• LanceLoud13

    Fanfic: Loud in Space

    October 1, 2020 by LanceLoud13

    (At the loud house, Lincoln and his sisters all rush downstairs to be the first to get the remote, which Lincoln grabbed it first)

    'Lincoln: Time for the new season of ARGGH!

    (Lynn takes the remote)

    Lynn: No Way Stinkcoln! It's time for the new season of "When Football games get silly"

    (Lola tackled Lynn and took the remote)

    Lola: Who want to watch sweaty guys running around with a football? Beside The "Miss Preteen Pageant" is on!

    (Lana removed her shoe and use her stinky feet to distract Lola as she got the remote)

    Lana: We're watching a 3-hour show about engines.

    (As Lana turned on the tv, the channel was sent to a live coverage of a space launch)

    Anchor #1: It great to be here to see the live coverage of NASA's plan to see if it's possible to prefo…

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  • SimpsonsMario

    Hello, everyone. Today is the day where the new South Park episode comes out, and I just wanted to know if everybody is ready for it. Since I work for the animation industry now, I already saw the episode when it was finished in production, so I won't watch it when it premieres. I just really hope that you guys will like the episode. Note: I'm now working for the second episode for the 24th season of South Park. You guys may like it. Also I'm not telling anybody what the future epsidoes are called (for now) or what's the plot for the future episodes.

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  • Mattia Movies

    Season 5 plots ideas

    September 30, 2020 by Mattia Movies

    Band Together - Luna and her Friends have a her first concert in her ever life!

    Blinded By Science - Lisa have a idea for new invetion.

    You like it?

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  • SamiScrambles16

    Hello everyone! I've decided to jump on the episode ideas bandwagon and create my own episode ideas! Feel free to tell me your opinions!

    Also, I sure hope the non-canon header works...

    Okay, here are the ideas (for real this time):

    Don’t Bat an Eye: Lucy decides to cut her bangs and her family tries to get used to seeing her eyes.

    Crushed!: Stella develops a crush and asks Lincoln, Clyde, Rusty, Zach, and Liam for advice. When the boys’ advice isn’t helpful, Stella seeks the help of girl Jordan. (30 min Valentine's Day special)

    Lynner, Lynner, Turkey Dinner: Lynn Sr. experiences constant interruptions while making the family dinner for thanksgiving.

    Red, White, and Loud: the Louds celebrate the 4th of July.

    Decked!: a Christmas party ploy by the…

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  • FirstDrellSpectre

    Episode Ideas Trend

    September 29, 2020 by FirstDrellSpectre

    Like many I decided to follow trend of episode ideas. I lost passion to write fanfics after disappointing S4, so at least I can reveal my ideas.

    Checked! - Rita notices Lincoln playing chess, so she trains him to Chess Tournament. She's determined, because she never won any tournament herself. She trains also Lynn as an emergency plan. This leads both Rita's children to play against each other.

    Gone Henny Gone - Lincoln tries to solve mystery of Liam's missing hens. They suspect a sewer crocodile from an urban legend. They discover that Flip uses the urban legend as distraction from his shady business, illegal cock fights.

    Friend of Two Enemies - Every time Lincoln and Renee meet, they start fighting. Zach as their common friend gets annoyed …

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  • Aartistboy714

    Hey, everybody! It's me, Aartistboy714. I know it's been a while since I last been here, but I'm still here and I too wanted to share some episode ideas of my own. I know I've been coming up story ideas in the past, but seeing as how everyone's doing it right now, might as well go along with it.

    "You're Not the Boss of Me!" - Ms. Carmichael instructs Leni, Fiona, and Miguel to watch over her son while she's going on a business trip, so the three employees do their best to take care of him, which is proven difficult due to their different babysitting techniques.

    "Nice and Smoothie" - Fed up with Flip and his cheap business, the Louds decided to start their own business by selling Leni's seasonal soy pumpkin cookie crumble cream smoothies. Howe…

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  • Kanetrealms

    My Episode Ideas

    September 29, 2020 by Kanetrealms

    May as well do this since the whole wiki is jam-packed with people's ideas for TLH episodes. No introduction, just my personal list.

