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Burpin' Burger is a burger joint, that is located in Royal Woods.


It first appears in "Out on a Limo", where Lincoln promised to take his sisters there after his ride in a limo, but abandoned them after experiencing the high life, thanks to Tetherby. At the end of the episode, Lincoln takes his sisters and Kirby there as a way of apologizing to them for the way he treated them the previous day.

The restaurant's jingle goes:

Hungry y'all? Look no further!
Come on down to Burpin' Burger!
Grade B beef and special spice!
When it comes back up, it's twice as nice! [belch]

The jingle was listed as an honorable mention in The Loud House Mega Music Countdown.

It appears for the first time in Season 2 in the episode, "Vantastic Voyage", where Lori and Leni tricks Steve into getting a test ride with a convertible after Lynn Sr. refuses them to drive the new van.

It reappears again in "Snow Way Out", where Lana convinces the siblings to go there to meet her racing hero, Bobbie Fletcher for a contest. She then buys burgers to find the winning wrapper. Unfortunately, Burpin' Burger was snowed in, trapping the siblings. At the end, Lana realizing that she was selfish about the contest and seeing her siblings suffer, she decides to give the winning wrapper to Flip in exchange for a ride back home.

In "Net Gains", the Burpin' Burger is the sponsor of the Belchin' Ballers.

In "Be Stella My Heart", Stella walks up to Lincoln, and asks him if he wants to go to the Burpin' Burger, and Lincoln eagerly accepts.

In "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow", Lynn and Margo's favourite burger is named the Double Belcher, Margo Miracle, Loud Rebound and Holla for Paula.

In "Cooked!", it is mentioned that Grant is the Burpin' Burger's two time employee of the month.

In "Last Loud on Earth", Lincoln and Clyde go there and dump trash on what they think is a zombie, who is later revealed to be Flip.

In "Singled Out", after Lynn's team wins the she suggests that they go to Burpin' Burger. Her teammates agree and ask if they can bring their dates with them and Lynn reluctantly agrees. At the Burpin' Burger, Lynn can't sit with her teammates due to their dates filling their booth. This results in Lynn having to sit at the kiddie table. The next day, Lynn and her teammates win another game of roller derby and Lynn introduces Dexter to her teammates, who cheer over the fact that she has a date now. Arriving to Burpin' Burger, Lynn gets her meal, but starts to show signs of not knowing how a relationship works, like refusing to share her milkshake and not letting Dexter clean her face, which grabs the attention of the teammates. Lynn, not wanting to give the wrong impression to her friends, reluctantly agrees to let Dexter do things with her. A day later, at the Burpin' Burger, Lynn orders her meal and decides to sit at the kiddie table, where she proceeds to have a squirt bottle fight with a little kid. Seeing how much fun Lynn is having by being alone, her teammates temporarily excuse themselves from their dates to join her.

In "House Flip", during one of the Loud children's drives Lori accidentally crashes into the Burpin' Burger pole.

In "Season's Cheatings", on Christmas Eve Lincoln tries to get some gift cards or burgers for Lola but discovers that they are out of Burgers and gift cards.

In "Silence of the Luans", while Luan and Lincoln try to find out who the mystery prankster is the rest of the family head to Burpin' Burger to get away from the madness of April Fools' Day. After the family arrive at Burpin' Burger Rita gets a text from Luan saying that Lily is prankster. At first the family does not believe her, and while Lynn Sr. pinches on "Lily's" cheek, he inadvertently pulls off a mask to reveal Charles, much to the horror of the family. With the secret revealed, Lily activates her grand prank: she has the locks on Vanzilla lock the family in, and the car begins to drive around the Burpin' Burger building on an endless loop. Luan begs Lily to stop, but Lily lets out a fart cloud to escape.

In "Grub Snub", when Lincoln asks Leni if she and her friends could hung out at the Burpin' Burger but Miguel reject the idea stating there are no vegetarian items on the menu.

In "Much Ado About Noshing", Lincoln mentions that the restaurant was recently given a bad review, along with Jean Juan's French Mex Buffet and Aloha Comrade, suspecting that New_Nosher_123 went to all of those restaurants before going to Lynn's Table.

In "Appetite for Destruction", after searching Royal Woods for a playmate for Lily they eventually spot a toddler named Aidan who has all the mannerisms of an upper-class gentleman.



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  • The name references the American fast food restaurant chain Burger King.


  • The character on the sign closely resembles the burger kid from the restaurant Big Boy.
  • According to Flip, the food is so good even when cold.
  • "Grub Snub" reveals that there are no vegetarian items on the menu. However, in "Lori Days", they serve salads.
  • In Extras in the Nickelodeon app, in the subtitles of "Chatting with Lincoln", "Burpin'" is mistakenly spelled "Bourbon".
  • Known items on the menu:
    • Fries[1]
    • Bacon double cheeseburger[2]
    • Burpin' Burger[3]
    • Big Belcher[4]
    • Baby Belcher[5]
    • Curly fries[6]
    • Double Belcher[7]
    • Fire-in-the-Belly Burger[8]
    • Cookie dough milkshake[9]
  • "Last Loud on Earth" reveals that they have a bathroom, but that it's for paying customers only.
  • "Season's Cheatings" reveals that they have gift cards.


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