• Itsnoose


    July 16, 2019 by Itsnoose

    Hello, I’m someone that’s new to the fan fiction community and I heard this was a good place to advertise a fic. My first fic is actually a Rick and Morty crossover fic.

    If you feel like reading it, please give any kind of criticism as I want to keep improving my writing skills.

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  • JKC14

    "Recipe for Disaster:" Awesomeness! 91.32% out of 100%! 

    Best Mystery Solving for Food episode ever! 

    Please tell me your thoughts in the comments below. \/

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  • Thunderthethee


    July 16, 2019 by Thunderthethee

    You probably can't wait that my fanfic will coming out today aren't you? Well sorry... i know that you're mad but the truth is... i will delay my fanfic cause im busy and i have other stuff to do.... oh also my fanfic has been delete cause of some reasons... im sorry but i promise i will make a fanfic about matthew again.... oh also i will make a season 1 ratings tomorrow and after that a fanfic will here... thats it.

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  • Smile159


    (In the white background, Joe look at the viewer.)

    Joe: Hello. Have you seen Steve? Steve! Stevie!

    Me: Yeah Joe. How you doing?

    Joe: Hey, Look at yourself.

    Me: Oh! I'm horrizontal!

    Joe: What's horrizontal?

    Me: That's side way. I'm in side way. I can fix that.

    (The background turn right side up)

    Me: That's better. Oh! Now you're horrizontal.

    Joe: I'm side way.

    Me: I can fix that. Wait! This got to be a better way. I know! I can use the remote. What this button for?

    Joe: Ah-choo!

    Me: It's the sneeze button!

    Joe: Ah-choo!

    Me: There's the rewind.

    (Joe sneeze backward)

    Me: Pause! Hmm, Horrizontal dance.

    (Joe start to dance)

    Me: Pause! Would you like to try?

    Joe: I'm still pause.

    Me: Play! Now here you go. Now I... First thing first. Press the vertical but…

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  • JKC14

    "Washed Up:" It was mediocre. 79.32% out of 100%. 

    They barely found a way back home. 

    Please tell me your thoughts in the comments below. \/

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  • Smile159


    (In the white background, Joe is preparing to fly and I appear.)

    Me: Hello. Hi Joe. Watcha doing?

    Joe: I'm going to blow my diaper as a big balloon.

    (The blow-dryer starts to inflate Joe's diaper and make that humongous)

    Me: Whoa! Your diaper is gigantic and you're tiny as an ant.

    Joe: That's true.

    Me: Are you gonna fly?

    Joe: Nope. I was waiting that you can show everybody about the remote.

    Me: Okay! If you want to go backward, you hit the rewind button.

    (Joe's diaper inflate backward that go back to a normal size)

    Me: Pause! If you want to go really really fast, Press the fast foward button.

    (Joe's diaper inflate really fast)

    Me: Pause! Now Joe's diaper is back being big. Play!

    Joe: Thank you. Now I'm ready to fly.

    Me: Can I ride on you?

    Joe: S…

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  • 1 loud house fan

    Leni: ok it super bad oh no not again 


    Leni: AHHHHHHH! 

    Dude  perfect fan: dude perfecty awsome

    me: there is it again 

    sid: this is weird 

    ronne: that yelling sounds  like Lincoln sister 


    Leni: ow

    ronne And me: LENI!

    sid: who

    me: woha what happens to you 

    leni: I ate lisa gum and this happens 

    📱: lisa calling

    leni: someone get my phone 

    ronne: I got it

    📱Lisa: good news oh it you ronne Annie can I talk to Leni 

    ronne: sure 

    📱Lisa: good news leni I made the cure 

    Leni: great 

    Sid: now how we get her home 

    me: I know I seen this in a movie in school 

    rolling leni

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  • Smile159


    (In the white background with Joe sleeping in bed and I appear to look at the viewer.)

    Me: Hello. Look at that. My baby brother is a sleep just like a little baby. Oh, he is a baby. If Joe asleep, that means I can show you the remote that can show you...

    Joe: Tweet Tweet. Birdie, Pretty little bird.

    Me: I think Joe is dreaming about birds. If you want to go backward, hit the rewind button.

