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"Camped!" is the thirty-first episode (thirty-second in production order) of the fifth season, the two-hundred-thirtieth episode, and the eleventh full-length episode of The Loud House.


When Dad discovers that his childhood camp is closing, he decides to take the family for one final visit. They soon uncover a map that could lead to a treasure big enough to save it and prove the existence of an old camp legend.


Act I

As the Loud kids eat their breakfast eggs, they discover that they're soggy with water. It turns out that Lynn Sr. has been in an emotional funk as of late, as he explains to the kids that his childhood camp, Camp Mastodon, will be shutting down. He reminisces on how he would spend his time doing all the activities with his father, Leonard. The family tries to contact Leonard, but because he's on a fishing trip, the connection is too poor. As Lynn Sr. goes off to cry some more, Lincoln suggests that they should cheer him up by going on one last trip to Camp Mastodon, to which the sisters agree.

After a road trip (which is interrupted partway through due to Lynn breaking wind), the family arrives to Camp Mastodon, where they discover that Flip is present as well, as he used to be a camper here. As Lynn Sr. shows his family the camp, he runs into his old scoutmaster, Mr. Rinsler. Mr. Rinsler explains that he's disappointed that Camp Mastodon is shutting down, saying that he couldn't keep on funding the place to keep it open. As Rita and the sisters go check out the rest of the camp, Lynn Sr. and Lincoln proceed to help Mr. Rinsler clean out his office. As they clean the office, Mr. Rinsler tells the two about a camp legend named Captain Kit, a pirate who allegedly hid a stash of treasure in the vicinity of the campgrounds. Although doubtful of the legend's credibility, Mr. Rinsler reveals that he has a wooden board that is said to have belonged to Captain Kit's ship. When Lincoln tries to carry it, he accidentally drops it on Lynn Sr.'s foot, prompting Mr. Rinsler to go get some ice. The second he leaves, Lincoln discovers a sheet of paper hidden in the wood, and pulls it out. He and Lynn Sr. discover it's a map, and realize that it could lead them to Captain Kit's treasure, where they could use it to save the camp.

As the Rita and the sisters partake in numerous relaxing activities, Lincoln and Lynn Sr. arrive and tell them that they found a treasure map that could lead to treasure. After Rita and the sisters agree to join in on the search, Lincoln proceeds to follow the clues as stated on the map. Unbeknownst to them, Flip had overheard them, and schemes to get to the treasure before them.

After following the numerous clues, like a trail of markers, climbing a butte, entering a cave, Leni taking a necklace artifact that opens a secret passage and Luna playing song on a guitar, the Louds unlock a secret room filled with the treasure.

Act II

The moment the family discovers they found the treasure, they are quick to bask in the high level of riches. However, Lola, wanting to be sure it's authentic, bites one of the coins, and it is quick to crumble. This makes Lola point out that the gold is fake. At that moment, Lily pulls a jewel from the wall, which triggers a cave in that traps the family in.

As the family searches the cave in hopes of finding an exit, they discover a set of animal tracks. Following the tracks, Lana discovers it belongs to a wolverine, who is protecting its babies. Wanting to protect the family, Rita scares it off by roaring back at it. Later, as the family continues exploring the cave, they hit a dead end, and Lynn Sr. falls into despair, thinking that they have to live in the cave now. Suddenly, Lincoln spots Captain Kit's hat on a rock, and when Luan puts it on, she accidentally flips a switch that causes a hole to open under them, where they fall down a long slide.

Upon reaching the bottom, Lincoln spots a uniquely shaped hole in the wall and believes they need to fit it in with something identical. Taking the necklace Leni grabbed at the entrance and the jewel Lily got from the fake treasure, Lincoln fits it into the hole, and the wall opens up to reveal another pile of treasure. Lola gives it a check and confirms that the treasure is real. As the family gets to work stuffing the treasure into their backpacks, Lynn Sr., during a celebration dance with Lincoln, accidentally hits another button. This causes a wall to start pushing the family and the treasure off the cliff. As the family clutches onto Lynn's leg, as she's holding onto the edge, Lynn realizes that she can't pull her family up because all their stashed treasure is weighing them down. Lynn Sr. orders his family to ditch their treasure, when suddenly, a boat arrives and collects it. Rita discovers that the boat is being driven by Leonard, who successfully scoops the family with a fishing net when Lynn loses her grip. After a quick reunion hug from Lynn Sr., Leonard proceeds to take the family back to Camp Mastodon.

Arriving back to Camp Mastodon, the Loud family reveals to Mr. Rinsler that Captain Kit's treasure was real all along, and that they brought it back so they can keep the camp open. Although impressed with the hard work the family went through to get the treasure, Mr. Rinsler reveals that he doesn't want it, saying that he feels ready to retire and move to Florida. When Lynn Sr. gets emotional by saying that he at least had one adventure at Camp Mastodon with his family, Leonard realizes that he could take over as the new scoutmaster, saying that as much as he loved fishing, he loves Camp Mastodon more, and Mr. Rinsler is more than proud to hand the place over to Leonard. Suddenly, there's a rustle in a nearby bush. It turns out to be Flip, who reveals that he couldn't get past the wolverines from the cave, before passing out.

Later, each of the Louds participate in a three-legged race, and Lynn Sr. and Leonard win before falling into a bush of poison ivy, causing them to well up with emotion (as Lynn Sr. states "It itches just like I remember."), and Lynn remarking that they're definitely related.


