• Discofurby

    Each Loud, Santiago, and Casagrande,

    Was busy preparing for Thanksgiving Day.

    Lori was talking to Bobby by phone.

    Lincoln, the only Loud brother, was known,

    To doze off at dinner, so he tried to make a plan.

    "I'll stay awake for dessert if I can!".

    Lynn planned to pee her pants so she wouldn't miss out,

    And Lisa made robots which ran about.

    CJ got mad at an uncharitable dude,

    And the twins and old Rosa protected the food.

    Hector played guitar, Carlotta made a corn hat.

    Aunt Frida painted 'cause she likes doing that.

    Lori and Bobby said, "Let's eat with you!",

    But what was the rest of both families to do?

    Lana and Lola, once bossy and rude,

    Let Lori sample a bit of the food.

    They dressed Lori up as their MVP,

    And Rita said, "Remember, we're a family."

    Rosa l…

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  • Discofurby

    Leni and her work friends were looking for chow.

    Miguel, who was scared and he wanted food right now,

    Got burger smoothies, which tasted icky.

    Then, they said, "Mrs. Carmichael is so nitpicky."

    Leni said, "I can see both sides," and then,

    Mrs. Carmichael called a staff meeting again.

    She said, "For a while, I'll be going away,

    So Leni, you'll sub for me while I'm gone. K?"

    Leni said, "Can I be a boss and be fun?"

    Lori said, "Yes, if you get the job done."

    She made her friends food, and, in addition,

    Made folding sweaters into a competition.

    They completed their jobs and had fun a whole bunch,

    And she let her friends have a long lunch.

    A bunch of old people pulled up by the mall.

    She didn't know how to cater to them all,

    And if she called her friends back,…

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  • PicholasStripes2000

    Originally written by Deviantart user LeeGriffin0.

    • At the Loud House, Lynn Sr. and Rita were in the living room, scolding their ten daughters about their fighting and what Luan and Lisa told their only brother, Lincoln. The sisters had looks of guilt and sorrow on their faces.*

    Rita: *furious* This started all because you bought the same dress?! That is absolutely ridiculous!

    Lynn Sr.: *furious, to Luan and Lisa* And how could you say that to your brother, when he was trying to help you?! He wouldn't have tried to help if he didn't love you!

    • Tears form in Luan and Lisa’s eyes. It was kinda surprising for Lisa to tear up, given she hardly shows emotion.*

    Rita: *goes to the stairs, furious* I'll be right back! *goes up the stairs*

    • Rita goes into t…
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  • The Smarter, Wiser King Dedede

    For one, there's no Timmy Turner. No, this idea is MUCH better. Here's how my ideal Loud House/Fairly OddParents crossover would go.

    One day, Mrs. Johnson suffers an injury that will require at least a month of recovery. So Mr. Huggins calls in a substitute, and that substitute happens to be fairy-hunting 5th grade teacher Denzel Crocker. Mr. Crocker is ecstatic; he recently got temporarily laid off from Dimmsdale Elementary because of another fairy-hunting incident, and decided to take a vacation to Michigan. He is very excited to give all his students Fs.

    On his first day, Mr. Crocker gives the whole class a surprise pop quiz, but Lincoln manages to ace every question. Mr. Crocker believes it can only be the work of one thing...

    So, the cra…

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  • Discofurby

    Charles, Cliff, and Geo looked over too see,

    Walt looking at a fake flamingo lovingly.

    They fancied him off and so off the bird flew,

    But he found it was fake, so he went off to stew.

    He was still sulking when it got to be night.

    Then, Walt's three friends thought, "We must set things right.

    We just have to do what they did on the show:

    Find him a partner!", so off they did go.

    A hummingbird was nice, but a little too quick.

    A dove was too sad, an owl had a gross trick.

    A hawk was too scary, but when they met a duck,

    They finally had a bit of good luck.

    They dressed Walt again and set them up for dinner.

    When it was over, Walt felt like a winner.

    The duck, on the other hand, felt pretty sad,

    Because she had to go away, which made Walt feel bad.

