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Bratty Kid's Mom is an unnamed minor character in The Loud House.


She first appears in "Cereal Offender" dragging her son out of the Super Mart after The Manager kicked them out and refusing to buy him the Zombie Bran cereal.

She reappears again in "Funny Business" making comments on how good or bad the Funny Business corporation's acts are with the other parents.

She makes a cameo appearance in "The Old and the Restless" as a part of a crowd.

In "Mall of Duty", she can seen in line waiting to get the Rip Hardcore book signed.

In "Head Poet's Anxiety", she can be seen in the Bowling Alley when a young Luan is performing her comedy.

In "Deal Me Out", she can be seen at the Ace Savvy convention.

In "Shop Girl", she can be seen waiting to get for the sale.

In "Cooked!", she was seen going in Lynn Sr.'s restaurant.

In "Stall Monitor", she is seen at the parent teacher conference.


She is a standard parent and punishes her son for causing them to get kicked out of the store because he made a mess there.

She enjoyed Lincoln's pratfalls at first, but after a second time when he almost ruined Maggie's birthday party she commented he's so bad she won't hire him, otherwise her child would hate her. However, she enjoyed Luan's pantomimea act with him so much she decided to hire them.


She is a tall adult woman, with loose long blonde hair, light violet eye shadow, pink lipstick, and white earrings shaped like teardrops.

She wears a purple long-sleeved shirt in black stripes, white sleeveless jacket, blue trousers, and brown boots.


  • Because she was present on Maggie's birthday in the episode "Funny Business", that means one of the emo tweens is her son or daughter.
  • She is one of the few characters to have a voice change in the original version.

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