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Bun-Bun is Lincoln's stuffed rabbit doll.


Bun-Bun is a stuffed rabbit that belongs to Lincoln. It has beige fur, large eyes, a black nose, and is dressed in a purple polo shirt. The doll sits on his bed during the day, and Lincoln sleeps with it under his covers at night.

Lincoln cares very much for Bun-Bun, as he becomes very fearful whenever something harmful happens to it.


  • Bun-Bun is modeled after Lincoln's original design from when he and his family were going to be rabbits.
    • Because of this, Warren resembles him.
  • According to Lincoln's "Ask Lincoln" segment on Instagram, he can't remember a time where he didn't have Bun-Bun in his life.
    • A reason for this is given in "Not a Loud", where it is revealed that Lincoln has had Bun-Bun since he was a baby.
  • Bun-Bun is not present in the dimension of "One of the Boys", as he was flushed by Luke, prior to Lincoln's arrival. However, Bun-Bun is still present in the dimension with Linka.

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