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"Brave the Last Dance" is the thirty-fourth episode of the fourth season, and the one-hundred-eighty-third episode of The Loud House.


Clyde recruits Lincoln and the gang to find out if a girl he has a crush on at school feels the same way.


S4E18B Clyde crushing on Emma

Clyde got a crush on Emma.

The elementary school is getting prepared for an upcoming Valentine's Day-themed dance. Clyde is part of the planning committee, as he is preparing the desserts. While he's in the committee, he is revealed to have a crush on fellow member Emma. Clyde's friends immediately note that Clyde has a crush on Emma, and Clyde expresses some concern that he needs to be 100% certain that Emma likes her back. This makes Clyde's friends remark that they can help out, and give him some information:

  • Rusty says that if a girl can smell cologne off someone, then she likes him. Rusty promptly sprays some cologne onto Clyde, and Emma immediately takes note of the smell and likes it.
  • Liam says that a girl will like a boy if they offer her a seat next to them. Luckily, the only seat available is next to Clyde and he promptly offers it to Emma.
  • At the public library, Lincoln states that if a girl lends a fancy pen to a boy, then she likes him.
  • The final test Clyde takes is by having Stella read tea leaves, and Stella discovers that Clyde will be dancing with a brown-haired girl.

Confident that Emma likes him, Clyde decides to make a grand entrance in the cafeteria by having Liam and Rusty dressed as cupids, and Zach, Stella, and Lincoln pulling Clyde in a gondola, inspired by one of his favorite movies. Arriving at the table Emma is sitting at, Clyde asks Emma to the dance, but Emma simply states that she just wants to be friends with Clyde. This causes Clyde to faint and his friends to quickly escort him out of the cafeteria.

When the school day ends, Clyde is picked up by Howard and Harold and quickly requests to drive him home. Clyde explains that he made a complete embarrassment out of himself and proclaims he's never coming back to school. As a result, Clyde ends up completely depressed. While sulking in his room, Clyde receives a text from his friends from how much fun they're having and gets a call from Cheryl, who informs him that they received the wrong cake, which is for a baby shower. Donning a chef's outfit, Clyde arrives at the party and quickly fixes the cake up to make it Valentine's Day themed. After fixing it up, he attempts to leave but runs into Chloe, one of the other members of the party planning committee. The two share some laughs and discover that they both love Dessert Storm. As a result, Clyde asks her if she would like to dance at the party, and Chloe gladly accepts it. As a result, Clyde and Chloe end up having a fun time dancing together while his friends cheer him on.


Girl Jordan and Mollie have no lines in this episode.


  • This episode and its sister episode currently hold the record for being the lowest-viewed episodes in the entire series.
  • Stella's vision of Clyde dancing with a brown-haired girl is technically correct because despite being rejected by Emma, Clyde managed to get a dance with Chloe, who also has brown hair.
  • This episode reveals that one of Clyde's favorite movies is called Il Ballo Finale, which is Italian for The Final Dance.


  • Brave the Last Dance - The title of this episode is a reference to the 2001 teen dance film Save the Last Dance.
  • Yoko Ono - One of Liam's chickens is named Yolko Ono, a reference to John Lennon's widow.
  • Fortnite - When Clyde and Chloe are dancing, a kid can be seen doing a dance from Fortnite.


  • Some of Lynn's row team from "Spell It Out", like the girl with black-purple hair and the blond girl that resembles Ronnie Anne, are seen at the elementary school.
  • When receiving texts for missing out on the dance, Clyde is lying on top of his bed with the lights off, but when Harold steps into the room with Cheryl on the phone for him, the lights are on, and he's lying on the floor.
  • Possible: When Emma and Chloe both notice Clyde and his friends entering the cafeteria, Chloe is seen with oval eyes instead of slanted eyes, though this could be a surprised reaction.

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