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Should our couple name be Bori or Lobby?

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Roberto "Bobby" Alejandro Martínez-Millán Luis Santiago, Jr.[n 1] is a supporting character in The Loud House, and a main character in its spin-off The Casagrandes.


Bobby is Lori's boyfriend, Ronnie Anne's older brother, and Maria's oldest child and only son. He has had many jobs throughout the series, such as pizza delivery, lifeguard, mall security, and grocery clerk.

Early Life

Not much is known about Bobby's childhood, but in "Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes", it is mentioned that his younger sister Ronnie Anne used to prank him so frequently that he now cannot grow hair on the right side of his face.

"Roll Model with the Casagrandes" reveals that when he was in his preteen-to-early-teenage years, Ronnie Anne used to mimic Bobby's every move. It drove Bobby so crazy that he would sometimes shut himself in the bathroom.


New Bobby render.png

Bobby generally has a relaxed and carefree attitude and is similar to Leni in terms of perception and intelligence. He is an easy-going, kind, and laid back person who enjoys having fun and hanging out with his friends. However, his mood can shift dramatically if he is out of contact with Lori for even a short amount of time, or if he believes that something bad has happened to her. He is also very protective of his younger sister Ronnie Anne, even going so far as to break up with Lori when he heard that Lincoln had insulted her.

Bobby is an especially understanding and forgiving person. In "Cheater by the Dozen", he forgave the Loud siblings quickly even though they falsely accused him of being a two-timer. Furthermore, he has been shown to be generally friendly towards Clyde, despite the fact that Clyde hated him and often tried to sabotage his and Lori's dates (but Clyde has seemingly gotten over his crush on Lori since then, as evidenced in Exchange of Heart and Brave the Last Dance).

He has been shown to act a bit silly. In "Undie Pressure", Bobby's answer for being late to meet up at Lori's house is due to him having to wait for a chicken to cross the road. In "Cover Girls", Bobby was unable to distinguish between Lori and Lily while Lily was dressed as Lori, despite Lori being present (although disguised as Lincoln). He was also unable to pick up on Luna's ruse to free Lincoln and Clyde from the Royal Woods Mall jail when she dressed up as their mother, as seen in the episode "For Bros About to Rock".

His absent-minded nature can also cause turmoil and conflict. In "A Fair to Remember", Bobby neglected Lori to the point of tears when he began spending more time hanging out with Lincoln that he did with her.

A running gag throughout the first season and part of the second is that Bobby has had many different jobs. It is unclear why he has worked so many, possibly for the extra money, or to impress Lori, or perhaps because he keeps losing them. In "For Bros About to Rock", Bobby states that Lori loves a man in uniform. When Bobby and his family moved in with their big-city cousins he began working in the bodega, thus ending the gag.

Although generally dimwitted, he is very good at math, such as calculating discounts and prices, as seen in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", where he helped his grandfather run the bodega and helped rearrange the store to increase sales, and "Bo Bo Business", where he came up with many ideas to make money at both the Casagrande mercado and Hong's market. He has also been shown to be capable of coming up with a complicated plan, such as when he thought of a way to make his and Lori's relationship work even after he moves to another city to live with his big city cousins. Bobby also showed a slight vengeful streak in "Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes" working with his male cousins to prank Ronnie Anne and Carlota to get even for all the pranks Ronnie Anne had played on him.

Bobby is very dedicated to his work and tries to leave a good impression on people, especially his father Arturo as well as Lori. He sometimes shows fear that he may not be good enough for the people he cares about, or that they might ditch him and leave him behind altogether. If something were to happen that would cause Lori to dump him or Ronnie Anne to completely distrust him, he'd never be able to forgive himself. As a result, he might push himself harder than he really needs to. Despite this, deep down he knows his family cares about him and will always turn to them for help whenever he feels like he needs it.

Bobby crying

Much like his girlfriend, Bobby is very emotional and cries easily. He may become despondent and weep uncontrollably when he's feeling lonely[3], when things go wrong[4][5], or when he thinks he's messed things up in some way[6][7]. He is implied to have inherited this trait from his father[8].

Nick Description

Bobby is Lori's super cool boyfriend and a man of many jobs. When he's not a pizza delivery boy, pool lifeguard, mall security guard, or grocery stock boy, he can be found texting Lori. Bobby may be dense, but he sure is smooth!


Bobby is tall as Lori. He has tan skin, black hair with a tuft combed upwards, and some facial hair on his chin. He wears blue jeans, brown shoes with multiple white stripes, a black belt with a gold buckle, and a cream-colored T-shirt under a green unbuttoned shirt.

His original design was completely different from its current design. In this one, he has a more urban outfit, including a bonnet covering his eyes and headset. He also was going to have freckles on his cheeks and more scruffy hair.

In Season 1 and "11 Louds a Leapin'", his eyelids were the same color as his skin.

Alternate Versions and Alter-egos


Main article: Genderbent Royal Woods

Bebe is Bobby's female counterpart. She constantly chats with Loki (Lori). She doesn't appear physically in the episode, but her name was shown on Loki's phone on the initial sketch of the boys.