    "Disappeared!" - After Lincoln wishes he never was born into the Loud family, a fairy takes him through life at the Loud House without Lincoln. (Inspired by "It's a Wonderful Life, Piper" from The Next Step)

    "Ageless Wonder" - Furious at the age limit for a local brains competition, Lisa attempts to masquerade to get in.

    "Rip Advisor" - Luna puts out a song to the public, but realizes she mistakenly ripped off another producer and has to deal with the backlash.

    "Rumor Marker" - Lincoln attempts to put out the fire that Mr. Bolhofner is a bad teacher, after multiple rumors start surfacing.

    "There's a Crowd" - Accidental…

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  • TheAwesomeGamerDude

    Episode Idea Mania

    September 29, 2020 by TheAwesomeGamerDude

    *Update: Just added some more ideas. Feel free to check them out. May upload more soon.

    What is up guys, AwesomeGamerDude here. And since I been noticing a lot of you guys are starting to share your episode ideas , I ask myself, "Everyone seem to be doing this right now, why not me also?". And so, I'm in on this, too.

    I may have a few more episode ideas that I'm thinking about which I may add to this list later, but for now, here are some of my ideas for new episodes:

    The Switch-Placements - Tired of having Mr. Bolhofner as his annoying teacher, Lincoln decides to ask Clyde's Dads to be his class's new teachers, which lead them to switching the other staff members with the other kids' parents.

    Cheddarstein's Muenster - Lisa accidentally create…

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  • LampLoudTheThird

    Hi there, bros and dudes.

    This wiki is very lively lately with all these episodes ideas. I too want to share my ideas. These episodes batch with focus on each Loud siblings.

    1. Lily - Spider Lily: Lily met a spider in her room and they become unlikely friends. As they play together, the concerned siblings try to separate Lily from her new playmate.

    2. Lisa - Thirst for Knowledge: After Lincoln mistakes a weird goop in Lisa's room a lemonade, Lisa's new serum ends up making the citizens of Royal Woods genius like her.

    3. Twins - It Takes Two to Tango: When Lana and Lola spend their weekend role-playing as princess and knight, they ask Lincoln and Lynn to join the role-play. They soon realize that the role-play becomes more bizzare and embarrassi…

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  • Harburton81

    Episode Ideas Bonanza

    September 29, 2020 by Harburton81

    Hey, guys. It's been a long time since I've done any kind of blog. But don't worry, I am officially back and want to share some episode ideas with you guys. I seen other users do this, so I want in too. Okay, with that out of the way, let's go.

    A Time in History - Lincoln asks for Lisa's help to study for a History test, so she decides to use a small time machine as the two travel through time.

    Spirited! - It's Spirit Week throughout the schools in Royal Woods and at Fairway University, but the antics of the Louds are annoying everyone at their schools. (half-hour)

    Two Frogs in the City - Lincoln heads to Great Lakes City with Lana. There, they meets Sid's sister Adelaide, and she become friends with Lana. However, hi-jinks ensure when the tw…

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  • Dudiho

    Chapter 42: Endgame!

    A fierce battle between Alzarax and Heroic Extreme began at a split second. Alzarax unleashed some unwavering fury on Heroic Extreme. The heroes refused to give up at any cost.

    “We can’t give up!” Jenny hollered.

    “Keep going, Heroic Extreme!” Korra hollered.

    “John Wayne, eat your heart out!” Lynn hollered.

    The Nicktoons held onto their very lives, betting everything on Heroic Extreme who punched Alzarax with all of his might. Alzarax unleashed unwavering mass power on Heroic Extreme. The heroes could feel its pain. Alzarax began to duplicate himself.

    “Which one is the real one?” Timmy asked.

    Alzarax and his copies shockwaved the heroes and Heroic Extreme.

    “Shockingly deadly.” Bernie said.

    “Big blow!” Lynn hollered.

