Okay everyone don't start screaming omg shes back!!! Because I'm losing interest in this show I'm leaving this wiki and I'm never returning I'm just  totally over with this wiki and show and half of this is because of Lincoln so I'm gonna miss you guys but it's over I hope you guys have a good time because these new shows I'm into they are stunning!

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  • LincolnLoud19
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  • LoudFanWolf


    May 15, 2019 by LoudFanWolf

    Hermanita, a story by LoudFanWolf.

    Derek and Lincoln were in the latters room, as Derek watched Lincoln play an intense game on his laptop. After they both celebrated Lincoln beating a certain boss, Lori barged into the bedroom.

    "Lincoln, Mom wants you to do the dishes." Lori stated.

    "What!? But taking out the trash is my usual chore!" Lincoln replied, confused.

    "I know. But Mom said that you have to do the dishes so you might as well go downstairs and do them." Lori stated.

    "Ugh, fine." Lincoln groaned as he got off of his bed. Lincoln then turned to Derek and said "I'll be back in about 10 minutes, Derk."

    "Alright, Linc. I'll be waiting." Derek said as Lincoln turned out of his linen closet bedroom and headed downstairs toward the kitchen.


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  • LoudFanWolf

    My Inspiration

    May 14, 2019 by LoudFanWolf

    My Inspiration, a story by LoudFanWolf.

    Derek walked into Luna and Luans bedroom feeling annoyed, he had tried to write song after song for Noise Complaint to perform, but just couldn't find enough inspiration to finish any of them. Derek sat down on the button bunk of Luna and Luans bunk bed with a frustrated sigh.

    'I'm getting tired of singing cover songs all the time. I wish I could think of something new and original for me and the band to perform, but everything I've tried to write sucks!' Derek thought, annoyed that his creativity wasn't getting him anywhere with this new song.

    Just then, Derek heard a gong, and then the upside-down face of his girlfriend, Luan, was looking at him and smiling.

    "What's happening, hot stuff?" (A/N: Points to…

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  • Peachy4872
    • Sound of Silence
    • Toads and Tiaras
    • A Tattler's Tale
    • Patching Things Up
    • Out of the Picture
    • Read Aloud
    • No Place like Homeschool
    • Gown and Out
    • Tea Tale Heart
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  • 1 loud house fan

    Can be a ship but this time it Lincoln and Jordan 

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  • Jaiden VonFlatern

    (This is a sequel to Really Loud Music. It began in the Loud House, in Luna's room, Luna and Sam are playing guitars and preforming a song together.)

    Luna: (singing) This is our life. This is our time. And there is no one who will take it from us.

    Sam: (singing) Through the fire, and through the ice, I know that there is no trouble we can cause.

    Luna and Sam: (singing) Cause we love each other, and nothing or no one will break that up.

    We are proud to loud together! Yes, we are proud to be loud together!

    Luna: I have you!

    Sam: And I have you!

    Both: We both have each other and we're proud to be loud to-gee-ther! (song ends)

    Luna: (high five Sam) Nice work Sam!

    Sam: Thanks Luna. You too. (thought of something) We should show that song to the rest of …

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  • Jaiden VonFlatern

    (It begins in the first day of Summer, Lincoln and Clyde are walking from the comic store to Clyde´s house with new Ace Savvy comic books.)

    Lincoln: I can´t believe we got the new issue of Ace Savvy and One-Eye Jack!

    Clyde: I know, Right? Dads, were home!

    (Lincoln and Clyde runs into Clyde´s room and relaxes on some bean bagged chairs, reading their new comic books.)

    Lincoln: Hey Clyde, do you think that Ace Savvy and One-Eye Jack are the only best super heroes every to live?

    Clyde: Well between you and me, Ace Savvy and One-Eye Jack aren´t my ONLY favorite super heroes.

    Lincoln: Really?

    Clyde: Yeah. As you can see, I have a lot of poster of famous super heroes, such as Green Hammer, Metal Man, and Dr. Weird. Ooh, I can good on!

