• Discofurby

    Pop-Pop was reading to Lisa one night,

    But something the old man said gave her a fright:

    When she told him just where her teleporter was at,

    He said, "I will not be around to see that."

    She thought, "I'll defy Pop-Pop's death by innovation!".

    She tried her hardest but only got sleep deprivation.

    However, the next morning, she read in a book,

    About a village in Italy and said, "Hey, Lily, look!

    The people here live to be a hundred years old."

    Lily didn't pay attention to what she'd been told.

    Lisa took Pop-Pop to the mall for a walk,

    So that, with activity, he wouldn't balk,

    And he'd hopefully live to be a hundred and two.

    She rode on a kiddie ride and used a lasso,

    To attach him to the ride and make him run fast,

    So that he'd be active and his lifespan w…

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  • JKC14

    "Operation Dad:" I like how the episode ended. Awesome sauce! 99.97% out of 100%! It was so awesome! It was so cool! 

    Tell me your thoughts in the comments below! \/

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  • Joshua013106

    let me here your thoughts and ideas everyone (don't be shy)

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  • MrTyeDye

    SUMMARY: Two new children take root in Royal Woods - a sassy preteen named Mindy, and her imaginative little brother Milo. The two of them take a particular liking to Lincoln and Lucy, respectively.

    "You're kidding."

    "I'm not!"

    "How could you possibly think that Muscle Fish 4 is better than 3?!"

    It was another typical lunch period at Royal Woods Middle School. It was September, the dawning of a new school year, and it had taken almost no time for the students to settle back into their usual routines. Having finished their meals, Lincoln and Rusty were now engaged in a heated debate over the acclaimed Muscle Fish gaming franchise while their friends - Liam, Zach, Clyde and Stella - watched in amusement.

    "Muscle Fish 4 was the first one to have o…

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  • Metool Bard

    Even after everyone cleared out, the stage was still a mess.  Chicken feathers were scattered everywhere, and I could tell that the amps were badly damaged.  It looks like the chickens were all rounded up, though.  I can’t decide if that’s good or bad, since we still need to confirm if those chickens really came from Liam’s farm.

    “Alright, let’s start looking for clues, Jack,” I said. “Keep your eye peeled for anything that might look suspicious.”

    “On it, Ace,” said Clyde with a salute.

    I nodded back and took a careful look around.  Hmm, where to start?  Well, first thing first.  We need to know how the chickens got into the building in the first place without anyone noticing.  Considering that the entire stage was swarmed, my best guess is t…

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  • Discofurby

    In the Beginning, Part 2

    January 20, 2020 by Discofurby

    This is a sequel to In the Beginning, which can be read here. It tells of Lori's infancy and Leni's birth.

    When Rita and Lynn Sr. brought Lori home from the hospital, Rita nursed her and cooed at her.

    "Who's a good girl, Lori?", she cooed.

    Lori then fell asleep.

    A week later, Lori started to grow hair, and Lynn Sr. put a bow in it, then put the telephone in her hand. "See, honey? It looks like she's using the phone!".

    Rita chuckled, then snapped a photo of the scene. She then stuck the photo on the front of Lori's baby book.

    One day, when Lori was four months old, she started crying and her parents didn't know why.

    True, Lori was a gassy baby but on this day, she'd cry eve…

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  • Discofurby

    Every time it was all the same old story:

    The kids had to do chores to earn lifts from Lori.

    Linc did the laundry, Lucy wrote about Bobby.

    Lana found Lori's retainer-- not for rides, but for a hobby.

    Lisa did homework and Leni literally made a bed.

    "Aren't you old enough to drive as well?" Lincoln said.

    "I am, but I've failed twelve times as of now."

    "Well," said her bro, "How 'bout I teach you how?".

    He tried to teach her with a video game.

    She had a special drink and outfit for when driving was her aim.

    At first, she did not see the game's point at all,

    But she played like a pro when Linc said, "It's the mall,

    That we're going to!" and he said, "You're the best!

