• Austria-Man

    Truth or Fanfiction?

    September 21, 2019 by Austria-Man
    Prologue: At first I want to say that a fanfic or a fanfomic is the best way to show a creator, how a fan loves his work. In the most time the creators don't read or ignore these fics. That's very bad; especially for „The Loud House“, because some of these fan authors can be very creative. That's why I've written this fanfic; I made it to honoring these artists and authors. Unfortunately I hadn't enough place for all of them, so I can mention just a little part of them.

    I give credit to

    • adullperson
    • Alejindio
    • FirstDrellSpectre
    • Julex93
    • Metalbrony823
    • MrTyeDye
    • mikado ryouma
    • Samtastic 3.0
    • Sonson-Sensei
    • That Engineer
    • UnderratedHero
    • VS
    • Yaridovich23
    • YoshiRocker13
    You should read their works and I don't talking about them, which I mention here. And yes; I'm talking…
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  • BlackGiro

    I will leave the fandom

    September 21, 2019 by BlackGiro

    After the episode "King of Con" premiere on tv, i’ll leave the TLH fandom, i’m sorry, but i’m getting tired of the show and there’s many reasons why i want to leave the TLH fandom, i mean, the show is not what i expected, i remember being into the show since early 2017, but nowadays, i’ve lost interest on it, the show’s premise is about Lincoln’s relationship with his ten sisters, but the writers keep focusing on Lincoln’s relationship with Clyde and in flat love interests.

    And there’s the Loud sisters themselves, they’re meant to be girls with distinct personalities, but due to their lack of focus and they constantly suffering of mob mentality, they come across as bland and one-dimensional.

    And i honestly think the writers are obsessed with…

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  • Thunderthethee

    Lynncoln or Loudcest??

    September 21, 2019 by Thunderthethee

    Whats more worse? Lynncoln or Loudcest?? Comment!!

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  • The Smarter, Wiser King Dedede

    King Dedede told me he watched some Loud House and can already name his 30 favorite characters. Just a heads up though, he accidentally hit himself on the head with his hammer so his memory might be...foggy.

    • 30. Lynn Jr.
    • 29. Clyde
    • 28. Lori
    • 27. 🅱incoln 🅱oud
    • 26. Luan
    • 25. Lamp
    • 24. Rock
    • 23. Lily
    • 22. Lisa
    • 21. Donald Trump
    • 20. Ronnie Anne
    • 19. Lana
    • 18. Robbie Rotten
    • 17. Fidget Spinner Man
    • 16. Mr. Grouse
    • 15. Lincoln and Clyde's future adopted son
    • 14. Bobby
    • 13. 🅱eter
    • 12. Hank Hill
    • 11. Escargoonie-goo
    • 10. Albert/Pop-Pop
    • 9. Upside Down Chicken Mask Guy
    • 8. Silly Stinky Chum
    • 7. Lucy
    • 6. James Rolfe
    • 5. Chris deh Caveman
    • 4. Papa Smurf
    • 3. Hugh
    • 2. Tinky-Winky

    And King Dedede's number one most favorite Loud House character is...

    • 1. Orange Juice!
    • HONORABLE MENTION: The guy who made this jok…
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  • BlackGiro

    Many fans are very excited to the new The Loud House special "King of Con".

    However, i don’t understand the hype for this episode, is just another Clincoln McLoud episode, seriously, for a show that had the initial premise of Lincoln trying to deal with his ten sisters, there’s TOO many episodes focusing on Lincoln and Clyde and most of them are extremely boring.

    As for the Loud sisters, i’m almost 100% sure that the writers will derail them into bland female stereotypes to the sake of the plot, just so they could make Lincoln and Clyde look better by comparison.

    And the Trailer focus too much on Lincoln and Clyde, the Loud sisters barely appear and are just there, i’m getting sick of the trope "Men act, Women are", in nearly all the episodes…

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  • Positron has already been registered

    She is very stupid because she was pelted by rocks

    Now she is one

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  • BurgerTac

    Luna's secret

    September 20, 2019 by BurgerTac

    Luna is actually a sentient lamp that escaped Area 51 with help from several Aliens. This is Canon people, don't try to refuse

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  • Thunderthethee

    Whats your thoughts on Loudcest? Comment!!