    (Lincoln then noti…

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  • 1 loud house fan

    Does anyone like lubenny and samuna af you do you can be in the chat with me Luna and Sam and luan and Lucy 

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  • 1 loud house fan

    Ok I’m having this idea a want it to be a show on Nickelodeon ok luan is grow up 

    marred to Benny 

    have 20 kids who r wacky 

    i call it worry mom and who with me about this show 

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  • Peachy4872
    • Driving Miss Hazy
    • Along Came a Sister
    • Change of Heart
    • No Spoilers
    • Fandom Pains
    • Shop Girl
    • Everybody Loves Leni
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  • Weavillain

    And here we are, everyone. The final results page of this year's character popularity tournament. Your votes have carried certain people all the way here, where they have a chance to stand among the best that the show has had to offer this past season. Only 3 out of the 128 characters will have their heads raised high, but before we get into that, it's time to determine the worst of the worst out of this roster:

    • Mick Swagger
    • Ms. Carmichael
    • Mrs. Appleblossom
    • Cheryl
    • Bernie
    • Cici
    • Ms. Shrinivas
    • Amy
    • Miguel
    • Norm
    • Timothy McCole
    • Seymour
    • Michelle
    • Richie
    • Sergio
    • Byron
    • Lance
    • Sameer
    • Amir
    • Aunt Ruth
    • Jerry Kling
    • Sebastian
    • Claudette
    • Bitey
    • Pep
    • Maya
    • El Diablo
    • Trent
    • Joey
    • Harriet
    • Jackie
    • Dr. Feinstein
    • Shirley

    Unlike the final four, these certified lame-o's have ultimately failed to make an impre…

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  • UltimateLoud

    Well, here it is. Episode ideas that I've been hoarding in my brain for a few weeks finally jump out onto the millions of pixels on your screen. Enjoy!

    • Some of them derivate from my replies to Episode titles discussions by Discofurby.
    • They are not inappropriate and keep the tone of the Loud House.

    - Face the Music: Luna uploads her debut single, but as she searches through the web she finds people loathe it.

    Ignores Really Loud Music continuity, as people liked her song there.

    - Stitched!: Lincoln's signature jeans rip. He finds out he has no money left, so Leni, involuntarily accompanied by all the sisters, teach him to sew. It soon becomes a hobby for him, but as word passes a few bullies taunt him.

    - Justice "Finale" Served: Lincoln finds out…

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  • TheMaximumMatt

    Hey, y'all

    May 11, 2019 by TheMaximumMatt

    It's me, Max Matt! And I got some exciting news!

    In case you didn't see on my DeviantArt account, I am starting up a new project series that you can look up in the link below! The project is called "The MationIsle Crossovers" and (as the title implies) will be a big, giant crossover series featuring your favorite cartoons from the 2010s and beyond! You can find more information about the concept of the show in the link. I am so excited to start kickstarting this brand new project as it is a series that will give me the chance to express new ideas for stories and jokes I've always had. Follow me on DeviantArt and check the link below for any updates and news about the crossover! Don't forget to tell me your thoughts in the comments (either i…

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  • 1 loud house fan

    Do you watch alola it me just me or leef loud and you do Comment they and say make a fandon account and join the loud house and go on 1 loud house fan blog and comments on him I WANT  THEN TO BE MY FRIENDS!

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    Well, here's my new and improved version of the worst Loud House episode, "No Such Luck". Special thanks to Harvey Beaks Number 1 Fan and 1033Forest for helping me make this.

    [Lincoln and I are enjoying our bowls of Aw, Nuts cereal for breakfast and reading a comic book when his sisters come in.]

    Lori: "Hey, you guys! Don't forget my golf tournament's this afternoon."

    [Lincoln ducks under the table.]

    Me: Lincoln?

    Lincoln: [from under the table] Shh!

    Lori: "You're all going to be there to support me, right?"

    [Her sisters all agree that they'll be there.]

    Leni: "And after that, you're all coming to my charity fashion show, right?"

    [They all agree]

    Lucy: "And after that, don't forget my grave-digging competition."

    [They all say that they are. Lincoln c…

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  • Metool Bard

    I've been sitting on this next story idea for quite some time, unsure of how to make it work.  But with my vacation in London giving me a chance to recharge my batteries and giving me unexpected inspiration, I think I got something solid.  Presenting for your delectation, here is:

    “Let’s see here.  Selection of teas: check.  Finger sandwiches: check.  Scones: check.  Butter and jam…”

    Lola walked around the table in her room with a clipboard in hand.  She kept checking and double-checking every item on her list as she went through every item she had set up.  It was no secret that Lola Loud took her tea parties very seriously; perhaps even more seriously than any six-year-old girl had any right to.  Even when it was just her and her stuffed an…

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  • Darthbane2017

    The kids aging a year, Lori deciding whether or not she wants to go to college... Seems to be good.