    The pets m…

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  • Discofurby

    Hello, Loud crowd! This is my eighth chapter of Lincoln's Memories. You can read the first seven parts here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. This details Lincoln learning to ride a bike.

    It was an ordinary Saturday afternoon in the Loud house, and Lincoln, age five, was wandering around looking for something to do.

    As he observed everybody, he realised that everyone in the house was currently learning something, except for him.

    His mother, Rita, had been going to dancing school on Friday nights, his father, Lynn Sr., had been trying to learn Cantonese, and all eight of his sisters were learning something too--

    Lori, the oldest at age eleven, was learning how to leave the house on her own, ten-year-old Leni was learning to tie a knot, n…

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  • Celiagracebarnett

    Lucy Loud

    April 5, 2020 by Celiagracebarnett

    Hi, guys!

    I'm really sorry for waiting forever to work on my project due to being busy on a few things. Anyway, the Loud family has 11 children, but one of them is the gloomy and dark-haired child, Lucy. Her catchphrase is "Sigh" and her hobby is reading poems. She may look all moody, but can't disagree to join her siblings in my project. And now, this is Lucy!

    Stay tuned! Lincoln will be next.

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  • TheMaximumMatt

    Sketches I Made

    April 5, 2020 by TheMaximumMatt

    I realize I haven't posted any blogs in a while here, so I decided to present these sketches I made in sort of an art gallery. Most of them are related to my series the MationIsle Crossovers:

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  • Discofurby

    The Louds, in disguises, were sneaking round town,

    With the exception of Luan the clown.

    April Fool's was tomorrow and they needed a plan,

    To not have their butts pranked off them by Luan.

    Should they hide out with Bobby? Go overseas?

    Go into space? Beg on their knees?

    Then a woman said, "Everyone out of the way.

    We're filming a stunt in a movie today."

    The Louds watched the stunt and it looked pretty rad,

    And the stuntsman looked rather a lot like the dad.

    They then thought, "Let's each of us hire a stunt double.

    That's a fine way to stay out of trouble!".

    So they hired doubles, all Louds but Luan.

    Lincoln's stunt double was an old man.

    The Louds taught their doubles how to act right,

    And they made the switch in the darkness of night.

    The doubles went of…

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  • Realgilbertgan

    Based on my previous blog here and through the comments made on the previous article, I decided to give a new update from my Height Theory with the Loud Siblings, now it would include Bobby and Clyde as such. I also found one reference sheet to where it was based from at this random post by the name of Darren Rosario from DeviantArt (Although he keeps on posting randon snaps and some time some from photos from users who watch the show too, often which is literally annoying for me, personally). By just adding one feet tall from that sheet, because the height sheet from where I saw is one foot shorter, here is a revised height for them:

    • Bobby - 5'9"
    • Lori - 5'6"
    • Leni - 5'3"
    • Luna - 5'2"
    • Luan - 4'11"
    • Lynn - 4'3" - 4'4"
    • Lincoln - 4'2" (Confirmed)
    • Clyde -…
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  • Arifin.wijaya

    It's my birthday!

    April 3, 2020 by Arifin.wijaya

    Hi everyone! I'm turning 24 today! Today, it's my special day!

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  • Lincyblinky

    Dear Moderators...

    April 2, 2020 by Lincyblinky

    ...why haven't you taken back control of the wiki from Luan? April Fools Day is over.

    Love, Lincyblinky XOXOXO

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  • Discofurby

    Mrs. J said, "I must speak with your mom and dad."

    Lincoln thought, "Yikes! Does that mean something bad?!"

    He was very nervous, the only Loud brother.

    Was this about that time when he called her his mother?

    But when the poster said, "First come, first served,"

    Suddenly, Linc was a lot less unnerved.

    "I just have to stall my old mom and dad,

    And they won't find out if I did something bad!"

    He didn't wear pants, then a shirt, then he said,

    "Whoops! I have now put my jeans on my head!".

    The parents went off with their only son,

    And on the list, they were the last one.

    Linc said, "I've done my part and now all of you,

    Get all of your parents to stall for me too."