    (Joe start speaking backward)

    Me: Pause. If you want to go really reallyfast, press the fast foward button.

    (Joe start speaking fast)

    Me: Pause. Rewind.

    (Joe start speaking backward)

    Me: Look at this. Slow motion.

    (Joe start speaking slow)

    Me: Cool. Would you like to try? Here you go. Now I want everybody press the play button.

    (Joe and I screaming in celeb…

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  • InklingBear

    12:30 pm

    Just another Monday afternoon where the family's out and about on a chilly day. Empty skies and light gusts of wind befell the great neighborhood of Royal Woods. It's not everyday on a season like spring the state of Michigan receives cool weather like this. Despite this, nobody had second thoughts about it. It's not like they would doubt the weathermen would correctly predict the future or anything… right?

    Now, the four pets the Louds knew and love sat on the couch, spending their time watching yet another television program for who knows what time. A documentary on common house pets were on the air, currently explaining the history of cats. This should be interesting, for a house pet like Cliff.

    "Ain't dis nice, you guys?" the feli…

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  • Thunderthethee

    Hey everybody! Im gonna make a fanfic tomorrow!. Sorry for you impatient people... i am busy today but i hope im not busy tomorrow... 

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  • Realgilbertgan

    Okay. I know you may not know this, but I've been wondering how tall ARE the Loud sisters. We all know that, according to a "Listen Out Loud" Podcast episode, Lincoln is 4'3" tall. In my theory, I used a height scale to compare the heights of the 10 sisters.

    Note: The character's height may not vary per episode.

    • Lori - 6' - 6'3"
    • Leni - 5'11" - 6'
    • Luna - 5'8"
    • Luan - 5'2" - 5'4"
    • Lynn - 4'6" - 4'8"
    • Lucy - 4' - 4'4"
    • Lola and Lana (since they are twins) - 3'3" - 3'5"
    • Lisa - 3'3"
    • Lily - 2'7"
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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    [The kids and I are having a sibling meeting in Lori and Leni's room.]

    Luan: "And finally, the motion to ration shampoo due to chronic shortages passed. By a hair!" [laughs as her siblings groan at her joke.]

    Me: [Laughs] Good one, Luan.

    Lori: "So, the minutes from our last meeting are approved." [bangs shoe on Leni's sewing table like a gavel.] "Any new business?" [Lincoln raises his hand.] "Anyone? Anyone? No one?"

    Lincoln: [agitated] "Lori!"

    Lori: "I'm just messing with you. Lincoln has the floor."

    Lincoln: "As you all know, our annual trip to Scratchy Bottom Campgrounds is quickly approaching."

    [The girls groan]

    Lynn: "That place is the worst. Bears always steal our food."

    [Lily roars like a bear]

    Leni: "And we have to sleep on the hard ground!" …

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  • Chanyhuman

    The fallowing is a genderbent version of Stage Plight.


    [At Royal Woods High School, Lane goes to his locker, opens it, looks in the mirror inside and sees Betty getting stuff from her locker, he stares at her with a passionate look.]

    Ms. Coconuts: "Hey, who's the dream boat, hunk? You're looking at him the way I look at a fresh coat of varnish."

    Lane: *Covering her mouth* "Shh. That's Betty, the girl I've been telling you about, but it's hopeless. How can I get to know her better if we never spend any time together?"

    Ms. Coconuts: "I may be a dummy, but it seems to me if you want to spend some time with her, try talking, not gawking."

    Lane: "I know, but the only class we have together is Advanced Mime. I can't exactly talk to her then." *S…

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    Special thanks to Harvey Beaks Number 1 Fan for helping me.

    (One day, I am seen arriving at the Loud house)

    Me: (To the viewers) Hey, guys. Today, I'm visiting the Louds. I can't wait to hang out with them. Especially with my favorite Loud sister.

    (I knock on the door. Lincoln opens the door)

Lincoln: Hi, Cris!

    Me: Hey, Lincoln! I came to hang out!

    Lincoln: Alright! Well, come in!

(I enters the house)

    Me: (Sees Lori) Hey, Lori!

    Lori: Hi, Cris! What’s up?

    Me: It's all good! So what should we do first?

    Lori: I guess we can talk about something.

