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Discofurby Discofurby 3 days ago

Rhyming Recaps: High Crimes

Linc and Clyde, at the retirement place,

Noted that it was a minor disgrace.

The sports stuff was gone and some tech was all broke.

“We might just move out!”, said the elderly folk.

“Do not despair!”, said the two preteen guys,

“We’ll help you all out!”, and they dressed up as spies.

Lisa brought round some equipment and then,

Lincoln and Clyde showed up dressed as old men.

They knocked the receptionist out with a boom,

Then sneaked right into the security room.

The cameras were broken, which was quite uncool.

Then, they found that someone had emptied the pool.

While the two boys were on their patrol,

They found a janitor at the control.

They chased him down, the two amateur spies,

But it turned out to be Nana Gayle in disguise.

The three found some footp…

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Discofurby Discofurby 5 days ago

Rhyming Recaps: The Runaway McBride

Howard and Harold were waltzing one day.

They said to Clyde, “Join us!”, but he went away.

He had to go with his friends to a game,

And so both his dads said, “Is this not a shame?

Since he started middle school, time and again,

He’s hung out with those kids and not his old men.”

Harold thought, “I know! Right now our son’s there,

With all his friends, so let’s bring them all here!”

They said to Clyde, “Let’s act out paintings today!”,

But he wanted to go to the zombie cafe.

They said, “We don’t know all that Clyde likes to do,

So let’s follow him and take notes, me and you.”

They found he liked pizza and gaming as well,

And that he thought Flippees were totally swell.

To give him that stuff his dads thought wasn’t hard,

And gave them to Clyde and his fr…

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Discofurby Discofurby 6 days ago

Rhyming Recaps: The Loudly Bones

“I found a bone!”, said Miss Lisa with glee,

But her sibs were distracted by the TV.

Lisa and Todd analysed the new bone,

And their machine said to them, “Species unknown.”

Lisa said, “Wahoo! A new dinosaur!

One that has not been discovered before!”

She told the newsletter while filled up with glee,

But the very next day, the bone broke into three.

This put an end to the brainy girl’s fun.

It turned out to be three bird bones rolled into one.

The machine got it wrong because it had wonked out.

This was something that needed to be told about,

But before she could tell, a news crew was outside,

And a paleontologist walked up with pride.

She said, “Come on, Lisa! Be on our show!”,

And Lisa initially tried to say no,

But when Doc said, “It’ll teach kids scien…

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SEPTA 8074 SEPTA 8074 6 days ago

My Favorite Luna and Sam Moments

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Discofurby Discofurby 9 days ago

Lynn Loud at the Goal

This is a parody of "Casey at the Bat", requested by a user named DingoDingo43.

The outlook wasn't brilliant for the Kangaroos that day:

The score stood four to two, but there was still more time to play,

And then when Paula broke her leg and Bryan did the same,

A gloomy silence fell upon the patrons of the game.

A few of them got up to leave. The others, they did say,

"We will not leave. We won't despair. There still is hope today."

They thought, "If only Lynn L. Loud could score with all her soul.

We'd put up even money now, with Lynn Loud at the goal."

But Rodney ran past Lynn Loud, as did also Ada Lee,

And with the speed of rabbits, they both took the ball from she.

As those two ran along with it, away the ball did roll.

There seemed but little ch…

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Asdfoof Asdfoof 17 days ago

My favorite episodes

Season 5 is the fifth season of The Loud House, which was renewed by Nickelodeon on May 7, 2019, and consists of 26 half-episodes. It premiered on September 11, 2020 with the episode "Schooled!" and ended on March 4, 2022 with the episodes "Runaway McBride” and "High Crimes."

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The Epicness9000 The Epicness9000 19 days ago

History repeats...

So it seems history was bound to repeat.

A while ago, I injured my left arm by slipping on ice. Now, at least a week ago, I slipped on a box and fractured a bone. I didn't know that at the time until a hospital visit today.

