• Jay Jay Viglirolo

    My New Fanfic Idea

    November 19, 2018 by Jay Jay Viglirolo

    Okay, I understand what you people are saying about my “Freaky Louds” fanfic idea.

    So I came up with an a new idea.

    It’s just like this but it has Bobby & Ronnie Anne switching bodies.

    And they have big things for them the next day.

    Bobby is gonna take Lori to dinner to the newest restaurant in town and Ronnie Anne has a big skating competition with her friends.

    So they need to find a way to get back in their bodies before their big day.

    Try making a fanfic out of this idea.

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  • Justsomeordinarydude

    Which sibling relationships are strongest in terms of how they are portrayed, and which ones should have more prominence?

    By popular demand, here’s another discussion post, this time on what is probably the main appeal of the series itself; the relationships between the different Loud siblings. Even at the length some of my discussion posts can be, it is unlikely I could cover the entirety of every sup-topic related to this discussion, but I can at least analyse, evaluate and devise thoughts from the just of the substance surrounding this subject matter.

    In other words, I’m certainly not doing an exhaustive list of all the sibling relationships, because then we’d be here all day!

    So, let’s take a look at what notable examples there are of wel…

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  • Hua Ja Frol
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  • ChristopherDobelman

    A/N:This movie or fanfic is dedicated to all the people on this wonderful wiki and this discord server who made this possible like. InklingBear, Veenster07, Froggy03(Sparkles), TheFirstVoslian, RKSPokeBeast987, Positron, Mattgelo, FreeSpirit98, WannurSyafiqah74, Reidoshack, and Jaylop91. Thank you for making this possible and I hope this will motivate me to make more fanfics in the future. For the readers out here, reading this. I hope you enjoy this Fanfic, this may be long. But it'll get more fun and interesting as this story progresses. As for now, ENJOY!

    Chapter #1: Analyzing a Threat to Humanity.

    Narrator: It was a random day in the City of Chicago. Our boy, ChristopherDobelman is doing Vigilante work in both the city, and wiki stuff be…

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  • The Epicness9000

    Who is your least favorite Loud sibling and why? If you have none, just state that you don't have a least fave.

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  • The Epicness9000

    Favorite Older Louds

    November 17, 2018 by The Epicness9000

    In your opinions, whose interpretation do you like the most for a Loud? For example, I like Sonson-Sensei's for Luna (shown left).

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  • The Epicness9000

    Ideas for my Fanfics

    November 16, 2018 by The Epicness9000

    Does anyone have any ideas to pitch for my fanfics? My thinking is clogged.

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  • The Epicness9000

    Again, title says all.

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  • Blackace27

    The Return Of ATLK

    November 15, 2018 by Blackace27
    • discovers that JigglyLagos is done writing ATLK (Ask The Loud Kids)

    Ace: “hmmm”

    • gets a brilliant idea

    Ace: “I will kidnap the LKs and do it here”

    • does so

    Ask your questions down below

    (AN: if this goes against Wiki policy I am Sorry)

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  • Austria-Man

    L: A Town hates a Boy

    November 15, 2018 by Austria-Man
    (Lisa is standing in her lab/room and holds two beakers in her hands. She pours a fluid from the one beaker into the other beaker. Than we can see a small explosion in the beaker)
    Lisa: „Well; I think, it's ready.“
    (She fills the fluid into a atomizer)
    Lisa: „So now we will see, what it can make...“
    (She want use it on herself, but than she stops)
    Lisa: „Wait a second... what am I doing here? It could be dangerous. I must use it on a dispensable person.“
    (Suddenly Lisa hears a sound from outside of the room. She looks out from her door and see Lincoln, who walks whisteling through the hall)
    Lisa: „I think, I've found the perfect idiot...“
    (She comes out)
    Lisa: „My dear brother! Can you help me?“
    Lincoln: „Uhm; actually I'm very busy...“
    Lisa: „It will be t…
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  • Dianecat98

    Here is a Sneak Peak for my Loud House fanfic Doom For Royal Woods.

    Rita: Ok, ready to take our big family picture together?

    Lincoln: WAIT!

    Rita: Lincoln, did you really had to shout that loud?

    Lincoln: There is a few that we are missing.

    Luna: Uh, what do you mean by a few Lincoln?

