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Bruno is a character in The Casagrandes. He appeared in The Loud House episode "Friended! with the Casagrandes".


Bruno is a slightly stout hot dog seller who sells hot dogs at his hot dog stand called 'Hawt Dog'. He first appeared in "Friended!", where Ronnie Anne came to his stand and ordered a hot dog, given the works. Bruno knew exactly what she meant because she was a recurring customer there, who was good friends with her.

In "Roll Model", Bruno's hot dog stand caught on fire but Ronnie Anne accidentally saved it by wiping out and landing in a nearby water fountain and the splash put out the fire. Bruno could not have been more thankful to Ronnie Anne and deemed her a real hero.

In "Walk Don't Run", Bruno worked at his hot dog stand, when Ronnie Anne and Sid hid behind it. Bruno noticed them there and had to awkwardly hide their presence so that Vito wouldn't notice them. He gave Vito the two dogs dragged through the garden he ordered for free. After Vito left, Bruno was very mad at the girls for messing up his business transaction and demanded that they pay off the money for the hot dogs he just gave away.

In "Operation Dad", Bruno made a non-speaking cameo during a montage. Ronnie Anne and Arturo went to his hot dog stand and ate some dogs dragged through the garden.

In "Monster Cash", Bruno was used as an unwitting pawn by Carlino, as a ploy to ditch Ronnie Anne from the tour. Carlino made Ronnie Anne go and get hot dogs from Bruno, so he could drive off without her. He appeared again later in the episode, where El Cucuy asked him for some hot dogs and scared him away. It turned out that El Cucuy was actually just Rosa is disguise.

In "Team Effort", Bruno made a non-speaking cameo, when Ronnie Anne, Sid, Casey, Nikki, Sameer, and Laird went to his hot dog stand and had some hot dogs only to remember they had places to be.

In "Dial M. for Mustard", Bruno had his first main role, when his hot dog cart went missing after being stolen by a mysterious caper. Bruno had planned to compete in a hot dog contest the following day and suspected that the thief might have been someone else in the competition, trying to sabotage his chances of winning. Another one of his suspects was Maybelle, as she complained about her hot dog and tried to return it only for Bruno to reject her offer, as it violated his store policy "After the second bite, you own it." Bruno later discovered that the hot dog cart thief was a guy in a hot dog costume, this person later being revealed to be Vito. Vito admitted that the reason he stole his hot dog cart is because he knew he would win and win the grand prize, which was a trip to Vienna. Vito didn't want him to go to Vienna because he would be without his hot dogs for whole vacation. Vito told Vito that he wouldn't dream of depriving him of hot dogs for a whole vacation and promised to take him on vacation. Bruno got his hot dog cart back and entered the contest and sure enough, Bruno was declared the winner by far. Bruno and Vito had a great time in Vienna and they even sent a post card back to Great Lakes City.

In "No Egrets", Sergio dropped a pair of baby birds on a hot dog, being served by Bruno. Vito ate the birds after mistaking them for hot dog toppings.

In "A Very Casagrandes Christmas", Bruno made a non-speaking cameo as one of the many people The Casagrandes caroled to for Los Posadas.

In "Teacher's Fret", Ronnie Anne and Sid switched out Mrs. Galiano's phone number for Bruno's in Arturo's contacts, making him text a bunch of love texts to him. Arturo later ordered hot dogs from Bruno and didn't pay him for it and Bruno didn't seem to notice.


Bruno is a round adult man. He's half bald, has black hair, mustaches and one eyebrow. He wears a light blue shirt and a white robe.


  • Bruno has a return policy rule for his hot dog stand, which is "After the second bite, you own it."
  • Bruno's phone number is 555-0100.

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