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ChipperRabbit ChipperRabbit 12 hours ago

A Less Than Stella Night Chapter 1: A Long Walk from the Hoff

Hello! This is my first fanfic, I hope you all will enjoy reading. This chapter is about Lincoln talking to his guy friends at lunch, but it will mainly be about Stella as the story goes on. Now, without further ado, let’s get on with the story!

Title: A Less Than Stella Night

Author: ChipperRabbit (Me! :D)

Plot summary: when Stella realizes that she hasn’t really made any female friends since she moved to Royal Woods, she decides to spend some time with Girl Jordan’s group. She later gets invited to her first all girls slumber party and starts having trouble connecting with the other girls’ activities.


                 A Less Than Stella Night

Chapter 1: A long Walk from the Hoff

    Lincoln finally makes his way to…

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Henryjones081315 Henryjones081315 15 hours ago

Continuation of Discofurby’s Not Just a Phase Chapter 6: Have a Nice Strip

(Hello, this is my first ever Loud House fanfiction I have written for the Loud House Wiki, and it is a continuation of a chapter from author Discofurby’s series: Not Just a Phase, which looks into each of the Loud Kids’ photos from the comic of “Just a Phase!” and gives her own detailed backstory behind each photo, as well as ones from the Casagrande Kids. This one is a continuation of the story behind Lincoln’s photo that Discofurby uploaded back in July. The reason I chose to do my first fanfic on one of Discofurby’s fanfics is that I was inspired by her to do my own Loud House fanfics since I’ve enjoyed reading some of them. So, this fanfic and expansion to her chapter is a way of saying thanks to Discofurby for the inspiration and I h…

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Starkstar502 Starkstar502 1 day ago

Ace Savvy: Spade of Spells

This marks my first Lucy-focused story. This gonna be the first story I do where there’s magic involved. This story will be taking some elements from Spell It Out.

[We open on Royal Woods in 1932. Cut to a large house, and inside we see a circular library and some kids chain-strapped to the wall, looking horrified. Cut to a small chest with a skull on it. A pair of hands open the chest and take a dagger with a dull metal prong with two curved side prongs and a skull between the side prongs. The person carrying the dagger has black spikey with a white streak. He wears a black coat, brown vest, white shirt, dark brown trousers with black loafers.]

The man: Yes, now that I have the darkest weapon on earth, I’ll finally achieve victory.

[The man w…

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My idea for a time travel episode

Hi, guys! I've missed you all so much. I've currently spent more of my time on the fanon wiki for this show, but I'm back with another idea for a "Loud House" episode. I don't have a complete story, but here's my idea for an episode.

Lori has been having nightmares lately. Her guilt from all the awful things she did in the past are coming back to bite her. Even her friends and sorority members take notice of this. After a bit of talking, Lori decides to go home, because she knows a girl who can help. Lori reunites with Lisa and tells her about the nightmares she's been having. Lisa would invent a device similar to the one she made Lincoln in "One of the Boys", only, it's been modified so she can travel through time. Lisa will warn Lori abou…

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Austinangelo123 Austinangelo123 3 days ago

Loud House Movie What are the Loud Sisters Laughing About?

In the loud house movie, when Lincoln came down the stairs in his new look, we hear the trumpet that sounded off and the sisters laugh, I don't know what they are laughing about. Can you explain to me what they are laughing about?

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Discofurby Discofurby 4 days ago

Down and Dirty

Hello there! This fanfic was a request by a user named StarkStar502, and he came up with the plot. The reason he didn’t write this is because he’s taking a temporary break from writing.

It was about ten A.M. on a Saturday in Royal Woods, and Lana was looking for someone to hang out with. She walked into the backyard, where Lola was practicing her dancing, and said, “Hey, Lola, wanna play?”.

“Sorry,” said Lola, “but I have a pageant tomorrow, so I need to practice today,” and she did a running jump while twirling her ribbon.

“That’s okay,” said Lana, knowing that she still had nine other siblings to hang out with.