    Lincoln: Look and notice. Where's Luan, Lynn, Lana, and Lola? (Everyone then begins to notice)

    Lynn Sr.: Oh no! Lincoln is right! We're missing a few of the girls!

    Leni: That makes four gone!

    Lisa: We can't have a family pic with just only nine Louds and four pets!

    (Just then Hops comes in as he hops right to the Loud family at the front yard)

    Lincoln: Hops? What are you doing here?

    (Hops croaks about what is about to happen)

    Lincoln: I'm sorry what?

    (Hops then puts a patch …

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  • Mollyrock11

    I make fanfic called Star dog and Lion boy. It about Lynn and Lincoln find miraculous.

    Lynn have dog miraculous. Lincoln have lion miraculous. Dog miraculous is bracelet. Lion miraculous is ring. It turn them into superhero with kwami's help. Lynn's Kwami name is Choit. Lincoln's kwami name is Leo. Choit's snack is Blueberries.

    Leo's snack is peanut butter cup. They protect Royal wood from the mysterious villain called Snow Moth, who wants their miraculouses and He using his akuma, butterflies to transform people into super villain.

    Snow moth used Moth miraculous as super villain instead of super hero. Lynn use transform word to turn into Star Dog by "Choit, BARK OUT!". Lincoln use transform word to turn into Simba Boy by "Leo, ROAR OUT!".


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  • Smv21

    30-Minute Episode’s Ranking

    November 14, 2018 by Smv21

    11 Louds a Leapin’



    The Loudest Thanksgiving

    Relative Chaos

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  • WildKirbyAtrox

    DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own any of the materials (aside from my OC Clawisk) used in this content, as they belong to their respectful owners.

    You're a mean one, St Lincoln.
    You really are a heel.
    You're as dense as Patrick Sea Star
    Dipped in ignorance, you tool.
    St Lincoln!
    You're a disgrace to the real deal...
    And an alarmingly fascist clone!

    You're a whiner, St Lincoln.
    You say his sisters get off scot-free
    Claimed they make him miserable
    Now you want them to suffer...
    St Lincoln!
    Despite the fact the actual Lincoln is not different form his sisters...
    Those bits always gets overlooked!

    You hate Lynn Jr., St Lincoln
    Claim that she's the worst sister
    You write NSL fanfics
    And you demonize that character.
    St Lincoln!
    Nearly everyone seems to forget that Lincoln L…

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  • The Epicness9000

    A Loud Musical

    November 14, 2018 by The Epicness9000

    An upcoming episode is pure music.

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  • Aartistboy714

    In the past, I said that Lori Loud was my least favorite character in the show, but after watching "The Loudest Thanksgiving", I'm starting to warm up to her a bit.

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  • LoudFanWolf

    "Thank You" is finished!

    November 13, 2018 by LoudFanWolf

    My Thanksgiving story is finished, check it out!

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  • The Epicness9000

    I dislike this

    November 13, 2018 by The Epicness9000

    I dislike when people act all Christmas-ey (unless it's after Thanksgiving). At least it isn't happening here.

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  • LoudFanWolf

    Thank You

    November 13, 2018 by LoudFanWolf

    Thank You, a story by LoudFanWolf

    It was Thanksgiving Day, and the Loud House was abustle with all of the family members running around and preparing for the Thanksgiving festivities. Rita was hanging decorative turkeys around the dining room and kitchen with care;  Lynn Sr was busy in the kitchen making his famous turkey; Lori was walking around the house, video chatting with Bobby and showing him the Loud familys various Thanksgiving traditions; Lucy was sitting at the dinner table, writing some Thanksgiving poetry; Lana and Lola were arguing about which one of the two of them would get the last turkey leg; Luna was in her room, writing a song about thanksgiving, or at least a song about being thankful; Luan was running around the house, …

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  • The Epicness9000

    Title says all.

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  • Metool Bard

    Well, I think it's about time I wrote a story focusing primarily on the main character of the show, yeah?  Full disclosure: this fan episode takes place before the events of the latest episode, The Loudest Thanksgiving.  Also, any similar themes between this story and that episode are completely coincidental.


    Boy, my timing on this one wasn't great, huh?  Anyway, enough about that.  Here is:

    Plot Summary: Lincoln feels torn between friend and family when both Lori and Ronnie Anne enter the same video game tournament.