    What about you?

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  • Weavillain

    Gather 'round, gather 'round! At long last, we have arrived at the grand finale of the second annual TLH Wikia Character Popularity Tournament! We started off with 128 characters and through popular vote, we've whittled down to only two. But I'll get into them in just a bit. For right now, I think it's time we look at the overview for this finale round.

    For starters, we're going to be seeing who the least popular character of the tournament is. If you remember, I'll be taking the characters who garnered the least amount of votes in the opening rounds of each bracket and herd them all into one group. From there, you can choose one character that you have the least amount of love for. The character with the most amount of"wins".  …

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  • 1 loud house fan

    The kiss

    May 8, 2019 by 1 loud house fan

    What is the best  kiss ever 

    Rule: don’t vote both 

    Luan and Benny

    Lori and Bobby

    Vote  in the message Wall or the comments

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  • Weavillain

    FINAL FOUR - B1 vs. B4 and B2 vs. B3 Results:

    Lola Loud - 19
    Lori Loud - 23

    Lynn Loud - 14
    Lucy Loud - 28

    And would you look at that! The right-siders have taken the spotlight; both Lori Loud and Lucy Loud are going to the grand finals in the very last round of this tournament! As for Lola Loud and Lynn Loud, they still have a shot at glory, though something tells me that neither character will be too satisfied with third place. Oh well, at least it's better than the poor souls who're in contention for the least popular character.

    All of this will be determined in the next round, so keep your eyes peeled for it!

    Previous Matches:

    Bracket 1; First Round Results

    Bracket 1; Quarterfinals Results

    Bracket 1; Semifinals Results

    Bracket 1; Finals Results


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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    Jack: Alright. Let's start by meeting Lori's boyfriend Bobby.

    Lincoln: Ugh! Lori's Bobby boo boo bear?

    Jack: I know. It's a little mushy. And Bobby's name for Lori, Babe isn't that creative. Anyways. Let's meet Bobby and his younger sister Ronnie Anne.

    Me: Bobby has a sister?

    Jack: Oh, yes. And she is Lincoln's girlfriend.

    Lincoln: No, she's not!

    Me: (Tries not to laugh) Okay, let's meet them.

    (Once we get to the Santiago residence, Jack knocks on the door)

    Bobby: Oh, Hi Jack. Hey, bro.

    Lincoln: What's up, bro? (They do a bro handshake)

    Bobby: And who is this?

    Lincoln: This is Jack's new friend, Cris.

    Me: Hi.

    Bobby: Hello, Cris. Nice to meet you.

    Ronnie Anne: Hey, Jack, how it going?

    Me: Hi, Ronnie Anne.

    Ronnie Anne: Who's your new friend?

    Jack: This is Cr…

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  • Undyne Loud,Lennie,Princiss
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  • The Smarter, Wiser King Dedede

    The Loud House just got a fifth season. This will bring the show up to 130 episodes if I'm correct. However, I'm kinda nervous about this, because a lot of shows enter seasonal rot in their fifth season.

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  • The Last of the Mohicans


    --Mohicans ☆ Mahalo~! 02:34, May 7, 2019 (UTC)

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  • ChuckyGaming12


    May 6, 2019 by ChuckyGaming12

    (Opens with me going inside the school)

    Me:This looks nice....

    Jared:I know benny!

    (I bumped over 4 Boys)


    Rusty:Watch we're you're going next time!

    Zach:I know!

    May:Don't make me come over there

    Liam:Fine!....if you bumped at us again i'm gonna punch you so hard!

    Clyde:My are the dude who wants to visit Lincoln right?


    Rusty:Wait a did you meet Lincoln?

    Me:We met at the gas station and My family and his family met


    Rusty:I met him when i saw his cool bike....that turns out to be Her sister's bike

    Liam:I met him when i was grade 2 

    Zach:i met him when i bumped over him!