She found Lincoln reading comics with Clyde in the treehouse and said, “Can I hang out with you?”.

“Sorry, Lans,” said Lincoln, “we w…

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Logan Loud Logan Loud 4 days ago

Real World Info - Favorite and Least Favorite TLH Episodes

Episodes I Hold in High Regard

  • Heavy Meddle
  • Making the Case
  • Space Invader
  • Undie Pressure
  • Sleuth or Consequences
  • Save the Date
  • Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru
  • Dance, Dance Resolution
  • Homespun
  • Intern for the Worse
  • Patching Things Up
  • Garage Banned
  • Tripped!
  • Pipe Dreams
  • Game Boys
  • On Thin Ice
  • Family Bonding
  • Ghosted!
  • Rumor Has It
  • Camped!

The episode I dislike the most is No Such Luck. Every kids' cartoon contains at least one episode that really ticked off the fanbase *coughKalosLeaguecough*.

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Austinangelo123 Austinangelo123 4 days ago

Nicer sisters siding with the meaner sisters

We all know that Lincoln's sisters love him, and Lincoln also loves his sisters with all his heart. Right? There is also some parts of the show where they give Lincoln a hard time. For example, they make fun of Lincoln about his Ace Savvy Costume, or the time where they told him to butt out of the protocol, and the time where they label him as bad luck. Now there are 5 nicer sisters, and 5 meaner sisters.

Nice Sisters






Mean Sisters



Lynn Jr.



There are some parts that show the nice girls being mean to Lincoln. They are also siding with the other mean girls. Girls like Leni, Luna, Lucy or Lana were supposed to defend Lincoln from the other sisters' bad behavior but they did not. I have a question for you. If Le…

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Goldenhorse75132 Goldenhorse75132 5 days ago


Can you advertise here for no?

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Logan Loud Logan Loud 7 days ago

Real-World Info - Ships I Support

Cowlick Boy/Leni
Lincoln/Ronnie Anne

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Logan Loud Logan Loud 7 days ago

Hit Hair Band Ballads on Certain Radio Formats

The only hair band ballads I've usually seen on AC, Soft AC, and Classic Hits stations are those by Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, and Poison. And even then, not all of them.

Power ballads are designed to be very accessible, so why isn't there a more eclectic selection of hit hair band ballads on those stations?

Songs that should be on these stations more often include "I'll Never Let You Go" by Steelheart, "When the Children Cry" by White Lion, and "Mama, I'm Coming Home" by Ozzy Osbourne. Also, "Miles Away" by Winger, "Love Is on the Way" by Saigon Kick, "High Enough" by Damn Yankees, "I Saw Red" by Warrant, "Forever" by Kiss, "Carrie" by Europe, "Don't Close Your Eyes" by Kix, "The Ballad of Jayne" by L.A. Guns, and more.

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Logan Loud Logan Loud 7 days ago

The Hidden Gems of Hair Metal Ballads

There are a lot of hair metal ballads that I consider hidden gems, such as:

Every Mother's Nightmare - Love Can Make You Blind
Shotgun Messiah - Living Without You
SouthGang - Love Ain't Enough
Tuff - I Hate Kissing You Goodbye
Danger Danger - I Still Think About You

(more to be added later)

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Linka Loud Linka Loud 8 days ago

Linka Lola or lana

I say they are great charaters but kinda relate to me tho

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Welcome to the Loud House

(Our story begins right behind the woods in a forest. The camera then starts zooming to initiate parallax scrolling, which reveals the town of Royal Woods.)

Narrator: Ah. The state of Michigan. So fascinating. So wonderful. So glorious. Here we see the glorious town of Royal Woods, teeming with life... (the camera then shows the Loud House location) …home to one of my favorite townspeople in the whole neighborhood, Lincoln Abraham Loud. Yes, of course he lives in a house with 10 other girls, you silly.

