (Very Legendary)

    Can't Hardly Wait - 7 (Good)

    A Mutt Above - 4 (Bad)

    Love Birds - 10 (Excellent)

    Rocket Men - 10 (Excellent)

    A Grave Mistake - 6 (Mediocre)

    Leader of the Rack - 8 (Great)

    Tails of Woe - 7 (Good)

    Last L…

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  • Fernny222

    I'm probably gonna get a lot of hate for this but personally, I think that Maria and Arturo should move on from each other. Let me start off that I didn't like the idea of Ronnie Anne's dad still being alived since it ruined my headcanon of him being dead as it would have made a much more emtoional experience for the three Santiagos. Anyway, with some new episodes lately, I'm pretty sure that Maria and Arturo are 100% divorced and 0% separated since Vacation Daze had the former on brief dates with three guys picked by Carlota. Now, I believe that in the past Arturo and Maria got into a huge fight that lead him to leave the family and Royal Woods to live in Peru that also led to Ronnie Anne into becoming the bully she used to be in her home…

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  • Jsmit186

    The Fate of Girl Jordan?

    November 18, 2019 by Jsmit186

    For those of you who are unaware, Jordan Rosato, the storyboard artist whom Girl Jordan was based on, has left Nickelodeon and now works for Warner Brothers animation.

    This leads to the question on whether the character Girl Jordan has been dropped from the show in light of Jordan Rosato's recent departure.

    For all we know, Season 4 could very well be Girl Jordan's final appearance in the show which would be a shame since she's one of the more interesting background characters and I would like to know more of her personality.

    If this is the case, perhaps Girl Jordan, alongside her dog Ajax, could start making cameo appearances in various Warner Brothers cartoons. That is if Nickelodeon no longer has the rights to the Girl Jordan character for…

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  • Joekido

    No Such Luck in the Nutshell

    November 18, 2019 by Joekido

    Karlas: Hi, everyone! You all remember me for writing "Ties that Bind", well today I wrote "No Such Luck" and showed this to Chris Savino and he defends this episode mostly because Lincoln gets tortured in this episode and says Lincoln deserves it. I hope you all enjoyed it!

    Lincoln: Don't mind me, I'm my cereal and eventually Lori, Lucy and Leni would want to drag me into their activites. Oh, they are here, better hide.

    "Flees to the kitchen"

    Lucy+Leni+Lori: Dangit Lincoln! We will catch you next time!

    Lincoln: "whew", all I wanted was a peace and quiet. Oh Lily, why is your milk bottle on top of the refrigerator? Why do I need to put Lily on my skateboard to knock it down on her? Why can't I do this instead?

    "Lincoln decides to body ram the f…

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  • Boyariffic

    The Chest Hair is Around

    November 18, 2019 by Boyariffic

    The Chest Hair is Around is a funny episode of The Loud House I came up with. In this episode, Lincoln grows his first chest hair and gets ready to show it to Stella but then his sisters come by and rip them all out.

    [Establishing show of the house; Suddenly we hear Lincoln screaming at the top of his lungs]
    [Lincoln's parents run into his room]
    Rita: Lincoln, what is going on?
    Lynn Sr.: Are you alright?
    Lincoln: Better than alright! I grew not one but eleven chesthairs!
    [Lincoln shows his parents his chest full of chesthairs]
    Rita: Wow, good for you, Lincoln!
    Lynn Sr.: Great job, son. That means you're finally becoming a man.
    Rita: Why don't you go show those to that girl from your school?
    Lincoln: Oh, you…

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  • Joekido

    Kevin Sullivan goes before a statue of a comedy god (It's actually a clown statue) in his office holding a script labeled "Brawl in the Family". He bends down and begins to bow, chanting: "Oh, great comedy god! I wrote a funny script and I hope I don't disappoint you!"

    The statue spoke: "Go show this to pervert Chris Savino for approval"

    So Kevin went to Savino's office to show him the script. Rather then read the script he just skims over the page and said "Whatever" before he decides to spy on some woman walking in the studio parking lot outside his office window.

    Now let's go inside the episode for a nutshell story.

    Lori: Okay guys, Leni and I decided to fight over a dress we brought and we are making this a big deal.