    “No hitting b…

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  • Broodje Kroket

    Because multiple people were doing it, and it seemed like a ton of fun to me, here are some 'predictions', ideas of mine, whatever you like to call them, for season 5 episodes. Take them as seriously as you wish to take them. I may add more soon!

    I'll come clean with it right away that some of these have gotten me inspired to write new stories.

    • Cast Aside:- When Lynn's leg is put in a cast, she intends not to let it get in the way of her daily exercise routines.
    • The Many Faults In Our Stars:-Luan discovers a legendary comedian she looks up to living in Pop-Pop's retirement home, but is upset to learn that he is disgusted with his legacy.
    • Tin Lizzie:- Luna has earned her driver's license and bought herself a car. However, the car is a wreck and…

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  • Metool Bard

    I remember when I first wrote Loudest Labyrinth, a fair few people were wondering if I'd ever do another tabletop RPG story again.  Well, the Casagrandes have given me the opportunity, though fair warning: this is gonna be focusing on one of the most progressive and challenging characters on the show: CJ Casagrande.  I'm thoroughly convinced that the reason we only have one episode focusing on him so far is because writing him can feel like traveling through a literary minefield.  At least I felt that way, what with trying to balance keeping him in character condition and all while also being respectful.

    Well, you guys can be the judge of that after reading this fan episode.  Here is:

    Plot Summary: When a blackout hits the Casagrande buildin…

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  • Discofurby

    Stella said, "Lookie! Behind the locked door!".

    Her guy friends all said, "Is that so? Say no more!"

    They hoisted up Lincoln to have a quick peak,

    And came toppling down before Lincoln could speak.

    "It was too dark, I feel like a fool.

    Perhaps there just is no game room in this school."

    "There isn't a game room?!", said Rusty, "Oh no!

    But my cousin Derek insisits that it's so!".

    Stella soon ended those five young boys' gloom,

    When she led them into a studio room.

    Linc had an idea: be the new school news team!

    Rusty looked at a photo in a daydream.

    Zach said, "No way! It's my mom, dude! Not cool!",

    And they went to Meryl, secretary of the school.

    She turned the blind eye due to watching TV,

    But when the commercial break happened, said she,

    "What do you chi…

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  • Discofurby

    Leni Loud and Some Bees

    September 27, 2020 by Discofurby

    Well, people seemed to like my parody of the intro to "Winnie the Pooh and Some Bees", so I thought I might as well do the entire story. I changed balloons to jetpacks as one balloon couldn't lift up Leni even in this cartoony universe, and I changed the mud to grey clothes as Leni hates getting dirty. I don't know who the narrator is, that's just how the original story was.

    Here is Leni Loud, coming down the stairs now, step, step, step, with her hands out in front of her and her eyes shut.

    It is, as far as she knows, the only way of coming downstairs, but sometimes she feels that there really is another way, if only she could stop stepping for a moment and think of it. And then she feels that perhaps there isn't. Anyway, here she is at the…

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  • Takunyika8472

    In The Beginning...

    September 27, 2020 by Takunyika8472

    Hello, everybody! My name is Takunyika8472 (online name). And welcome to my blog. I have been sending new polls on this Fandom page and loads of people have voted! And if you are subscribed to my YouTube channel, then thank you! Because I have just reached 400 subscribers on my YouTube channel! Thank you all so much! So if you haven't already, go and subscribe to my channel, it's Takunyika729 or click on this link: Subscribe now!  Or follow me on Twitter or Instagram. On Twitter, it's @takunyika729 and on Instagram, it's @realnyika729. Go and follow them or click on these links:

    Instagram: Follow me on Instagram!

    Twitter: Go and follow me on Twitter

    Thank you, goodbye!

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  • Discofurby

    Lola was planning a party with joy,

    But a possum then teared up her unicorn toy.

    Lana said, "Sorry, fixing her is my aim,

    And as for the possum, Duncan is his name.

    I have been training him, but as you know,

    I have still got a long way to go.

    Now, how about plan this year's birthday party?"

    "Sorry," said Lola, "But I am more arty."

    "No way!", said Lana, "That's just unfair!