(The scene then cuts to Lincoln's bedroom. A young, optimistic 11-year-old young boy named Lincoln is seen sleeping in his bed, snoring as his alarm clock ticks. The alarm then sounds when it hits 7:00. He wakes, but is unaffected by the annoy…

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Ivannathepro Ivannathepro 11 days ago

Loud house

  1. Hi, I am Ivannathepro , i will show you my favourite characters
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My New and Improved LH Fanfiction

This is it. The moment you've all been waiting for. It's here. It's coming. It's my new and improved Fanfiction of the Loud House that is set in the 1980's and is in the style of Full House, created by Jeff Franklin in 1987. These episodes can be fanmade mode and my version mode. Some of these may even be parodies of certain Simpsons, SpongeBob or Family Guy episodes.

Ever wonder what it's like to grow up in a big family? Supposedly, this happens to be the case for an 11-year-old boy named Lincoln Loud who struggles to survive a house full of ten other girls, almost each one with a unique personality.

Lily - a cute 15-month old baby girl who is the daughter of Lori Loud and Bobby Santiago in this AU and loves waddling around often leaving be…

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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 12 days ago

The Downstream - September 10

Hey again folks!

Fandom is holding another edition of The Downstream on Friday, September 10 at 11am EST.

This 2-hour event is held on Twitch at and is a bit like a mini Community Connect 4 times a year. Fandom staff brief viewers on what is happening on Fandom, with the latest news and updates.

In this edition, guests include:

  • Joey Merkel, Director of Social Strategy & Operations, who will be presenting on how Fandom approaches social media and answering questions about how admins can manage social media accounts for their wikis.
  • Maggie Owens, Sr. Analyst - Site Analytics, who will be explaining how Fandom tracks traffic trends on the platform and connects them to external events, like how the Spider-Man trailer caused cert…
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Discofurby Discofurby 14 days ago

Not Just a Phase Bonus Ch 5: Conning from the Crib

Hello, and welcome to the last chapter of Not Just a Phase! This chapter will focus on Carl scamming his family and the kids at the daycare.

One morning, one-year-old Carlino "Carl" Casagrande was lying in his crib waiting for one of his parents, grandparents, or siblings to come and take him out. While he was lying there, he was thinking-- his father Carlos had a hat that he wanted very badly, but refused to let him wear. Carl was thinking about how he could acquire that hat, and then he had an idea-- offer Carlos some money in exchange for the hat, but then keep the money for himself.

Once he was taken out of the crib and changed into his daywear and a new diaper, he crawled into the bedroom of his five-year-old brother CJ (which he woul…

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Metool Bard Metool Bard 14 days ago

Fanfiction: A Little Big Problem

There are plenty of character dynamics that I wish would get more of a spotlight in The Casagrandes, but one of them at the top of my list is the relationship between the Chang sisters. Think about it: we have an older sister who can't wrestle and caves at the first sight of a bully, while the younger sister knows karate and stood up to an alligator stealing her baby tooth. If previews are to be believed, this dynamic will be explored in future episodes. But for now, I want to take a shot at exploring these two lovable cinnamon rolls in something of a prologue to Friended! with the Casagrandes. Here are Sid and Adelaide in:

“Wow~.  This place is incredible!”

Sid Chang found herself standing in the middle of a large metropolis.  Buildings…

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Chanyhuman Chanyhuman 16 days ago

The Maltese Teddy (Genderbent The Maltese Bear)

The fallowing is genderbent version of The Maltese Bear.

[It all started on a rainy Tuesday, on a rainy day, a taxi arrived at the Loud house, and Lexx and I exited, with our bags. I adjusted my hat, once we entered the house.]

Lexx: "Thanks for taking me shopping, Loni." [Holding all the bags, I closed the door, with my foot.] "I just needed a few outfit changes for my audition tonight."

Loni: "No problem, Lexi." *strains due to the bags.*

[Lexx entered his room.]

Lexx: *addressing his stuffed toys.* "Hello, everyone! Did you miss me?" *Holds out a wad of cash.* "Ms. Sprinkles, if you would be so kind to add my change to --" [Suddenly, he realized she wasn’t there.] "WHERE'S MS. SPRINKLES?!" *holding Eros* "Who took my bear full of cash, Eros?…

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Discofurby Discofurby 21 days ago

Rhyming Recaps: Lori Days

Lori was having a video chat.