    Me: Sure. (Chuckles) You wouldn't believe what happened while I was working in the cafeteria. I was serving lasagna when all of a sudden, I slipped on some spilled milk, and that lasagna landed on …

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  • SpongebobAndGumballFanatic

    This story is a SpongeBob reference to the special: Whatever Happended to SpongeBob! If you have problems of the EP that's ok

    [episode begins at The Loud House at night. Lincoln's Alarm goes off

    ​​​​Lincoln: Ahh! A morning in the Loud House, Good Morning, Mr.Mailman.

    Mailman: Morning, Lincoln!, Ah it is a good morning isn't it. (He crashes in the sky)) AH! (explosion)

    Montage of his family calling him Idiot Loud

    Lincoln: Royal Woods Population 20,000 (he writes a 19,999) minus 1 Goodbye Loud Family. Goodbye Royal Woods.

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  • SpongebobAndGumballFanatic



    Leni: Linky! We do care and love yiu!.

    Lincoln: (livid) NO YOU DONT!


    All Sisters: Yeah!

    Luna: Why not pack your stuff, you bad luck jinx and leave! We never want to …

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  • 1 loud house fan

    Leni: how bad can it be 

    lori: hey le OH MY! what happened to you 

    lisa: leni ate my power gum and turn into a blueberry 

    leni: maybe I go outside Woha


    leni: AHHHHHHH 

    guy: huh

    sid: what was that 

    ronne: it was a roiling blue ball 

    me: yeah look like it 


    Leni: Owwwww 💫 

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  • Curious Poker Chip

    I have added another chapter to my epic saga, lol.

    I hope you guys enjoy it!

    Fanfiction link

    Wattpad link

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  • 1 loud house fan

    Leni: hey Lisa what you doing 

    Lisa:makeing some 

    leni: is that gum

    lisa: no it not just gum it power gum

    leni: look good 

    lisa: don’t Touch it it untested

    And you ate it 

    leni: that my hair is blue 

    lisa: oh no 

    leni growing 

    leni: Ahh what happens to me 

    lisa: that why you don’t eat that 

    leni: i don’t to be a blue thingy 

    lisa: don’t worry I make a cure 

    to be conde 

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  • Ninjakingofhearts

    Lincoln:What you guys want to introduce me to your friends?

    Lisa:Correct brother since Lori took you to the mall and you met her friends we would like to do the same thing.

    Lucy:That’s right Lincoln.

    Lincoln and everyone jumped in fright as Lucy appeared and a pipe organ played.

    Lana:Lucy can you please not sneak up on us like that!?

    Lisa:So what do you say?

    Lincoln:Well why not?

    Lola:You’ll love meeting my friends Linky.

    Luna:Sam is looking forward to meet you.


    Lisa:I'll start first then Lola will go second, Then Lana, Lucy, Lynn, Luan, Luna and finally Leni.

    Lincoln:That’s fair Great order.

    Lori:Looks like you're gonna have a blast.

    Lincoln:I sure am Lori.

    Lisa:Starting tomorrow you get to meet Darcy and all my classmates.

    Lincoln:All rig…

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  • The Last of the Mohicans

    Which Loud sibling do you despise the most?

    --Mohicans ☆ Mahalo~! 21:48, July 9, 2019 (UTC)

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  • 1 loud house fan

    When you think worry mom will come out I think In 10/5 

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  • SidneyGaming101


    (Cuts to the hallway)

    (Some lights are flickering. The camera pans down to a door. After a few moments, A man in a brown coat bursts through the door, Running behind, An alarm is sounding. Cut to him running through hallways. Lasers come out and jumps out the lasers. He eventually reaches an elevator and frantically pushes the button. The elevator begins coming down. He looks back down the hallway and then goes back to pushing the button. The Elevator house dings and opens. He gets in and pushes the button inside of an elevator. He stands for a moment,breathing heavily. A low growling is heard above him. He looks up and the growling grows louder. As the elevator doors, he screams and is pulled upwards)



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  • MrTyeDye

    [Part 1]

    [Part 2]

    [Part 3]

    [Part 4]

    [Part 5]

    There were two items on Lana's agenda for the following day. The first? Reconcile with Hops. Lana took her amphibious friend out of his terrarium and apologized for her behavior, assuring him that he wouldn't have to be afraid of her anymore. Hops, while apprehensive at first, heard her out; once she was done, he gave her a lick on the nose, signifying that all was forgiven.