    For once, I'll be planning the party this year!".

    Lola went off to stop Lana and shower,

    And then they drove off, in less than an hour,

    Into the best party shop in the town,

    Where Lola said, "Mitch-- you hide everything brown.

    I have a crisis if you want the scoop,

    And I hate brown 'cause it's the colour of poop!"

    Lana said, "These decs aren't fit for our bash!",

    And instead got rotte…

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  • AnimationFan15

    Episode Ideas Galore

    September 27, 2020 by AnimationFan15

    I'm currently in the mood to present some episode ideas. Partially inspired by Ty The Savage's S5 predictions list.

    • "Switched!" - After arguments over who has the hardest life break out in the family, Lisa invents a machine that swaps each other's bodies so they can get some answers themselves. (half-hour episode)
    • "Muddy-Duddy" - Unimpressed with her mud puddles, Lana tries to find more entertaining ways to get dirty.
    • "One in a Cotillion" - When the Loud family gets invited to a fancy party, the kids decide to liven things up a bit.
    • "Material Girl" - After being told by a talent agent that she doesn't have much to show, Lola decides to expand her talents to prove him wrong.
    • "No Pain, No Game" - Wanting to make a championship soccer game memorable, …

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  • Cdixon9

    Lincoln's Nightmare

    September 27, 2020 by Cdixon9

    Lincoln: Hmmmm. I wonder who lives here. 

    (Lincoln hears growls and groans) 

    Lincoln: Maybe that's my dog Charles protecting the house from intruders. 

    (Lincoln sees a shadow of Lynn) 

    Lincoln: Hi Lynn. I've never heard you growling for real like a dog. 

    (Lincoln giggles nervously and tiptoes backwards) 

    (Lincoln gets scratched on the right cheek) 

    Lincoln: Ow. Lynn. Why did you do this? 

    (Lynn appears as a werewolf) 

    [Lincoln screams] 

    Lincoln: Lynn is a werewolf. I need to tell mom and dad what's happening. 

    (Lincoln runs off, but werewolf Lynn chases him) 

    Lincoln: Mom! Dad! Lynn is a werewolf!

    (Lincoln notices that a valley is empty) 

    Lincoln: Mom? Dad? 

    (Rita and Lynn Sr come out as werewolves) 

    [Lincoln screams] 

    Lincoln: Oh no. Mom and Dad are werew…

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  • Chanyhuman

    The following is a genderbent version of Party Down.


    [In the Loud House basement]

    Randy: "We're off to the movies, honey. Have fun at your party tonight!"

    Lynn Sr.: "Lynn-sanity Sr. brought you some props! Nothing brightens up a party like a lampshade on the head!" [She puts a lampshade on her head and starts dancing, while Randy chuckles.] "Huh?"

    Loki: "No offense, Mom, but I'm 17. I'm not throwing that kind of party." *flips through a magazine and shows a page to his parents.*

    Randy: "50 ways to throw a sophisticated party."

    Lynn Sr.: "Oh, gotcha. So, it's more of a fake vomit affair, huh?"

    [She then pretends to throw up fake vomit, and she and Randy laugh, while Loki looks annoyed.]

    Randy: "Come on, honey. We don't wanna miss the previews.…

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  • VN-GO1998


    September 26, 2020 by VN-GO1998

    Sorry about messing up Lola's page that was on accident I was trying to add Lola's younger and baby appearance, Editing infoboxes are tricky

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  • ATMman3000

    Have any of you ever met the cast and crew of The Loud House?If you have,please comment and answer my question,you may also post of picture of you and the cast and crew of The Loud House.I wonder if the cast and crew has seen your art,fan art,and drawings.

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  • Evyatarolami6

    Who's with me?

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  • LanceLoud13

    Lily as the Art Sister

    September 25, 2020 by LanceLoud13

    As fans of the series know that each loud sister we all know and love over years has trait that seperate one from the other such as Lori being a golfer; Luna being a musician, Lisa a genius, Lucy as a total goth and etc. But it occur to me that since Lily (known to be the baby of the family and unlike other babies is aware of her surrounding) is growing up, that mean she would need a trait of her own and i think i speak for the fans that Lily will be an art sister as she was shown to love to draw such as in Schooled! She want to go to school because of finger painting. Example include these scenes.