    Me:Wow you guys could have some LincMeetings over here!

    Clyde:I met him back on halloween when he was 4

    Me:By the way,Linco…

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  • ChuckyGaming12

    A New School

    May 6, 2019 by ChuckyGaming12

    (Opens with me going downstairs)

    Me:MOM! DAD!

    Mr.Mike:Yes son?

    Me:Can i enroll in Royal Woods elementary school?

    Mrs.Mike:i don't think son,you might get into a fight or get bullied?

    Me:But i'm cool and you know me?


    (Cattalus goes downstairs)

    Cattalus:How about me also?

    Mr.Mike:sure in Royal Woods high school


    (Cattalus goes upstairs)

    Me:that was quick?

    (Zooms to us at the enrollment at Royal woods elementary school)

    Principal Huggins:So you will enroll your child here?


    Principal Huggins:alright your child is enrolled,the tutition fee is free everything is free!


    Principal Huggins:Yes,really

    Mrs.Mike:thank you!

    Principal Huggins:welcome

    (Cuts to us At Royal Woods high school)


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  • ChuckyGaming12


    May 6, 2019 by ChuckyGaming12

    (Opens with me sitting in a beach chair and zooms to me)

    Me(Talking to the audience):Hey guys i'm benny mike and I am here with Cattalus my sister

    (Zooms to Cattalus)

    Cattalus:What the?......Benny get that camera outta here


    (Zooms to me)

    Me(Talking to the audience):Well my parents are there with there friends talking about something

    (Zooms to my Dad)

    Mr.Mike:So you're gonna go to the mall when we leave?

    Mr.Luke:Yeah and that's my honey's decision 

    Mr.Mike:oh ok

    (Zooms to my Mom)

    Mrs.Mike:so you like fashion?

    Mrs.Luke:yeah i love it!

    (Zooms to Me)

    Me:Those are my parents

    Mrs.Mike:Hey kids let's go home

    Me:Ok mom (talks to the audience) we'll be right back

    (Cuts to me at my room)

    Me(Talking to the audience):i will tell you my favorite games it is Mort…

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  • Aja The Fangirl

    Hey everyone. As you can read from the title, I'm back. So, back in November 2017, I started alot of unnecessary drama and well... I gotten myself blocked. After many months, I've started to improve and change my ways. Until this day, I'm still trying to improve myself more. I missed being on here and I am no longer that cringy drama-starter girl from 2 years ago. I'm still trying to get used to this place now. I have deleted old messages and threads from my page because I didn't want go through that again. And I also deleted old blogs, too. I want to start all over again and be a better person for myself and many users. I love you all~ Aja. 

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  • CalTonTheRobot

    well i got a swell audience on my first post, didn't i?

    Joking aside i have heard your Outcries about me disliking Suna.... so in response i would like to point out some changes that will need to be made To the Suna Relationship if i'm going to ever Except it with welcoming arms....

    i would be O.k with forced LGBT... if they were treated with care 

    so far the loud house team has failed to do that...  Yes Even after The Suna Episode 'Racing Hearts'

    So if i'm ever going to ship these characters and except them.. here are the following changes that need to be made before i stop complaing about their existance.

    Well it's not much i only come up with 2 but they're pretty important

    Currently Sam is nothing put a blank slate with a few drips of intrest…

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  • Weavillain

    And here we are, everyone! The Final Four is here! To give you a little summary of what these four characters had to do to get here, I'm gonna give you all a refresher.

    Lola Loud wound up winning the crown for Bracket 1 after she had to triumph over Carlota Casagrande, her own daddy, and her eldest twin sister in the finals. It didn't come easy, though. She narrowly made it this far, winning the B1 Finals by the skin of her teeth with just one vote.

    Being the walking trophy that she is, Lynn Loud secured the lucky Bracket 2 win for herself. The reason why I say lucky is because last year, Lana won the tournament from the second bracket, so you know that this'll give Lynn a major boost in confidence. But she didn't need luck to beat Harold Mc…

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  • Blanding Cassatt

    Congratulations for The Loud House having three successful years of production. Since May 2, 2019 marks the exact date of the 3rd anniversary of The Loud House, to celebrate, I would like to come up with something postitively original with my creative reviews so I can share my thoughts about The Loud House.