    The second? Go downstairs to the basement and start working out.

    As sorry as she was for stealing from Lisa and bullying her family, Lana did like being big and strong, and she wanted to maintain at least some of that. Granted, as Lisa explained the previous day, a physique like hers would be nigh-impossible to sustain without the …

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  • Thunderthethee

    Hey everyone! Today im gonna show you my fav characters in tlh. I was just gonna make a fanfic but i want to do this.. here it is

    1)Leni loud                                                                                                     i do really love leni . She's kind,beautiful and pretty! I really love her! Hope we can see episodes about leni...

    2)Lana loud                                                                                                    She maybe dirty but atleast she's kinder than her twin sister. She sometimes make me happy. I love her and hopefully we can see her again.

    3)Luna loud                                                                                                    Ah. I put her in three why? Cause …

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  • Maplacher1012

    (The time police took Lincoln, Lori, Lynn, Lana, Lola, and Lisa to time court)

    Time judge: Let's see. WHAT?!?!?! INVENTING SPEARS BEFORE THE DAY THEY WERE?!?!?!?! You people are the same. I sentence the six of you to one eternity in a maximum security time prison! (Hammers his gavel) Take them away!


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  • Thunderthethee

    Hey everyone! Yep! As the title says. I want you to meet my OC.Matthew! Yep! I want to make the oc for soooo long! Here-s the profile!

    First episode:Welcome to the royal woods!                                             Voice:Me                                                                                                        Inspiration:Me                                                                                             Full name:Matthew Shapiro                                                                       Other Name:Matt.Twerp.Dude.2nd Bro. Swag Matt.Matty..2nd Son.Natty.Bweh.Loser.Second Elder Brother.Brah                                   Age:12                                                                      …

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  • InklingBear


    It's a very timid warm Saturday morning down in the great neighborhood of Royal Woods. The sun arises as the clouds start to set in the scene. Every single sibling of the Loud residence was still sound asleep as their father was awake, escorting himself to the kitchen to make a huge breakfast for the whole family. Confident, he hopes he'll once again give everyone a big surprise.

    As for Cliff, Geo, and Walt on the other hand, or paw in this case, they were also still sound asleep along with the rest of the family. But, what about Charles? It turns out he had a little something going on in his pooch pen. After dusting himself off for a brief moment, he turned to the reader with a gaping yawn. He was rather happy, gazing upon the reader…

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  • SidneyGaming101

    (It Starts with Me and my friends riding a bike)

    Sarah(riding a bike):So we're we going Sidney?

    Me(riding a bike):Well,you know the disapperance of Will Byers?

    Max(Riding a bike):Who's Will Byers?

    (We get out of our bikes)

    Me:We'll find out when we...

    (It black screens)

    Me:get us some group


    Coming Soon.....

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  • Thunderthethee

    Im joining!

    July 6, 2019 by Thunderthethee

    Hey everybody!! Yup! As the title says. Im joing the fandom!! And yes Teh encyclopedia too! I hope im NOT Leave the fandom.

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  • TheMaximumMatt

    Guess what today is...

    Yep! It's my birthday! :)

    EDIT: Thank you to everyone for wishing me a happy birthday! :)

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  • Chanyhuman

    The fallowing is a Genderbent version of Space Invader


    [The Boys are all in the bathroom getting ready to go to bed, while making it pretty crowded to be honest; Loni is brushing his hair, Lane is flossing his teeth, Lexx and Leif are brushing theirs, Leon is taking a little bath in the sink, Loki is applying dots of ointment on her face, Luke is rubbing some purple facial cream to treat acne (maybe), Lars and Lynn are fighting over the toothpaste, and Levi is writing down notes for some reason.]

    Luke: *singing* "♫I'm washing' my face, 'cause it makes me feel so beautifu. .♫"

    Lane: *gets floss stuck in his braces* "Hey, look! I'm at a floss for words!" *laughs*

    Loni: "I brush my hair exactly 50 times a night to keep it gorgeous. 34...35..…

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  • AlexKawa

    Hi everyone. So, this is something I've been thinking about. We know that the Casagrandes live in a different state than the Louds, but which state is it? I’m here to answer that question. So, without further ado, let’s do it.