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  • FreeSpirit98

    I mean, it's no doubtably sure it's 100% confirmed. There has been some Clincoln moments happening in the show like when they hugged, there was a heart over their heads. What from what I heard, Lincoln's VA is gay. So what if Lincoln and Clyde have feelings for each other? Lincoln never had a steady girlfriend and he was friend-zoned a lot by girls. Plus many people try force Pimpcoln, it's the result that the show is hiding something that will be revealed in the future.

    Please don't make wars and arguments here thanks

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  • This Spy

    What's up, you guys? It's been really a long while since I last wrote here. I am here to tell you about my decision, regarding show's upcoming spin-off, The Casagrandes. I decided that I will never watch it at all, and I will explain why.

    First of all, ever since Ronnie Anne was initially another plain bully, which was already aggravating for me to see, I thought she'd reconsider punching Lincoln in the face, but she went ahead and done so. For what reason, I, don't, know... I really despise things like that, and believe me when I say that I do. Stuff like that can make us laugh, sure, but if you were a victim of bullying yourself, I highly doubt you'd find that hilarious.

    And secondly, I REALLY hated how Bobby blatantly refused to question al…

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    [Cuts to a close up of Leni as she gets a call on her phone.]

    Leni: "Hey, Dad."

    [Cue split screen]

    Lynn Sr.: "Hey, sweetie. So, how are things going over there?"

    Leni: "O.M. Gosh, so great. We're all loving the lake house."

    Lynn Sr.: "Uh, the what house now?"

    [It is revealed that the others are at Aunt Ruth's lake house having a great time. Lisa is relaxing in a hammock, Luan jumps in the lake, Rita is with Lily, who is in a tube, Lana catches a huge turtle, and Aunt Ruth is seen sleeping in a chair. Leni is seen sitting at the end of the dock.]

    Leni: "Yeah. Aunt Ruth didn't want us to stay at her place. We stress out her cats."

    Lynn: "Since when does Aunt Ruth have a lake house?!"

    Leni: "She just got a time-share. It's a four-bed, two-bath with to…

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  • Ron248

    Hey guys, i just want to know that i blamed myself for those freaks who brought up that screenshot of Leni in leader of the rack and i feel things are getting awkward for me in TLH Fandom, after getting banned for a week. i just want to apolagize for all this crap and i have to explain about this, If lana loud's friends don't get confirmed with there names after 2019. Then i think i will be leaving the fandom for good. I'm sorry =(

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  • PenBird2000


    September 16, 2019 by PenBird2000

    Hello, users! Let me ask for something, okay? What do you think about clichés from the show?

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  • SidneyGaming101

    (Cuts to the hallway, everyone's there)

    ME:What you guys don't understand is, for us, kissing wasn't any important of this play!

    (Cuts to Tord eating Chocolate)

    TORD(Muffing):Yeah, Right!........You Serious?

    LEI:Oh, Yeah!

    MELODY:Everything you need to know is in that first kiss.


    ALEXANDER:Yeah, i think for us, Kissing is pretty much like an opening act, y'know? I mean it's like the stand-up comedian you have to sit through before Pink Floyd comes out.

    MELODY:Yeah, and-and it's not that we like the comedian, it's that-that... that's not why we bought the ticket

    LEI:Yeah, Well, Word of Advice: Bring back the comedian. Otherwise next time you're gonna find yourself sitting at home, listening to that album alone.

    (Duke walks the scene, Au…

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  • InklingBear

    Life of Pets - Matadog

    September 14, 2019 by InklingBear

    7:00 am

    It was such a calm Saturday morning down in the good neighborhood of Royal Woods. With empty skies of cyan, only showing the sun, to the inaudible sounds of the neighbors, it was all quiet at a time like this. Some people may be up early for a morning jog, as others were still sound asleep in their home.

    For once in a long while, Charles was in a slumber, resting alongside a bed that belonged to the middle child of the family, Lincoln. He missed having to sleep inside, he even begged the child to sleep with him again. It was all worth it though, never mind that it lasted for more than five minutes.

    As Lincoln roused up from his bed, the small white pooch had a little dream. It was a playful one, where the dog himself was the master at…

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  • InklingBear


    It was just another typical Friday afternoon down in the Loud House residence, surrounded by warm humidity. Just recently, the fashionista of the siblings was doing a rather surprisingly fine job at the mall for a few months. That was about to change on this very day. As the second oldest sister gazed upon her recent messages on her phone along with her roommate, she took in a big amount of air before she broke the silence.

    "O. M. Gosh, Lori!" Leni said in exuberance. "Miguel's asking me to take care of a shift for him while he's packing up to go out of town for a couple of days."

