Discofurby Discofurby 11 hours ago

Rhyming Recaps: Cow Pie Kid

Lynn was playing baseball and she lost the game.

She said, "We keep losing. As cap, I'm to blame."

She got a pep talk from her old man,

And off to the farmyard he drove the van.

He bought some eggs, and then Liam threw cow pie,

To help fuel a tractor belonging to a guy.

Lynn said, "Amazing! You know how to throw!",

And tried to train him to play sports like a pro.

He threw the ball but missed it by a mile.

But he got the next one and gave a big smile.

At the game, Liam produced a big win.

"We'll need you to pitch every game," said young Lynn.

This worked at first, but it gave his arm pain,

And that, in turn, caused his talent to wane.

Lisa tried helping, but her tech did squat.

Lucy helped though, with the potion she's got.

But just when things seemed to …

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Discofurby Discofurby 21 hours ago

The Dead Console

This is a parody of the famous "Dead Parrot Sketch" by Monty Python, requested by the same guy who requested The Fox and the Hunt Saboteur and The Marty Malach Mystery.

It was an ordinary day at Mr. Ryan's store, which sold video games, televisions, and similar things.

He was busy cleaning his counter, when in walked a twelve-year-old boy with white hair and an orange polo shirt.

It was, of course, Lincoln Loud, and he was carrying a box.

"Hello," he said, "I'd like to make a complaint."

Mr. Ryan, however, was too preoccupied with his cleaning, so Lincoln tried again: "Hello, Mr. Riley?"

"Uh, it's Ryan," said Mr. Ryan.

"Oh, I'm sorry," said Lincoln, "Rusty must have gotten the name wrong. I wish to make a complaint."

"We're closing for lunch," said Mr…

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Antisocial64 Antisocial64 1 day ago

If the Louds were in Fortune Street

Hey, everyone! I've been on a weird little kick for Dragon Quest lately, so I figured why not cross it over with my favourite Nicktoon! ...Well, technically it's a crossover with a crossover. We're putting the Loud siblings into the Dragon Quest/Mario crossover game Fortune Street!

There'll be four quotes from Dragon Quest series boards and four from Mario series boards.

"So this is the place to switch up my vocation, huh? Sounds like fun! ...Wait, what do you mean there's not a Rock Star class?" - Luna talking about Alltrades Abbey

"You know, I'd love to meet this 'Legendary Hero' hotshot. Hmph, like he could be cooler than Rowdy McQuads!" - Lynn talking about Alefgard

"Bowser's the last guy I'd hire to decorate my castle... I hope he doesn't…

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Starkstar502 Starkstar502 2 days ago

Fanfiction: Louds of Two Worlds

A/N: This is a sequel to ”One of the Boys”, but this isn’t a direct sequel, this  takes place in season 4.

(It was peaceful morning, Lisa is in her room and tinkering with the same watch that Lincoln broke. Lisa finishes a screwing in the last bulk and finally, the watch is finished.)

Lisa Loud: There, that should do it.

(She walked out from her room and walk straight downstairs to the living room where her sisters are watching TV. Lisa goes over to her sisters.)

Lisa Loud:Siblings, May I have your attention please?

Lori Loud:(sighs)Fine,(picks up the remote and turns off the TV)What do you want?

Lisa walks over to the TV, with her back to her siblings and her hands behind her back.

Lisa Loud:I have a question for all of you. (turns her head back…

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JKC14 JKC14 2 days ago

What were your thoughts on “Cow Pie Kid; Saved by the Spell” and “The Kid Plays in the Picture; Achy Breaky Art

I know this is late, but I haven’t been on here in awhile. If you see this blog post, comment on it now! And I kinda hate that article commenting is gone. D*** you, admins! I kinda missed the few seconds of Cow Pie Kid because my dad had to talk to me. Man, I god d*** f***ing hate my dad! The reason why this is late is because I had dinner and my personal space was invaded. So anyway, here are my reviews.

”Cow Pie Kid:” 5 stars out of 5 stars.

“Saved by the Spell:” 5 stars out of 5 stars.

“The Kid Plays in the Picture:” 5 stars out of 5 stars.

”Achy Breaky Art:” 5 stars out of 5 stars.

If you see this blog post, COMMENT ON IT NOW!!!!

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Iwasorderedmortal Iwasorderedmortal 3 days ago

A joke fanfic.