    Now it's time to finally pass a driving test!".

    But Leni Loud failed, which was a shame,


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  • 560200

    I found this screenshot on twitter,is it real?cuz I'm really excited for this if it's real,I can't believe they finally made someone to match with Clyde,plus I hope it can stop those Clynn(worst ship ever) shippers

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  • Discofurby

    The Twins' Bedtime Story

    January 18, 2020 by Discofurby

    This is a story that came into my head about Lynn Loud Sr. reading the twins "The Frog Prince".

    It was evening in Royal Woods and the Loud twins, Lana and Lola, were settling down to bed.

    Their father, Lynn Sr., was reading them a story as was the usual routine for the twins.

    "Which story will it be tonight, Daddy?" asked Lola excitedly.

    "Tonight," said Lynn Sr., "I will read to you a new book I got from the library. It's a new book, but it's an old story. I remember it from when I was a boy. You're going to love it. It's called The Frog Prince."

    "I like the sound of it already," said Lana.

    "Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a beautiful young princess," read Lynn Sr.

    Lola smiled and said, "This should be good."

    "...And this pri…

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  • Discofurby

    Linc wore a leather jacket and sunglasses to be cool.

    He wanted to impress a new girl at his school.

    His sisters said, "Why are you dressed in those duds,

    Like one of those stereotypical studs?".

    Clyde mentioned the new girl and the sisters said, "Hey!

    Let's give you advice!", but their bro said, "No way!

    I'm on my own!", and he went out the back,

    Not wanting to risk another advice-induced attack.

    He saw twenty-six rabbit sibs jumping about,

    Then he crashed into a twig and Lincoln passed out.

    He dreamt he was a rabbit and his sisters were too.

    He had a best friend, as lots of folk do,

    But instead of Clyde it was a beaver named Danny,

    Though his shirt looked a lot like Clyde's-- it was uncanny.

    There was a sporty girl Betty and Brenda was a grouch.

    When i…

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  • Hua Ja Frol


    January 18, 2020 by Hua Ja Frol

    I have comments that are not replied to very often.

    a m I i n v i s i b l e ?

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  • LongNick20

    Sad News

    January 18, 2020 by LongNick20

    Hello everyone this is LongNick20, I'm here to make this little announcement if you can look at the title of the blog post, I have sad news to tell you guys: My great uncle has passed away recently, and I might be slowing down on interactions with users and even editing things on FANDOM because of this. His funeral is yet to be announced when it will happen, he died from illness at the hospital. But don't worry guys, my family and I will be alright, and we'll get over this. Anyways, I've made this blog post to let you guys know that I might be slowing down on coming to the wiki because of this, and if I am not able to respond to the messages you give me, that's the reason. So, thanks for reading the blog post, and I'll see you guys next ti…

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  • MountMasurai

    Discussion Mod

    January 18, 2020 by MountMasurai

    I'm discussion mod now, any help is appreciated since this is the first time I'm a discussion mod

    Also I heard that my username is supposed to be green. I don't know why it's not

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  • Discofurby

    Mrs. Johnson said, "I have a project for you:

    Look after an egg just like parents do,

    With a baby for a week and if you break it, you fail,

    But if you don't you'll get waffles- for free, not for sale."

    Lincoln wanted to do the project with Clyde,

    But Mrs. Johnson said, "I say who stands by whose side.

    Clyde will be with Penelope and Linc with Ronnie Anne."

    Linc thought, "Oh no! I'm not sure if I can,

    Keep the egg safe from a rough girl like her.

    I'll keep the egg away so a crack won't occur."

    Clyde and Penelope soon bonded together,

    But Lincoln and Ronnie couldn't even agree on whether,

    To name the egg Toby and make it a boy,

    Or if a girl named Rochelle would bring them more joy.

    Ronnie Anne wanted to eat by Linc's side.

    "Lisa wants me to be with her," h…

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  • LoudFanWolf

    Cannot find enough inspiration to write at the moment, I have a fanfic idea but I cannot write it right now for some reason. Until then, please give me some other ideas. I honestly wish this didn't feel like a chore.