    Rusty's dad tried selling Mrs. J duds,

    But she didn't like them. One of his other buds,

    A young …

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  • Discofurby

    Luna had written a new song one day.

    A site said, "The whole world will all hear it play!".

    Luna thought, "Will the world like my new song?".

    And that was when Luna Loud's brain went all wrong.

    She heard Lana singing while fixing the john,

    And Lola singing about the show she put on,

    And Lisa singing about the periodic table,

    So Luna said, "Lisa, will you be able,

    To tell me why I seem to be going insane?!".

    "I think it's to do with your psychological pain."

    Luna kept hearing songs-- she heard a great many.

    She heard a love song from Lori and Leni,

    A song about jokes from her roommate Luan,

    Which all made her wonder just what song to plan.

    She heard Lucy sing about darkness and gloom,

    And a sports song from the sister who shared Lucy's room.

    She heard her …

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  • Chromastonex34

    It's April Fools Day At The Loud House And No Is Safe.

    Warning; A Little Bit Of Blood.

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  • Facefun
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  • Metool Bard

    After a quick lunch and a detour to pick up magic supplies for my act, Clyde and I headed back to Liam’s farm.  This time, Liam wasn’t around to greet us.  Instead, we saw Jack Peterson talking to none other than Rip Hardcore.  From the looks of things, neither of them appeared to be happy.

    “With all due respect, Ms. Peterson, your studio has just been one muck-up after another,” Rip Hardcore growled. “First the soundtrack, now this.”

    “I told you before, Mr. Hardcore.  The producers forced that in at the last minute,” said Peterson. “It certainly wasn’t my idea.”

    “Doesn’t explain how you managed to misplace those chickens.”

    “Trust me, Mr. Hardcore, I will be disciplining the one responsible for that.  We’re trying our best over here.”

    Hmm.  Does th…

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  • SimpsonsMario

    Hello everyone. Happy April fools! I wonder what kind of pranks you're gonna do today. And what Luan is doing... But I hope you guys have a fun day today!

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  • Bello Register


    March 31, 2020 by Bello Register
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  • Discofurby

    April Fool's was the next day, so Linc had a plan:

    Hide in his room from the prankster Luan.

    He said to Clyde, "Want to hang out with me?"

    "Not while Luan does her pranking, you see!

    Last time I came round on April Fool's Day,

    Luan attacked me with a hose, birds, and hay.

    Ronnie Anne texted, "Can I come around!"

    "Oh no! This is bad!", the white-haired boy frowned.

    "If Ronnie gets hit by Luan's pranking game,

    She'd get really mad and I'd get the blame!

    Luan, please, I beg you, don't play pranks tomorrow.

    If you do, then Ronnie Anne will cause me sorrow!"

    Luan said, "No way, I love messing about!".

    When Clyde put Cleopawtra in a crate for time-out,

    Lincoln then thought of another sly plan:

    He and the other sisters do the same to Luan!

    But the prankster got …

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  • Aja The Fangirl

    For me, the worse fanfics I’ve possibly read was “Leni Loud, You’re In Deep Deep Trouble” and another one that I cannot name. Both of them were cringeworthy af and highly questionable in my opinion. The latter even traumatized me when I was like 12.

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  • Discofurby

    Bobby was working at his store one day,

    When Ronnie Anne had something to say:

    "They're opening the new store for the city to see!".

    It was a supermarket as flash as could be.

    "This is bad," said Bobby, with fear on his face,

    "This couldn't ever compete with our place!".

    Ronnie Anne thought that the new store was swell,

    But when their customers came in, she was worried as well.

    Bobby said, "I've seen so many stores crash.

    We'll have to glitz our store up or they'll think it's trash,

    Compared to the new one!". So they sold new stuff,

    And babysat too in case that wasn't enough.

    They forbade ol' Sergio from being rude,

    And not a single family member did they exclude.

    Frida took photos and Hector made noise.

    Carlos shared knowledge, one of his joys.

    Rosa gave…

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  • Discofurby

    Lincoln was playing a game about trash.

    Lana said, "Can I play?". Linc said, "No, you might crash.

    But you can have a go when I am a winner."