The table was where all her family was at.

The connection was bad, so our girl didn't know,

Just what was occurring or why it was so.

Her roommate said, "Visit while you can, my dear,"

And Lori arrived, but she saw no one there.

Cliff coughed up a hairball with minimal grace,

And then came Lynn, Charles, and the twins playing chase.

She said to Lincoln, "What is this new game?",

Then Lynn Sr. hugged her without any shame.

"Well," said Miss Lori, "What can we do?",

But, "Sorry, we're busy", responded the crew.

Luna and Sam had a movie that day,

But when Lori showed up, she got in the way.

Luan and Benny were both being mimes,

But Lori was made to be quiet at those times.

Lucy was flushing a fish down the can.

When Lori came, th…

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Discofurby Discofurby 21 days ago

Not Just a Phase Bonus Ch 4: Baby's First Pranks

This is the first bonus chapter of Not Just a Phase, focussing on Ronnie Anne's pranks towards Bobby.

It was Sunday. Maria was dusting the crockery, Arturo was playing a video game with his seven-year-old son Bobby, and one-year-old Ronalda "Ronnie" Anne was crawling around aimlessly on the floor.

Maria and Arturo had always wanted "Anne" as a middle name for any daughters they'd have, but Maria wasn't sure how her grandmother, Lupe, would respond to having a great-granddaughter with a (partially) non-Hispanic name. Thankfully, however, Lupe thought Ronnie Anne was so cute that it didn't matter what her name was.

Anyway, Ronnie Anne was crawling around, when she noticed a bottle of something on the table. She remembered seeing Maria use it to…

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Discofurby Discofurby 22 days ago

Rhyming Recaps: Dream a Lily Dream

For three nights, young Lily would cry, scream, and shake,

And keep all her siblings and parents awake.

She'd been having nightmares, but what was in doubt

Was what the small toddler's bad dreams were about.

She knocked down the trash and waved squid in the air.

Lynn Sr. said, "Is my food causing the scare?".

Lisa said, "I doubt that food caused the dreams.",

So Lily drew what she dreamt that caused her screams:

It was Trashy and Tentacle; truth was now spilt.

Their creator, Miss Lisa, was now full of guilt.

She made a machine so that people could go,

Inside Lily's dreams and defeat them just so.

Lisa picked Lincoln for his game expertise,

And Lola and Lynn-- for them, fighting's a breeze.

Lisa said, "Siblings, you will be okay,

As long as she doesn't wa…

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Joshreyes773 Joshreyes773 22 days ago

What if Haiku and Maggie are Met in a Season 6 Episode?

I just know that Haiku and Maggie (from the season one episode Funny Business) are goths, but I came up with an idea that makes a good choice. If Haiku and Maggie are met on-screen in a season six episode, what would you think?

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Metool Bard Metool Bard 22 days ago

Fanfiction: The Hands-On Experience

With everyone going back to school, I figured it would be a good opportunity for a back-to-school story. This is the second of two fan episodes based around Nat and Pat Zolvish, my OCs from Zoo Coup Riot. I would recommend reading that story before this one, but if you would like character bios for these odd twins, just let me know. Anyway, enough waffle. Here is Natasha Zolvish in:

Plot Summary: Nat and Pat's first day at Chavez Academy goes awry when Nat loses her fidget spinner and starts causing problems for Ronnie Anne and her friends.

[We open on the front stoop outside the Casagrande building.  Ronnie Anne dashes out the door, backpack slung over her shoulder.  Sid follows, though she seems to be lagging behind a bit.]

Ronnie Anne:

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Discofurby Discofurby 26 days ago

Rhyming Recaps: Muscle Fish

Lincoln and Clyde watched nighttime TV,

And then fell asleep as fast as could be.

They had a shared dream where, at Flip's Food and Fuel,

Linc said, "Man, to fill up my cup would be cool!".

