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Camp Bluebell is a girl scout camp located in Royal Woods. It is the home of Bluebell Scouts. It first appeared in "Patching Things Up".


In "Patching Things Up", Lana and Lola tryout in order to be Bluebell Scouts together by doing challenges run by the Scout Leader while Lincoln and Clyde snuck in Bluebell to find its famous and delicious cookies until getting caught by the Scout Leader and kicks them out. However, Lola is unable to do challenges that disgusts her and didn't earn any patches so Lana did instead and earned patches. Lana also was unable to do other challenges that she wasn't capable of doing, perfect stuff, so Lola did those instead and finally earned patches for it. Both the twins had a fight that they're going to mess up the next challenge and decide to do it on their own. They are totally in their tasks and don't care if either of them makes them or not. During that, they pulled out their lucky charms they traded and acted like each other on their separate challenges which didn't impressed the leader and announced to both the twins that they can't be Bluebells. Lana and Lola thought they both have the same challenge, unable to do it, and didn't want to be Bluebells without each other. They both hugged and apologized saying can't have a choice of what they're really good at as long they're together, therefore earning their final patch. Lana and Lola are on their next challenge selling boxes. There, Lincoln and Clyde shows up and believe the cookies are in the boxes and bought them. However, it turns out to be Bluebell's healthy initiative, Kale Puffs. According to the twins, all sales are final and no refunds. Lincoln and Clyde are so crushed by this and screamed "no" at the end of the episode.

Camp Bluebell returns in "Selfie Improvement" in a flashback of Carol beating Lori by selling lots of cookies more than her and earned a metal resembling a cookie. Leni feels bad for Lori and tries to cheer her up that she did her best.

Official song

We are the Bluebells
Loyal, kind, and true-bells
A better friend you'll never know!

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