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Bobbie Fletcher is a minor character in The Loud House. She is Lana's racer hero.


In "Snow Way Out" Lana, in a state of hurry, says Bobbie is holding a contest at the Burpin' Burger, saying that the winner gets to be a member of her pit crew.

At the Burpin' Burger, Bobbie arrives, and says that in order to win the competition, they need to find a hamburger wrapper decorated with skidmarks. Bobbie starts the competition, and the crowd quickly rushes in. Flip, claiming to be a huge fan of Bobbie Fletcher (even though he can't even say her name right), asks for a dozen burgers, wanting the winning wrapper so he can sell it for a huge stash of cash.

As Flip drives the Loud kids through the thick snow, they pass by Bobbie, since her racecar's engine died out. Lana steps in to fix the engine, and Bobbie, amazed at Lana's skill, gives Lana her number so she can be a crew member (in twelve years), resulting in the siblings cheering for her. Flip, stating that he's responsible for bringing Lana to her, asks Bobbie (mispronouncing her name as Blippity Fletchman) for a reward, and she simply buries him in snow as she zooms off.

In "Wheel and Deal", after Lana and Lincoln finish the race a second time when almost all of the Loud Family is asleep, Bobbie is revealed to be present, where she congratulates the two for being the only team with a homemade car. She says that she would love to take the car for a spin and Lana lets her jump in. However, the car breaks down and Bobbie offers to help fix it up.


Bobbie has waist-long brown hair, three pairs of eyelashes, freckles, and eye-bags under her eyes. She wears a red and yellow race car outfit, and red shoes.


  • Bobbie's racing number, 88, is possibly a reference to her voice actress Karsyn Elledge's uncle, former race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., whose racing number was 88 during his time with Hendrick Motorsports from 2008 to his retirement in 2017.
  • Bobbie's name is similar to Bobby Fletcher (voiced by comedian Jim Florentine) from Comedy Central's Crank Yankers, with Bobby being spelled with a "Y" instead of "IE".

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