    Then Lynn Sr. called them both in for their dinner.

    That night, Lana dreamt that she was in the game,

    But got told to wait, which was a shame.

    She played the game anyway while it was still night,

    But lost Lincoln's progress, which gave her a fright.

    She said to her sisters, "Girls, this is so bad!

    If Lincoln finds out, he'll be terribly mad!

    Lincoln, do research, Lynn, psych me to play.

    The rest of you sisters, keep Lincoln away."

    Lola said, "Do you want to go to Flip's store,"

    "No thanks, I want to play this game I adore."

    Leni said, "We can go to Gus's Games and Grub today.

    There's a cool dance game that we could…

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  • Discofurby

    Hey, Loud crowd! This is the seventh chapter of Lincoln's Memories. You may read the first six parts here, here, here, here, here, and here. This chapter details Lincoln and Lana building a snowman together.

    Lincoln Loud, age nine, woke up in his bed and checked the time on his clock: It was 7:30 AM.

    He instantly stood up and looked out the window.

    "Yes!", he shouted throwing his fists into the air: just as the forecst had predicted, Royal Woods was covered in snow.

    He got dressed and walked into the hallway where Lori (age fifteen), Leni (age fourteen), Luan (age twelve), and Lynn (age eleven) were waiting in line for the bathroom.

    "Hey, girls," said Lincoln, "Where's everyone else?"

    "Dad's making breakfast," said Lori, "Mom's watching TV, Luna…

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  • SimpsonsMario

    Hello guys. I know this show has been around for amost 4 years, and that pretty neat. But can't argue that this show has gone downhill and more boring after season 4. So I wonder when this show is ever gonna end. There is already a fifth season coming out, and I really hope that's the final season. And if not then I'll just stop watching it. When will you think this show will ever end?

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  • IronRaphRa

    Loud Sibling Question

    March 29, 2020 by IronRaphRa

    Which two Loud siblings have the best relationship with each other? For me, I'll have to go with either Lori and Leni or Lana and Lola.

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  • Discofurby

    "I'm getting a job," Lori said to her dad,

    But the idea of her moving made Lynn Sr. sad.

    "But maybe," said Lori, "If I am able,

    I could work as a waitress down at Lynn's Table."

    So both of them danced and shouted hooray.

    He said, "You just watch Kotaro, okay?".

    "I don't need a notebook," Kotaro said,

    "And I carry the plates with a pot on my head."

    Lori tried waiting on her principal and his assistant,

    But she just could not keep her memory consistent.

    She tried shooing a fly and dropped all the food.

    She told Rita and Lisa 'bout the strife that ensued.

    Lisa said, "You don't have to tell me twice,"

    And she invented a waiting device.

    However, it misheard commands, and then broke.

    "Dad, as a waitress, I'm simply a joke!"

    "You can be my assistant," Lynn Sr. s…

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  • SirSeraphim

    I know I am an unknown on this website and no one ever notices me, but please humor me. I am asking for help for a friend of mine. She is a Loud House fan who also enjoys Super Louds and other Loud House Superhero AU's, and coming up with ideas to help them. I know not everyone does, but I'm politely asking for respectful feedback here. As many know, the mobile game The Loud House: Ultimate Treehouse is shutting down in May 2020. She enjoyed the game and it had the benefit of inspiring ideas for her to help writers.

    Unfortunately, her game file crashed and she is unable to open it, and now she doesn't have enough time to try and get back to where she was, or to unlock certain characters to get ideas from their in-game actions. Right now, I'…

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  • Babsfrisch

    The Loud House Guy

    March 28, 2020 by Babsfrisch

    Family Guy: The Loud House Guy

    [It all started when Peter was making a comic. It wasn't nearly as offensive towards women as before, as he had learned his lesson after "For Pete's Sake." However, it was still slightly offensive, but they didn't really react too hostile towards it to cause a riot against such a comic.]

    Meg: Hey dad, what are you doing?

    Peter: First off, shut up Meg. And secondly, I'm creating a comic strip. I'm hoping it won't be as offensive towards women as last time. I learned my lesson after "For Pete's Sake."

