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"Bunstoppable" is the second episode of the third season, and the seventy-seventh episode of The Casagrandes.


While preparing bao for the Chinese Cultural Fair, Sid and Adelaide face off against time-hopping bandits.


In the Chang apartment, Stanley is telling his two daughters a story about their ancestors. In the story, set hundreds of years ago, the Chang's ancestors lived in the small Chinese village of Clear Water Village, and life was normal until three bandits from the rival Han family, Yi, Woo and Hui, arrived to attack. Seeing that their acts of aggression are the result of hunger, the ancestor made a bet with them: if he can provide them with something more delicious than anything they've ever eaten before, they would have to spare the village. The bandits accepted the bet, and the Chang's ancestor presents his offer: goldfish-shaped bao. The bandits eat the bao, and because of how it "delighted their eyes, filled their stomachs, and energized their bodies", they agreed to spare the village. After finishing the story, Stanley reveals that he told Sid and Adelaide this story because he decided it's time to teach them how to make the bao that saved the village.

After some time and a few hiccups, Sid and Adelaide manage to complete their bao. After a brief celebration, Stanley tells his daughters that he wants them to make 800 more for the Chinese Culture Fair. Thinking the task will take forever, Sid and Adelaide decide to take the short route by enlisting the animals and Breakfast Bot's help (the animals assemble the bao, the sisters top them with glaze and Breakfast Bot put them into steam baskets). Despite the bao not looking so perfect, Sid thinks they qualify as passable, and proceeds to increase the speed of the assembly line. However, the animals are unable to keep up with the fast speed, and in their haste, proceeded to dump the entire bowl of dough, causing Breakfast Bot's circuitry to go haywire. In the ensuing chaos, Breakfast Bot sends out electrical bolts in all directions, one of which hits the book with the ancestor's story, and a giant portal opening above the building, where the three bandits from the story, Yi, Woo and Hui, come out. Once the smoke clears, Sid and Adelaide, despite acknowledging the damage Breakfast Bot took, declare their task of making the bao complete.

As Sid, Adelaide and Breakfast Bot wagon their bao to the fair, they encounter the three bandits, and, after mistaking them for actors, learn that they are the bandits from the story, as Breakfast Bot further elaborates that when he went haywire, he inadvertently opened a rift in time and space. They also realize that they arrived to the present before the Chang's ancestor offered them the bao. After the bandits fight off several people for their food, Sid and Adelaide offer their bao to the bandits, but because they were made without the patience and dedication they needed, they are revolted by the taste, as do Sid and Adelaide when they try it. Adelaide tells her older sister that they need to make the bao correctly, but Sid doesn't have the patience to do such a tedious task. Instead, she tells the bandits that Great Lakes City has tons of great food and believes one of them would satisfy them. The bandits accept the offer, and give them three chances.

First, the sisters offer the bandits pizza, but while it delights their eyes and fill their stomachs, it doesn't energize their bodies. Second, they offer the bandits hot dogs, but while it fills their stomachs and energizes their bodies, it doesn't delight their eyes. Lastly, they offer the bandits ice cream sundaes, and just when it seems like they found a dish that delights their eyes, fill their stomachs and energizes their bodies, they suffer from brain freeze and accuse the two for a "sneak attack". Because the two were unable to please them, the bandits proceed to take over Great Lakes City. Seeing the three wreck everything in their path, Sid states that the only logical thing to do now is to make the bao correctly. She and Breakfast Bot head back to the apartment to make the bao, while Adelaide uses her karate skills to fend off the bandits.

After some time of Adelaide fighting the bandits, Sid arrives with the well-made bao and offers them to the bandits. When the bandits state that the bao delights their eyes, fills their stomachs and energizes their bodies, they decide to spare Great Lakes City from their wrath. Suddenly, Breakfast Bot informs them that the rift is about to close. Arriving to the rooftop, Adelaide uses a seesaw to launch the three back into the portal just before it closes, but not before telling them to go Clear Water Village to visit their ancestor, who can provide them with more bao. With the crisis averted, Sid and Adelaide get a call from Stanley asking them how they're doing with the 800 bao they're supposed to make. Realizing they have no bao, the two quickly get to work making them.

Some time later, at the Chinese Cultural Fair, the bao have sold successfully, and Stanley thanks his daughters for their help. When Sid and Adelaide claim that the experience of making them wasn't too boring, the book with the ancestor's story suddenly starts moving. The bandits pop out and state that they smell the bao, and ask for some, to which Adelaide responds by karate chopping them back into the book.



  • This is the first episode to not feature any members of the Santiago or Casagrande families.
    • Thus, this is also the first episode in which Sid appears without Ronnie Anne.
  • Adelaide shows off her karate skills she learned from the episode "Karate Chops".
  • The three foods Sid and Adelaide offer the bandits, and why they pale in comparison to the bao:
    • Pizza - doesn't energize their bodies
    • Hot dogs - doesn't delight their eyes
    • Ice cream sundaes - gives them brain freeze (which they mistake for a sneak attack)


  • Bunstoppable - The title of this episode is a pun of "unstoppable".

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