This is a joke fanfic (even though it’s not funny) so nobody in the comments think is a real fanfic that I just pulled out of my butt. So there will be a few grammar errors, mean-spirited stuff and some other crap, so I’m fine with you guys saying mean stuff in the comments and saying this is bad. Oh, and this will use the 5 nice sisters and 5 mean sisters thing. Anyways, let’s go on with the show!

(starts off with Lincoln walking in the hallway when he accidentally bumped to Lori with her phone. And when we bumped in to her, her phone dropped and cracked the screen)

Lincoln: Oh my god, Lori! I’m so sorry!

Lori: NNOO!!! My phone!

(Lori angrily gets up and slaps Lincoln in the face)

Lori: UGH!!!!! I hate you so much Lincoln!!! This is why Mom …

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Starkstar502 Starkstar502 6 days ago

Fanfiction: One Small Linc- Ch2. Little in the Loud House

Chapter 1

We go back to the Loud House where we see the sisters watching the news on accident that science convention. All the sisters except Lisa had worried and perturbed looks on their faces. Then We hear sound of the door opening.

"Kids! We're home!" Rita called

The sisters darted over to the front and they came face to face with Rita, Lynn Sr. and Lisa.

"Now, I know you were all worried about Lincoln and what happened when he was at the convention" Rita said "But don't worry, Lisa found him."

Lisa took her small brother out of her pocket and the rest of the sisters gasped in surprised upon seeing Lincoln this way. But then their shock turns to astonishment.

"Awwww" Lana and Lola cooed in unison.

"So...adorable." Lucy said in a stoic voice.


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Discofurby Discofurby 7 days ago

Luan is Unpranked

This is a parody of the Winnie-the-Pooh story "Tigger is Unbounced". I don't own The Loud House or Winnie-the-Pooh.

One day, Lori and Lana were sitting outside Lori and Leni's bedroom door listening to Lori, and Leni was sitting with them. It was a drowsy summer afternoon, and the neighbourhood was full of gentle sounds which seemed to be saying to Leni, "Don't listen to Lori, listen to me." So, she got into a comfortable position for not listening to Lori, and from time to time she opened her eyes to say, "Ah", and then closed them again to say, "True," and from time to time Lori said, "You see what I mean, Lana?" very earnestly, and Lana nodded in an equally earnest way to show that she did.

"In fact," said Lori, coming to the end of it at last…

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Metool Bard Metool Bard 8 days ago

Fanfiction: Zoo Coup Riot (Chapter 4)

I decided against telling my family about the investigation.  Oh, I still vented about the horrible day I had, and I did bring up meeting Sid’s old friends and our plans for tomorrow.  But I don’t want them to get involved with Sid’s whole thing just yet.  Mainly because, well, I don’t know what’s going on.  There’s still a chance Sid and I are freaking out over nothing, and getting my family involved in that will just make things worse.  Once we know exactly what we’re dealing with, I’ll let them know everything.  I promise.

The next morning, I got up a bit earlier than usual just to get a jump start on the day.  When I opened my door, I saw Carl reaching for the doorknob, still in his jammies.  When he noticed me, he froze dead in his tra…

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SusanPlayz Wiki SusanPlayz Wiki 9 days ago

Fanon Characters

Kately Is The Main Protagonist Of The Roshlers.

She is a young asian 6-year-old with brown hair and like all characters, black eyes, also she wears a shirt with a pink base and a white trim. she wears black mary janes with white socks and a sapphire blue skirt.

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Takora06 Takora06 9 days ago

Episode Idea Dump

Peddle to the Metal- Leni, Luna and Luan set up competing businesses at school but competition gets heated when Mayor Davis comes to visit.

The Waffle House- When Lynn Sr.’s resturaunt

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Starkstar502 Starkstar502 10 days ago

Fanfiction: One Small Linc- Ch1. Honey, I Shrunk My Brother!

(A/N: I was inspired by Shrinkin’ Lincoln by MrTyeDye, but the one thing, I wanted out of that story was for All of the sisters to take care of Lincoln. Not just the younger sisters but the older sisters too. So, I decided to my own take on a Tiny Lincoln story. I hope you enjoy.)

It was the early afternoon and We see Lincoln coming out of his room, playing with his yo-yo or he calls it, “Walking The Dog”.As. Lincoln was playing with yo-yo. he turns the viewers.

“If in a small family and you’re a child, you’re only one thing but if you’re in a big family and you’re middle child of 10 sisters, you’re two things.” Lincoln said.