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  • Thomperfan

    3 Years Of Chaos

    May 4, 2019 by Thomperfan

    I know this is three days late, but better late than never

    In 2016, an ad for a new show popped up on my computer screen, while I was at school one time. It was called "The Loud House" and it was about a boy named Lincoln and his everyday life with his ten sisters. When I found out about this, I rolled my eyes and said "Ugh, not one of THESE shows. One of those generic family TV shows, where all the characters except Lincoln are gonna be unlikable, and it's just gonna be about them torturing him all the time." And for a while, I didn't watch it. But after seeing an episode at my sister's gymnastics class, and hearing people online talk about it, I decided to give it a chance, and while, I didn't like all the episodes I watched, I was pleasa…

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  • Kash R

    Lincoln and Friends

    May 4, 2019 by Kash R

    Annoucer: Ladies and gentleman, Garfield and Friends!

    Vocals: Friends are there... To help you get started, to give you a push on your way! Friends are there..... To turn you around, get your feet on the ground for a brand new day! They'll pick you up when you're down! Help you swallow your pride, when something inside's gotta break on through, to the other side! Friends are someone you can open up to... When you feel like you're ready to flip! When you've got, the world on your shoulders... Friends are there to give you a tip! Friends are there when you need them, they're even there when you don't! For a walk in the park, or a shot in the dark! Friends are there...

    Lincoln: I don't care!

    Vocals: But friends will care for yooooooooooooOOOOOOO…

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  • 1 loud house fan

    did you put this on you phone or compuper or PS3 or Ps4 Or XBOX 360 or Xbox one as a wallpaper

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  • CalTonTheRobot

    I came up with this Fan written head cannon on how Luna went from a straight women to a Gay women

    heres what i came up with

    J.K: *cracks fingers*

    J.K: "time to make another Harry Potter Character Gay."

    • J.K Rowling presses a big red button with word "Gay Button" written on it*

    J.K: "ok time to see the results'

    • J.K Rowling pulls up her laptop*

    J.K: HUH??? why is no one roasting me for turning another Harry Potter character gay??

    Kyle: Wow our show is doing good there is nothing that can go wrong because i'm actually compentant

    • a magic wave filter Hypnotizes Kyle Marshall*


    Litterlly the entire Loud house writting team: YEAH!!!

    and thats the story of how lun…

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  • Jednumber2

    Wow It's hard to believe that The Loud House has been on for 3 years now but I've got to say that it's one of my favorite shows on TV at the moment. It's a show that has such a good heart to it and I can't wait for Season 4 and The Loud House Movie on Netflix because I have a feeling it's gonna be a good movie and I think having the movie on Netflix is probably the best option that they could have went with since by having it on Netflix then you avoid having a movie that could be a potential box office bomb. Now I'm not saying that I wouldn't have gone to see it because I would have but doing the movie on Netflix will allow it to reach a wider audience and there's still the chance that it will get a limited theatrical release since there a…

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  • Pokefan700

    so yeah, happy anniversary to the loud house! the loud house has been one of my favorite cartoons since 2017 and it still is today.

    it's ironic that this show came out one day after spongebob, which is another cartoon that i'm a fan of. but still, the loud house is a great show and im happy that it came out three years today.

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  • Steven A. Lucas

    Hello! Today is The Loud House's Third Anniversary.

    Now, I'm about to tell you, how I got involved in The Loud House. It was about the year of 2016, and I was curious about the show. But I believe that I saw the promos of the show since the beginning when it aired. The show airs along with Spongebob, since yesterday was Spongebob's 20th Anniversary, and was shown during the afternoon.

    Then I started to love the show more as time goes by. However, during the time of watching the show, I just play with my guitar and just mainly play songs from Blink-182, to pretend that I'm playing a concert with them. I know that I might be like Luna sometimes, but she loves rock n' roll like me.

    Now I will get into what I love about The Loud House, my favorit…

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  • Luan and Lucy

    Instagram pt 2

    April 30, 2019 by Luan and Lucy

    Hi so remember I said Instagram was ruining tlh for me? Well it’s resolved! I love the Loud House again!