    Meg: Good call. I was hoping there wouldn't be any riots today.

    Peter: Good.

    Meg: So, uh... What now?

    Peter: We wait for the riots to approach.

    Meg: Why?!

    Peter: I just wanted an excuse to escape the house for a little bit…

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  • SimpsonsMario

    Due the recent 2019-2020 pandemic, my brain had the idea to make a fanfaction about it. Enjoy.... or... something. Oh, wait! This is gonna be separated to 3 different parts. Why? cuz I'm lazy

    (starts off with the Loud family watching the news on tv)

    Patchy: Breaking News! A brand new virus that came from the depths that is China, called "Coronavirus" has been taking the world by storm. And I know what your thinking. "Oh, Patchy! It's just a little virus, it's not it's a big deal! Right?" We'll get this, because of this there will be no movie theaters....

    The Loud Family: (gasps)

    Patchy: more amusement parks....

    The Loud Family: (gasps even harder)

    Patchy: ...and most importantly... NO MORE SCHOOL!!!

    The Loud Family: (gasps, but then stop)


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  • Discofurby

    Lana and Charles were playing in the mud,

    Then Lana played in the trash with her bud.

    Along came a snobby girl and her dog Vicky,

    Who said, "You two are so uncultured and sticky."

    "You take that back!", said Lana, "Charles is the best!"

    "Well, take him to a dog show and put that to the test."

    Lana watched the dog show advertised on TV,

    And set up an agility course for Charles. He,

    Just sat there, or climbed, or chased a butterfly.

    He wasn't interested, that's probably why.

    Lana tried dressing him up in Lily's suit,

    But he tore it up (though he had looked quite cute).

    Lincoln said, "OK, Charles, do what I say!",

    But Charles farted and licked and he didn't obey.

    Lola said, "Lana, my engine's gone bad!

    And why do you look like you feel a bit mad?"

    "I want to…

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  • Vulture345

    Marvel is doing a movie called Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, so I thought should someone make a fanfiction based on that film with Sid Chang? I suck at writing fanfiction but I made this blog to let people know that the idea is free to use. It would be funny to see Sid as a kung fu warrior lol.

    PS I spelled it Did I’m sorry

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  • Discofurby

    Luan punched and shocked Lincoln, the same old story,

    And told a joke to Leni and Lori.

    She told one to Lucy and pied Lisa too.

    She then egged Lana (as she tended to do),

    Told another joke to Lola and gave a whoopie cushion to Lynn,

    And said, "Come and watch this cool show I'll be in!",

    But when she heard her sibs say that her jokes were bad,

    This made Luan feel terribly sad.

    She made no quips the entire next day,

    And her siblings all wondered if she was OK.

    They tried to celebrate by eating some pie,

    But she threw out her props, and this was why:

    She wanted to give up being jokey and punny,

    'Cause she heard her siblings say she wasn't funny.

    "We must cheer her up!", said the other Loud folk,

    So they tried to set Luan up for a joke.

    "This isn't working!",…

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  • Jedfarcry223

    What are some of the things that you like about The Loud House?

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  • Discofurby

    Lynn Jr. watched football on a cold, snowy day.

    Her sisters and Charles were like, "Watch too? No way!"

    Then she heard Mr. Grouse watching football next door.

    She thought, "Finally, I won't be lonely no more!",

    So she went next door and watched with the old dude,

    But they bothered each other with their noisy food.

    Mr. Grouse fell asleep and Lynn made a mess.

    She said, "If I went home it might bother us less.",

    But she changed her mind and they watched and had fun.

    They did a dance when the sports match was done.

    He gave her a football his dead wife once had,

    So she gave him gym socks (but they smelled bad).

    At baseball season, Lynn arrived on the double,

    But they liked rival teams, and that meant trouble.

    They thought, "We'll make it work," but got mad …

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  • Discofurby

    Ronnie Anne was about to go to the park,

    So she could skateboard, just for a lark.

    Maria and CJ were giving away,

    The apartment next door if someone wanted to stay.