    [We open in Lincoln’s room, where Lincoln is video chatting with Ronnie Anne.]

    Lincoln: So it turned out Clyde and I went through the entire haunted house while those punks who teased us bailed out halfway through.  Pretty impr…

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  • Candy Randy

    I still love The Loud House, but I feel that the current third season is lagging and kind of boring. Don't get me wrong, but while there are several episodes from this season I really enjoyed I'm starting to notice that overall the humor that the series is known for has been toned down. In my opinion, several episodes that are supposedly emotional and some of the episodes that just focused on one or two characters kind of dragged the series down nowadays. (I, however, don't mind the character development for many of its main characters.) And there's the fact that are some characters being sidelined for so long and you really don't see much episodes featuring them, let alone the whole season so far -- Luan and Luna come to mind, and they're …

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  • Thomperfan

    If anyone wants to know my full thoughts on this special, click the link below to go to a journal that addresses it.

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  • The Epicness9000

    The former was going on for a few days, but the latter went for far longer. Also, what were your thoughts on The LoudesT Thanksgiving?

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  • JKC14

    Tonight's episode rating: 5,555.55% out of 100%!!! It was awesome!! IT WAS NUTS!!!!!!!! IT WAS BIZZARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY TOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS EPIC!!!!!!!!! 

    Please tell me your rating and thoughts in the comments below. 

    P.S., BEST FAMILY-COMBINING-ENDING-UP-IN-A-GAS-STATION-AT-THE-END-EPISODE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • The Epicness9000

    Knowing IronRalphRa's two failed fanfictions and the fact that the sisters were watching Lincoln in that story, I was expecting them to target him. Thankfully, that didn't happen.

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  • TheMaximumMatt

    'A/N: Oh boy. This is a fanfic that has been long overdue. I'm really sorry about the long wait ever since my last story. Some personal things and school-related work has gotten my schedule all filled up these past couple of days. On top of that, this is a story that has been difficult for me to write. I've had to rewrite this story so many times because I felt unsatisfied with the final product. But enough about me.' I'm gonna post the first part of my 17th fanfic, Weigh Anger.

    The story was requested by wiki user TheAnimeFan63, and a big thanks to MrAnimatedToon for assisting me with this story.

    [We open up with an outside view of the house. Inside, Lori bangs the door open with a grumpy look on her face]

    Lori: Wake up everyone! I mean it! …

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  • InklingBear

    If you haven't read the fanfiction that has people hyped up over the past week or so, you can check it out here.

    So as promised (since I'm basically doing all of y'all a favor), I'm going to type out the ending to the story tomorrow afternoon and I'm kinda curious to how you think this story will come to an end. Will she continue to show off her thick fun with the crowd down at Karaoke-Dokie? Will she return back to the Loud House and face her husband waiting patiently for her at the door? Will the kids ever notice that Rita isn't in the house? Is Rita gonna get sneaky and find a way back inside the house undetected like nothing happened? 

    Leave your thoughts down in the comments~ xD

    # e x t r a t h i c c

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  • The Epicness9000

    Christmas Wishlist

    November 11, 2018 by The Epicness9000

    Yes, I'm making this seriously early.

    • LH Figurines
    • Just Shapes and Beats (for Nintendo Switch)

    More TBA...

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  • CHIDIEStar

    I can't handle it

    November 11, 2018 by CHIDIEStar

    Gosh, I can't take getting into trouble in this Wiki anymore, even getting blocked, twice! I can no longer handle it! I'm just sick and tire of it!

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  • ImASubscriberToLoganAlt
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  • The Epicness9000

    Your thoughts on LT

    November 11, 2018 by The Epicness9000

    What were your thoughts on the latest episode?

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  • Mollyrock11
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  • InklingBear

    Life of Pets - Chester

    November 11, 2018 by InklingBear

    12:30 pm

    It's a wonderful Friday afternoon down in the good neighborhood of Royal Woods. The skies are clear, temperatures were humid. Heck, there's barely even a single cloud in the area. Even the yellow and orange leaves are greatly falling off the trees. Of course at a time like this, the kids were still in school, enduring all those boring lessons. They really couldn't wait to come back home to enjoy yet another loud weekend in the household.