My arm can still move and grab light stuff unassisted. It just starts to hurt under pressure or tension (e.g. pulling something heavy or mantling a barrier).

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Squidcky Squidcky 20 days ago

"Schooled!" Reviewed notice

Hey guys, this is Jacky Chang. I'm going to review one of the most infamous special in this series, "Kings of the Con." It's the special which I... Uh, heh-heh, oops, not that one! Okay, I'll stop fooling. As you see in the title, it's "Schooled!" If you pay attention on YouTube, this is the episode that makes YoshiPlayer stop reviewing the show and quit it. And if you pay attention on my YouTube channel, I'm going to upload my opinion on this episode. But I haven't finished my reviewed video yet, so spoiled alert, I'll talk about this episode on this wiki at first.

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Parradiela Parradiela 21 days ago

Abeka Academy Fourth Grade Arithmetic Pages 305-306 from Lesson 169

This worksheet is from Lesson 169.

  • 1 Problems
    • 1.1 Section 3
    • 1.2 Section 5
    • 1.3 Section 8

3a. 821 + 956 + 436 + 938 = 3,151

5a. 4,329 + 6,832 + 4,972 = 16,133

5b. 3,003 - 2,875 = 128

5c. 27 times 5 = 135

Pastor Kelly took a missions trip to Australia. Find the people rescued in 7 days.

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Maplacher1012 Maplacher1012 22 days ago

Time Trap (extended ending)

(Two weeks have past since the kids have been grounded for breaking Rita and Lynn Sr’s vase for the fourth time. Rita and Lynn Sr, in formal clothing, are in the living room, having a meeting with the kids.)

Rita: Kids, your father and I have been talking about it, and we do tend to go a little to far with our punishments.

Lynn Sr: So we’ve decided that we’re going to relieve you of your grounding early.

(the kids cheer in happiness and hug their parents)

Rita: BUT… all we ask is that you please be careful with that vase.

Kids: Yes, Mom.

Lynn Sr: Good. Now, we’re off to our date. Please behave while we’re gone.

Kids: Okay. We will.

(The parents leave the house)

Lynn: Well, who’s up for football?!

Lincoln: Wait! Wouldn’t that break the vase?

Lynn: (Di…

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Barneykid123 Barneykid123 23 days ago

Episode ideas for Season 7

Any episode ideas for S7

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LoverOfCartoonsss LoverOfCartoonsss 24 days ago

Every Loud House Season 1 Episode Ranked Worst to Best.

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Gypierre Gypierre 24 days ago

The Loud House Shorts: Don't Burst My Bubble

The short starts with Leni chewing "Pink Power Blast Bubblegum™" (with her mouth open) and blowing beach ball sized bubblegum bubbles in her and Lori's room then the couch (which makes Lilly very happy).

Leni walks down the halls blowing a big bubble from her gum and trips, luckily the bubble is strong enough to break her fall. Lana comes in and realizes she's and chewing bubblegum and asks Leni if she can have some, she says yes and now Lana is chewing Bubblegum and blowing bubblegum bubbles like Leni, then a loud pop is heard! Lola comes by confidently with gum in her mouth and tells Leni and Lana that she's the best at blowing bubblegum bubbles because she won the Miss bubble blowing pageant. Lola blows a HUGE bubblegum bubble to prove i…

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RocketmanGC RocketmanGC 24 days ago

Time Trap Alternate Ending

Time Trap Alternate Ending

Lynn Sr.: Kids, we’re home!

Rita: We brought pizza for d—[gasps]

Rita and Lynn Sr.: Did you break our vase again?!

Lisa: [sighs] Mother and Father, you might want to sit down for this. This is going to be a doozy.

[several minutes later]

Lisa: And now you’re caught up. And… we’re sorry for breaking your vase.

Lincoln: And almost ruining your wedding.

Luan: And almost making it so that we never existed!

[all the other sister clamor in agreement}

Rita: Well, your father and I are not too happy about this. Breaking our wedding gift is one thing but almost ruining our wedding and disrupting the space-time continuum is quite another.