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  • Discofurby

    Lincoln in his undies got ready to read,

    But in order to focus the young boy did need,

    It to be quiet and whenever he went,

    A sister interrupted him from the time that he spent.

    First Lucy wanted to tell him her dream,

    Then Izzy came round, wanting to play it would seem.

    He fell from the vent into Luna and Luan's room,

    Where Luna was playing music. He thought, "It's safe to assume,

    That I can read comics in this garbage can,"

    But then who would turn up but goofy Luan?

    He sat on the sofa to watch the TV,

    And an ad said, "If you wish things happened more quietly,

    Then these noise-b-gone earbuds are just right for you.",

    And so buying the earbuds was what Linc decided to do.

    Linc put on the earbuds and then Lori spoke.

    "Yes, definitely," Linc said, "And tha…

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  • Jedfarcry223

    Opinion on Season 4

    January 16, 2020 by Jedfarcry223

    What is everyone's opinion so far about Season 4? Personally I feel like Season 4 is one of the best seasons of The Loud House so far but I'd be interested in seeing what other people's opinions are about Season 4 because it seems to vary depending on who you talk to because I've seen some people who aren't really liking Season 4 and some people who are absolutely loving Season 4. Now the reason that I think Season 4 is one of the best seasons of The Loud House is because the animation seems like it's more clean in the later seasons and I feel like each Loud Sibling has been given some good character development this season. The writing is also still the same quality that I've come to love about The Loud House over the years. I'll hold off on saying what …

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  • Discofurby

    Leni was talking to Cliff on the couch.

    Her sibs and Lynn Sr. said, "Nobody slouch:

    Rita's birthday's approaching and we want a surprise,

    But in the Loud house, surprise parties are hard to organise:

    Leni always accidentally gives them away,

    Because she's not smart enough to know what to do and say."

    Lori said, "I'll clean and Lola and Lynn make the food,

    Lana and Lucy decorate, Lisa decides who to include,

    The entertainment will be provided by Luna and Luan,

    And Lincoln, keep Leni distracted if you can.

    Dad, your task for the party is keeping Mom away.

    Linc, if Leni comes, 'daffodil' is what you say."

    Linc said, "I have fashion questions for you,"

    And the rest of the girls prepped for Rita's big do.

    When Leni got a drink Lola sat on the cake,

    And Lynn t…

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  • InklingBear

    7:30 am

    It's the most wonderful time of the year down in the neighborhood of Royal Woods. With snow invading the town, and sleigh bells sounding, there's no time such as the present. Heh, present. That's a keeper. Not even a cloud in the sky in the darkness, it seemed like yet another flawless day to celebrate. Christmas time had ensued for the world. Citizens all around, opening their gifts like there's no tomorrow. The Loud family on one hand, still snoozed their peaceful morning away for just a couple more minutes.

    Charles walked outside in the snowy atmosphere through the back door of the house with a big slice of ham he stole from the kitchen in his drooling mouth. Keeping his peppy mood for the special holiday, he glanced at the reader…

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  • Discofurby

    Lincoln was making a model volcano.

    He asked his parents for help, but both did say, "No,

    Not unti round about five minutes from now,

    Leni wants to wear makeup but doesn't know how,

    And I want to give Lynn some baseball tips too."

    Lincoln said, "Fine, I'll wait for both of you."

    Five minutes passed and the parents came back.

    Linc said, "Now can you get my volcano on track?".

    They said, "Five more minutes, I need to take a quiz with Lori,

    And I'll dance with Luna." "It's always the same story,"

    Said Lincoln, "How will I ever finish this?!" he cried.

    The next day, he was walking to school with young Clyde,

    Who had finished his volcano (with people on too!),

    And he said, "My dads helped me. Perhaps they'll help you."

    When they came in, Linc said, "What a n…

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  • JamieODonnell97

    (The Loud Sisters witness both Lincoln and Clyde slowly walking with their heads down in sadness. Lori then walks up to them.)

