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"Broadcast Blues" is the thirtieth episode (thirty-first in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-twenty-ninth episode of The Loud House.


The Action News Team has to cater to Chandler's demands after he buys the club new equipment.


At the middle school, the Action News Team is giving their news report to the students. As the students eagerly watch (except for Chandler), the news team face several problems with their equipment, like Clyde's microphone giving off static, Stella's portion being cut off prematurely, and the main camera in the news room falling over due to its damaged state. Sometime later, as the news team complains about their damaged equipment, Chandler walks up to them and announces his intention of joining the news team. However, Lincoln informs him that the team is full.

The next day, Chandler arrives to the news room and tells the team they may have snuffed him yesterday, but he brought something for them. Opening a duffel bag he brought, the news team discovers it's full of brand new cameras. Chandler says that they can use them on the condition that they allow him to join the news team. Going into a group huddle, Lincoln questions if letting Chandler join them is worth it for some new equipment, and when they see their original camera completely fall over, they immediately decide to let Chandler join them. As the team plays with their new cameras, Rusty proceeds to toss the old one away.

Later, the Action News Team is giving their report to the student. Clyde announces to their viewers that Chandler has joined the news team, and is giving them updates on what's being served in the cafeteria. However, Chandler plays a mean-spirited joke by saying that the meal being served today is "chicken in yo face", which involves him taking a chicken leg and smearing it on the screen, much to the students' shock. Later, when the report is over, the news team talks about how bad Chandler's bit was and immediately decide to fire him. However, Chandler arrives with a box of microphones and the news team, unable to turn down this offer, eagerly accept them after Chandler wishes to do the weather portion. In the next report, Chandler presents the weather by playing a prank on Lincoln and Clyde by dumping water on them. The crew once again considers firing Chandler, but Chandler once again baits them by giving them a satellite dish, but only on the condition that he gets his own segment. Unable to turn him down again, the crew agrees.

For the next two reports, it's revealed that Chandler's new segment, "Bro in the Know", has him being a complete jerk to the other students, as he rudely slaps books out of their hands, and insults student Dirk by telling him that he walks like a penguin because of his skinny jeans. Unable to tolerate his bad behavior anymore, the crew finally put their feet down and tell Chandler that he is fired from the news team, but Chandler tells him that it's not possible, as he was the one responsible for giving them new equipment in the first place. After Chandler leaves to answer a call, the crew begins to regret falling for Chandler's bribery. Suddenly, they hear Chandler, who forgot to turn his mic off, having a phone conversation. They realize that the reason why Chandler was able to afford all the equipment he provided for them was because he was secretly selling items that were collected from his father's sewage plant, and says that he and his buyers will be in major trouble if word of his actions ever got out. With this information revealed, Lincoln uses this opportunity to perform a sting operation and expose Chandler so they can kick him out of the news team for good.

Calling up Chandler, Zach, using a deep voice, tells him that he and his "girlfriend" are looking for a necklace, and Chandler tells them to meet behind the sewage plant in an hour. An hour later, Zach and Rusty, the latter dressing like a girl, wait for Chandler's arrival, while Lincoln, Clyde, Liam and Stella hide behind a dumpster. At that moment, Chandler arrives with a suitcase, and approaches Zach and Rusty, while Liam pulls out his phone and starts recording them. After seeing Chandler take the money Zach offers, the news team expose themselves and reveal that they caught him red-handed, and threaten to expose their footage to his father unless he quits the news team. Knowing that he'll be grounded forever as a result, he ultimately agrees to quit the news team, but is taking the new equipment with him, since he technically bought it. Although the plan to get him to leave is successful, the team realizes that they're still in a bad situation, as they don't have any equipment, and they threw away their old equipment. Just when Liam stops recording footage on his phone, Lincoln realizes that there's another way to do the show.

The next day, the news team is revealed to have started using their phones as cameras. Despite a few inconveniences like changing camera filters and phone calls being made in the middle of a report, the students end up loving this new format. Chandler, annoyed to see the students watch the news, walks up to his locker and ends up getting sprayed by a skunk, where Dirk laughs at his misfortune as payback for calling him a penguin earlier.


Lynn, Emma, Mr. Gurdle, Unnamed Middle School Girl and Unnamed Girl 1 have no lines in this episode.


  • This is the third episode to feature the Action News Team, the first being "Kernel of Truth", and the second being "Flying Solo".
  • Irony: Chandler purchased better equipment for the Action News Team's benefit, seeing the dire state of their equipment, but he himself made the show worse with his obnoxious behavior.


  • Broadcast Blues - The title of this episode is a pun of the term "broadcast news" or the 1987 film Broadcast News.


Wrong shoe color, Clyde.

  • In the scene where Chandler brings the news team brand new cameras, Lincoln's pants and shoes are the same color as his regular attire.
  • When the crew talks about Chandler, Clyde's shoes were brown instead of black.

Come visit "Nebransas" or "Michilliconsin" some time!

  • When Chandler is giving the weather report, the borders between Illinois/Wisconsin/Michigan's Upper Peninsula and Kansas/Nebraska are missing, thus giving the two pairs of states to appear as one.
  • In the original US airing, Lynn's name is misspelled as "Lin" in the subtitles.


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