Lynn Sr.: But… we’re proud that all of you admitted what you did was wrong, and you fixed it.

Rita: However…

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Channel101Productions Channel101Productions 28 days ago

The Loud House: Expanded

The Loud House: Expanded is a fan-fiction story, written by Channel 101 Productions.

This version of The Loud House is a remake of the original series. Lincoln will have 37 sisters instead of just 10, 10 of them will be from the original series.

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Mimikyuman14 Mimikyuman14 29 days ago

10 Episode Ideas v2

Here are some episode ideas I created earlier! Two of them are 22 minute specials while the other eight are meant to be 11 minute segments. "Dreamscapes" is meant to be the season finale of the Season i'm making, with it's number being 26b. The others are meant to be episodes that have more interesting plots that are perfect to have at the end of a season. Please tell me your thoughts and ideas in the comments!

21a. A Rose By Any Other Name- When a new classmate Rose’s name is misprinted on the school trip list rendering her unable to go, Lincoln tries to find a way to get her there himself!

21b. Thrown Undie The Bus- After Kotaro stays with the Louds while his home is being fumigated, the Louds realize that he has a habit of hanging around in…

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DoggyRecs DoggyRecs 29 days ago

Karaoke Party

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Script
    • 2.1 The Invite
    • 2.2 Karaoke Time!
    • 2.3 Lincoln's Performance
    • 2.4 Luna's Performance
    • 2.5 Lola's performance
    • 2.6 Lana's performance
    • 2.7 Ronnie Anne's performance
    • 2.8 Clyde's performance
    • 2.9 Lori and Leni's performance
    • 2.10 Luan's performance
    • 2.11 Lily's performance
    • 2.12 Lisa's performance
    • 2.13 David's performance
    • 2.14 Zach's performance
    • 2.15 Lynn's performance
    • 2.16 Sid's performance
    • 2.17 Adelaide's performance

The Louds and their friends decide to perform karaoke since it's saturday.

[Royal Woods. It was a normal day at the Loud House with Luna jamming out on her guitar, Lynn doing sports, Lana playing in the middle, Lola having tea with her stuffed animals, Lisa doing science experiements, etc.]

Lincoln: [To the viewers] Just a normal Saturday morning at the Loud Ho…

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Metool Bard Metool Bard 28 May

Fanfiction: The Ghostly Gateau

Show of hands: how many of you guys remember Chloe? Y'know, the girl who was shown to us as a potential love interest for Clyde in that one episode before being shoved into the background for eagle-eyed viewers to spot? Well, I certainly haven't. And I've had fun on Discord fleshing out her character and speculating about what she might be like. Now it's time I shared my headcanons with a wider audience with this next story. Presenting for your delectation, here is:

“Et violà!  Oh man, she is going to love this!”

Clyde took a step back and admired his handiwork, wiping a bit of sweat from his brow.  Sitting before him was one of his most ambitious baking projects yet.  He took another look at his recipe book, and indeed, it looked the p…

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Metool Bard Metool Bard 20 May

Fanfiction: Lincoln's 11

This next fan episode comes by popular demand from the Loud Cast, but it's also inspired by some of Lincoln's more daring adventures of late. The Action News Team has done some great work, and Ronnie Anne's skate crew are no slouches, either. Not only that, but there are six members of each of these squads. Put them together, and you get:

Plot Summary: The Royal Woods Middle School Action News Team joins forces with the Chavez Academy Skate Team in order to investigate some suspicious shipments of shoddy sports equipment.

[We begin with an Action News Team intro, followed by Lincoln and Clyde sitting at their desk in the studio.]

Lincoln: Good morning, Kangaroos!  Welcome to another broadcast from Royal Woods Middle School’s very own Action…

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Squidcky Squidcky 18 May

"Silence of the Luans" Review

Hey guys, this is Squidcky. This time I’m gonna review one of the Season 5 episode, “Silence of the Luans.” It’s one of The Loud House episodes that I absolutely don’t see the reason why the majority of The Loud House fans like. Think twice before yelling at my thought on this episode. I’ll respect your opinion if you respect mine. Anyway, now let’s jump into this!