    Leni: Why do we need to…

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  • Discofurby

    Linc and his classmates all looked in a tank,

    Belonging to a large, hairy spider named Frank.

    Mrs. Johnson said, "Who will look after my spider?",

    And all hands were raised-- there was not one outsider.

    Lincoln was chosen and he said, "Hooray!".

    Mrs. Johnson said, "Don't you let Frank out, OK?".

    Lincoln was glad to be the class spider-sitter,

    But Clyde said, "Remember spiders are Leni's feared critter."

    Linc said, "If I worried about my sisters when I did something new,

    Then there wouldn't be many new things I could do."

    He thought, "I'll just hide Frank from them if I can.",

    And successfully hid Frank from Walt and Luan,

    But when asking for scissors Lana saw the tank,

    And then Lola (wanting the doll back) also noticed Frank.

    Lisa came too, and then Lor…

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  • BigFanofEntertainment

    Been a long time since I made a post.

    So... this episode. I know I'm late to the party, but I still feel like giving my thoughts. A lot of people really didn't like it, but me? Honsestly... I don't think this episode is as bad as people are making it out to be. Wow, I don't think I've ever said that about an episode of this show.

    Let's talk about Lincoln and Clyde. This is something I've seen a lot of people criticize about the episode. Now, what they did was wrong, I'm not gonna deny that. But, I can see why they acted the way they did. They are huge Ace Savvy fans, while the sisters don't care much for him, yet they managed to impress the judges enough to be considered as the winners. Then the duo hears that they won't make the cut. So them b…

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  • InklingBear


    What another day to have a gloom-filled atmosphere take place in the nice old neighborhood of Royal Woods. How it wasn't raining at a time like this, the family will never know. In the living room, like always, the dull pets sat in front of the television screen. It showcased the weather segment brought to them by the news. Knowing how inaccurate the weathermen can be on the news, nobody was a hundred percent sure on what to believe nowadays.

    "Apparently, we predicted a few hours ago that it was going to be sunny with a slight chance of rain today."

    "Well, who's in the wrong now?" The cameraman rubbed in his face.

    Exasperated, the weathermen attempted to keep his cool. "But unfortunately, there's been a slight change." He sighed. "Thes…

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  • Joekido

    Gomu Gomu no Mi

    November 17, 2019 by Joekido

    Lynn jr sits on the family couch resting her head on the couch arm bored out of her mind watching a television advertisement. Lynn let's a groan.

    Lynn: Ugh, hurry up and finish already, I wanna see my show.....

    Finally a voice from the TV spoke:

    TV: Finally we are back to One Piece!

    Lynn's eyes widens, sits up and claps gleefully sporty a grin.

    The program finally begun. In the program, Luffy is in some field somewhere facing a muscular mean looking marine standing in front of a sea stone cage with his friends inside; all tied up. Luffy is in his fighting stance angrily staring at the marine.

    Luffy: Hey asshole! Let my friends go!

    Marine captain: Straw Hat Luffy, you've cause too much trouble for the World Government and they cannot tolerate it a…

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  • IWasFormerlySpongeBoy


    November 16, 2019 by IWasFormerlySpongeBoy

    Lincoln: *wakes up* Hello?

    the roads were empty, tumbleweeds go by*

    Lincoln: Are you playing a prank, guys, are you just in the city again? Hehehe

    (he saw vanzilla was gone, no cars in sight, only a empty Royal Woods, it never was quiet, nor, dreaded,)

    Lincoln: Did everyone go on vacation? (Lincoln slighty got worried he was alone with no-one around)

    Los Angeles*

    No one was any state, or anywhere around the world in hind sight*

    Lincoln: This is all a crazy dream, right?

    it wasnt, some crazy dream, It was reality*

    Lincoln: *calls 911*

    911: ...

    Lincoln: They're busy?

    Lincoln; Huh, there is only a frame of me, Wait,

    Lincoln: There used to be my siblings, in this photo I took for Mom and Dad....

    Lincoln: Lori,

    Lincoln: Leni,

    Lincoln: Luna,

    Lincoln: Luan, Lynn,…

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  • DJSharp25

    Remember how the crew talked about they've brought up every subject (except death anyways)? Well what if they bring up some super serious stuff like pedophilia or PTSD.

    And what if they go back and DO talk about death?