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  • TheWorldOfLincolnLoud

    Since I'm back at school (and using one of the IT room's computers), I've decided to make another AMA! Except......THIS TIME I WANT IT TO REACH 100 QUESTIONS! So, ask away!

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  • Ty The Savage


    Heres my predictions

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  • Dinoco95

    Here is the second of my Loudra stories. Hope you like it!

    Night had fallen over Mythical Woods, and many of its inhabitants were settling down to sleep. The Loudra family were no exception. They made themselves comfortable and lay down.

    "Get some rest, kids." Rita said. "We got a lot of territory patrol tomorrow."

    "Why don't I keep watch tonight, dear? You could use forty winks yourself." said Lynn Sr.

    When Lori heard this, she got an idea. "How about if I work the night shift for a change? Then both of you can sleep."

    The parents were surprised to hear this.

    "I'm not so sure, Lori. Usually it's me or your father who stay awake to watch for danger. The only time we all get to sleep is during hibernation." said Rita.

    " Come on," pleaded Lori. "I'…

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  • Ty The Savage

    Heres all my season 5 predictions

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  • Natalie tellez

    Director must be back

    September 23, 2020 by Natalie tellez

    It’s been years since mr Savino got himself fired and the loud house movie is coming up but without a director they can’t make.nobody can direct the loud house better than he can.i said he’s sorry for what he did and now I’m getting his life back.Does anyone else want him back?

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  • JustANormalDespacito

    1a - Going Overboard

    It’s nice. 7/10.

    1b- Walk Don’t Run

    Very good, 10/10.

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  • Dudiho

    Chapter 41: Together as One Team!

    Back in Volcano Island, Shelley could feel something.

    “What’s wrong, Wise Old Crab?” April asked.

    “He has got them...” The Wise Old Crab replied.

    "I've got a pretty much worse feeling about that..." Wowski said, shivering in horror.

    “That’s right. Alzarax has gotten your friends in deep peril.” The Wise Old Crab explained.

    His comments made the heroes slightly upset.

    “Oh, that humongous brute!” Cad hollered.

    “My best fry cook cannot lose this way!” Mr. Krabs hollered.

    “I’m sure he can.” Squidward said.

    “That little square dude will keep on going!” Sandy hollered.

    “June Bailey won’t lose!” Greta hollered.

    “We’ll have faith in her!” Boomer, Steve, Gus and Cooper hollered in unison.

    “And the others!” Torque, Blader, Squaw…

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  • Dudiho

    Chapter 40: The Ruthless Mastermind!

    The Nicktoons were rather speechless upon seeing Alzarax with their own eyes.

    “No words anymore?” Alzarax asked.

    Lori farted in fear, though obviously she would claim it was her shoes.

    “I’m surprised you’ve come this far.” Alzarax explained.

    “Oh dear...” Rocko said, in horror.

    “A-Attack!” Jimmy hollered, shivering in fear.

    Jimmy then pushed his hand into the quantum as atoms came from Heroic Extreme’s head. Alzarax dodged them at ease. Jimmy gritted his teeth.

    “Darn...” Jimmy said.

    “It’s okay, Jimmy! I got it covered!” Danny hollered.

    Danny pushed his hand into the quantum plate as ectoplasm was released from Heroic Extreme’s right hand. Alzarax dodged it as well.

    “It’s like he’s invincible...” Danny said.

    “I bet h…

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  • Dudiho

    Chapter 39: Assembling the Keys Together!

    Jimmy and the gang have arrived back safely.

    “Danny!” Sam hollered, hugging her fiancé.

    “Easy there, Sam.” Danny said.

    “We’re back!” Lincoln, Lori, Luna, Lynn, Lana, Luan, Lisa, Lily, Ronnie Anne, Sid Chang and Adelaide hollered in unison.