This episode’s plot is... *facepalm and groan* Haven’t we already been here before?! And I’ll say it, it’s horrendous, truly horrendous. Moreover, it’s overused as hell. The April Fool’s Day plot is not even an unique gag on this show. I tell ya we’ve already seen this thing thrice before. With “April Fools Rules” being awful and annoying, “Fool’s Paradise” being great, funny, cle…

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Squidcky Squidcky 10 May

Every The Loud House April Fool's Day episode rated

April Fools Rules --->>> Awful (32/100)

Fool's Paradise --->>> Great (89/100)

Fool Me Twice --->>> Dire (11/100)


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Sourpatchkid325 Sourpatchkid325 10 May

My Lana Loud Collage

This is my Lana Loud collage, hence the title.

It features my favorite pictures of her from (almost) every Loud House episode.

(Work in progress)

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Squidcky Squidcky 9 May

My Opinion on Every The Loud House Season

I would be giving one of three ratings to every season or episode, Good House, Meh House, and Garbage House.

Season 1: 23 Good Houses, 11 Meh Houses, and 18 Garbage Houses --->>> Meh Season

Season 2: 28 Good Houses, 13 Meh Houses, and 8 Garbage Houses --->>> Good Season

Season 3: 18 Good Houses, 15 Meh Houses, and 15 Garbage Houses --->>> Meh Season

Season 4: 13 Good Houses, 13 Meh Houses, and 24 Garbage Houses --->>> Garbage Season

Season 5: 12 Good Houses, 11 Meh Houses, and 24 Garbage Houses --->>> Garbage Season

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Nurse Puppo Nurse Puppo 4 May

Scoop Snoop review

Alrighty then, it's time for yet another Loud House review and it's another one centered around the High School Gang and we have a character who we haven't seen in forever return... Catherine Mulligan! That lead me to believing this episode was gonna be half decent, but in the end it was a major let down. It wasn't very funny to me and while the plot twist of Rusty's Dad being the one leaking all of the juicy information to Catherine before the Action News Team was a good thing for the episode it didn't pull the whole thing together for me.

Unfortunately I can only give this episode a 2/5, it was just meh. Next time I should be looking at Eye Can't

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Teen Lincoln (my take)

I decided to go with The Loud House fanbase's trend of making Lincoln as a teenager (but I did a more unique design)

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Fanfiction - Game of Foes

  • 1 Chapter 1 - Playtime with Renee
  • 2 Chapter 2 - Playtime with Lincoln
  • 3 Chapter 3 - Lincoln vs Renee
  • 4 Chapter 4 - Zach and Clyde's plan
  • 5 Chapter 5 - Start of the game
  • 6 Chapter 6 - The game continues
  • 7 Chapter 7 - Finale of the game
  • 8 Chapter 7 - Three friends

At Friday after school Zach and his friend Renee entered pizzeria and arcade "Gus' Games and Grub". They approached an employee operating cash register. They both put their coins on the employee's desk and purchased some game tokens.

Renee: Thanks for inviting me. I need a good relax after the last pop quiz.

Zach: Me too, preparing for this was stressful and I'm glad it's over.

Renee: Too bad school books aren't like comic books. It would be easier for me to learn.

Zach: Learning isn't easy, but now w…

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Nurse Puppo Nurse Puppo 2 May

All The Rage review

Time for another Loud House review and it's gonna be All The Rage. This episode intrigued me because on paper it sounded like a worthy challenger to take on Hurl Interrupted's streak which is currently standing at 34 - 0, and it's centered around the highschool gang. To be fair it was a pretty good episode for the most part and seeing Clyde go berserk on the other dodgeball players was pretty cool but it wasn't very good of Lincoln and his friends to use Clyde like that. I have seen the moral of the episode done a fair few times and this episode was one of the better times it had been done. But alas the episode wasn't nearly enough to end the streak, but it was good enough to get a 3.5/5.

