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Boyz Will Be Boyz is a famous boy band in The Loud House. The band has four members.


The group first appears in the episode "For Bros About to Rock", when Lori tells Lincoln that he shouldn't let Luna know that he's going to his first concert, because she always makes it a bad experience for them. She further explains this by saying Luna ruined her first Boyz Will Be Boyz concert. In a flashback, as the Boyz Will Be Boyz perform, the entire audience, including Lori, are crying because they find their singing beautiful. Luna however, who is bored and unimpressed, tries to encourage the audience to use their energy. She does this by jumping around, but mistakenly bumps into one of the attendees, whose drink goes flying, and lands on the control box, which kills off all the lights. The moment the lights go out, one of the band members say "Ooh, girl" rather flatly.

In the book Campaign Chaos!, Chandler makes a campaign promise that, if he is elected Royal Woods Elementary School's treasurer, he will get Boyz Will Be Boyz to perform for his victory party. Supposedly, he can do this because his cousin's best friend's boyfriend's uncle is their manager.

Known Fans


Lucy and Lynn watching Boyz Will Be Boyz.

  • In the episode "The Green House", Lucy and Lynn are watching TV before Lincoln turns them off. If you look closely, you will notice that the program the girls were watching is a concert of Boyz Will Be Boyz.
  • Carlos PenaVega voices all of the boys in the band. Before joining the cast of The Loud House, one of his best known roles was being inside of a 4-part boy band called Big Time Rush, which even got its own show on Nickelodeon from 2009 to 2013.


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