They went in and what they saw gave them a buzz:

Muscle Fish was in the store! Yes, he was!

He drank from the Flippee machines with no cup,

Played with the burritos, ate one machine up,

And looked at himself in the fridge of the store.

"This is the best," they said, "We can hope for!".

Flip said, "Get out! You are making a mess!

To have you in my store would cause me too much stress!".

Muscle Fish sat outside looking real sad.

"This is where I buy stuff from so being banned is bad."

Lincoln and Clyde said, "Don't mope 'til you drop.

We'll make you subdued and then he'…

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Loud Christmas!

WARNING⚠️ What your about to see is a Kinda Real Song so be advised…

”Loud Christmas!” is a Song Sung By Doug Rockwell in the Movie A Loud House Christmas Near the End it is also a Montage of the Loud Family Decorating the House After Lincoln and Clyde had Successfully Completed there Mission!

This version of the theme song is maybe? Played in A Loud House Christmas it is played during the Ending Montage of the Louds Decorating the House

(Sounds of Jingle Bells) Jing-a Ling Ling La Ling Ling Ling La Jing-a Ling La Jing Jing La!

Crushing Through the Ornaments,

Dodging girls like Bat and Ball,

Just to Reach the Bedroom on time (Hey! Hey! Hey!)

Leaping over the Christmas Tree,

Eggnog you can smell for Miles

I’ve gotta do what I Can to Survive Christmas…

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Chanyhuman Chanyhuman 28 days ago

Shade Castles (Genderbent Sand Hassles)

The following is genderbent version of Sand Hassles.

[At Royal Woods Elementary, in the third grade art class, most of the students are painting toilet paper rolls, except Lars and the Morticians Club, whom are using toilet paper to stereotypically mummify Borsala.]

Lars: "Okay, lift your arms, Borsala." [She does that. Lars gives Fangs the toilet paper, and she wraps Borsala, in the image of an egyptian a mummy. The club applauds.] "Now you're ready for the afterlife."

Borsala: “Actually… ”

[Just then, Charlie arrives.]

Charlie: "Hey you all, just wanted to remind everyone about the annual third grade field trip tomorrow, this year we're going to..." *Throws a beach ball in Darby's expressionless face.* "… the beach at Lake St. Barron!"

[While …

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Discofurby Discofurby 28 days ago

Super CJ Rises

This is my third bonus chapter for Not Just a Phase, focusing on CJ's love for playing superhero. Sorry if it's too short.

It was a rainy Saturday. Hector was at work, Rosa was wandering around aimlessly seeing if there was anything that needed fixing, cleaning, or purifying, Carlos was reading, Frida was painting a picture of the indoor plant that sat by the TV, five-year-old Carlota was playing with her toy tea set, one-year-old CJ was sitting on the couch doing nothing, and Sergio was perched on top of the TV.

CJ was bored, so he started looking around for something to do. He caught sight of a red towel that was in the hamper of clean laundry that was soon to be put away, and then had an idea.

He scooched off the couch and began crawling a…

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Doctor Patrick Doctor Patrick 28 days ago

No Bus, No Fuss is the greatest episode in animation

No Bus, No Fuss is the greatest episode in animation, in fact, it is so perfect I cannot even call it by its real name, so I will just refer to it as BUS EPISODE

BUS EPISODE is perfection and teaches us important episodes about friendship, bullies and most importantly, THE BUS

The bus is a very important vehicle in everyday life, and some of BUS EPISODE is indeed featured in a bus, which doesn't only mean that it wasn't a ratings trap, since it actually lived up to its title (to both its titles, as it was actually an episode about buses, and also, it taught us the important lesson that if there would be no buses, there would also be no fusses, which is important), but it was also a masterpiece because who wouldn't want to watch an episode wi…

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1 Day until the Loud House movie!!

It's August 19, 2021! One day until The Loud House movie comes! Yaaaaayyyyy!!!