Next time we're gonna return with the Highschool gan…

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Nurse Puppo Nurse Puppo 1 May

A Bug's Strife review

This episode was a doozy! While i'm glad we have another episode centered around dad I wasn't a huge fan of the episode because it was mainly just him trying to catch a cricket that was annoying him and it padded out into a tom and jerry situation with the cricket always getting a leg up on him, I barely laughed at the episode and for the most part it was boring and not very entertaining for me and it really lacked a moral. I'm disappointed by this episode and therefore A Bug's Strife gets a 1/5, terrible! Don't watch this episode, unless you actually do like it then that's good.

Next time we have what sounds like it could be a fairly decent episode, All The Rage.

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Nurse Puppo Nurse Puppo 29 April

Musical Chairs review

After being massively impressed by the last loud house episode, I was wondering if they could keep up the good episodes with this next one? Well for starters it's centered around Lincoln's school teacher Mr Bolhofner (I still have bad memories of his last episode centered around him) and it appears that Lincoln ignoring Chandler McCann being a jerk emphasised in last episode was completely forgotten cos he had to resort to getting on Mr B's good side!

The moral of the episode I felt was really overdone and while it was nice to see Lynn Sr's band once again it wasn't that good when Mr Bolhofner forced them to go with his tastes, in the end this episode was not a good one and i'll only give Musical Chairs a 1.5/5, the only reason it gets a 1.…

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Nurse Puppo Nurse Puppo 27 April

The Taunting Hour review

Prepare yourself, this episode was a great one! Today we're looking at an episode centered around my favorite loud sister, the all around sport star Lynn Junior! I loved the idea of the episode and i've rarely seen shows do the topic of handling people being bullies/hecklers and i think this episode did it the best, the visual style of when the other family members started tripping when their hecklers were saying bad stuff about them was pretty cool and i laughed a lot at the episode, so far this is by far the best episode of season 6! Is it enough to end the streak? It was a tough decision but i have decided that The Taunting Hour was not enough to end the streak and thus it still manages to get a 3,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00…

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Nurse Puppo Nurse Puppo 26 April

Haunted House Call review

Up next is another episode centered around everyone's favorite goth and her mortician club, Lucy Loud! This episode was a pretty unique episode with the gang becoming ghost busters to raise enough money to go to a certain convention (kinda giving me the vibe of Turning Red when Mei Lee used her red panda powers to score enough money to see 4 Town) but with that said the episode was nowhere near perfect as the predictability factor kicks in when we know the final ghost is gonna do something to turn things south and they won't make it in time.

So overall it was a bland episode and I didn't really get the moral for it, so i'll give Haunted House Call a 1.5/5. And now the streak is 31 - 0, can the streak pick up steam and beat the next episode …

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Nurse Puppo Nurse Puppo 25 April

Flip This Flip review

It's time for another brand new Loud House review and this one is centered around the cheapskate shop owner Flip, ever since I saw "House Flip" I was wondering if there would ever be a good flip episode, and this one might just be that! It was awesome to have Leni, Lincoln and the twins Lola and Lana try to make Flip a refined man (especially Lola's strict coaching) to impress this lady he has a crush on but it was pretty obvious his refined ways would not last long, but what I wasn't expecting was that Flip's crush was actually a sleazeball like him when she's not doing her day job!

That said the comedy was brilliant and I loved every bit of this episode, this episode was a good one to challenge Hurl Interrupted's streak so the question is…

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Nurse Puppo Nurse Puppo 24 April

Double Trouble review

Welcome back to another brand new Loud House review, this time we're looking at an episode not only centered around Lola and Lana but also Cheryl and Meryl, it's Double Trouble! it had a great introduction to new characters (probably only one time characters) but still had a very entertaining episode. I liked when Lola and Lana kept trying to sabotage the relationship between Cheryl and Meryl by doing things to drive them apart but i see this a lot in most cartoons and loud house episodes, so while it was entertaining it wasn't anything new, so i'll give Double Trouble a solid 4.5/5 good but the moral and gags were a bit overdone.