    Sam Sharp gasped happily and hugged Lincoln, Lana, Luna, Lisa, Lily, Ronnie Anne, Sid Chang and Adelaide who smiled and hugged her back.

    “Thanks for coming, guys.” Sam Sharp said, smiling.

    “You’re welcome, Miss Sharp.” Lana said.

    “Glad we came, Sammy.” Luna explained.

    Sam Sharp kissed Luna, Lana, Lisa, Lily, Lincoln, Ronnie Anne, Sid Chang and Adelaide.

    “Awwww, Sam...” Lana said.

    "Sam! Sam!" Lily babbled.

    Sam Sharp giggled and carried Lincoln, Ronnie Anne, Sid Chang, Lana, L…

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  • TheAnimatorCartoonistDude

    i've done some thinking and....

    lynn loud is trans (ftm) but hasn't come out to herself or anyone else yet. why else is she LITERALLY EXACTLY THE SAME in the genderbend episode? also 13 year old me kinned her and i turned out to be trans so like

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  • Maplacher1012

    Birthday Blitz

    September 21, 2020 by Maplacher1012

    (It was a Friday afternoon at Royal Woods middle school. The kids were getting on the bus to go home and enjoy a well earned weekend. On the bus, the gang is telling on another their plans for the weekend)

    Lincoln: So what are you guys doing this weekend?

    Stella: Well, my parents and I are going to see a movie.

    Liam: Papa's finally getting our honey bee colony. Now we can sell honey and earn alot of money.

    Rusty: What about you, Lincoln?

    Lincoln: Well, tomorrow is Luna's sweet 16th birthday.

    Clyde: Really?

    Lincoln: That's right, and my family and I are going to make it really unforgettable for her. (To his sisters on the bus) Right guys?

    Lana: You can bet your limited edition comics we will.

    Lynn: That's right.

    Lisa: Luna's going to love it.


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  • ATMman3000

    Ok,here it is,Lincoln and Clyde are playing spies at the beginning,then Lynn announced The Millers moved in,Lincoln dose not know The Millers are spies until he looked out the bathroom window while brushing his teeth,causing him to call Clyde in his walkie talkie,and The Louds(except Lincoln) did not know The Millers are bad people until Lincoln after thinking he’s a failure on finding out If The Millers are spies or not threw his walkie talkie and about to walk away and leave in disappointment,which push the button opening the walls revealing a secret room which has a device and bomb that will destroy all other fruits(including cherries 🍒) except Georgia peaches 🍑,which shook the other Louds.Lincoln is the only Loud in this episode,who di…

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  • Blaiirrr

    Retiring from TLH Fandom

    September 21, 2020 by Blaiirrr

    Hey Guys... I hope you'll welcome me back. So, I thought of being a YouTuber and was opened for a collab with Lana Loud check out her channel either search "Lana Loud" or "Lana Loud Channel" the one with 4k Subs! Also, I'm gonna retire from this Fandom since it's taking much time for Me to make "Sponge House" fanfics though So. See you in my YT Channel!

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  • Discofurby

    Lincoln and Clyde were playing at spies,

    Nabbing cereal from Lola before her closed eyes.

    Lola woke up and they started to fight.

    This gave young Clyde a terrible fight.

    They tussled about until Lincoln was bound.

    Said Lola, "It's 'cause of a comic they found."

    The door burst wide open and in thundered Lynn.

    Said she to the rest, "Neighbours are moving in!".

    Lynn Sr. and his kids went round to say hi,

    But they seemed to not like his new cherry pie.

    "Stop that!", said Rita, "Your crowding is bad!".

    "No probs," said the neighbours, "It just makes us glad!

    Our last name is Miller. We're Carly, Jeff, and Ryan.

    Having loud neighbours will not leave us sighin'."

    That night, Lincoln saw something and he looked twice:

    The Millers were building a crazy device!