    Lori: Is there something wrong? Lincoln: We don't wanna talk about it. Lori: Is it because you two didn't get the roles you wanted. Lincoln: How did you know? Lori: We heard about it, and I thought it was unfair. Luna: *walks up* We can't have you bein' a quitter, brah. Lincoln: Are you all gonna cancel your roles for us?

    (Lisa then walks up. Lori leans to her as the former whispers something in the latter's ear.)

    Lori: In fact...

    (Meanwhile, the girls then walked up to the judges)

    Lori: Excuse me. Is there a chance we'll do our trailer now or later? Lisa: I'd say that it'd be a great opportunity to show the audience a …

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  • Discofurby

    In the Beginning

    January 14, 2020 by Discofurby

    OK, I've been toying with the idea of writing this for a while. It's about Rita and Lynn Sr.'s marriage and Lori's birth. I'll probably also do a sequel about Lori's infancy and Leni's birth.

    Years ago, Rita and Lynn were on a date in the Aloha Comrade. "I've been meaning to ask this for a while..." stammered Lynn, "Rita... will you marry me?".

    "Yes!", replied Rita, and they hugged, while Lynn Sr. cried tears of joy.

    They had their wedding a week later, with Kotaro being Lynn's best man, and Lynn's niece and nephew being the flower girl and ring bearer.

    Two of Rita's cousins were the bridesmaids.

    Then, they had their honeymoon in England because Lynn had been to university there. The highlight of the trip was when they met a cute baby at Stoneh…

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  • Discofurby

    Lincoln was doing his homework at the table.

    Building a model of the solar system while he was able.

    Lucy came, making him spill fake blood on it,

    But they cleaned it up 'cause a Loud doesn't quit.

    Rusty and Rocky came over to assist.

    Lucy got a crush on Rocky that wouldn't desist.

    She dropped her molasses, then started to spy.

    Every once in a while, she'd pop up and say, "Sigh".

    She spilled fake blood on him and he ran away.

    Rusty left to to make sure he was OK.

    Linc said, "Why did you make him leave in a rush?".

    Lucy admitted that she had a crush,

    And she said, "I've been talking about stuff I enjoy.

    What is he into?" "Well, I don't know the boy,

    Very well," Lincoln said, "But from what I can see,

    He just seems regular and normal to me."

    Lori said, "Lol…

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  • TheDimondMelova32

    Ok guys here me out becuase I do have some evidence

    First off, His girlfriend is Rhonnie Ane who is distinctly more masculin and boyish than the othr females in the show that Lincoln WASENT interested.

    Second, his best friend is Clyde, who is a male. YOu may just think that their best friends but then you realize that Clyde has two gay parents. his parents may have had an infulence on him

    Third, In one episode Lincoln was talking to Lynn who asked him, "So, I guess you in to more masculent people huh?" to witch Lincoln replied "uhh, what? No way!", while blushing

    So that my evidence. What do you think about my theory? do you thinks Lincoln is gay or not?

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  • Discofurby

    Lincoln was reading and having a snack.

    Lori answered the door and Clyde went out of whack.

    He got really dizzy and bled on her shoe,

    And Lori said, "That's something I don't want him to do!".

    Clyde said, "I also don't want to do that,"

    Linc plugged up Clyde's nose and saw Leni was at,

    Mr. Grouse's house saying, "If you are mad,

    Just name all the states and forget what's so bad."

    Lincoln explained young Clyde's problem to Leni:

    "He wants to act normally. Can you help any?"

    Leni said, "Certainly! I'll help the guy!"

    Lori said, "I hope he's not still round here. Why?

    Because I really don't want him to bleed,

    On my shoe." Lincoln said, "Lori, there is no need,

    To worry. He's with Leni," and Lori took a peek.