    Ronnie Anne gave her breakfast to Lalo to eat,

    So she went to the hot dog stand to get a treat.

    "Buying a dog with the works is my aim!"

    "At this time of day?!". Then, another girl came,

    And said, "I'll have a hot dog with the works too."

    "Fine," said the man, "I'll cater to you."

    Ronnie Anne did a trick, then the girl from before,

    Said, "That was so cool! Can I join in? Do more!".

    The girl was quite clumsy 'cause she'd never done,

    That stuff before but she thought it was fun.

    She was new in town and wanted to try,

    All of the stuff she could do, see, or buy.

    She said, "Nice to meet you. My nam…

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  • Vulture345

    Does Lincoln vape?

    March 25, 2020 by Vulture345

    Do you guys think in a future episode Lincoln will start vaping as a lesson for kids not to vape? That would be funny. Comment down below what you think lol.

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  • Ejulia14

    My comic

    March 24, 2020 by Ejulia14

    My Loud House comic is called "The Loudcest D.I.Y. kit". It makes fun at the Loudcest genre of Loud house fanart.

    here's an excerpt(btw, I'm still working on it)

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  • Discofurby

    Lincoln was reading Ace Savvy with Clyde,

    But his big sister Leni walked in and cried.

    The two boys said, "Leni, why are you so sad?"

    "This afternoon," she said, "My work went all bad.

    A woman said 'Scarves are gone. Please come with me.'

    She fired me 'cause coincidentally,

    They were from my department from the time I worked there."

    The boys said, "Somebody has framed her, I fear.

    Let's clear Leni's name just like Jack and Ace.

    We may be eleven but we've solved our fifth case."

    They went to the mall and they saw no one shady.

    One boy was the son of Leni's boss lady.

    They saw a young girl named Gabby who was acting funny,

    But it turned out that she intended to pay money.

    "What are you doing?!", she said with a frown.

    Things got quite awkward when they kno…

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  • Discofurby

    Lola's pageant application had been denied.

    This made her so mad that she very near cried.

    They wanted Lola to prove she was nice,

    So she asked all of her ten sibs for advice.

    She was too squeamish to pick up the trash,

    And her loud voice would make a library gig crash.

    Then Lincoln suggested something that was cool:

    How about making a new friend at school?

    She met a new girl Meli, who was quiet and shy.

    "You're popular-- I think your confidence is why.

    Can you teach me how to be popular too!"

    "I know all about it! Of course I'll help you!"

    Lola told Meli to enter with style.

    At lunch, two young kids with toys made Meli smile.

    Lola said, "You're too young. How 'bout we go,

    Sit with these fifth graders who we don't know?"

    Meli said, "Let's hang out at the …

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  • Discofurby

    Hi there! This is the sixth chapter of Lincoln's Memories. The other chapters can be read here, here, here, here, and here. This tells the story of Lincoln and Luan on the beach and is the first of my Lincoln's Memories stories to feature Lisa (unless you count Rita being pregnant with her in "Lincoln's Seventh Birthday").

    It was a sunny day in Royal Woods, and the Loud family was very happy because they were all going for a ride in Vanzilla to Aloha Beach.

    "I might get a tan!", said Lori, who was fourteen.

    "I'll get to practice my swim strokes!", said Luna, who was twelve.

    "I will be able to observe some fascinating acquatic life," said Lisa, who was only a year old but incredibly smart.

    "I'll get to show off my awesome new swimsuit!", said Le…

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  • Jedfarcry223

    This is really cool

    March 22, 2020 by Jedfarcry223

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  • Discofurby

    The Casagrandes and Santiagos were watching TV.

    All except Bobby, who had work, you see,

    And Ronnie Anne, who walked out and said,

    "I'd rather watch a game of soccer instead.

    That show is so cheesy! I hate it, all right?!",

    But she changed her mind when she saw the girl fight.

    The one on TV with the buns in her hair.

    Ronnie Anne started kicking and punching the air.

    She tried watching the show the very next day,

    But her grandma Rosa pushed her away.

    The woman next door blocked the TV,

    So Ronnie Anne and the pets went as quick as could be,

    Down to the store, but it turned out that Bobby,

    Had watching the show by himself as a hobby.