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  • InklingBear

    1200 Hours

    Another warm afternoon had befallen upon the neighborhood of Royal Woods. As usual, the same old schemes would take their place as they would each day. The parents of their now ten siblings, relaxing at home, making the absolute most of their time. The pets on the other paw, are making the most of theirs as well, living their lives to the highest extent. Wonder what they're up to at this precise moment? Cliff scratching a post? Charles, wiping his rank butt on the carpet? Savage chirps galore from Walt? Maybe even a hamster who's on a roll?

    The relentless hound spat out a few angry barks, chasing down a squirrel that stole something from him. From the kitchen interior, even down to the basement, their pent up aggressive attitude t…

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  • Discofurby

    Making a Stab at It

    September 20, 2020 by Discofurby

    Now, this story needs a lot of explanation, so please read this whole intro carefully before reading the story.

    I was on this website called the PPC (Protectors of the Plot Continuum) which is basically a site making fun of bad fanfiction where they have secret agents doing things like killing Mary Sues and stuff.

    It's a hilarious website, I'd definitely recommend it, but there is this one story where the Mary Sue they kill is a little girl who reminds me a lot of Lisa Loud, so I didn't like the story very much. So, yeah, warning for that. But then I thought, what if Lisa actually read that story? It could have a sweet ending with her family making her feel better. That's what inspired me to write this. This is kind of my spin on those "Loud…

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  • McCrae1999

    Can somebody tell me why Lola is greedy and has an obsession with money? she has a lot of money she stashed in Mr.Sprinkles,pays her siblings her money,and recently,she fought with Lynn,Jr over a dollar she found in the sewer,she like two other characters voiced by the same actress,Grey Griffin,who also are greedy and have a obsession with money, Mandy from Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Vicky from The Fairly OddParents. Can somebody tell me why Lola is greedy and has a obsession with money.

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  • Discofurby

    Leni was doing her job at the mall.

    Scoots said, "These gloves barely fit me at all!".

    Cheryl walked over and she cut in line.

    A buff man said to Scoots, "You look mighty fine."

    So Scoots bought the gloves, and then came Mrs. C,

    Who announced Leni this month's employee.

    Rita drove Leni home, who felt so glad.

    Rita said, "Well, you sure helped out your dad!

    Also, we're both going out for the night."

    This news gave Leni a bit of a fright.

    The parents went out, carrying Lily,

    All dressed in clothes quite old-fashioned and frilly.

    Leni was scared, but did she give up? No!

    Then, Lynn and Lola fought over some dough.

    Lana went in with a bad-smelling funk.

    It turned out she got willingly sprayed by a skunk.

    Lucy showed Leni what she claimed was a spleen.

    It looke…

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  • Antisocial64

    Hello there, everyone! Sorry for not posting this sooner. I really let this series get away from me. Anyway, it's finally Lincoln's turn to become a Pokémon!

    Kai the Frogadier

    Age: 12

    Level: 69

    Ability: Protean

    Nature: Quirky

    Characteristic: Alert to sounds

    Moveset: Water Pulse, Thief, Hidden Power, Ice Beam

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  • LanceLoud13

    Family Bonding : Epilogue

    September 19, 2020 by LanceLoud13

    (Taking place in an empty lot somewhere in Georgia, The Millers looked around to see no one watching them as Jeff walked towards a rock and opened it to revealed a red button, where after pressing it, an elevator appears and the Millers walked into it, then Carly pressed the peach shape button and the elevator closed, and went down, turning it back into a regular lot.  As the elevator went down, the Millers looked worried.

    Carly Miller: Dear, I'm frighten!

    'Jeff Miller:' It'lll be okay dear, maybe the boss will give us another chance.

    (Just then the elevator stopped as the doors open to reveal a underground base where the surrounding are covers with Georgia Peach Trees  as there are people, dress similar to The Millers are caring for the tree…

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  • LanceLoud13

    I know i'm not the only one who notice that in the end of Family Bonding there was a family of actually spies who tries to destroy all the cherries and part of the Secret Underground Society of Peach Entrepreneurs Nixing Sour Export. Does this mean that for the five season, the Loud House actually have Main Antagonist for the season who wants revenge on Lincoln and Clyde?

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  • Ninjakingofhearts

    Lincoln:I lied!