Listen to this song before the movie comes:

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Antisocial64 Antisocial64 17 August

Desert Moon (Parody)

I've recently listened to the deleted song "Desert Moon" from the 2019 version of Aladdin, and absolutely loved it! It's honestly devastating that Disney scrapped it, so I figured I'd bring it back to life with one of my favourite cartoons.

This version is sung by Luna as a lullaby to Lily and Lisa.

Luna: When the shadows unfold,

When the sun hides its gold,

And the wind and cold come calling

When the path isn't clear

And the stars disappear

And an endless midnight's fallen...

At the edge of the sky,

There's a moon hangin' high.

When you're lost, it'll try to remind you...

On a dark city night,

You can look to the light.

'Cause it's shining there to find you.

Desert moon, light the way.

'Till the dark turns to day.

Like a lamp in the lonely night,

Bold and f…

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Discofurby Discofurby 15 August

Not Just a Phase Bonus Ch 2: Clothes Make the Baby

Hello, and welcome to the second bonus chapter of Not Just a Phase, focusing on Carlota.

It was morning in the Casagrande apartment, and Carlos and Frida were trying to get their  one-year-old daughter Carlota into a little white shirt, but she kept throwing it away, because she thought it looked too plain.

“No!”, said Carlota for the umpteenth time, and threw the shirt out the door and into the hallway, where Sergio, who was flying around waiting for Rosa to call him over for breakfast, swooped down and put it on himself.

At this point, Carlos and Frida decided they needed help, so they went over to Apartment 2A to  ask Carlos’s parents for advice. Sergio followed, still wearing the shirt.

“Mama, Papa,” said Carlos, “We need some help.”

“What …

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ActionMan218FDUser ActionMan218FDUser 15 August

Fanfiction/The Chang of the Whistle

  • 1 Voice Cast Members in this Episode
    • 1.1 Transcript
  • 2 Scene 1: The Chang family members' fourth apartment floor
    • 2.1 Outside in Great Lakes City Park/the wishing fountain
    • 2.2 The Great Lakes City Theater

Ken Jeong as Stanley Chang (voice)

Melissa Joan Hart as Becca Chang (voice)

Leah Mei Gold as Sid Chang (voice)

Lexi Sexton as Adelaide Chang (voice)

Izabella Alvarez as Ronnie Anne Santiago (voice)

Dee Bradley Baker as Adelaide's Whistling Sound Effect

Alex Cazares as Carl Casagrande (voice)

Jay Hatton as Casey Anderson (voice)

Natalie Loughlin as Nikki Albertson (voice)

Jacob Mattathiparambil Lukose as Sameer Robertson

Bruce Locke as Robert Nakamura

Sid, Becca and Stanley are doing their usual routines in their bedroom, living room and dining room.

Sid's playin…

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Metool Bard Metool Bard 15 August

Fanfiction: A Girl and Her Gurdy

This is gonna be something of a first when it comes to my fan episodes. It'll be primarily focused on the OCs I created in my previous story, Zoo Coup Riot. If you want to know more about my characters, Natasha and Patricia Zolvish, I suggest reading that story first. If you'd prefer a bio page of them instead, let me know and I'll write one up. Anyway, here's the first of two fan episodes I have planned for these odd twins. Presenting Patricia Zolvish in:

Plot Summary: Carl feels he has his work cut out for him when he's roped into remixing Pat's hurdy-gurdy music.

[We open in the park near the Casagrande building.  Adelaide is skipping down the sidewalk, a picnic basket swaying in her arms as she hums a happy tune.  Carl follows behind…

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Smv21 Smv21 15 August

Top 5 Loud House Episodes

1. Head Poet's Anxiety

2. Tea Tale Hart

3. Room with a Feud

4. Snoop's On

5. A Tattler's Tale

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SirSeraphim SirSeraphim 13 August