    "That's nice to hear, Leni." Lori responded. "I'm sure that you'll be literally raking in more of those earnings. I'm surprised that you've been able to keep…

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  • BlackGiro

    So, The Casagrandes premiere in October of this year and i want to share my thoughts on it.

    Honestly, i used to hate the show’s premise, because it looks so similar to The Loud House and due to Ronnie Anne being a divisive character(i know she is fairly popular, but there’s still many people who dislike her), but my opinion about it has softened and nowadays, i want the show to be just as successful as The Loud House.

    But i have a list of things that i wanna see on the show:

    1- Ronnie Anne should have a defined personality and she can’t be a Lincoln Loud female clone.

    2-Episodes focusing on Ronnie Anne’s Family.

    3-Sid should get more character development.

    4-Mexican Culture.

    5-The Loud Family occasionally appearing.

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  • Thunderthethee

    Im back!

    September 14, 2019 by Thunderthethee

    You all noticed that i haven't been here for awhile are you? Well sorry. I was just gonna take a break from this wiki.. so sorry for the inactive. However i try to be more active!!

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  • Chromastonex34

    Stage Plight My Version

    September 13, 2019 by Chromastonex34

    (At Royal Woods High School Luan Goes To Her Locker Opens It Looks In The Mirror Inside And Sees Benny Getting Stuff From His Locker She Stares At Him Passionate Look)

    Mr Coconuts; Hey Who's The Dream Boat Toots?

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  • Dinoco95

    Ask the Loudra!

    September 13, 2019 by Dinoco95

    Note: 'This is an AU blog post, not related to the show in any way other than the characters' names

    Lincoln: Ever wonder what it's like to be part of a big family? I certainly do. I have a close relationship with my mom, dad, and all ten of my sisters. You might say very close. And that makes sense, because...

    All: We're a thirteen-headed hydra!

    Lori: Welcome to our ask blog!

    Leni: Feel free to ask us anything you want.

    Lisa: As long as it doesn't involve anything NSFW.

    Lola: If you post a question like that, we'll eat you!

    Rita: Lola, what did I say about eating people?

    Lola: Sorry.

    Lana: We look forward to hearing from you!

    Luna: Just ask, and we'll answer, dudes!

    Lily: Hee hee!

    Lincoln: Please post your questions below. Thanks for your time!

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    What do you think of this image?

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  • BlackGiro

    Is The Loud House sexist?

    September 13, 2019 by BlackGiro

    Ok, this post is going to upset a lot of people, but is something that i always wanted to talk about: is The Loud House a sexist show? I mean, while the show is most of the time considered fairly progressive, there are times while the writers do rely on sexist stereotypes because they think it’s funny.

    Before i start it, i’m going to say one thing, i’m a very liberal person and i really despise sexism and double standards, but i’m not very radical to the point of accusing the show of brainwashing kids to become sexist people.

    The Loud House is often praised for depicting the LGBT community in a positive light, but the show got harsh criticism due to the occasional sexism and double standards.

    One of the most well-known examples is Lincoln and…

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  • Jokeman20

    Middle Men (New version)

    September 12, 2019 by Jokeman20

    This is another alternate version of this episode. Featuring Nolan and my character, Craig.

    [The episode starts off at the Loud House.]
    Lynn: "Huh, ahh!" [She kicks open the door and sniffs something.] "Do I smell cookies?"
    Lola: [Brushing her doll's hair] "Yeah, but don't waste your time, they're 'not for family'."
    Lynn: [walks over to the kitchen where Lincoln, Clyde, Nolan and Craig are making cookies.] "Hey, Stinkin', think fast!"
    [Lincoln and Clyde dodge the basketball while Lynn grabs a cookie when they were not looking. Then, the ball bounces off the fridge and aims at Lincoln at Clyde as they dodge again.]
    Lincoln: "Lynn!"
    Clyde: "That’s okay, we needed a taste tester. I'm worried the bottoms are soggy."
    Lynn: "Nope, nice crunch. What are they for?"…

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  • Darthbane2017

    Peace and love guys?