    First of all, we know the Casagrandes live in Great Lakes City, so the state must be a Great Lakes state. This rules out every state except:

    • Illinois
    • Indiana
    • Minnesota
    • New York
    • Ohio
    • Pennsylvania
    • Wisconsin

    While Michigan would be listed here, like I said, the Casagrandes and the Louds live in different states, so it’s obviously out.

    The next clue is that the two families live three hours apart. So, I went ahead and calculated the distance between Royal Oak, Michigan (which is what Royal Woods is named after, not to mention, it’…

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  • LampLoudTheThird

    Hi there, bros and dudes.

    After Lola got her turn, Lana can't wait to participate in this project too. This time I will upload images of Lana as she appears in Welcome to the Loud House. Bring your pet frog and join the fun!

    Be sure to check my blog for the progress, Lucy will be next.

    Thank you for reading and stay cool! -LampLoudTheThird

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  • Smile159


    (In the white background, Joe is juggling and I appear with the remote)

    Me: Hello. I can show you the remote while my little brother juggle 6 cereal bowls. If he drop one, he'll loose one.

    Joe: Which it why I'm gonna juggle carefully. 6 Cereal Bowl! Oops! (cereal bowl break) 5 cereal bowl.

    Me: This one can be the fast foward.

    (Joe speaking fast)

    Joe: 5 Cereal Bowl! Oops! (cereal bowl break) 4 cereal bowl.

    Me: Pause! Rewind.

    (Joe speaking backward)

    Me: Pause! Slow motion.

    (Joe speaking in slow mo)

    Me: What this button for?

    (The background routate which it cause the cereal bowls break)

    Joe: Oh no!

    Me: That's the rotate button. Sorry. Would you like to try? Here you go. Okay Joe. Juggle one, two, three, four cereal bowls.

    Joe: Thank you!

    Me: How ab…

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  • Wikiatastic

    I’m personally a fan of both!

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  • Ninjakingofhearts

    It's was going to be another day for Lincoln putting the squriel suit one.

    Lynn Sr:Son we need you in your the suit on.

    Lincoln:Yes dad...*But what his gets the suit he stops for a momment.*

    Lori:Well Lincolb we're waiting.

    Lincoln:*Lincoln looks at his family at the momment then looks at the squirel suit until...*:AAAUUUUGGGHHHH*Ripping the squirrel suit.*I

    Lynn Sr and Lori:*GASP!*

    Lincoln:IT A  SQUIRREL RUG!!!!*Laughing crazy.*

    Lynn Sr:Lincoln what are you doing son!?

    Lincoln:*Throws the shredded pieces in the air while laughing crazy.*

    Lori:What's literally gotten into you? clean up this mess now!

    Lincoln:Sure thing!*But he just have Luna's axe and Lynn Jr's bat and start swinging around with them.*YEHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    • Luna hides in her room holding L…

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  • LampLoudTheThird

    Hi there, bros and dudes.

    Three siblings done, and now I am uploading images of one of the Loud twins, Lola as she appears in Welcome to the Loud House! As she says "Beauty before age.", she will be uploaded first, followed by her twin sister Lana.

    Be sure to check my blog for the progress, Lana will be next.

    Thank you for reading and stay cool! -LampLoudTheThird

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  • InklingBear

    It's summertime, and new stories are on the way all during July, here on the Encyclopedia and! 

    Publish Date Title Synopsis
    7/6 Charles' Purpose Charles retells the events on how he wanted to have one thing in his life - a family.
    7/13 Bait and Switch Charles and Cliff test themselves on who's lives are more interesting by imitating each other.
    7/20 If It Ain't Broke...

    The pets develop a fear of being unable to have a family, and tries to avoid anything provoking it.

    7/27 Ailalophobia While visiting the Casagrandes for the day, Cliff attempts to help Lalo with his fear of street cats. Read more >
  • SidneyGaming101

    Hello Everyone!

    June 28, 2019 by SidneyGaming101

    Hey guys,my name is Sidney and i am 13 years old i really want to be friends with you all and I hope you will be friends with me

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  • FreeSpirit98

    So yeah, this is a blog detailing the difference between Discord and the Wikia chat.