    In the backyard, Charles was happily chasing Cliff around as if they were playing a game of tag. Barking and meowing ensued from the two animals for seconds until the canine took a huge leap towards the swift feline. He inevitably tackled him down without a problem as they rolled together like a tru…

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  • The Epicness9000

    I show some dislike to the Trans Lynn headcanon, but people perpetuating Adopted Lincoln after NAL aired SERIOUSLY gets on my nerves. Who else dislikes them?

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  • BurgerTac

    Hey there guys, it’s me, BurgerTac again, with another letter of appreciation. This time, I decided to make this out to the people of the Discord Wiki Server, and for whoever this may concern, yes, there will be multiple parts! The Wiki and the Wiki Server are both full of wonderful people, so these are just my two cents on the wonderful people of this community.

    I Lav Animaniacs

    Also going by AA, or just by Animaniacs, this guy is an awesome dude! Always full of jokes, and his constant use of ‘L’, it’s never ceased to make me laugh! He’s an integral part to the Discord server, as well as an outstanding member of the people I call Friend! Here’s to you man.


    She goes by many names, but most of the time, I just call her ‘Wannie-Bert’. She…

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  • Blackace27

    My Episode Ideas

    November 9, 2018 by Blackace27
    • jumps aboard the bandwagon

    Plot: after hitting his head, Lincoln gets amnesia and tries to remember who he is with the help of Lola and Clyde, meanwhile, Rusty, Zach, Liam and Stella fight Lincoln’s sisters with them wanting to restore Lincoln to who he was and his sisters trying to change him

    Plot: Luna comes out to her family and starts to experience discrimination based on her oriention

    Plot: Albert tells the story of his time in the military

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  • MrTyeDye

    [We open on the couch. This time, Lincoln and Lisa are accompanied by Lori, Lana and Ronnie Anne. There are a few Thanksgiving decorations in the background.]

    Lincoln: Hey, everyone! Welcome to Peeking Through the Fourth Wall. Since Ronnie Anne's back in our neck of the woods for Thanksgiving, we thought it'd be the perfect time to record a new episode!

    Ronnie Anne: Glad to be here, Lame-O. What's the story on tap for tonight?

    Lincoln: Hmm... "A Second Chance" by Immatureboys! Let's take a look.

    It was an exciting day at Royal Woods Elementary school as Lincoln ventured into his locker. However, he held as much caution as he should thanks to a certain someone.

    Ronnie Anne:

    Lisa: That would be safe to assume.

    Using the light on his cellphone, he…

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  • The Epicness9000

    Almost Weekend

    November 9, 2018 by The Epicness9000

    So, it's almost a weekend. And Loudest Thanksgiving is airing soon. What do you think will happen in it?

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  • TheLoudPurist

    One of my favorite video game series is the Mario Party franchise. Regardless of whether I am in the actual party, or watching people play it on YouTube; it is always a lot of fun.

    One thing I have noticed about a group of Loud House episodes is that they coincidentally share the same (or mostly similar) names with various Mario Party minigames across the board. I'm guessing its due to how both most Loud House episodes and Mario Party minigames often go for a similar style of pun in the titles.

    Here is a list of the current titles that are similar in both areas

    • (S1E07A) Picture Perfect shares its name with a 1-VS-3 player minigame from Mario Party 8 where players try to match holographic pictures with the one in the center.
      • There is also a 4-Play…
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  • LongNick20

    My Birthday today!

    November 9, 2018 by LongNick20

    Hey guys, LongNick20 here, I am here to let you guys know that today is my 18th birthday. Yes, my birthday is Novemeber 9, but I am not celebrating my birthday til the 10th. Anyways, we got 3 days before "The Loudest Thanksgiving" comes out! This is going to be sweet! Anyways, this concludes my blog post, and wish me a happy birthday guys! 🎂

    P.S. I am celebrating my birthday at Dave & Busters tomorrow!

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  • The Epicness9000

    Sadly, the title is true. I am neglecting my fanfictions. When I try to think of ideas sometimes, my brain runs dry. Even Losing Luna on FFNet was not immune to this.

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  • WildKirbyAtrox

    -Oh... A modern Nicktoon... This one will be just as dull as the other ones Nickelodeon tries to throw at us.

    [When the show finally came out.]

    -Okay, this is a cool show. It tries a little too hard, but I can tolerate it.