    She heard Clyde and Leni in the other room speak. …

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  • Bartisya Or Marky
    • Iron Man_ Making The Grade ( showing Intiligence)
    • Hulk_ ???
    • Iron Man 2_ Sitting Bull ( boxing scene)
    • Thor_:One of the boys (sent to another realm)
    • Captain America the first avenger_ Snow Way Out( frozen)
    • The avengers_ Pulp Fiction( Avengers Assemble)
    • Iron Man 3 _ Butterfly Effect( iron Man mansion destroy (
    • Thor The Dark World_ Save The Date ( Thor and Jane Foster break up)
    • Captain America the winter soldier_ Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru(run away from Hydra)
    • Guardians of the galaxy_ Room for improvement with the Cassangrades (listen to music)
    • Avengers age of Ultron_ Yes Man( Ultron)
    • Ant Man_ Butterfly Effect(( change size)
    • Civil war_ Brawl In The Family (hero Vs hero)
    • Doctor strange_ Spell It Out(Doctor Strange becomes wizard)
    • Guardians of the galaxy vol 2…
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  • Gigadude65

    Quick question

    January 12, 2020 by Gigadude65

    Should I keep my current profile picture or change it?

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  • JKC14

    "Stress Test:" To be honest, I kinda found it mediocre. I was kinda expecting Bobby to meditate. 68.68% out of 100%. I was also kinda expecting it to be The Casagrandes version of "Study Muffin," but turns out, it didn't. But what was awesome was that it was the very first Casagrandes episode of 2020!

    Comment below! \/


    Hey guys, I am finally back after a few months of absence, because I'm usually into DeviantArt these days. (You check out my account right here.) I hope you guys had a Happy New Year while I was gone. Wish me a "Welcome back, JKC14," a "Welcome back, JKC," etc. by giving me a comment down below! \/

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  • Discofurby

    Carl was watching a falcon-themed hero on TV.

    Ronnie Anne said, "I'm gonna go skateboarding, see?".

    Frida told Ronnie Anne to bring Carl too,

    Because he could use excercise and to do something new.

    At the park, there was a squirrel and Nelson gave chase.

    Ronnie Anne chased Nelson all over the place.

    She ended up with a kite round her neck.

    The squirrel kicked a beehive and they said, "Holy heck!

    That's especially bad 'cause he's allergic to bees.",

    But Ronnie Anne saved him and young Carl said, "She's,

    Amazing! The best cousin in this whole land!

    Saving that dog was incredibly grand!".

    The next day he copied her food and TV,

    Her places, her clothes, and then at nighttime, he,

    Wanted to share Ronnie Anne's bed.

    "Get out of here!", Ronne Anne said.

    Then, wh…

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  • Bartisya Or Marky

    The Lego movie

    January 11, 2020 by Bartisya Or Marky

    Let's do a The Loud House version of The Lego movie.

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  • Luciano Existe

    Bad news

    January 11, 2020 by Luciano Existe

    my mom banned me from watching tlh because she saw Overnight Sucess

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  • Discofurby

    Rhyming Recaps: Tripped!

    January 10, 2020 by Discofurby

    The family was counting the money they'd made,

    Through things such as work and selling lemonade.

    They had enough money to go on vacation,

    And so were the happiest fam in the nation.

    They had to get to the hotel by eight,

    So they packed and drove off so as not to be late.

    A farmer drove past them and Lynn said, "Give chase!",

    And so Lynn Sr. made it into a race.

    They drove into a ditch, but Lana fixed the van.

    It got really hot and the kids said, "Dad, can,

    We pull down a window? The AC is broke!".

    He said, "Sorry, no, kids, you can't, that's no joke!".

    When Lori farted, they pulled them down anyway.

    They crashed into porta-potties and I'm sorry to say,

    That Vanzilla's door came off. "I can't fix that," Lana said,

    So they had to use Lucy's coffin instead. …

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  • Facefun

    bet ya havent seen this

    January 10, 2020 by Facefun
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  • Discofurby

    Lincoln was playing with his VR toy.

    Dancing to kill fake zombies brought this kid joy.