    Ronnie Anne purposely knocked something down.

    "I'd best clean it up," she said, trying to frown.

    Bobby said, "No way, I'll cle…

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  • Hua Ja Frol

    Test (No Hack)

    March 21, 2020 by Hua Ja Frol

    The Loud House reacts  to mah profile pic. Here it is.

    Lincoln: Uhhhh.... Im joking? Wha-Im not doing anything or saying anything!

    Lisa: Hmm......


    Lola: Uhhhh.....

    Lana: Oh cool. But about what though?

    Lynn: Uhhh, thanks? (I didnt even say anything!)

    Lucy: *Suprised Pikachu face*

    Luan: Umm yeah, after all, its what I do.

    Luna: Okay boomer brah.

    Lori: I wasn't saying something at all, literally!

    Leni: Oooh cool! You can read my mind?!

    Lynn SR: Oh good, someone to respect my jokes.

    Rita: About what?

    Thats all, folks!

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  • Discofurby

    Now, I don't normally do alternate versions of episodes, and I'm usually firmly of the belief that we shouldn't dwell on episodes we don't like, so don't expect me to write more alternate versions. However, when someone on YouTube was reviewing "One of the Boys", someone in the comments said that it should've been the case that he found his brothers were the same as his sisters and the moral is that having brothers is no easier than having sisters or vice versa, so I thought, "Why not?".

    One day, Lincoln and his pal Clyde were searching through the Loud family refrigerator for a snack. "Okay, let's see what we've got," said Lincoln, "Kale, tofu,... quin-o-ah?"

    "I think it's called quinoa," corrected Clyde.

    Lincoln tasted some, but hated the t…

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  • Discofurby

    Lincoln, Zach, Liam, and Rusty, and Clyde,

    Where trading their lunches and Lincoln's friends sighed,

    For they all had crushes on the new girl,

    Who approached the lunch table. "Don't get in a whirl!",

    Said Lincoln. She said, "Want my carrots today?",

    But they made goo-goo eyes so the girl walked away.

    She also approached the boy team at the gym,

    But Rusty leered at her, so she was put off by him.

    She then asked to be on the boys' science team.

    There was an explosion, but they didn't scream.

    "Does that girl Stella we met on the bus,

    Possibly have a crush on one of us?"

    So the boys spruced themselves up to look cool,

    And Stella said to Linc, "How about after school,

    We go to the burger joint to get some food?"

    Lincoln thought, "Yay! I am the lucky dude!"


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  • Vulture345

    Hopefully Kevin Sullivan or someone is on this wiki, I have an epic crossover idea for Nick to make, a Family Guy/Loud House crossover would be epic and here are my reasons why.

    1. The Coronavirus- Our world is suffering and we need something to forget about everything happening, we are forced to stay inside our houses and we can’t go to the movies, to the park, or anywhere fun. So we should get some quality content, because we are suffering in Quarantine.

    2. Both shows are about Families- Both shows are about families and they put the fun in dysfunctional. A crossover would make sense given the premise of both shows.

    3. It’s already a highly requested thing- Fans would kill to see this crossover be put on the small screen, many fans have mad…

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  • EnzoFrenzi

    Hey and welcome to my second Unpopular Opinion blog post

    This time I'll talk about the infamous episode known as No Such Luck.

    In my honest opinion, this episode is what defines top tier The Loud House. Its plot is very simple but very funny and well-played out. The character interactions are pretty good and the superstition gag was done very nicely. 

    And, just like in KOTC, Lincoln deserved being punished the way he did. In this case, it was his fault for being stupid enough to make his sisters isolate him when proving he's bad luck.

    Burn it up pls =)))))))

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  • Vulture345

    I’’m still here

    March 20, 2020 by Vulture345

    Yo what’s up, I haven’t been seen for a while to the public but yeah I am still here.

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  • Chromastonex34

    The Episode Begins With Shiny Singing And Dancing Until She Heard Rock Music.

    Shiny; Where Is The Music Coming It's Has A Good Beat.

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