“For me, I’m two things and What are those things, you may ask? Well I’m both a Little brother and Big Brother. Now th…

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SilverStar50^W^ SilverStar50^W^ 10 days ago

Hello everyone

I should have made this blog earlier..... ^^;

But, just a hello to everyone! Below are some facts about me just for fun UwU

  1. fave color: Blue
  2. fave TLH character: Lincoln, Luan and Leni.
  3. fave Casagrandes Character: Ronnie Anne
  4. fave show: Loud House/Gumball
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Discofurby Discofurby 11 days ago

It's Not a Date review

This is another one of those reviews that this one user has been requesting of me a lot lately. It's about It's Not a Date by Superdimento77.

First off, everyone seems to be in-character. Except, perhaps, for Rita being the chef instead of Lynn Sr., but that's pretty minor.

The comedy is also funny; I like the part where Clyde wonders if zombies are Lincoln's problem and Leni considering dressing Lincoln in drag. The sisters disguising themselves as waitresses, etc. was also laugh-out-loud hilarious and something I could totally imagine in the show.

The problem itself is very plausible and relatable too; I can only imagine how awkward it must be being mistaken for dating someone. I guess that aspect is slightly nullified by him having feelings …

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Discofurby Discofurby 14 days ago

Happy Birthday Two You, Part 5- The Fifth Birthday

Hi, Loud Crowd! This is the last chapter of Happy Birthday Two You, and I also have a lot of other stories planned. In the future, you can look forward to:

  • More Winnie-the-Pooh parodies.
  • A parody of the Dead Parrot Sketch, with Lincoln as the protagonist and featuring a broken-down console in place of the parrot. (requested)
  • A parody of the Little Princess episode "What's Wrong with Gilbert?", titled "What's Wrong with Charles".
  • Two stories based on the beginning of The Marty Malach Mystery, and sequels to "Overnight Success", one about Lily, Luan, and Dominic bonding and the other about Lana, El Diablo, and Artie bonding.
  • The events of my story "The Fox and the Hunt Saboteur" and the episode "The Price of Admission" from Leni's perspective.
  • The event…
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VN-GO1998 VN-GO1998 16 days ago

Little Loud in the House

Hello VN-GO1998 here, this will be my 1st attempt at a fanfiction if it I get good reviews, I might do more in the future. This will be a flashback story involving the girl's preperation for Lincoln's birth and competing for their parent's love. I'm very nervous as this is my first fanfic so I hope you guys enjoy!

It was a sunny day in Royal Woods, Michigan. Over in 1216 Franklin Avenue known as the Loud residence, lived Lynn Sr., Rita and their 5 daughters (at the time) Lori (6), Leni (5), Luna (4), Luan (3) and Lynn Jr (1½).

The story begins with Lynn Sr. and Rita in the livingroom they both had returned from the doctor with some shocking and exciting news.

"I can't believe it" said Lynn crying tears of joy. "We're having another baby! Our …

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Mattia Movies Mattia Movies 16 days ago

Another episode idea

The Beach frenzy (don't confuse about Ren and Stimpy adult Party cartoon's episode) - Luan and her friends (espieccialy Benny, Shannon and the full Theatre club students) went to beach, it was perfect untill arrives Leni, Luan is worry because she thinks Leni makes mess and ruin the day.

you like it?

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Discofurby Discofurby 18 days ago

The Boy Who Cried Idiot review

This is another one of those reviews that I've been asked to do a lot lately. This time it's The Boy Who Cried Idiot by someone anonymous..

Well, first off, I think Lincoln saying that Martin should be in first grade and fighting with him is OOC. Sure, he's not perfect, but he's more patient and diplomatic than that generally, and he lives with Leni, who's much dumber than this Martin character. I also don't think that being wrongly accused of something at school would be enough to make him cry.

Also, why would Mrs. Johnson think Lincoln bit his book? That doesn't seem like something a human would do. The raccoon scene does seem like something out of the show, I'll give it that, but Mrs. J thinking a human did it is odd. Not to mention Rita an…

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Maplacher1012 Maplacher1012 19 days ago

Loud Revenge (Sequal to Cover Girls)

(It's been a week since the loud kids had a bad day. They're sitting on the couch watching T.V. when Lynn Sr. comes in.)