    He stumbled into the bedroom of Leni and Lori,

    Which made Lori give the boy the same old story:

    "Stay out of my room and if I catch you,

    In here again then here's what I'll do:

    I'll tie you into a pretzel, so you'd better beware!",

    But Lincoln was used to it so he didn't scare.

    He went off to pee and put his game to one side.

    Lori came in. "Hey, that's rude!", Lincoln cried.

    She locked him out and he ran back for the game, when,

    He was stopped by the twins. "Don't you run here again!

    We're both going to be hall monitors at school,

    So we're practicing here and it's pretty cool.

    We locked up Luan 'cause we think her jokes are lame."

    He ran back to find Lori had broken t…

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  • The Smarter, Wiser King Dedede

    These two episodes are airing in the UK on the 17th and 20th of this month, respectively.

    So for the first time in a long while, the UK is going to leak two new episodes of The Loud House.

    Proof: (the listings on the 17th say Change of Heart but I'm certain this is a listing error due to that episode and Exchange of Heart's similar names).

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  • Steven A. Lucas

    Hey guys, it's been awhile. I really hope you guys had started a new year. Meaning that we'll be seeing more adventures of The Loud House and The Casagrandes. Just to jump off the bat, on New Year's I got sick, meaning that my head is suffering a fever or a cold and my nose is a bit stuffy. Anyway, after a couple of days, I got better. However, it's strange that we started a new decade in 2020 with me being sick. But I'm glad that I had to share it with you, because I am now healthy.

    Plus, I would like to tell you something that would make a few people go crazy, on my blog post on why I think The Loudest Thanksgiving is Painfully Average. I remember watching the episode again and I suddenly have a grudge towards that episode, because I thin…

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  • Onyxswagger

    "They were right all along, I really AM mentally unstable. When I got kicked from the Loud House Wiki, I finally realized that I went way too far. Hopefully, it's not too late to redeem myself." -SquadHater2002

    Looks like SquadHater2002 finally admitted that he's gone insane and needs help. And, truth be told, I completely agree with him here. We are not psychiatrists, but his recent behavior can definitely be described as "insane", with his constant obsession with Veronica from the Fairly OddParents, defending bad episodes of the Fairly OddParents and the Loud House, sending death threats to certain people that disrespected his opinion, and so on. Please, don't let this be some kind of "wounded gazelle" gambit, because if it is, then I don'…

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  • Discofurby

    One day, young Lincoln was taking out trash.

    In the bathroom, the doorknob broke and Lori went crash.

    To make matters worse, the shower curtain came down.

    Lori said, "This place is falling apart!" with a frown.

    Lincoln agreed and said, "Lots of things break here,

    Like the faucets, the wood, and the furnace I fear.

    The TV has bad signals, the doorknobs break too,

    And the mailbox is faulty. What's a Loud to do?!".

    Then Lisa said, "My test results all say,

    That a very big storm is coming this way,

    Or even a tornado!". Lincoln said, "Really, sis?",

    But the weather reporter said, "Get a load of this:

    There's a tornado warning in the Royal Woods!

    So safeguard your families, pets, and your goods."

    The parents said, "We'd better be safe as can be.

    Go down to the…

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  • Sanders 362

    The Loud House Zone

    January 8, 2020 by Sanders 362
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  • Kash R

    Silly Saturday

    January 7, 2020 by Kash R

    Lincoln swaps bodies with Luna while Luna has a date with Sam and Lincoln reads a new comic with Clyde.

    In Lisa's room, Lisa is making something that looks like a ray gun. Lily is watching Lisa.

    Lisa: Eurika!

    (Because we can't understand Lily, we let Luan translate for you)

    Lily: Poo poo? (What's that)

    Lisa: Well, yonugest sibling, it's a body swap machine. I'm go to test it-

    Lily (Mocking Lisa): Poo-poo, poo, poo (On my siblings)

    Lisa: Yeah, yeah.