Boo-Boo Bear

Boo-Boo Bear is Bobby's story counterpart and the boyfriend of the Mermaid (Lori's story alter ego), who appears in a photo in "A Dark and Story Night". His appearance as a literal bear is a reference to Lori's "Boo-Boo Bear" pet name for Bobby. He and the mermaid are constantly connected like Bobby and Lori, with the mermaid using a crystal shard (and later a water wheel) to power up her phone.


  • In the episode "Butterfly Effect", Lincoln apparently thinks that Lori secretly fears that Bobby might end up leaving her for Leni.
  • Although Bobby's first on-screen appearance is in "Undie Pressure", he can be heard through Lori's cell phone as a voice message in "Get the Message".
  • Bobby was on vacation in France during the events of "The Green House".
  • Bobby's first name Roberto is named after his voice actor's middle name.
  • Bobby's ideal superpower is telepathy, so he could always know what Lori's thinking.
  • "A Tale of Two Tables" reveals that his father has had a hernia operation.
  • Both Santiago siblings have first names that start with an R and middle names that start with an A.
  • In "Study Muffin", Lori reveals Bobby's full name.
    • In the same episode, Lori reveals that, before he met Lori, Bobby nearly flunked out of school when Ms. DiMartino became his substitute teacher.
  • Bobby has a poster with a unicorn in his bedroom.[9]
  • Lori's pet name for Bobby is "Bobby Boo Boo Bear", which may be a reference to Boo Boo from the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Yogi Bear.
  • It is revealed in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" that Bobby has a large extended family, similar to how his girlfriend has a large immediate family. The episode also reveals that he gets bored easily, and thus still does kids' activities during car rides.
  • Bobby is claustrophobic[10], arachnophobic[11], and herpetophobic.[12]
    • He also appears to be hemophobic, seeing as how he passed out when he and Ronnie Anne saw their mother covered in what they thought was blood, but was really cranberry sauce. However, he may have been afraid of the thought of his loved ones being injured rather than the blood itself.[13]
  • While working at the bodega, Bobby has accidentally trapped himself in the freezer case, much to his distress.[14][15]
  • It is revealed in "Store Wars with the Casagrandes", that the reason why he had so many jobs in Royal Woods is because the business he works in would get shut down by a business that's larger than the ones he works in.
  • In "Slink or Swim", he did not know how to tie his shoes, and it is also revealed in that episode that when he was nine years old, Maria tied his shoes for him, and he had never untied them since then. However, Carl gave him lessons on how to do this in exchange for swimming lessons.
  • The first time he ever ate pizza while on a date with Lori was at Gus' Games and Grub, during which he burnt his tongue.[16]
  • Whenever Bobby is nervous, he does very badly academically.[17] His test anxiety can even make him throw up sometimes.[18]
  • "Snack Pact" reveals that Bobby is extremely sensitive to onion fumes, as, while chopping an onion, not only do tears stream down his face, but his eyes turn red and he ends up sobbing uncontrollably.
  • "Never Friending Story" reveals that Bobby uses a type of hair gel called Hair Muscle and that he hates thrill-seeking activities.
  • He has a low tolerance for pain: in "Vacation Daze", he overreacts to a splinter and burning hot sauce, and in "Never Friending Story", he says that he gets enough of a thrill from flossing his teeth too hard.
  • He likes oranges, but will get very disappointed if he doesn't get ice cream on Christmas.[19]
  • "An Udder Mess" reveals that he wants to name his first son "Bobby Jr." and his first daughter "Lori Jr.".
  • "Croaked" reveals that he and his family has owned at least two goldfish, and when one died, Maria and Ronnie Anne replaced it, and Bobby was fooled. Since the Santiagos don't appear to have a goldfish now, but the trick is said to still work on Bobby, it is unknown what became of the second goldfish.
  • The comic story "Worked Up" from "Family Tree" reveals that he used to dislike having so many jobs.
  • "Mexican Makeover", Family Tree, and Livin' La Casa Loud! show that he has a low tolerance for the taste of spicy food, with the latter revealing that he once even burnt his tongue on some spicy chips.
  • The game "Living Loud: Surprise Party" reveals that he is afraid of crawling through air vents, along with Ronnie Anne and Clyde. In Bobby's case, this might be due to his claustrophobia.
  • He finds rock music "hipper" and "cooler" than mariachi, but still likes the latter.[20]
  • He cannot grow hair on a portion of his face due to Ronnie Anne's pranks.[21]
  • He apparently can impersonate Carlota.[22]
  • According to "What's Love Gato Do With It?", Bobby dislikes cats, despite the fact that he's dating Lori, who owns a cat. That said, in the same episode, he was hypnotized into behaving like a cat and lived with the street cats for a while, and in "Maybe-Sitter", he wore kigurumi (animal pajamas) styled after a cat and didn't take it off until after Carl had thrown up all over it.
    • It's possible that Bobby only hates the street cats because of their excessive aggressiveness.
  • Bobby is pretty good at math, but he's not very good with decimals.[23]
  • "The Bros in the Band" reveals that he has always wanted to be in a band.
  • His name has the term "Jr." in it, despite not sharing the same name as his father.
    • It is possible this is a continuity error due to the episode where Bobby's full name is revealed aired four seasons before the episode his dad debuted in.



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