Lynn Sr.: Hey, kids, guess what. I'm entering a cake baking contest in Royal Woods. If I win this year, it will be my 10th year in a row. Plus, I win a vacation for your mother and me to enjoy alone. I can't wait to prep the cake tomorrow.

(Suddenly, Lori gets an idea. Later that night, the kids are in Lori and Leni's room having a meeting)

Lori: Okay, guys, you all know why we're here. Mom and Dad have ruined our activities. My date with Bobby was a fiasco, but luckily he believed me and gave me the necklace he was going to give me.

Leni: I wasn't aloud in the mall!

Luna: I had to re-string my guitar!

Luan: Everyone at my com…

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Discofurby Discofurby 19 days ago

Happy Birthday Two You, Part 4- The Fourth Birthday

So sorry for the lack of update. I honestly thought Monday was Sunday, then on Tuesday it was all glitchy. I'll post the fifth chapter next Monday; I hope that's allowed.

"Happy birthday!", said everybody in unison to the twins, who were turning four.

Lynn Sr. was wearing his "funny" tie, and he was standing there with Rita, Lori (15), Leni (14), Luna (13), Luan (twelve), Lynn (eleven), Lincoln (who would be nine in two weeks), Lucy (who would be six in a few months), and Lisa (who would be two next month).

As Lola promised last year, they would be going to Dairyland, so they got dressed and put on their party hats that they'd saved from last year.

Breakfast was a fruit salad and some scrambled eggs, with a cup of cocoa each, and then, as per …

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Mrizidis Mrizidis 20 days ago

I'm new here

Now i know i haven't talk about this before but i feel like it's time i say it

i'm new here and i am starting to like the Loud House since it is a very funny cartoon

so i might take a while adjusting but i will be able to do nicely in this fandom of the Loud House

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Nurse Puppo Nurse Puppo 21 days ago

Senior Moment review

Hello again i'm back with another loud house review and this was one I forgot to check out back when I was doing my season 4 episode reviews and I feel bad I missed it cos this one sounded good, the episode in question is Senior Moment and it's another Lori centered episode, so this is my honest thought on the episode.

I love Lori centered episodes (except for No Guts No Glori which was a walking disaster waiting to happen!) and this one brought back Carol Pingrey who is one of the lesser known characters who i like a lot, the episode was kinda average but not terrible, there was a few moments i liked including when Lori plunged into a freezing cold lake only to almost freeze and then ended up getting chomped on the foot by a snapper turtle…

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Starkstar502 Starkstar502 21 days ago

Fanfiction: Saints Alive

Plot Summary:Lincoln gets a new classmate who has a crush on him and so sees him as a saint and berates the sisters for being "mean" to him

Author’s note:This is a deconstruction fic of the St.Lincoln trope. I’m also aware of the changes in season 5, I’m just treating my fanfics like the Loud House comics where some events set before that happen in the show like for example, the comic, Who’s the Loudest was released after Season 5 premiere.

We start at Royal Woods Elementary and We hear the sound of a bell ringing. We cut to a “Student Exchange Program” flyer and Lincoln signed his name.

Lincoln:(To the viewers)Today’s the Student Exchange Program and just like Clyde, I’m gonna have new friend from another country staying with me for the two …

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Metool Bard Metool Bard 22 days ago

Fanfiction: Zoo Coup Riot (Chapter 3)

Normally, when Sid and I get to our building after school, we go our separate ways and head back to our own apartments.  Today, however, I think it’s best that I stick with Sid for this one.  I could tell she was still nervous about talking about all of this crazy stuff with her mom, and that she needed all the support she could get.  I shot Abuela a quick text to let her know that I was gonna be a little late getting home.  My family can get a little overprotective sometimes, so it’s best not to give them a reason to worry.

We got to Sid’s front door, and Sid took a few deep breaths.

“It’s alright.  I’m right here with ya,” I said, placing an arm around Sid’s shoulder.

Sid turned to me and smiled. “Thanks, buddy.  Okay, let’s do this.” …

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Ejulia14 Ejulia14 22 days ago

Cow Pie Kid leaked!

It's real, go check it out


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David Behn David Behn 22 days ago

The Loud House's 5th anniversary to be similarities the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Lincoln celebrates the big day, a live-action detective who hating the cartoons, but he accused of murder, try to find the real evildoer.

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Kung Fu Panda: The Ultimate Legendary War! Chapter 2: Morning Routine

Sorry for the long wait, everyone. But here it is! Chapter 2 of my fanfic!