    Lily: Poo poo. (You know Mom will ground you if  you test it on someone)

    Lisa: But Mother isn't here and I know the Lincoln and Luna are praciting guitar in the Living room so....

    Lily: (the picture)

    Lisa walks downstairs to Luna and Lincoln as she points the BSM at them.

    Lincoln: Thanks for helping me prac…

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  • Discofurby

    Lincoln kept losing in sibling contests,

    But he said, "For this yard sale I'll ensure no one bests,

    Me. I'll sell the most stuff and then have a chance,

    To shake my butt in a victory dance."

    He didn't make much money, so Clyde came around,

    To act like it was the best merch that he'd found.

    This worked a bit but Linc still came last place.

    So he went inside with ire on his face,

    And started to steal things he thought no one would miss.

    When his sisters found out, they too started to do this.

    Lincoln was lucky and won anyway,

    But Lily's blanket was gone. Had they sold it that day?

    Lincoln said, "I'll get her blanket right back,"

    But his sisters thought, "He's going down the wrong track,

    And challenging us once again to compete.",

    So they all went off to se…

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  • Kash R

    Future Fanfics

    January 7, 2020 by Kash R
    1. Silly Saturday: Lincoln swaps bodies with Luna while Luna has a date with Sam and Lincoln reads a new comic with Clyde
    2. Blank (new name: What do you think of roleplay): Blog post posted
    3. The Loudiverse: The Loud kids transport into alternate universes
    4. One Boy, Nine Girls, Eleven Luans: On April Fools, Luan uses Lisa's cloning device to create more prank chaos.
    5. Steamboat Linky: A parody of Steamboat Willie
    6. The Wrath of Lola: A plot: Lana accidently breeaks Lola's crown and is afraid B plot: Lincoln and Rita swap bodies on Sunday
    7. Alternate Universe: Lincoln spends some time in a universe where the Nice/Mean Sister roles (except for Lily's role) are switched.


    1. Silly Saturday: A Freaky Louds parody (Lincoln with Leni, Lori with Lola, Luna with Lisa, …

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  • Discofurby

    Lori woke up to find Lana in her bed.

    Lola had messy hair. "Can you fix it?" she said,

    Then Bobby phoned up and Leni wondered if,

    Her dress and makeup clashed. Lucy and Lynn had a tiff,

    Because Lynn had broken Edwin's fangs. A snide remark from Lynn,

    Prompted Lisa to bring an MRI scanner in.

    Luan cracked a joke and then Lori said, "Shoo!",

    Later, she told her sibs, "Here's what I'll do:

    I'll move to the garage out in the yard.

    I'm nearly an adult and life won't be that hard,

    For you, 'cause you can visit wherever you please."

    Making a toilet and sink, for Lana, was a breeze.

    Lori moved in and she said, "Now I'm free!".

    She painted her nails and watched the TV.

    She read magazines and then danced all about,

    But when she saw it wasn't bedtime, she had her f…

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  • CosmoRocks

    Bad news.

    January 6, 2020 by CosmoRocks

    Yesterday, my friend SquadHater2002 was falsely permanently blocked from this wiki. All he was trying to do was make a point on why the concept of aging up the Loud kids and writing Lori out was a serious mistake. But no, you refused to take his side and you wouldn't give him a chance!

    Jaylop91, if you're reading this, you must unblock SquadHater2002. We do not want to cause any more trouble.

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  • Discofurby

    Lola asked Lucy how to put makeup on,

    When she saw a doll Lucy happened upon.

    Lola said, "Can I play with her?", Lucy said, "No,

    She's fragile and I know how crazy your room can go."

    Lola said, "Don't be silly. It's not crazy in there.",

    But then Lana with some pets all confirmed Lucy's fear,

    By haphazardly skateboarding all over the place.

    Lucy put it in a coffin with a frown on her face.

    The next day, Lola went to Lynn and Lucy's room,

    To say, "Here's why I should play with your doll from that tomb."

    But Lynn said, "You're wasting time. Lucy's away,

    And she's going to be out of the house for the day."