Next time we're taking a look at Flip This Flip, now that one sounds like a good one! see you for that review

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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 24 April

Interactive Maps are here!

Hey all!

Fandom recently announced that Interactive Maps are live on the platform. As a recap, Interactive Maps is a feature available on Fandom where communities can design their own customized maps. You can place pins on an image that will lead to wiki articles when clicked on!

Interactive Maps are available to all communities, accessible from the the "Explore" menu on the local navigation, or by visiting Special:AllMaps directly in the URL. Map creation and editing is currently limited to those with the user right editinteractivemap, which is automatically given to administrators and Fandom Staff.

If you're excited about this feature and would like to start playing around with one, reach out to an active admin to receive the necessary rights.…

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Nurse Puppo Nurse Puppo 23 April

Don't Escar-go review

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, Nurse Puppo's Loud House reviews have finally returned, we're kicking things off with the season 6 premier Don't Escar-go and it's centered around Clyde and the high school gang for this episode! It was nice to get the appearance of characters like Lynn Sr and Chef Pat and also the debut of new characters, but overall the episode was nothing to write home about and was predictable in the way that we knew that Clyde wouldn't move to paris in the end. As far as episodes centered around being a chef go this one wasn't my favorite and I much prefer season 4's feast or family, in the end i have to give Don't Escar-go a 2/5. It's just blah for me and not a good start to the new season! But on the upside that means Hurl Inte…

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McCrae1999 McCrae1999 21 April

In what way The Loud House would make an episode where Lola finally gets what's coming to her after 6 Seasons.

In what way The Loud House could finally make an episode where Lola finally get what's coming to her after 6 seasons of being an successful overachiever and always getting her way by being a tattletale, bossing and intimidating people, doing sinful deeds to get what she wants, yelling at everyone, and getting her way by successfully putting her schemes into actions. I wanted to punch Lola after what she did in Family Bonding and Strife of The Party, as well as spending the Loud's vacation money to Scotland on getting her teeth whitened in the 2021 movie. I know the Loud House has gone downhill recently, but I want to see a future episode where Lola finally gets what's coming to her, so I can finally see this selfish spoiled pageant diva an…

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My new LH + DC Legends: Battle for Justice cosplays

I decided to start a series of Loud House characters cosplaying as characters from other shows, movies, videogames and more, first up is Lincoln in Nightwing's legendary outfit from DC Legends: Battle for Justice (The custom red suit is coming as a part of this blog post)

Lincoln's freckles were removed in the making (accidentally because it's really hard to do complicated masks/headpieces on The Loud House characters with round shaped heads. (I didn't make a custom Lincoln Loud design with a bean shaped head because I don't have ideas nor do I have plans for it as of right now.)

The watermark was removed because I feel it’s unnecessary to use a watermark for Paint 3D edits.

Don’t steal and don’t trace.

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am new here

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Austria-Man Austria-Man 31 March

Pranks and Punishment

Luan: „Thanks.“

  • The title is a reference to the novel Crimes and Punishment.
  • This fanfic is an adaption of a Mort & Phil comic.

Category: Fanfiction

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Top2456 Top2456 31 March

The Loud House in MediaToon Channel All-Star Brawl

  • Lincoln
  • Lori
  • Leni
  • Luna
  • Luan
  • Lucy
  • Lynn
  • Lana
  • Lola
  • Lisa

  • Ronnie Anne
  • Bobby
  • Carlos Jr.
  • Sergio
  • Carlino
  • Sid
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LisaLalisaa LisaLalisaa 29 March

Fanfiction:Lolacoln anchoring a school news bulletin

under construction

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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 25 March

Fandom Wiki Rules and Blocking policy updates

Hey guys!

