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"Bummer Camp" is the eighteenth episode of the sixth season, and the two-hundred-sixty-fourth episode of The Loud House.


When Gramps struggles to run Camp Mastodon, the kids come to his rescue.


At the Loud House, the kids are watching The Dream Boat. Just before the show can reveal who the girl chose as her lover, they suddenly get a call from Leonard. After they answer, Leonard tells the kids that all of the counselors at Camp Mastodon have just quit, and he has some campers coming soon. He asks for their help in finding counselors before the children arrive, or else he'll have to shut down the camp and go back to his days as a fisherman. Once they finish their call, the kids begin to get sad at the thought of the camp shutting down, but then Lincoln makes the suggestion that they should be the camp's counselors, to which the sisters agree to.

Later, the kids arrive to Camp Mastodon just as Leonard is hanging up signs about the place being shut down. After a brief reunion, Leonard shows them where they'll be sleeping: the lower decks of his boat, which have not-so-perfect conditions like sleeping in hammocks, the constant rocking and their bathroom being a bucket (called "Frank"). Several hours later, as the kids sleep, Leonard wakes them up a 3 AM to get themselves ready for training in an hour.

One hour later at 4 AM, Leonard begins to teach the kids their counseling duties and his way of living. First, Leonard shows them how to catch fish while standing knee-deep in the freezing cold lake. After Leonard demonstrates by catching a fish, the kids attempt to do the same, with unsuccessful results. Afterwards, Leonard instructs them to scrape all the barnacles off the bottom of a canoe. After several hours of scraping, they succeed in getting rid of all the barnacles, but then Leonard tells them that they need to do the rest of the dozens of canoes. This makes Lynn and Lisa realize that all of this grueling work why the counselors quit in the first place and that his methods of running the camp is sure to drive away potential campers. Because of this, Lisa proclaims that they need to tell Leonard the truth.

At nighttime, as Leonard and the kids sit at a campfire, the kids play Nose Goes on who should tell him. When Lily loses, she confesses to Leonard that his methods of running the camp are more suited for fishing than a camp. This makes Leonard confess that he has been a fisherman for so long, his methods are stuck with him. Lincoln proclaims that they can help him out on how to run the camp right way. Leonard says he needs to think if over on his boat, and then blows a response with his horn (which Lana translates as saying that he'll give it a try).

The next day, the kids attempt to teach Leonard how to properly run the camp, but his fisherman instincts kick in, resulting in unsuccessful outcomes.

  • First, Lincoln, Lynn and Lisa try to teach Leonard how to do archery. After Lynn demonstrates how to do it, Leonard fires his dart, but ends up aiming too high. He then proceeds to get his fishing harpoon and successfully hits the target, but the speed of the harpoon causes the tree to split in half and fall over.
  • Second, Leonard attempts to use his boat to help Lola water ski. At first, it goes off without a hitch, but then, Leonard spots a giant ray sturgeon nearby and decides to catch it. However, in the process, he makes a turn with his boat that is so sharp, Lola is accidentally thrown off and rolls into a bush near the shore.
  • Third, the kids show Leonard how to make a simple s'more. Initially, the kids think he did something right when they eat the s'mores, but then Leni states that she's tasting something other than the usual ingredients, which Leonard reveals is lake trout that he added to "give it more zing". This causes the kids to immediately spit out their s'mores in disgust.

Because of all the unsuccessful outcomes, Leonard proclaims that he was always meant to be a fisherman and decides that first thing in the morning, he'll be departing Camp Mastodon. Despite the kids' pleas to make him stay, as it means he won't be seeing them very often when he's at sea, Leonard says that at least they tried, but he just couldn't help himself. After Leonard boards his boat, he blows off a few sad toots from his horn (which Lana translates as "Ding dang darn it.").

The next day, during the early hours, Leonard unhitches his boat and begins to leave Camp Mastodon. However, just seconds after departing, Leonard hears something below deck. Looking inside, he discovers that the kids have secretly boarded, explaining that if he's leaving, they're going with him, stating that they tried to help him run Camp Mastodon, so they might as well be taught on how to be fishermen like him. When Leonard tells them that they don't even like the fisherman's life, the kids state that the only reason why they want to learn from him is simply because they just want to be with him. Moved by this, Leonard says that if they're willing to learn how to be great on sea, he'll try harder to learn on land.

Sometime later, Leonard has seemingly learned how to properly run a camp, as Camp Mastodon is filled with new campers. On the lake, Leonard and the kids are ready to help a girl water ski. However, just as the girl manages to get her footing down, the giant ray sturgeon arrives and eats the girl. Witnessing this, Leonard to proceeds to wrestle the giant fish into spitting the girl out. Enthralled by this experience, the girl proclaims she wants to do it again, and proceeds to jump back into the lake to swim over to the boat.


David and Sebastian have no lines in this episode.


  • This and its sister episode premiered on Jessica DiCicco’s 42nd birthday.
  • This and its sister episode are currently the highest viewed episodes of Season 6.
  • This episode takes place after "Camped!" due to the fact that Leonard still has the position of being Camp Mastodon's headmaster.
    • Coincidentally, both episodes use the same title card music.
  • This episode takes place after "Driver's Dread", the previous episode, as it shows Leni driving Vanzilla.
    • Interestingly, this episode premiered one week before the aforementioned episode, unintentionally spoiling the revelation that Leni officially got her license.
  • This episode reveals that because Leonard spent so much time being a fisherman, he runs the camp like he ran his fishing crew, as he's so used to it.
  • Lana mentions Old Sloshie, her bucket bathroom from "Pipe Dreams", in this episode by saying she'll call Leonard's bucket "Sloshie Jr.", even though Leonard already named it "Frank".
  • This episode marks the first time ever that Lily loses Nose Goes and says, "Dang it."
  • The lake was so freezing cold at 4 AM, that when a bird swooped down to catch a fish, the fish was shown to be encased in a block of ice.
  • According to Lana, she is fluent in boat horn.
  • This is the first time Leonard appears without Lynn Sr.
  • The expression Lincoln makes in the title card is the same one he had in the title card for "Flip This Flip".
  • Cartoon physics:
    • Lynn repeatedly kicks the sofa causing the others to bounce while they sat on it.
    • Leonard wrestles with a fish.


  • Bummer Camp - The title of this episode is a pun of "summer camp".


That hat must be a part of Lana's hair, 'cause it's still yellow inside.

  • Assuming the lake at Camp Mastodon is a freshwater lake, it should not be possible for the canoes to be covered in barnacles, as barnacles are only found in saltwater environments.
  • When Lynn kicks the sofa repeatedly, Lana's hat can be seen briefly flying off, and the hole on the hat is colored in yellow, as if it's still on her head.
    • Also Luna and Luan have no legs while Lynn was kicking the couch.
    • In addition, Luna and Luan are the same height.
  • When the kids are asleep in the boat's lower deck, Leni's earrings are missing.
  • When Leonard showed their bathroom being a bucket, Leni has four side-swept bangs instead of three.

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