    Yikes, The Loud House is gonna go half goofy/half dark!

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  • Discofurby

    Everyone was getting ready for bed.

    "I'm happy I don't have a roommate," Linc said,

    But then Lynn and Lucy had a huge fight,

    Which made Lynn want to bunk with Lincoln for the night.

    Lincoln was unsure but he let Lynn stay.

    It was just for one night-- it must be OK.

    She touched all his stuff and dumped balls on the floor,

    So Lincoln said, "I don't want to play anymore!

    I'm going to bed now," but Lynn was wide awake.

    She wanted Luche Libre, Lincoln thought, "For Pete's sake!".

    When Lincoln and Lynn got into bed,

    She snored really loudly. "Lynn, stop it!" Linc said,

    But she did a Dutch oven and slobbered a riot,

    So Linc moved to the bathroom where it was clean and quiet.

    The very next morning, Lori tried to take a shower,

    But Lincoln was in there, which mad…

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  • Jsmit186

    I decided to rewatch The Loud House starting from season 1, episode 1 and have come to a final conclusion:

    I don't like this show, I freaking love it!

    I was a fool to nearly quit this show after "Kings of the Con" (Which is still a not so great episode by the way), and now I can see more of the positives that this show has to offer.

    Gone are the days of me worshiping Lincoln like a god, and now come the days of me appreciating the show for what it is with the sisters being well-developed characters and Lincoln being more thick-skinned than I originally thought.

    On a side note, am I the only who freaking loves the cartoony aspects of the show? The Loud House is a cartoon so I don't see a problem at all with introducing toon physics to the show.…

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  • JKC14

    "Good Sports:" Awesome. 100% out of 100%!

    "Geri-Antics:" Cool! 97.97% out of 100%! 

    "Arr in the Family:" Massive disappointment. 32.32% out of 100%. 

    "Finders Weepers:" Mediocre. 66.66% out of 100%. 

    Please tell me your thoughts in the comments below! \/

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  • Michael grutsch

    Principal Ramirez

    November 16, 2019 by Michael grutsch

    "Principal Ramirez" is a minor character that appears in "First day in middle school".

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  • PicholasStripes2000

    Just a little something I made for Discofurby. Hope she likes it, and I hope you like it too!

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  • Steven A. Lucas

    I'm not going to lie you guys, but I sort of both loved and hated The Loud House episode, The Loudest Thanksgiving. Be aware that this is just my own personal opinions about the episode.

    When I first watched it, I sort of had a mixed reaction to it and I definitely had a hard time trying to like it, so this is considered one of those painfully average episodes of the show. First of all, my negatives on this episode is that I don't like how both The Louds and the Casagrandes are acting. Because they act like selfish, childish, and competitive jerks. They all had the worst performances ever! Except some few of them. It makes me think that both the Louds and the Casagrandes are the main antagonists. Doug and Michelle are better antagonists tha…

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  • Discofurby

    Lisa was doing some work that looked hard,

    When Ms.Shrinivas gave her a report card.

    Lisa got A's in a lot of her studies,

    But had flunked social skills due to having no buddies.

    She thought friends were pointless, but thought it'd be bad,

    If aliens saw her F; she'd be embarrassed and sad.

    Ms Shrinivas told Lisa to make a new friend,

    So Lisa made a robot on which she could depend.

    The teacher said, "No, robot friends do not matter.

    Make friends with a human. Enough chitter-chatter."

    She decided to start by doing field studies,

    Of various family members with their buddies.

    She observed that you needed to be nice and play,

    And to share and  have common interests, so the very next day,

    She thought, "Now's the time, so I'll choose the right one,

    So that I wi…

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  • Discofurby

    Lori, Leni, and Lucy all had an event,

    That they'd be happy if all their siblings went,

    To, but young Lincoln hid under the table.

    He said, "I want to be alone, but I'm not sure I'm able."

    Lynn invited Lincoln to her softball game.

    He wanted to read comics but she thought it was lame,

    So reluctantly, Lincoln agreed he would go,

    But Lynn lost the game and said, "You're bad luck, don't you know?".

    When Lynn told Leni that young Linc was a jynx,

    He was just about to say, "Don't you heed what she thinks!",

    But then he thought, "If I simply pretend like it's true,

    Then I'll spend time alone like I wanted to do."