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  • Thomperfan

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  • Austria-Man

    Bee or not Bee

    September 9, 2019 by Austria-Man
    (Lincoln is sitting on his bed in his room. His arms are crossed behind his head. He looks extremely bored)
    Lincoln (sighs): „It's weird... every day I wish to get some peace... now I got it and I'm not happy... It's because of my sisters... Luna is with Sam on a jam session... Luan is on a birthday and this time is Giggles her assistant... Lynn is on a soccer game...“
    (He stands up and goes around in his room)
    Lincoln (to the viewer): „Don't get me wrong, pals... I don't love them more like my other sisters... but I've the most fun with them... my other sisters are just boring... Lori is interested in nothing but her phone... Leni talks just about dresses... Lucy does nothing but writing boring poems...“
    (Lincoln has no idea that Lucy is sittin…
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  • Love Robin

    Exploring "Loud & Proud"

    September 9, 2019 by Love Robin

    Haya. Fanfic writer here. I don't know much about this show, so I'm asking for thoughts and feedback.

    I'm exploring a crossover/AU where Lori (and maybe Leni) meet and team up with Penny Proud of The Proud Famuily. Being a crossover/AU, not all aspects will necessarily be true to their respective canons.

    I'm considering two basic themes:

    • a potential slashy relationship
      • YES, I know neither canon has Lori or Penny queer, but this is an AU
    • partnering in a career setting

    For the latter, I'm thinking something which should normally be mundane but somehow always escalates out of comfort norms —or– openly action-adventure, up to and including spies.

    Potential cookie:
    "Remind me again how we're in Guadalajara on the run from drug runners with a four-year-old?"…

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  • LampLoudTheThird

    Hi there, bros and dudes.

    And with just that, the infamously loud Loud siblings is silenced with one shout. One shout from none other than Lori, the oldest and the most important of the bunch. Knowing that they have no guts and challenging her yields no glori, they have no choice but returning to their rooms. With all the mess gone, this is Lori as she appears in Welcome to the Loud House.

    Be sure to check my blog for the progress, miscellaneous props in the house will be next.

    Thank you for reading and stay cool! -LampLoudTheThird

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  • BurgerTac

    Hello everyone, BurgerTac here. I've been taking some time to look atthe diffrent aspects of the fandom, from the wiki to the Subreddit, from the SFW to the NSFW parts, even. heck, I have my own discord server that incorporates both at a reasonable capacity!

    I think what I want to say here is: There is too much Close-Mindedness between fans of this awesome show. It's getting to the point where some fans are saying they are better than others for their view of the show.

    Heck, there was a point when someone's life was ruined just because someone didn't like the way they depicted the characters. A man's life, completely ruined, over a show of all things. That is simply terrible, nobody should EVER go through any sort of suffering just because s…

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  • IWasFormerlySpongeBoy

    I may do my own Loud House storyboard

    and call it, Don't Feed The Clowns (12 min)/Love the Music with Louds (10 min)

    I need your help to find me a program to do storyboards, maybe the one they use for Nick?

    reply down there.

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  • RocketmanGC

    Spell It Out Extended Ending 


    [a few days after Lucy learned that her spells weren’t working and put the book back in the attic; she goes to the bathroom to see her siblings getting ready for the day] 

    Lucy: Hey, guys. 

    Siblings: Hi, Lucy! 

    Lucy: You guys can speak again? I’m glad. 

    Lincoln: So are we because of that talk we had a few days. 

    Leni: Guys, we weren’t able to talk, remember? It’s because we were screaming so loudly at Pop Pop’s... 

    Lori: Uh, we don’t need to go through that again, Leni. 

    Lucy: Anyway, I’m sorry for trying to cast black magic on you, even if it didn’t work. I should’ve just talked to you guys while I had the chance. 

    Luna: Oh, it’s okay, Luce. We forgive you. 

    Luan: Yeah, you don’t need to “spell” it out! [laughs] 

    Lucy: [chuckles]…

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  • DasAntihero

    I was unable to contribute to the conflict when it occurred, but I have to echo feelings that others felt:

    Learn to take a joke. Dark humor is commonplace in most fanbases. TLH is of no exceptions to this rule if you take a gander at the questionable side. I, myself, love a dark joke once in a while. You shouldn't make a big stink out of something so minor. Try to identify if the person is joking or not. It'll make a huge difference, ya know?

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  • Jaiden VonFlatern

    (Back in Michigan, at Mr. Spentson's manor, we see Spentson's rich friends enter the private zoo for the big revealing of the new animal attraction: The African White Lion.)

    Mr. Spentson: Welcome. Welcome. Your are all just in time to see my latest attraction.