    -Hmm, I think it's time I draw one of these characters... I'ma draw Lana because she seems easier to draw I guess. -Alright, Lincoln is next ... Because some fangirl wanted me to do it. Now onto the others...

    -So Luna is the first of the Loud sisters to get an episode revolving around her. I think it's a little too early for something like that, but it was still a fun episode to watch.

    -A lot of these authors are quite talented, or they just have interesting ideas. They're a bit goofy or childish, but eh... I can take it.


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  • Hua Ja Frol


    November 8, 2018 by Hua Ja Frol

    Nobody on this wiki are on the wikis I'm on.

    Seriously, why is that?

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  • IronRaphRa

    Lincoln's Day Out

    November 7, 2018 by IronRaphRa

    “There’s nothing like a nice sunny day,” Lincoln said to himself as he was sitting on a lawn chair reading one of his favourite Ace Savvy comics.

    “Hey Lincoln!” A familiar voice called out.

    He put down his comic book to see his friends Mollie and Girl Jordan standing in front of the driveway.

    “Hey guys,” A smiling Lincoln replied as he put his comic down.

    “Is anything going on?” Mollie asked.

    “Nothing really,” He told them, “just your average Saturday afternoon.”

    “Would you like to hang out?” Jordan asked.

    “Sure, I’d like to,” Lincoln replied.

    Just as he finished saying that, he heard loud footsteps coming from the house. Lincoln turned around to see all ten of his sisters looking out the window.

    “As long as we do it someplace else,” Lincoln groane…

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  • IronRaphRa

    I'm Back

    November 7, 2018 by IronRaphRa

    I'm not sure if many people noticed, but I took a break from the Wiki to deal with some problems involving me and some of the things I have done in the past. I also want to mention that I have a new fanfic that I'll probably post tomorrow.

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  • SirSeraphim

    If anyone ever wants to make a Spunk E. Pigeon's Pizza Palooza Paradise fanfiction for the Loud House, I found a list of a fan's idea for the Fuzz-A-Rockin' Explodaganza members. I do not claim any ownership and just want to share them with my associate's permission.

    • Spunk E. Pigeon on lead guitar
    • Errol Mack the Fish (a parody of Lewis Black) on backup vocals
    • Regina the Giraffe on tambourine
    • Huxley the Hog on jug
    • Manny the Babon (dignified straight man) & Anna Banana (Puppet sidekick and comic) on keyboard
    • Stanky Stu the Skunk on banjo


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  • JupitarStupidar

    My first fanfiction. Idea by me. 

    Lori: Bobby Boo Boo Bear!

    Bobby: Babe!

    Lori: I am so excited for our honeymoon tomorrow!

    Bobby: Me too! Just think about it! The beautiful pizza, the boats, the spaghetti!...

    Lori: you mind if Whitney comes with us?

    Bobby: ...and the beautiful...wait, who's Whitney?

    Lori: Oh, it's just one of my friends.


    Bobby: I'm re...

    (Bobby looks at Whitney)

    Lori: So...Bobby? What do you think of my dress?...Bobby?

    Bobby: Sorry, babe. I've been looking at Whitney.

    Lori: ...WHITNEY?!!! WHITNEY?!!

    Bobby: What's wrong with Whitney?


    Bobby: What? Babe! BABE!!!

    Lincoln: What's wrong, Lori?

    Lori: BOBBY DUMPED ME!!!!

    Lincoln: What? He'd never dump you! He's your husband!

    Lori: N…

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  • InklingBear

    Rita's Thicc Night Out

    November 6, 2018 by InklingBear

    A/N: This fanfic is dedicated to all the members in the discord server that asked for something like this, I hope you enjoy. Shoutouts to MaverickGuy720, Jaylop97, FreeSpirit98, AenimaNerd, ReidoBandito2, Goth Loli, American Titan, ChristopherDobelman, BurgerTac and the rest.

    Updated 11/15 - 11:54PM. It is done!

    6:00 PM

    Royal Woods finally reached nightfall. Today was the day. The one day she has been waiting for for a long while. Having to look after eleven children in a big old house, she was bound to catch a well deserved break sooner or later. The last time she ever did something fun was almost two full decades ago when she had way more than a lot of fun with her hubby, Lynn Sr. And on this particular day, she was finally going to get tha…

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  • The Epicness9000

    I know this is really early, but I have Loud House figurines on my wishlist.

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