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"Born to Be Mild" is the seventh episode of the third season, and the eighty-second episode of The Casagrandes.


Tired of the bullies at school, Alexis learns the tough guy ropes from Carl.


At Chavez Academy, as Carl eats his lunch, he witnesses Alexis being bullied by the school bullies, Ricky and Julius, who constantly put random items into his tuba so that he can blow into it. After the two leave, Carl walks up to Alexis and asks what their deal is. When Alexis explains that Rocky and Julius constantly tease him and doesn't do anything to fight back, Carl decides that he'll train Alexis into toughening up, using El Falcon as his reference guide.

Later that day, Carl proceeds to teach Alexis some of the ropes he knows of when it comes to toughening up.

  • First, Carl instructs Alexis to walk on stilts, saying that if he's going to act tough, he needs to look tough. Suddenly, a flock of pigeons attack Alexis, causing him to fall over, and Sancho proceeding to take a dump on his head.
  • One bath later, Carl tells Alexis that the next step to toughening up to smack talk others and demonstrates by insulting his shirt. When Bobby walks about of the mercado, Alexis proceeds to insult Bobby by telling him that his hair looks like a messy broom, causing Bobby to run back in in tears.
  • Lastly, Carl tells Alexis that he needs to look tough. After being adorned with a leather jacket, Carl tells Alexis to make a mean face, but when Alexis has trouble doing so, Carl comes up with a backup plan.

The next day, the students are shocked to see what Alexis has become: sporting a new look consisting of a new hairdo, a scar drawn across his eye, a not-so-happy demeanor and his tuba adorned with tough guy symbols. Because of his new look, along with the fact that Carl had been spreading rumors about him (like making a grown man [Bobby] cry and defecating on a pigeon [Sancho] after it its droppings landed on him first), everyone is now scared of Alexis, but Carl states that this is part of the plan. Later, as Alexis gets lunch, Ricky and Julius arrive to throw more things into Alexis tuba, but Alexis stands up to them by insulting Julius' hair and (accidentally) hitting Ricky with his tuba. Angered over being stood up to, the two demand Alexis to meet them at the bike rack so they can fight. Horrified by what his actions have caused, Alexis tells Carl about the fight he got himself into and fears that he'll be taken down since it's two against one. However, Carl decides to tag along, along with his "boys".

Later that day, the students have gathered at the bike rack, ready to witness the big fight. After Carl arrives with Sergio and Lalo (his boys), Ricky and Julius tell them that they got one last chance to apologize. Alexis attempts to apologize, but Carl stops him, saying that they should be the ones apologizing. Not wanting to admit responsibility for starting this in the first place, Ricky and Julius advance towards them, and Alexis, Carl, Sergio and Lalo do the same. Suddenly, before they can even come into contact with each other, Principal Valenzuela arrives. stops the two groups from attacking each other and demands them to come to her office.

In Valenzuela's office, the principal threatens to suspend Alexis, Carl, Ricky and Julius when none of them accept responsibility for starting the fight. When Alexis gets sad, as it means he can't go to band practice anymore, Carl attempts to take all the blame, saying that all he wanted to do was to help Alexis stand up for himself. Alexis confesses that it's not entirely Carl's fault for this, as he tells Ricky and Julius that their constant picking is what started it all. Ricky and Julius are demanded by Valenzuela to apologize to Alexis and accept his hug. As the two hug Alexis, the power of the hug ends up flowing through their bodies and end up loving the experience. As a result, Valenzuela tells them that, because they talked about their problems instead of using brute force, she won't suspend any of them.

As Carl and Alexis exit the school, Carl is surprised that talking it out worked better than he thought and ponders why El Falcon doesn't do the same. When Alexis believes it's because he doesn't have a friend to hug, Carl reluctantly lets Alexis hug him, and the power of the hug too enlightens Carl (as well as El Falcon with Master Kitsune).


Ms. Galiano has no lines in the episode.


  • This is the first episode where Connor Andrade and Matthew Moy voice Alexis and Ricky respectively.
  • This episode reveals several things about Alexis:
    • He likes to hug people.
    • He dislikes conflict.
    • He becomes sad when he has to skip band practice.
  • This is the second episode where Laird appears without Ronnie Anne. the first one being "Fluff Love"


  • Born to Be Mild - The title of this episode is a pun of the 1968 Steppenwolf song "Born to Be Wild".


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