Doyle Butler, the New Kid on the Block

We now know the name of the new character coming to The Casagrandes thanks to "Spin-Off." Meet Doyle Butler, voiced by actor Vico Ortiz. In addition to being a champion sign-spinner for Pete's Pets, they are also shown to be skilled at weightlifting, dancing, and painting, sometimes even while spinning signs. Given their young appearance, they look to be around the ages of Ronnie Anne, her friends, and C.J. Known in the competitive sign-spinning circuit as "the Twirling Terror," Doyle is a fierce but noble competitor, recognizing C.J.'s talent and ending the G.L.C. Sign Spinning Competition on good terms with him. Doyle has been stated to be returning with more appearances in Season 3 of The Casagrandes apparently as a new friend to the Casag…

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Starkstar502 Starkstar502 9 August

Ace Savvy: Berserker Rage

This marks my first Lynn focused story.This story was inspired by A Load of Bulk by MrTyeDye, First Love by UnderratedHero, and Popcorn Flick by Weavillain. There will be more of what I took inspiration from in the Trivia below. I hope you enjoy.

[We open on the Loud Mansion, where Lincoln walks through the hall with his face buried in his comic. Lynn pokes her head out of her room and sees Lincoln coming towards her room. She quickly goes back to her room before Lincoln’s room, and mischievously giggles to herself.]

Lynn: [whispers] Time for the element surprise!

[Cut to Lincoln as he turns a page in his comic and walks by Lynn and Lucy’s room.]

Lynn: [offscreen] NOOGIE ATTACK! [jumps into view and tackles him to floor]

[Lynn puts Lincoln in a head…

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Liljahmir08 Liljahmir08 9 August

Lincoln Loud meets Starfire from Teen Titans Go!

Lincoln Loud Meets a pretty girl named Starfire From Catoon Network’s Teen Titans Go!. Lincoln revealed a crush on her.

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Discofurby Discofurby 8 August

Not Just a Phase Bonus Ch 1: Baby Bobby's Blunders

Hi there! This is the first bonus chapter of Not Just a Phase, focusing on Bobby and his doofy mistakes.

One morning, Maria Santiago and her then-husband Arturo woke up to the sound of their one-year-old son, Roberto Alejandro Martinez-Millan Luis Santiago, Jr. (named after Arturo's father), or Bobby for short, crying.

They rushed into his bedroom to find his head stuck between the bars of his crib.

"How did he do that?!", wondered Arturo.

"I don't know," said Maria, "But what do we do? And before you suggest using butter, my madre tried doing that when I was six and I got my head stuck between some bars at the zoo. Carlos teased me about it for two weeks afterwards and it took three days to get all the butter out of my hair, but it didn't work."


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Adrian247 Adrian247 8 August

So this is what The Loud House was originally supposed to look like!

Nobody knew what the original version of The Loud House was supposed to look like, until the episode White Hare. In the episode, "Warren" (Lincoln's original version) has trouble with his 25 loud rabbit sisters.

  • Brie
  • Bailey
  • Bianca
  • Barbara
  • Bebe
  • Belinda
  • Blair
  • Betty
  • Bippa
  • Blanch
  • Bodhi
  • Brandy
  • Brooke
  • Birdie
  • Bridget
  • Bella
  • Beatrice
  • Beth
  • Bernadette
  • Bernice
  • Bertha
  • Beulah
  • Beverly
  • Brenda
  • Bethany
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NewRobloxFan1000 NewRobloxFan1000 4 August

Beinveinã o la Loud

Beinveinã o la Loud is the Miasesh dub of The Loud House that is airing on Nickelodeon and NickToons.

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Train studios Train studios 3 August

My top 10 Loud house episodes

The Loud House is one of my favourite TV shows and of course there are a lot episodes I like. But today I will be telling you my top 10


I have not seen every episode of The Loud House. So if there's an episode on here which you think should be on here and I haven't seen tell me. Also this all my personal opinion so yeah. Let the top 10 beginerate!

10: Tricked!

An amazing Halloween special

9: The Boss Maybe

No Guts No Glori with Leni.

8: A Flipmas Christmas Carol

A good retelling.

7: Cover Girls

I don't really know why I enjoy this one.

6: Potty Mouth.

So funny.

5: 11 Louds a leapin

While people really like this one I do like it but it's not my favourite.