    Soon, Lana, Lola, Luan, and Lily,

    Were all convinced, but Lisa and Lori said, "That's silly,"

    So Lincoln broke the golf clubs that belonged to Lori, …

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  • Jokeman20

    The Lincoln Theory

    November 14, 2019 by Jokeman20

    Hello, everyone. It’s been awhile making another blog. So here’s something to share about Lincoln Loud. What do you like and dislike about him? In episodes, that is?

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  • Discofurby

    Lisa was talking to scientists online,

    About theories originally thought up by Einstein.

    Lucy came in, still sporting a frown,

    And for some reason wanted her pulse to go down.

    Lana and Lincoln appeared seconds later,

    With a cupcake they'd found behind the radiator.

    They were feeling hungry and a little bit bold,

    And were considering eating it in spite of the mold.

    Lisa told them, "It's infectious, no way!",

    But Lana took a big bite despitet the decay.

    Luna wanted Lisa to measure her noise,

    Then Lisa said, "Sorry, it really annoys,

    Me when they keep on distracting me this way."

    And the scientists said, "You can stay here today."

    Lynn Jr. walked by in the hallway and farted,

    And Lisa just couldn't wait to get started.

    When they were at the lab, Lisa liked i…

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  • Discofurby

    Lincoln asked Lynn if she wanted to read,

    She said "No", because firstly, she disagreed,

    With him about comics, and secondly, Lincoln,

    Was wearing no pants, and Lynn wasn't thinkin'

    That was a fun time, so she went away,

    Leaving her brother to go on with his day.

    He decided to watch a sci-fi DVD,

    Which he then asked Luan if she wanted to see.

    She said, "Science fiction stinks, and that's a science fact."

    Lincoln wasn't bothered by Luan's lack of tact,

    But he still wanted someone with whom to spend time,

    So he tried to show Lola his new Polish dime.

    She thought coin collections were pointless and lame,

    So he invited Lucy to his ghost-hunting game.

    But she said, "Why would I be hunting my pals?",

    So Lincoln went off to the rest of the gals,

    But his sandwich…

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  • Mathys Prevost

    Épisode 1 : Girl’s Review PLOT : Luna, Luan, Lynn and Lucy go see a movie, later eating at Burpin 🍔, the girls talk about the movie but each of them understood the film’s theme differently - Comedy for Luan - Musical for Luna - Dark and Tragic for Lucy - Violence for Lynn

    Épisode 2 : Luan’s Comedy PLOT : After a failure during a show, Luan understands that she need to improve her comedy style, thanks to Benny, she trains to tell longer jokes and skits.

    Épisode 3 : Lucy’s Doll PLOT : Lucy got traumatized after saw a scary documentary about terrorizing and can’t sleep in peace, Leni and Lola suggest that she sleeps with a stuffy but she refuses but her anxiety only increases.

    Épisode 4 : A Blade is born PLOT : Lincoln and his big sis tell Lucy…

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  • LanceLoud13

    (The episode begin at in Lisa's room, where she gather the siblings to her own for an important sibling meeting)

    Lisa: Siblings, I gather you all here to show you my greatest invention ever! BEHOLD!

    (Lisa then revealed what seem to be a doorway frame)

    Lori: Lisa, so you created a doorway frame? that's literally seem unlike you.

    Lisa: No elder sitter. I have created a doorway will show us the multiverse!

    Leni: multiverse? goodie! can I gave chocolate multiverse shake?

    (The Siblings slap their heads, Lisa explain)

    Lisa: No Leni, not a malted shake, the multiverse. There has been theories for years that there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of different universes exist. Like one where people can fly, or animals can walk and talk, or dare I say it…

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  • MountMasurai

    Remove Lincoln

    November 12, 2019 by MountMasurai

    For the good of the show, and for everyone's good, I say we remove Lincoln from the show.
    Who's with me

    Every day I see these comments complaining about Lincoln getting "tortured", especially on the more recent episodes. With no Lincoln, fans won't complain about this anymore since there's no one to "torture". Also most of those fans would leave the show, leaving behind the fun ones

    The show focusing on Lincoln means lack of development for the sisters. The sisters are left unexplored, leaving many untapped potential plots.

