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"Blunder Party" is the thirty-fifth episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


Ronnie Anne and Sid are pumped up for their sleepover, but Carl and Adelaide might ruin the day.


Ronnie Anne and her friends are hosting on slumber party.

On the rooftop of the Casagrande apartment, Ronnie Anne and Sid are hosting on slumber party with Casey, Sameer, Nikki and Laird as their guests. The moment the pizza they ordered arrives, Carl and Adelaide suddenly crash the party, wanting to join in on the fun. When Ronnie Anne and Sid deny them, since it's a big kid party, Carl proceeds to tattle on them to Rosa. Rosa, alerted by Carl, arrives and tells Ronnie Anne and Sid to let them join (at least until their bedtimes), since they're family, making Ronnie Anne begrudgingly let them join.

The kids attempt to have some fun for the sleepover, but Carl and Adelaide's antics keep ruining things, such as...

  • spoiling the twists for every scary story Sameer tries to tell
  • interrupting a K-pop dance session by changing the music on the radio (ballet music for Adelaide, and a fart remix for Carl), ending with them destroying the radio after arguing which music to play
  • Carl spitting Nikki's mystery juice on Laird after tasting how terrible it is

Not able to take their younger siblings' antics anymore, Sid asks Ronnie Anne for a way to get rid of them without telling them to leave. Ronnie Anne decides to create a scavenger hunt where the grand prize is a giant s'more. After Carl and Adelaide leave to partake in the hunt, Ronnie Anne reveals that it's actually a giant distraction so they can have some real fun.

Ronnie Anne, Sid, and their friends partake in numerous activities, like observing the night sky (and people) through a telescope, playing Froot Tangle, making a human pyramid, and having a cupcake fight. All the while, Carl and Adelaide have been trying to find every one of the items for the scavenger hunt, like Mr. Nakamura's favorite vest, Hector's longest nose hair, Sergio's crackers, and Carlota's diary. The last thing the two need to find is a mango shaped like Vito's head. However, they discover that the mercado's mango supply is empty, and spot Par's food truck. As Ronnie Anne and Sid continue to party, they overhear Rosa state that it's Carl and Adelaide's bedtime. When Ronnie Anne says that she needs to find the two, Laird spots Carl and Adelaide boarding Par's delivery truck. Acting fast, Sameer decides to stall for Rosa while the others try to catch up to them. Unfortunately, the moment they reach the bottom, the truck leaves. They ask Bobby where Par goes after his deliveries, and he says that he usually goes to the city dump. Horrified, the two rush over to the dump and try to find Carl and Adelaide, but can't find them from the countless piles of garbage.

Best slumber party ever!

The kids arrive back to the mercado, and as Ronnie Anne is about to confess what happened to Carl and Adelaide, Rosa points out that they're standing behind her. They explain that they found a mango shaped like Vito's head in Par's delivery truck, and jumped out the moment they found it. They also state that because they found everything on the list, they're ready for their super s'more. When Ronnie Anne admits that it was all made up just to get rid of them, Carl is admittedly upset, but Adelaide admits responsibility for causing trouble. To make it up to them, Ronnie Anne asks Rosa if they can stay up a little longer so they can join the party, and Rosa accepts. On the rooftop, Ronnie Anne rewards Carl and Adelaide with their super s'more, and Sid declares "Best slumber party ever!"


Carlota has no lines in this episode. Par has no lines in this episode, but is listed in the credits.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "The Complete First Season" DVD.
As the DVD was released too soon after the French dub of this episode aired, the DVD does not include this episode's French dub.


  • The premise of this episode is similar to the Loud House episodes "Overnight Success" and "Party Down", as both episodes involve one's siblings causing problems for their sleepovers.
  • The game Ronnie Anne, Sid and their friends were playing was Froot Tangle, the game Leni tried to play with her friends in the Loud House episode "Everybody Loves Leni".
  • This is the first episode where Nour Jude Assaf voices Sameer.
  • This episode reveals that both Carl and Adelaide have memorized many ghost stories, while Sameer has only memorized two.
  • This episode reveals that Laird used to own a teddy bear named Mr. Scuffles before it got thrown out.
  • Cartoon physics:
    • During the Froot Tangle game when Laird was told to place his left foot on orange, he managed to stretch his leg all over in order to place his foot there. The human body isn't capable to stretch like rubber.
    • After the fake dance party to fool Rosa, Sameer's hair managed to give him a high-five, despite his hair unable to move its own.
    • After Bobby tripped, fell and slipped on a mango, he continued to slip all over different locations despite not falling that much mango juice. Even weirder is that he slipped on steps towards up and even after being stopped by Ronnie Anne and her friends, he continued to slip on the mango juice.


  • Blunder Party - The title of this episode is a pun of "slumber party".
  • Twister - Froot Tangle is a parody of this party game.


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