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  • Peachy4872
    • Get the Message
    • No Guts, No Glori
    • Save the Date
    • The Waiting Game
    • A Fair to Remember
    • Party Down
    • The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos
    • Change of Heart
    • Garage Banned
    • Selfie Improvement
    • Fandom Pains
    • Missed Connection
    • Driving Ambition
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  • Weavillain

    All you history buffs out there will know that the only reason why the Bracket 4 Finals didn't end a day ago was because, for the first time, a match resulted in a tie. That's right. Both finalists Leni Loud and Lori Loud were both equally received in the end, leading us to where we are now.

    With the twenty-four hour extension passing us by, I'm here to tell you that there will be no further delays. The winner has been decided with this new vote, and she will move on to the Final Four. The question is, who will it be?

    Leni Loud? The character who was this close to winning last year's Bracket 2, but came up short against the champion, Lana?

    Or Lori Loud? The character who is no stranger to Final Four status, but just wasn't popular enough to sta…

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  • Omar Adair

    To start I want to say that they are not forced to read it if they do not want this is just an opinion of me that I was saving and that I want to get out once and for all (it can be quite long). Warning: Many may feel offended but if they want to comment something against ... I do not care.

    • The series started good, called the attention of a large community and having a fairly fast popularity. Everything in the series was perfect, some chapters were loved others were hated, and had the intention of entertaining, accompanied by a simple synopsis "a child who lives adventures with his ten sisters", something that has been lost over time. Although there have been chapters with this synopsis and it is not bad that they want to devote chapters to…
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  • Weavillain

    Welp...we had a tie. Both Lori and Leni managed to get 20 votes a piece. We all know what that means.

    The voting window closes in 24 hours. That means you have until April 29th, 2019 @ 3:30 PM CST to vote.

    If you need a refresher on the rules, refer to them by clicking here.

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  • Luan and Lucy


    April 28, 2019 by Luan and Lucy

    guys don't be mad but Instagram has ruined the loud house for me

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  • The Last of the Mohicans

    Sorry i had to :P

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  • TehLPSRemixer

    Changing the Baby

    Two Boys and a Baby

    Potty Mouth

    The Crying Dame

    Breaking Dad

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  • TheRealCong04-0

    Left in the Dark"

    Dirty Deedz

    Get the Message"

    How Cool Is Spying

    "Heavy Meddle"

    Wide Right (a)

    Ooh La La! (A)

    Search And Destroy

    Bandstand Jive (a)


    Bartman Begins

    Search And Destroy

    Emergency Force



    "Making the Case"

    "Driving Miss Hazy"

    "No Guts, No Glori"

    "The Sweet Spot"

    "A Tale of Two Tables"

    "Project Loud House"

    "In Tents Debate"

    "Sound of Silence"

    "Space Invader"

    "Undie Pressure"

    "Linc or Swim"

    "Changing the Baby"

    "Overnight Success"

    "Ties That Bind"


    "Sleuth or Consequences"

    "Butterfly Effect"

    "The Green House"

    "Along Came a Sister"

    "Chore and Peace"

    "For Bros About to Rock"

    "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House"

    "Toads and Tiaras"

    "Two Boys and a Baby"

    "Cover Girls"

    "Save the Date"

    "Attention Deficit"

    "Out on a Limo"

    "House Music"

    "A Novel Idea"

    "April Fo…

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  • Weavillain

    The voting window closes in 48 hours. That means you have until April 28th, 2019 @ 3:16 PM CST to vote.

    If you need a refresher on the rules, refer to them by clicking here.

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  • Weavillain


    Leni Loud - 21
    Luan Loud - 16

    Lori Loud - 35
    Zach Gurdle - 2

    And with that, both Lori Loud and Leni Loud move onto the finals! Be on the look out for the clash of the eldest!

    Previous Matches:

    Bracket 1; Round 1 Results

    Bracket 1; Quarterfinals Results

    Bracket 1; Semifinals Results

    Bracket 1; Finals Results

    Bracket 2; Round 1 Results

    Bracket 2; Quarterfinals Results

    Bracket 2; Semifinals Results

    Bracket 2; Finals Results

    Bracket 3; Round 1 Results

    Bracket 3; Quarterfinals Results

    Bracket 3; Semifinals Results

    Bracket 3; Finals Results

    Bracket 4; Round 1 Results

    Bracket 4; Quarterfinals Results

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