(The story begun in Earth. Down here, is a town called.... Royal Woods. Through the suburbs, we see a large house while a van leaves.)

(We see the van, called Vanzilla. The van arrived at Royal Woods Mall, when a boy appears, named Lincoln Loud.)

Lincoln Loud: Today's the day at the mall. They had some armoured robots in the convention.

(Then, we see Lincoln's oldest sister named Lori Loud.)

Lori Loud: This is literally totes good!

(Then, comes Lincoln's blonde sister named Leni Loud.)

Leni Loud: OM Gosh! The mall has a new convention!!

(Then, comes Lincoln's rock sister named Luna Loud, holding a 15 months old sister named Lily Loud.)

Luna Loud: Wow! This rocks!

Lily Loud: R…

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Nurse Puppo Nurse Puppo 30 December 2020

A Flipmas Carol review

Appologies for the delay on this review but i'd been busy the time it came out so I never had time to swing round and review the episode, but now I can finally give my honest opinion on this brand new christmas special!

I love the Christmas Carol story and i've seen many renditions on the story, i've seen The Muppets, Scrooge McDuck and even Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends do episodes based on A Christmas Carol and finally it's The Loud House's turn! it was pretty cool to see Lisa as the ghost of the past, Lincoln and Clyde as the ghosts of the present and Lucy as the ghost of the future, and I was happy to see Flip had a huge turn of heart and changed from his greedy ways just like Scrooge in the Christmas Carol story!

The big question w…

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Discofurby Discofurby 30 December 2020

Anger Management review

This is a review of the relatively well-known fanfic Anger Management by a user with the intimidating username SoI'llKillYou.

Now, this story is pretty bad in my opinion, but it isn't a total piece of trash.

One positive thing about it was that it didn't really have any cliches besides "Lynn is mean", and most of the characters are in-character; it really captured Lincoln's nerdiness and Lori's no-nonsense personality.

However, not everyone is in-character. Namely, I feel that both Lynns, and to a lesser extent, Lincoln, are OOC, and that's the major flaw this story has.

I'll start with Lincoln. While, as I said, his nerdiness is portrayed very well with him being keen to go to the convention, and his strategic, determined personality is in its …

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Discofurby Discofurby 27 December 2020

Happy Birthday Two You, Part 3- The Third Birthday

Hi there. I hope you enjoy the third chapter of Happy Birthday Two You. Mary is from "Sitting Bull", but the other girls I just made up.

"Happy birthday!", said everyone in unison to the Loud twins, who were turning three.

The twins awoke, and began to change into their new outfits that Lola had picked out specifically for that day.

Both of them wore gold crowns, poofy-sleeved dresses, sashes, and gloves-- Lana's was teal and Lola's was pink.

Then, Lori, who was fourteen, took a photo. Lola proudly put one hand on her hip and smiled widely, but Lana frowned.

"It's not fair," said Lana, "Lola chose a princess party even though I hate princesses."

"Sorry, Lana," said Lynn Sr., "But you asked for a party with a live lion and that's impossible."

"Tell …

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Metool Bard Metool Bard 26 December 2020

Fanfiction: Robots in the Ring (Secret Santa 2020)

This is a little something I whipped up for the Loud Cast's Secret Santa, and I really lucked out on my prompt. I've been dying to do a story involving Lunatic Lynn and the Casagrandes, and the prompt allowed me to do just that. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this fluffy little fan episode:

Plot Summary: Threatened by the Lisa's speculation about robotic athletes, Lynn challenges Sid's robot to a Lucha Libre match.

[We open in the Loud House living room.  Lincoln and Lisa are sitting on the couch with a laptop between them.  On the laptop is what appears to be a wrestling match between two homemade robots.]

Commentator: Hoo boy!  It looks like Sid’s Breakfast Bot is in trouble!  Can she find a way out of Torcaballo’s Horse Horn Headlock?!