    Lincoln is just bland. He's barely an interesting character on his own right. The only reason he's interesting is because he has 11 sisters, who are the true heroes of the show.

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  • PicholasStripes2000


    Luan (to the audience): Y'know that line of LJ's just gave me an idea!


    (At Royal Woods High School. Lynn Sr. approaches the stage.)

    Lynn Sr.: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! We welcome you graciously to this year's musical play! Starring, written and directed by Lynn-

    Lynn Jr. (whispering backstage): And produced!

    Lynn Sr.: And produced by Lynn Loud- (The spotlight is suddenly moved away.) Oh.

    (Mr. Loud leaves the stage and the audience cheers. The curtain goes up and LJ and Lincoln run onstage.)

    Lynn Jr.: Get the rest of that suit on nerd, or so help me!
    So help me! So help me! Right now!
    Francisco, Polly Pain and Margo: Get the rest of that suit on nerd, or so…

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  • PicholasStripes2000

    Announcer: Hey folks! Now you can hear all your all-time faves from the good old days with The Loud House's Vintage Vocalizations! Over 100 beautifully restored tracks as performed by Roachdale's greatest singing sensation the Cockroach Glee Club, including, "Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet"!

    Cockroach Glee Club: Put on your old grey bonnet with the blue ribbon on it,
    While I hitch old Dobbin to the shay,
    And through the fields of clover, we'll drive up to Dover
    On our golden wedding day.

    Lana: No! Leave me alone! I don't wanna! (A cockroach smacks her.)

    Announcer: As well as, "Waltz Me Around Again, Willie"!

    Cockroach Glee Club: Waltz me around again, Willie
    Around, around, around
    The music is dreamy, it's peaches and creamy
    Oh don't let my feet touch…

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  • Discofurby

    The Louds were outside on a bright, sunny day,

    When they noticed new neighbours had moved in to stay.

    "Hi there," said Rita, "I saw you move in.

    I'm Rita Loud, this is my husband Lynn."

    'I'm Bumper Yates, this is my wife Jancey."

    They showed them their house, which was a little bit fancy.

    Their kids all said, "Cool, there's new people to know.

    We're Bumper Jr., Beatrix, Belle, and young Beau."

    All four kids were skilled and made the Loud parents impressed.

    The Yates parents said, "Keeping them well-rounded is best."

    The Loud mom and dad said, "We never quite thought,

    To make our kids well-rounded. We probably ought."

    So they piled up their kids in the family van,

    And said, "Try to do these things, we know that you can."

    They took Lisa to a ceramics club…

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  • Thunderthethee

    Whats your least fav ships?? Comment!

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  • AnimationFan15

    Retcon-Driven Stories

    November 11, 2019 by AnimationFan15

    One of my favorite analysts in the Brony community is the Voice of Reason. He's one of my favorite analysts because he actually brings up some interesting discussion topics. In his video where he reviews the MLP Season 9 episode "Sweet and Smoky", he brings up the topic of retcons (retroactive continuity) working in the episode's favor. A retcon is when the story disregards a plot point/event established in a previous episode in order for the story to work.

    Considering that The Loud House gleefully takes pride in not having consistent continuity because it gives the episodes more room to be creative, it got me wondering if there are any episodes with retcons that actually work in the story's favor. As of now, I can only think of a couple.


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  • Michael grutsch

    Season 5 review

    November 10, 2019 by Michael grutsch
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  • Michael grutsch

    "First day in middle school" is the first episode of the fifth season and the one-hundred-seventy-sixth episode of The Loud House.

    Lincoln and Clyde go to Middle School after they graduate from Elementary school.

    • Lincoln Loud
    • Clyde McBride
    • Lynn Loud
    • Zach Gurdle
    • Liam
    • Rusty Spokes
    • Lynn Loud Sr.
    • Rita Loud
    • Principal Ramirez (Debut)
    • Mr. Bolhofner
    • Ms. Pham
    • Coach Keck
    • Unnamed school chef (Debut) (cameo)
    • Photography Girl (cameo)
    • Student (cameo)
    • Byron (cameo)
    • Cici (cameo)
    • Middle school Students

    • Tex Hammond as Lincoln
    • Jessica DiCicco as lynn/zach
    • Jill Talley as Rita
    • Brian Stepanek as Lynn Loud Sr.
    • Andre Robinson as Clyde
    • Lara Jill Miller as Liam
    • Wyatt Griswold as Rusty
    • ? as Principal Ramirez
    • James Arnold Taylor as Mr. Bolhofner
    • Lauren Tom as Ms. Pham
    • Grey Griffin as Coach Keck
    • unnamed s…

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  • Michael grutsch

    I miss Mrs. Johnson

    November 10, 2019 by Michael grutsch

    "Fancy and Mucky class" is the Season 5 premiere as well as the series premiere of The Loud House.