    (A jeep goes through the gates and Mr. Spentson closes the gates. After he leaves to his private zoo, Lincoln, Ronnie Anne, Sid, Lori, Bobby, David, Derek, Armstrong and Clarence pops out of the jeep.)

    David: Okay, we're in. Now all we need to do is distract everyone; including Jack Dennis, and then we free the white lion and bring it back to Africa.

    Bobby: Alright, let's do this!

    (Everyone walks to the zoo gates. But Lori stops Lincoln, Ronnie Anne and Sid and puts them in the jeep.)


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  • Jaiden VonFlatern

    (Jack Dennis takes Lincoln, Ronnie Anne and Sid to his place. Inside, Jack hand cuffs the kids to the wall and they try to break free.)

    Jack Dennis: (to the kids in anger) Now listen you little brats! I'm not gonna let you or anyone stop me from finding those white lions! Now give me the real map!

    Lincoln: (angry) We are NOT gonna give you the map! 

    Ronnie Anne: And there's nothing you can do to make us change our minds!

    Jack Dennis: (glares while smiling) Then I guess I'll let someone else do the job for me. (holds out his left arm) Dead Claw!

    (A hawk lands on Jack's left arm and the others are terrified of it.)

    Sid: (terrified) Wh-wh-what is that?

    Jack Dennis: This here is my hunting hawk: Dead Claw.

    Lincoln: Hunting hawk?

    Jack Dennis: He's a lot…

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  • Margretteloud

    So Like, What Happened?

    September 5, 2019 by Margretteloud

    Um okay, so something went on while I was gone, and it seems like someone made a big deal out of something little this time. 

    What exactly happened tho???

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  • Jaiden VonFlatern

    (It all begins in the Loud House, Lincoln is sitting on the couch, watching his favorite game show.)


    Lincoln: (excited) Whoo! Go Orange Iguanas! (To the viewers) Legends of the Hidden Temple has to be one of the greatest games shows ever. Last time we were in the show, me and my dad lost to the Stankos. But, it's still a fun show to watch.

    (Then, Lincoln is interuped by a commercial from Legends of the Hidden Temple.)

    Kirk Fogg: Hey there! I'm Kirk Fogg and this is Olmec. And we are the host stars of Legends of the Hidden Temple.

    Olmec: It's MY temple!

    Kirk Fogg: (annoyed) Yes, we know Olmec.

    Lincoln: Ha! Classic Olmec. (Takes a sip of his sparkling water)

    Kirk Fogg: We're here to let you know that next week will be ou…

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  • Jaiden VonFlatern

    (Last time on The Loud House, a rich man named Mr. Spentson hired a poacher (Jack Dennis) to hunt down an endangered African white lion. Lori and Bobby decided to take Lincoln, Ronnie Anne and Sid and go to Africa and pay a visit to an old friend from high school (David) who will help them stop Jack Dennis from capturing an white lion and selling it to Mr. Spentson along with the help of David's brother, Derek. Now for part 2.)

    (The others arrived at the place of Armstrong: the man who knows everything about the white lions. Inside the house, the others are sitting in chairs and Armstrong is behind his desk, talking about the white lions.)

    Armstrong: Yes. I heared about the white lions being hunted. In fact, years ago, one of the white lion …

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  • SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

    Tom Kenny should also be in the Loud House alongside Jim Cummings. SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy (talk) 23:45, September 4, 2019 (UTC)

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  • TheEyeOfAllEyes

    Three years ago on this day, September 4, 2016, I joined The Loud House Wiki beginning with posting a blog where I first introduced myself. After that day, I thought to find myself become inactive for long periods of time, maybe weeks or months before I could make another contribution, but instead, I found myself to have become semi-active as my first year here progressed, always contributing only once or twice per week. I would have left if episodes such as Change of Heart and Not a Loud came out terrible for certain reasons, but because of the way both episodes came out to be, I have remained a fan of the show and have managed to get through one full year since joining the wiki and beyond.

    In the process of going through the second and th…

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  • SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

    Seriously. I REALLY want to hear Jim Cummings use his natural speaking voice on the Loud House!! SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy (talk) 23:12, September 3, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Kbarnett121
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  • Kbarnett121

    Luan Loud

    September 2, 2019 by Kbarnett121
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  • Kbarnett121
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  • JKC14

    "A Grave Mistake:" So sad-awesome. So sawesome... The school will never be the same without the rooster (whose name is Ricky).  89.89% out of 100%. 