    • More flexibility on the topics of discussion. The biggest difference between the Discord chatroom and the Wikia chatroom is that the Discord chatroom provides more channels where users can discuss about a subject in depth where in the Wikia chat, if few people are chatting about one discussion but a user want to discuss about a different, they would have to wait until when a discussion dies down to not be marked an "offtopic offense". A channel about discussing about games? We have one. A channel discussing about sharing artworks? There's another channel for it as well. Especially, there's a channel for spoilers about the new episodes which you can easily a…

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  • 1 loud house fan


    June 28, 2019 by 1 loud house fan

    Ronne annie look soooooo cute when she was little don’t you agree 

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  • LoudHousefanon144

    Richard Lincoln McCarthy Loud III is a supporting character of The Loud House.

    At 11 years old, Richard is the middle child and only son of Loud Industries Chairman and CEO Lucio Loud and socialite Margaret Loud. Richard is named after his grandfather, Richard Loud Jr. He is the heir apparent to Loud Industries. Richard also happens to be a godbrother of Bobby and Ronnie Anne Santiago. Richard is one of the wealthy members of the Loud family and is mostly of Irish descent with some English, French, Greek, and Italian ancestry.

    Richard is a charismatic, and enthusiastic young boy like Loud Lincoln Loud yet very sophisticated and well mannered. Like his older sister, Lucia, and their eighth cousin, Loud Lynn Loud, Richard is also athletic and co…

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  • LampLoudTheThird

    Hi there, bros and dudes.

    Before I begin, I am sorry for the delay in this project. Now withour further ado, I present to you Lisa as she appears in Welcome to the Loud House game. Look out, Lincoln and Lily! 'Cause the talented toddler of the Loud House is here!

    Be sure to check my blog for the progress, Lola will be next.

    Thank you for reading and stay cool! -LampLoudTheThird

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  • Doralover2024


    June 27, 2019 by Doralover2024

    How do I upload an avatar

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  • PenBird2000


    June 26, 2019 by PenBird2000

    Hello, there.

    My decision is to leaving the wiki 'cuz it's not interesting anymore, lacks charm and it's tasteless. Also, I don't feel like I'm watching this show (only when these new episodes will premier on Nick CEE, I might see it).

    That's all am I saying. I might come back when it's funny or it's intriguing.

    Do you feel like which season lacks its charm?

    Comments below before it's too late. (06/26/2019 9:00AM)

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  • 1 loud house fan

    I’m back

    June 25, 2019 by 1 loud house fan

    I’m unblock now did you miss me 

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  • Frischanimations

    I thought of a Loud House + Simpsons crossover.

    Bart is writing on the chalkboard. This time, the gag is: "We have never crossed over with a TV show by Nick... Until now"

    Then Lisa is playing a tune similar to The Loud House.

    And the couch gag is: The Loud kids and the parents are sitting on the couch, and Marge decides to sit in front of the couch.

    The opening credits play, like normal.

    We shall see what we can do... In roleplay.

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  • Bagelandbeckyfan5

    The Following is a Genderbent Version of “Center of Chaos”. It had to be done.

    [The hallway, Wilma tweets. Loki opens his room door.]
    Loki: "Morning, Wilma. Okay, guys! Up and at 'em! I want everyone by the front door and ready for school in 20 minutes, or you are walking!"
    [Loki closes the bathroom door, Lars opens his door.]
    Lars: "Ohm. The spirits are telling me that this morning will end with a rude awakening."
    [Chris comes out of the room and sleeps in the hallway]
    Lynn: [Bouncing his soccer ball on his head] "We already got a rude awakening, and his name is Loki!" [to the audience] "Heads up!" [She kicks the soccer ball downstairs] "Goooooal!"
    [Loki opens the bathroom door with his bathrobe and towel on.]
    Loki: "15 minutes, guys!"
    Luke: [Come…

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    Hey, everyone! I heard many of you hated the episode, Ruthless People. You were all probably disappointed with what happened in that episode, huh? How do you think it should be improved? How would you make your own version? What do you think should've happened in it? And who's knows? Maybe I might make a version that you might find even better.

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