    *Bobby, Ronnie Ann and Lori heard him with a surprise.*


    Ronnie Ann:What do you mean?

    Lincoln:The horrible things I said about Ronnie Ann were all lies!

    Ronnie Ann:You mean, you never meant any of it?


    Ronnie Ann:But why lied?

    Lincoln:Because of those jerks making they were teasing me about my relationship with you.*He pointed at his classmates.*

    Ronnie Ann:You mean...

    Lori:All this time...

    Bobby:Why the nerve of them! And Lori I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, I didn't know those kids started this.

    Lori:It's alright and Lincoln I'm literally sorry for how I acted at you.

    Lincoln:It's find now.

    Lori:Stay here I'm going to teach those kids a lesson.

    Ronnie Ann:Save some for me.

    Bobby:I'll join too.

    *Lori, Bobby …

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  • Dudiho

    Chapter 38: Massacre in the Wayne!

    Jimmy’s group has arrived in the Wayne.

    “Hi, girl! I’m back!” Olly hollered.

    “What a magnificent skyscraper.” Dib said.

    "No. Kidding." Five commented.

    “So this is the Wayne?” Arnold asked.

    “Yes. It’s the home of the greatest secrets and mysteries that would puzzle your mind.” Ansi replied.

    "I knew this place would be the refugee of the monsterverse denizens." Ollie commented.

    “Wow, look at the size of the reception.” Ronnie Anne said.

    “Pretty sure it’s kind of an historical building built by well-known architects and owned by bigger corporations.” Lincoln commented.

    "This building is made of the hardest materials and infrastructure that make it earthquake-proof." Lisa explained.

    “It kind of makes me wish I’d live he…

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  • Dinoco95

     Here is my first fanfic set in my AU. Enjoy!

    It was a beautiful day in the land of Mythical Woods. Outside of their cave, the Loudra family were enjoying a good bask in the sun. The thirteen-headed beast had just finished a big meal, and they needed time to digest it. Suddenly, there was a Pffffftttt!  Luan was the first to notice.

    "Alright," she said. "who cut the cheese this time?"

    All eyes turned to Lana.

    "Oh sure, blame the head with the stink breath. It wasn't me!" she protested. "Maybe Lori did it!"

    Lori gasped. "I did no such thing! It was Lynn! She's got the gas problem."

    "Me?!" said LJ. "How can we be sure Lincoln isn't responsible?"

    Lincoln was not happy to hear this. "I'm innocent. Ask anyone else!"

    "I know! Luan did it! She noticed it…

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  • InklingBear

    3:20 pm

    Flu season was just around the corner in the blazing, yet humid weather of Royal Woods. With burning temperatures sky high and the pollen count rising, there was a good chance that some people in the residential area could catch the flu. A Sunday morning for the entire batch of the Loud siblings, out and about, doing some bit of errand work for their heartfelt father. Meanwhile, he and his wife were down in the basement, working on some rusty pipes on their own to save up on having to call in professionals.

    "Hun, I don't think you can do this," Rita said. "Let's just throw in the towel and call a plumber."

    "No can do, honey," Lynn Sr. spat. "That won't be necessary, I just need a bit of positive energy is all!" The second after, his f…

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  • InklingBear

    Life of Pets - Cliff Notes

    September 16, 2020 by InklingBear

    8:30 am

    Charles walked into the living room, and turned to the reader. His face unveiled a couple of scratches on his face. He wasn't happy, but he was determined to pull on through.

    "Hey you," he said, before he pointed at his wounds. "Ya wanna know how I got dese scars?" His arms crossed. "Dat pesky excuse of a feline like da cat! He's startin' ta work up my last nerve! All I did was tell him dat dis ain't gonna appeal ta youse, but he's stubborn! Stubborn I tell ya! He wailed on my precious face, and now I'm ovuh here lookin' like dat one guy from some action movie that I don't remembuh da title ta—"

    Cliff shoved the dog out of the way. "Will ya clam down? Dose scars'll probably disappear durin' da next scene, eithuh dat or da next time ya…

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