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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 26 December 2020

Happy Boxing Day

I know that today isn't Christmas but I'm still in a christmasy mood because of the month of December and also trying to stay positive when this year clearly hasn't been one of the better years because the world basically stopped in 2020 due to the pandemic and I hope that 2021 is a better year. Well on the bright side, there's going to be new episodes of The Loud House and The Casagrandes in 2021 so that's good at least

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 25 December 2020

Merry Christmas Everyone

It's finally Christmas and I can't wait to spend the day with family and just having a very relaxed day today. It's going to be a good day today and I hope that everyone has a wonderful day

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DestinyImhiavan DestinyImhiavan 24 December 2020

My Top 10 Most Loved TLH Episodes

10. Along Came a Spider

9. White Hare

8. 11 Louds a Leapin'

7. TLM: Reletive Chaos

6. Cooked!

5. Tricked!

4. L is for Love

3. Pipe Dreams

2. Friend or Faux?

  1. REALLY LOUD MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X8D
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Loudtivity Loudtivity 24 December 2020

11 Louds a Leapin’ Review (Bubbletoz)

Hello readers! Loudtivity here, and today I’ll be reviewing 11 Louds a Leapin’! Now, I know another user did this right before I did, I’m just stating my opinion.

First, let me just say that this special was AMAZING! I love how funny and heartwarming it is, and here’s what I think of each plot.

Lori going crazy over presents is hilarious, and so is Leni crafting dresses out of furniture and getting yelled at. Then we have Luna with her rockin’ tunes, and I can say, she did give those lyrics a great try. Lynn Jr. and Lucy’s plot was nothing special to me, though, since I thought it was nothing too funny or exciting. Lana catching everyone was also funny, and so was Lola being extremely nice, especially the faces she makes. I’m also like Lisa …

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Pokefan700 Pokefan700 24 December 2020


uhh hi. its been like a long time since y'all heard from me. im just hear to say that im not really active on here anymore. the main reason is because i have lost interest in the loud house. but also i simply dont like this wiki anymore so... yea

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Nurse Puppo Nurse Puppo 24 December 2020

(Throwback Special) 11 Louds a Leapin' Review

2020 has been a bonkers year for sure, but since Christmas is approaching and I know a majority of you loud house fans have been very good... I'm doing a special throwback review of the season 2 Loud house Christmas Special 11 Louds a Leapin' for you! If this review was good enough I might do more of these throwback special reviews to episodes that were either really good or really bad! So to give you a lovely christmas treat, here's my throwback special of 11 Louds a Leapin!

Firstly the creators poured their heart and soul into the episode and it had a lot of great moments and running gags including Luan's 12 puns of christmas, and it had great interractions from Clyde, Lincoln, The Sisters etc. And of course the parents who I liked to dub…

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Discofurby Discofurby 24 December 2020

Checkmate review

Hello! This a review, requested by that person who requests reviews, for Ace Savvy and the Full House Gang: Checkmate by Alexpv22. Warning: This review contains a lot of spoilers!

It's an AU story (up until the end, whereupon, and as far as I can tell, these are the rules of the AU:

  1. Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack really exist, and they're just like how they're portrayed in the comics, except Ace has white hair like Lincoln, and Jack has a crush on the High Card in a similar way to how Clyde had a crush on Lori.
  2. The Full Deck (or "Full House Gang" as this fic calls them) really exist, as do Wild Card Willy, the Old Maid, and many other superheroes, and the canon characters are their secret identities, a la Clark Kent.
  3. Lincoln doesn't exist, since Ac…
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LanceLoud13 LanceLoud13 23 December 2020

A Fridge Too Far: Extended Version

(Note: An extended version of the scene where each sister tries to eat the other leftover, only to get hit by a trap)

(Luna attempts to steal another leftover, but when she lifts the lid, a paint bomb explodes, covering the kitchen and Luna in blue paint. Next, it's Lana's turn, but the drumstick she obtained is hooked up to Vanzilla via jumper cables. As a result, she takes a bite and yells in pain as she is electrocuted.)


(The scene changed to Lori as she reaches into the fridge to get a leftover, only to feels something biting her hand as she pulls it out to see a giant turtle biting it and she runs out of the kitchen, screaming.)


(Next Lola sneaked into the kitchen and tries to eat one of the leftovers, howev…

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DestinyImhiavan DestinyImhiavan 23 December 2020

My Top 10 Most Hated TLH Episdes

Here is my top 10 TLH Episodes

10. Vantastic Voyage

9. Tea Tale Heart

8. House of Lies

7. Sound of Silence

6. Making the Case

5. Sleuth or Consequences

4. Fool Me Twice

3. No Such Luck

2. Butterfly Effect

And my least fav TLH episode is....................

