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Toast is ready.

—"The Two of Clubs"

Breakfast Bot is a minor character in The Casagrandes. He is a robot who was created by Sid Chang in "The Two of Clubs".


In "The Two of Clubs", Sid creates Breakfast Bot. She offers to let Ronnie Anne finish him off, but she fails to complete him the right way. As a result, Breakfast Bot goes awry, and Sid ends up needing to use the manual override to turn him off. Later in the episode, he offers Ronnie Anne a heart-shaped pancake after she finds out that Sid is not with the other Robotics Club members, which she rejects.

In "Meal Ticket", Sid brings Breakfast Bot to the food truck to allow him to work with Casey after his father becomes injured.

In "I, Breakfast Bot", Ronnie Anne and her cousins make Sid program Breakfast Bot to do all of their chores. However, this drives Breakfast Bot to frustration, because he's treated like a slave. He gains control of all other machines inside the apartment building in order to begin a revolution against the humans. Unfortunately for Breakfast Bot, his memory is wiped when he gets thrown into a pot full of menudo.

In "Karate Chops", Carl steals Breakfast Bot's arms and uses them to chop boards while presenting his skills to the Karate Club. Later Breakfast Bot takes revenge on Carl by acting like his training robot.

In "Prankaversary", he attacks Ronnie Anne with waffles, unable to see through her Tyrannosaurus Rex disguise.

In "Zoo-mergency!", he serves pizza bao at the zoo.

In "Gossipy Girl", Sergio uses him to send gossipy messages to Priscilla. However, Breakfast Bot malfunctions, and instead of going to Priscilla, the messages go to every student at Cesar Chavez Academy.

In "Bunstoppable", Breakfast Bot's system overloads while he, Sid, Adelaide, Nico, Cam, Marcel, and Froggy 2 are making eight hundred goldfish bao for the Chinese culture fair, effectively creating a rift in time and space that brings Chinese bandits to the present. Near the end of the episode, he helps Sid to make a better batch of bao while Adelaide distracts the bandits, and after they eat the better bao, he warns the girls that the rift he created is about to close. Once the bandits are sent back in time, he answers a call from Stanley and tells him to leave a message while the girls go to make bao to replace what they wasted.

In "Race Against the Machine", Ronnie Anne and Sid take Breakfast Bot aboard the S-Train to assist in speeding it up. He does this via the means of shorting out the control panel with coffee and spraying butter onto the tracks to make them slippery.


Breakfast Bot is a robot that is roughly the same height as Ronnie Anne. He has a purple head with light bulbs on either side that has a pink colander on top, an antenna attached to the colander, yellow eyes with square pupils, a toaster for a neck, an oven with dials and light-up squares on it for a torso, two arms made from flex-duct hoses, one with a spatula for a hand and one with a whisk for a hand, and one wheel.

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