    • Lincoln Loud
    • Agnes Johnson

    Tex Hammond as Lincoln

    Susanne Blakeslee as Mrs. Johnson

    This episode was comfirmed by Michael grutsch on Sunday, November 10, 2019 (Just for an Idea).

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  • Discofurby

    Lincoln was visiting his grandfather pal,

    Named Albert (his nicknames were Pop-Pop and Al).

    He'd thought of all kinds of cool stuff they could do,

    When who would show up but a strict nurse named Sue?

    She said, "That's not safe. You two stay here instead."

    "Well, that's OK, we'll go swimming," Linc said.

    Pop-Pop agreed that a swim would be cool,

    But Sue was a killjoy at the retirement pool.

    They tried to play Twister, but old Sue said, "No!".

    Scoots sneaked some pudding, then off she did go.

    Pop-Pop got into bed and said, "Sue knows what's best.",

    But Linc said, "You're old, but you don't need to rest.

    Let's do what we used to and paint the town red."

    "Sounds good," said Albert, and he got out of bed.

    "Well, I guess you could go for a while," said Sue,


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  • Michael grutsch

    Lynn High

    November 10, 2019 by Michael grutsch

    "Lynn High" is The Season 5 premiere as well as the series premiere of The Loud House.


    • Lynn Loud

    Jessica DiCicco as Lynn

    This episode was comfirmed by Michael grutsch on Sunday, November 10, 2019 (Just for an Idea).

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  • InklingBear

    3:00 pm

    Ah, yes. It was that time of the day, yet again. Simple blue skies without a single cloud or a drop of rain in sight. For a typical Thursday afternoon, there was no doubt that anything could keep the family pets away from their eleven favorite playmates they'd never dare trade for the world. Given their unconditional love towards their human owners, who wouldn't want to spend time with them?

    As the usual shtick goes in the big family, Charles, Cliff, Geo, and Walt sat comfortably on the living room couch. They all stared at the television screen as they patiently waited for the siblings to return home from school. As the screen displayed useless advertisements for minutes on end, the cat had the urge to break the silence. Bored out o…

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  • Michael grutsch

    Lori goes to college

    November 10, 2019 by Michael grutsch

    "Lori goes to college" is the ? episode of the Fifth season and the one-hundred-seventy-? episode of The Loud House.


    • Lori Loud

    Catherine Taber as Lori

    This episode was comfirmed by Michael grutsch on Sunday, November 10, 2019 (Just for an Idea).

    This is the first time that Lori goes to college.

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  • Michael grutsch

    Fancy and Mucky class

    November 10, 2019 by Michael grutsch

    "Fancy and Mucky class" is the season 5 premiere as well as the series premiere of The Loud House.


    • Lola Loud
    • Lana Loud

    Grey Griffin as Lola/Lana

    This episode was comfirmed by Michael grutsch on Sunday, November 10, 2019 {Just for an Idea).

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  • RocketmanGC

    No Guts, No Glori Extended 


    [Lori and Lincoln look at each other in fright; Lori takes a deep breath and stands up] 

    Lori: Mom, Dad, I need to tell you what really happened tonight... alone. 

    Lincoln: But, Lori... 

    Lori: Lincoln, it’s time I truly started being responsible. 

    [Lori walks into the parents’ room to tell them what happened; the other sisters rush in] 

    Leni: Oh, no! She’s gonna tell Mom and Dad how we tied her up and nearly destroyed the house! 

    Lola: WE’RE DOOMED!!! 

    Luna: We went too far, dudes! What’s gonna happen to us?! 

    Lincoln: I don’t know. Just let me hear. 

    [Lincoln places his ear on the door to hear the conversation] 

    Lori: ...So, you see, after they tied me up and locked in the room, they literally alm…

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