    Lola thought, "That's great! I will take the doll now!",

    And she seized the doll and said, "Here, have some chow".

    Lola gave a tea party with her other …

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  • LittleAlex61910

    I know everyone in the wiki hates me and wanted me gone but let me explain. I am LittleAlex619 and I was banned 2 years ago. I want to say that I stop watching The Loud House for good and forever. Just heard me out please.

    Last year I quit social media for good and I'm not coming BACK. It started when people didn't like me talking about Lincoln and hear my opinions about The Loud House, especially when Lincoln is not in the focus. They tell me I was wrong and they didn't like it when I wanted the sisters to barf in the episode because it was my fetish and what I do. I stop using Discord because I want to start a new path and they weren't my friends. They make fun of me, were against me, and they didn't like my art or ideas. Worst of all was…

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  • Discofurby

    Linc had a report on his family to do.

    He had a diorama of them, but he knew,

    At least one of his sisters might get in the way,

    So he tried to get them ready to start the school day.

    He used an umbrella so he didn't get wet,

    From Luan's pail of water, and didn't forget,

    To ask Luna for music for what he had planned.

    He split the twins' dollar so they had fifty cents at hand.

    He helped Lucy rhyme and put on Lily's shirt.

    He then caught Lynn's ball so he didn't get hurt.

    He saved Lori from being drenched by Luan.

    Then Leni said, "I am not sure if I can.

    Walk and chew gum," then he caught another ball.

    Lisa said, "Go away! This will explode all,

    Over the place!" but then Linc had a notion,

    And saved it by dropping stuff into the potion.

    Lincoln then helped t…

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  • Ninjakingofhearts

    One day Eli decide to take James and the Loud Kids to Isla Nublar home of jurassic park.

    Eli:This must be the place.


    Lincoln:What John Hammond said?

    James:He wants us to join him at his newest park he has planned.

    As the enter the park Lori notice something.

    Lori:Um guys?


    A Brachiosaurus appeared.

    Eli:A dinosaur...!

    James:A Brachiosaurus. 150 million years ago.

    There’s even a herd of parasaurolophus. 


    Eli:Look at the sign

    James:Welcome to Jurassic Park

    Eli:It's real!

    They go to the visitor center. It was an amazing Visitors Center. But when the enter it was damaged inside.

    James:What happened here?

    Eli:Was there a fight?

    James:A huge fight.

    Two dead bodies of Velociraptors.

    James:Wow. A really gruesome fight.


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  • Discofurby

    Linc's class had to go green to save a polar bear.

    They said, "Lincoln, if you don't improve, then, I fear,

    You'll be an outcast and we will all fail."

    Lincoln was challenged, but he didn't bail.

    The reason why Lincoln's house wasn't so green,

    Was because Lori had more than one small machine,

    Leni ran the water and Luna slammed the door,

    To the garage over and over, and what was more,

    She had too many speakers and Luan baked some pie,

    An awful lot just to throw in her eye.

    Lynn froze a pool with the freezer for sport,

    And pale little Lucy, I'm afraid to report,

    Used too many spray cans and Lana used coal,

    To power up her furnace. Warming pets was her goal.

    Lola had a car and Lisa used lots of power,

    And Lily used diapers. The future looked sour,


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  • The Epicness9000

    A dream I had

    January 3, 2020 by The Epicness9000

    On the night between January 1st and 2nd of this year, I had a Loud House dream.

    In it, Lincoln finds all 10 of his sisters murdered. He mourns over the loss of his siblings and tearfully goes to sleep that night.

    In his dream, Lincoln was visited by angels. More specifically, he was visited by his sisters (except Lily, who never appeared in the dream). In that dream, the sisters sang a song about not mocking those who were sent to the underworld.

    The song was actually pretty good. It had a slow tempo and similar structure to the uncommon Christmas caroler’s song God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Lori was the lead singer and up front. The other sisters were backup and only sang during certain measures; they stood in a circle behind Lori, facing outw…

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