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Campaign Chaos! is the third chapter book based on The Loud House, published by Random House on January 8, 2019.[1]


From the back cover:

Clyde thinks being elected school treasurer will give him the confidence boost he needs. Lincoln agrees and becomes his campaign manager. But Lincoln quickly realizes they are in over their heads against a very popular rival. Will Lincoln have to sink to gossip and dirty tricks? Can his ten sisters help save the day? Most important, can Lincoln help Clyde--and remain his best friend?


  • When Artie brings up that Lori is losing her school's Spring Blossom Dance Duchess title to Carol Pingrey, Lincoln's narration mentions Carol being Lori's nemesis in present-tense, despite this book being released after "Selfie Improvement". This would indicate that either "Selfie Improvement" chronologically occurs after this story (and "Jeers for Fears", the events of which are alluded to), or Lincoln did not yet know that Lori and Carol have become friends.


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