    "Leader of the Rack:" So marvelous! I heard on DeviantArt yesterday that CandyRandy7D changed his Twitter name to Leni the Funager in honor of today's episode. Leni and her friends acted fast. 94.84% out of 100%. 

    Please tell me your thoughts in the comments below! \/

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  • Curious Poker Chip

    Let Me Just Say...

    September 2, 2019 by Curious Poker Chip

    In the past few days, I have gotten mad at Positron for his statements that he posts on here and I want to say first and foremost that I do apologize for my actions. It was despicable of me to continue to keep the argument going and to after the fact let my followers on DeviantART know. That was not something I should have done and as soon as I am able to get onto my DeviantART account, the first thing I will do is delete that status update.

    However, I feel it is necessary to tell my side of the story. My thought process at the time was the fact that in my mind, I felt it was irresponsible of a person of power on a Wiki to make statements like that on a site where children frequently visit. Sure they don't have accounts like us but anyone c…

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  • EnglishBoy3

    Walking Home

    September 1, 2019 by EnglishBoy3

    Synopsis: Sam Sharp walks Lola home from a pageant rehearsal. 

    Lola was at a rehearsal among other kids in royal woods completing her ribbon dance. It was something she had become accustomed to ever since she first got into pageants. The technique required balance and poise, something that suited Lola perfectly which was why it had been a regular occurrence in her pageants. Despite not having much success in pageants as of recent, with a few finishes below the top three contestants, her pageant coach was still very proud of her. 

    The woman blew her whistle, signifying that rehearsal was over. Lola heaved a sigh, and drank a big gulp from her bottle of water. After a good hour’s session, she was ready to recharge her batteries for a bit. Lola…

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  • BurgerTac

    A Message About Jokes.

    September 1, 2019 by BurgerTac

    Hello. BurgerTac Here. I've heard about what recently happened. I just want to simply say this, and let it be. Don't be intolerant of people's attempts at comedy. it's both childish, and ignorant of the other person's beliefs. fighting about it and making it go out of hand will just make things worse. The joke isn't the problem, It's you the person that gets offended.

    Sincerely, BurgerTac (Professional Burrito Maker)

    P.S. Don't be a snowflake.

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  • HungryBite 16

    NOTE: These choices were decided via, so all choices here are randomized, and not choices because i went with them.

    Survivors: Lincoln, Clyde, Lori, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Bobby, Mr. Grouse, Rosa, Carlos, Carlota, CJ, Liam, Zach, Myrtle, Dr. Lopez, & Liam's Sister

    Dusted: Leni, Lana, Lola, Lisa, Lily, Lynn. Sr, Rita, Harold, Howard, Ronnie Anne, Maria, Hector, Carl, Carlino, Rusty, Stella, Agnes, Albert, Flip, Girl Jordan, Ruth, Scoots, SId Chang, Sam, Rocky, & Gayle

    It's all up to you, how do you think the Louds' universe would be affected if half the cast was snapped out of existience.

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  • Smile159

    Dear Lincoln, Just the note to say:

    Lori: Your our best, sweetest, and only brother in the world. Leni: You're not just our brother, You're the best friend we had. Luna: We can do something nice for you like throwing a party for you. Luan: If you're touched about and have something say, Don't be shy, Just go for it. Lynn: I'm sorry I force you to come to my softball gameand call you bad luck and making your sisters believe. You're not bad luck, I was being a sore loser. Lucy: You might love this poem. "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Sugars are sweet and so are you." Lana: To Make It up to you, We promise we will never make fun of you again. Lola: In a Meantime, Maybe you can be in the next Mr. Cool N' King. Lisa: You are very honest to us…

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  • SidneyGaming101

    (Starts with a wide shot of the house, which reveals on the inside revealing me eating Cereal while my Mom is cleaning the dishes)


    ME:Ugh, same food as always (To Mom) Mom, why can't we buy some other food than this?

    MOM:Don't worry silly. We'll buy you in the afternoon

    ME:Alright, Mom

    (I hear a Bus Sound)

    ME:That looks like the bus! (To Mom) Bye Mom! Gotta go

    (I run faster to the door, cuts to a confused expression of my mom)

    MOM:That's the first time she likes school (Continues washing the dishes)

    (I kick the door and run to the School Bus while School Song is playing)

    (I open the door and enter the bus)

    BUS DRIVER:Atleast you weren't late this time, HeadFrick!

    ME:Why you callin' me a freak?

    BUS DRIVER:I don't care. Now go to your seat


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