Recently, Fandom staff posted updates to the Fandom Wiki Rules and Blocking Policy. As a reminder, this is a global policy to aid the wellbeing of communities that all wikis have been following since 2021. These new changes go into effect on April 4th.

  • An added section outlining what it means to be a good admin. Some tips include being open to users asking for advice, not acting as if you are the “owner” of the wiki, assuming good faith etc
  • The “Need ideas for rules?” section was moved to its own page and added more example rules to be used if needed.
  • An added section requiring a pathway to adminship. This is a system your community can set up to allow for long-time users who care about the wiki and community to eventually become admins…

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LisaLalisaa LisaLalisaa 16 March


The episode is about Lynn Sr. hosting a talk show and interviewing the louds.


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LisaLalisaa LisaLalisaa 16 March

I talked about many fan fictions on the phone

So yeah, I already talked about many fan fictions during a phone conversation with one of my classmates who is also one of my best friends and a heavy fan of The Loud House. These are what fan fictions I talked about to him:

  • Episode "Grilled!" about Lynn Sr. interviewing all his children. (full details)
  • Episode "Candle" about Lincoln working on a school news project together with Ronnie Anne and Sid. (full details)
  • Episode "Hey, Soul Switcher" about Lana and Lola exchanging bodies after an electric shock. (full details)

For the scenes, I also talked about Leni Loud mimicking Lola Loud that made her really angry.

All of my fanfiction episodes are live-action.


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Asdfoof Asdfoof 14 March

List of episodes

This page is a comprehensive list of episodes of The Loud House.

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VN-GO1998 VN-GO1998 7 March

Lincoln's Birth

This story tells the events of Lincoln's birth from the parents' perspective.

The Loud parents were expecting their sixth child. The wait was finally over one warm and sunny summer morning when Rita's water broke. Rita had called her father Albert to come look after Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan & Lynn for the afternoon. After Albert arrived at the house, the two left. During the drive to the hospital, things seemed to be going smoothly until Vanzilla broke down on the side of the road...

Lynn Sr.: This is just great! Our sixth born is about to come into the world and of all times you just had to breakdown on the ding dang highway! (Rita glares at her husband who realizes what he just said came out wrong) Sorry honey I meant the van not you.

Rita: What…

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Aidenlisten Aidenlisten 5 March

Favorite videos

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Feistyjaguarjasen Feistyjaguarjasen 3 March

Why i will work on other stuff like Creepypastas!

Okay, So the most of you might want to think,

Jasen, When do we get to see your new Creepypastas?

Jasen, When will you get to make The Loud House Creepypastas?

Jasen, Will be there any crossovers of The Casagrandes with either Roll No. 21 or some of your childhood classics?

Jasen, Would you like to focus on making a Lost THX Trailer but with other DVD boxsets from Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, YTV or Teletoon?

Jasen, What happens if you stayed up too late when you work on a very important Creepypasta, Would it take you that long?

Jasen, On a scale of 1 to 10 how would more of your Creepypastas work out?

Jasen, Do you realize what it be like if your spine was getting stressed after working at the Hospital?

Jasen, What would happen if you fell down …

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Sourpatchkid325 Sourpatchkid325 2 March


I've always wondered recently why Present Danger and Stressed for the Part didn't receive an airdate before Don't Escar-go did?

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My "Super Leni" AU series

Hi guys, it's me again.

As you all know, Leni happens to be my second favorite character from "The Loud House". Years ago, I made a drawing of Leni dressed up as Supergirl (Click here to view my first drawing). And it all goes out to this user on amino, (or wherever else it was originally from if you can find it) who drew Leni in that particular outfit in pencil. He/She gave me the inspiration to draw Leni with PowerPoint, and for later drawings, GIMP.

As with how on DeviantArt, we have "The L-ementals", I've done a series of drawings of Super Leni, and I've thought of a few concepts I have either for storytelling, or whatever. That's where you guys come in.

Since this a spinoff that isn't canon to "The Loud House", I still want it to stay tr…

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