  1. ONE OF THE BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 21 December 2020

A Loud House Christmas

I want 2020 to be a Loud House Christmas because I feel like The Loud House has been one of the many things that has been helping me stay calm during the year because I think we can all say that 2020 was not a good year but at least The Loud House and The Casagrandes as well as other shows helped. It also helps that I'm gonna be getting a few volumes of The Loud House comics for Christmas

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Discofurby Discofurby 20 December 2020

Happy Birthday Two You, Part 2- The Second Birthday

Hi, Loud Crowd! This is the second chapter of Happy Birthday Two You, recounting the twins' second birthday.

Lana and Lola Loud woke up and smiled gleefully-- it was their second birthday, and pretty soon, their parents, sisters, and brother would come in and start the party!

And they did come in-- Lynn Sr., Rita (who was pregnant), Lori (who was thirteen), Leni (who was twelve), Luna (who was eleven), Luan (who was ten), Lynn (who was nine), Lincoln (who would be seven in two weeks), and Lucy (who would be three in a few months).

"Happy birthday!", they said in unison, and Rita helped Lola get into her little dress, while Lynn Sr. helped Lana into her shirt and pants, and both twins put on their little sailor hats-- Lola had seen the sailor h…

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Ronnie Anne (Season 1 Color)

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Discofurby Discofurby 17 December 2020

No Rest for the Lonely Review

OK, so that person who sometimes asks me to review stories asked me to review "No Rest for the Lonely" by two users named Metool Bard and MrTyeDye. Specifically, they asked me to compare it to the infamous fanfic Substitute Roommate. Sorry if the review is too rambly; it's like that because I'm writing it as I read it.

First off all, it's better in that the whole family knows about Luna going away, whereas in Substitute Roommate, Luna didn't know that Luan was going away.

Also, the jokes actually work, for instance, "What do you take me for?" "The biggest prankster in Royal Woods", and the comedy that comes from Luan trying to keep her loneliness secret.

Luan also seems a lot less like a crazy, violent person and a lot more like a normal, lonel…

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Facefun Facefun 14 December 2020

i wanna link too mrenters discord

just so i can survey the chaos

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 14 December 2020

Why Lana Loud is So Adorable

Now I consider all of the Loud Sisters to be adorable but there's just something about Lana Loud in particular that ends up making her one of my favorite characters in the whole show. No offense to the other sisters because they're all adorable in different ways but Lana just has a particular charm to her that ends up making her one of the most cute and lovable animated characters. I'd say that it has to do with the fact that even though Lana is a girl, I've always viewed her more of a tomboy because she displays a lot of characteristics of a tomboy to me and she just has a really big heart to her that makes her incredibly likable plus the episodes that are Lana Centric are some of my favorite episodes of The Loud House

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Snkcole8630 Snkcole8630 14 December 2020

Preschool Daze

Story plot

Lily tries to make new friends in preschool during playtime and she also has to learn how to share her toys with others

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Discofurby Discofurby 13 December 2020

Happy Birthday Two You, Part 1- The First Birthday

Hi, Loud crowd! This is the first chapter of Happy Birthday Two You, which explains the birthdays in "Strife of the Party". In case you didn't know, the Katz family are from "Sitting Bull".

The Loud twins, Lana and Lola, were sleeping in their cribs on the morning of their first birthday. They had yet to grow the full heads of hair that they'd grow later in the year, but you could tell who was who because Lana was wearing a teal onesie while Lola wore a pink one.

Just then, Rita and Lynn Sr. came into the twins' room, with Lori (10), Leni (nine), Luna (eight), Luan (seven), Lynn (six), Lincoln (three going on four), and Lucy (one going on two).

"Happy birthday!", said the family in unison, in a voice that was loud enough to wake the twins and …

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Metool Bard Metool Bard 13 December 2020

Fanfiction: Zoo Coup Riot (Chapter 2)

The rest of the school day was rather unremarkable (thank goodness), and I was more than relieved to hear the final bell.  Not because it was a rough day for me exactly, but because I still couldn’t get over that threatening letter Sid got.  I even noticed that Sid had a hard time paying attention to anything else after that bombshell was dropped on her.  Even when we got on the train heading back home, she was still looking around every corner and flinching at the slightest sound.  I mean, I don’t blame her, but it’s still painful to see her like this.

“Sid, relax.  Remember, your mom’s gonna know what to do,” I told her as we took out usual seats.

“I know,” Sid said with a sigh. “I can’t help it, though.  This might be the scariest thing t…

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Plopback Plopback 13 December 2020

Donald Duck steamed at Lincoln being kicked out

"*Random gibberish*"

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