4: Silencing of The Luans

While this one is a bit unrealistic. It is a guilty pleasure of mi…

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Adrian247 Adrian247 2 August

Lola is bald!

In the episode Garage Banned, Leni tries to do Lola's hair. Apparently, she loses all of her hair for some reason, and Lola is bald?! What was Nickelodeon thinking? Why did they want to make an episode where Lola is bald? Why not put a reply on my message wall for answers.

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Dowdinator Dowdinator 2 August

How Judah meets the Louds

The episode starts with Peto walking around Royal Woods, Michigan. He sees some amazing places like Gus' Games and Grubs, Flip's Gas Station and the Royal Woods Mall. As soon as he walk passed a bunch of houses, he stopped in front of a house full of toys.

Peto: Man, what house is messy. Whoever lives here must live in this dump. Oh well, I guess I'll go to the back. (Peto decided to go to the back where he bumps into a tomboy with a red hat) OMG! I am so sorry about that, miss! Are you OK? (Peto said worried to the blonde-haired tomboy)

Lana: It's fine, bud. I'm OK. Sometimes, I bump into objects as well. Say, you're new to Royal Woods, aren't you?

(Peto nods his head yes)

Lana: Well then, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Lana Loud. What's you…

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Discofurby Discofurby 1 August

Not Just a Phase Chapter 9: A Pint-Sized Prodigy

Hello! This is my last main chapter of Not Just a Phase (focusing on how Lisa got into experiments), after which I will start on the bonus chapters focusing on the Casagrande kids, as was requested by a user named Laura Cross. I decided to do them in descending age order, so Bobby first, then Carlota, CJ, Ronnie Anne, Carl, and finally Carlitos.

One day, the entire Loud family was at the mall. Lynn Sr. had been given a raise, and the kids had been well behaved lately, so he and Rita decided to reward the kids by allowing each of them to buy whatever they wanted from the mall.

Lori (14) had chosen a dress, Leni (13) a hat, Luna (12) a book, Luan (11) a jester costume, Lynn (10) a hockey stick, Lincoln (8) a video game, Lucy (5) a Barbie doll …

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SaLuna Moments💙💜💙💜

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Metool Bard Metool Bard 31 July

Fanfiction: Zoo Coup Riot (Epilogue)

Thanks to Misha, the police had a rough idea of what was going on and who to arrest once they arrived on the scene.  We all gave our statements and handed over the evidence we collected, though Sid said anything related to the Emotitron would have to be turned over after she got home and copied its memory to a flash drive.  Colin turned himself in willing, while Mildred had to be dragged away spitting venom and vowing vengeance on all of us.  Yeah, good luck with that, lady.

“Are you sure you don’t want to press any additional charges, Mrs. Chang?” asked the officer in charge.

Mrs. Chang nodded. “You’ve already got everything covered, officer.  Anything more would just be excessive.”

“And people say I’m too nice,” Colin scoffed.  He then sighe…

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Starkstar502 Starkstar502 30 July

Ace Savvy: A Cold and Chili Day

Here’s my third Ace Savvy story, this one was inspired by the Loud House short Deuces Wild! Warning: story contains Lowbrow Humor.

[We open on the sun, partially obscured by clouds in the sky. Tilt down to a power plant  protected by a chain-link fence. Cut to close up to a control panel and a pair of black gloved hands touches it, and then some current starts crackling. These hands belong to a white man with a blue mohawk, a black tank top with a large blue lighting bolt, and blue jeans. This is the Electromancer, named after someone who practices the divination of electricity.]

Electromancer: Awesome if I do so myself. Pretty soon, I will have all the city's power.

Ace Savvy: [offscreen] Electromancer! [pan over to him, One-Eyed Jack, and Full …

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Brian Gordon Brian Gordon 29 July

Scenes of Luan speaking with braces showing in the underbite of her teeth

This blogspot has the episode screenshots of Luan whenever she speaks, for the fact that she wears braces, and it shows her underbite with them whenever she also speaks while grinning or grinding/grinding her whole teeth, she is happy or angry.

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