Sebastian has no lines in this episode.


  • This is the first episode to depict the title card text in a gradient color.
  • This, "Season's Cheatings"/"A Flipmas Carol", "Zach Attack"/"Flying Solo", "How the Best Was Won", and "Appetite for Destruction"/"Frame on You" are the only Season 5 episodes to not premiere on a Friday.
  • This episode, like "Ghosted!", was written by both Jeff Sayers and Danny Warren, and is the second special to be written by Sayers, the first being "The Loudest Thanksgiving" with Sheela Shrinivas.
  • According to Lynn Sr., he forgot his anniversary one time and Rita got quite intense about it.
  • This episode reveals that Lynn Sr.'s father, who first appeared in "Vantastic Voyage", is still alive and that his name is Leonard.
    • It is also implied that being overemotional runs in the family, as Leonard gets just as emotional as his son. This trait would later pass on to Lori.
  • It is likely that this episode takes place during the summer after the school year of Season 5, as Lori was with the Loud family and possibly back from college and Lily is in her Season 5 outfit.
    • Conversely, it's also possible that this episode takes place before "Schooled!" for the same reasons.
  • In three-legged race Louds were paired:
    • Luna and Luan (initially),
    • Lynn Sr. and Leonard,
    • Rita and Leni,
    • Luan and Lynn,
    • Lucy and Lily,
    • Lincoln and Lola,
    • Lana and Lisa,
    • Lori and Luna.
  • When the Louds drive to Camp Mastodon, the route formed on the map resembles the shape of a treble clef.

Do you see it?

  • This episode reveals that "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" is the closest thing Luna knows to a sea shanty.
  • This episode reveals that Flip's mother is still alive.
  • Lynn Sr. and Flip are revealed to have attended Camp Mastodon in their youth, where Lynn Sr. learned to run, swim, and use a zipline and morse code.
  • This episode reveals that Lola can have trouble expressing sympathy when hungry.
  • Irony:
    • The Louds put lot of effort to find treasure to save the camp and Mr. Rinsler to keep his job, but he retired anyway due to old age, although Leonard offers to run the camp.
    • The family worries about Flip getting to the camp's treasure before them. However, it turns out Flip wasn't able to get past the wolverine as he got attacked by it.
  • Cartoon physics:
    • Lynn's flatulence causes a moose to lose its fur.
    • Mr. Rinsler effortlessly put Lincoln and Lynn Sr. on his back.
    • Leni gave the skeleton her sunglasses, but still had another pair of sunglasses like they got replicated.
    • The rope the family used was unrealistically durable to hold the whole family and doesn't break.
    • Lynn was incredibly strong and durable that she could keep whole her family hanging on her one leg.
  • Innuendo:
    • Flip challenges Lynn Sr. to pee in the lake with him shortly after Flip walks off, Lynn Sr. whispers to his family to not swim in the lake for an hour.
    • While Lincoln and Lynn Sr. are in the office helping pack up, Lincoln gets disgusted when he finds a picture of Mr. Rinsler posing on a calendar.


@ AshKs Twitter Picture.jpg
This episode was a lot of fun. Here’s the original “joke” from the pre vis, and the final title card 🧡
May 28, 2021[1]
  • The Goonies - The title card is supposed to be an homage to this 1985 film, which even includes the iconic pirate's skull. According to Ashley Kliment-Baker, the pre-vis title card she made that featured only Lori, Luna, Lynn, Lucy and Lisa was a direct nod to the film.
  • Aladdin - The part where Lily takes a piece of treasure and goes "Uh-oh" when it activates a booby trap is similar to a scene in this 1992 film where Abu finds a jewel in the Cave of Wonders.
  • Captain America: Civil War - Rita taking a boxing pose and saying "I could do this all day!" is similar to Captain America during his final fight.


  • When the family is traveling from Royal Woods to Camp Mastodon, the upper left corner of the map shows Canada sharing a border with Wisconsin. This is inaccurate, as it is actually the Upper Peninsula of Michigan; Wisconsin does not share a border with Canada.

Overlapping legs won't do you any good, Lana. You're definitely hornet food now.

  • When Lana runs from the hornets, her legs overlap.
  • When Lynn Sr. tries video chatting with his dad, Luna is behind the couch. But during Lola's line, "Gramps is hairier than I remember", Luna is layered over the couch.
  • When Lincoln drops the log, it lands on Lynn Sr.'s left foot. But when Lynn Sr. sits down, his right foot is hurt.
  • When Lori was relaxing on the pier she has realistic feet when she's lying on beach blanket. When she and the other sisters approach Lincoln and her dad, then she has cartoonic simplified feet.
  • Lily is missing her shoes when she digs under the tree.
  • At some points, Lola's backpack changes from purple to lavender.
  • As the family is climbing down the hole, Leni is missing her backpack.
    • Lisa's backpack was also missing when the family find the fake treasure.
  • After Leni got the necklace from the skeleton, it disappears and reappears at some points.
  • When Luna is singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat the first time, Lincoln doesn't have the map. After she finished singing, the map suddenly appears in Lincoln's hands.
  • Luna says the song didn't work because the guitar wasn't in C but immediately after she plays in A#.
  • Before the family went down the rock slide, Rita was still holding Lily. But when they started sliding, Lynn Sr. is the one holding Lily.
  • When the family is hanging from a cliff, Lana's backpack is blue instead of light red.
  • When Leonard is on video chat and when he and Lynn Sr. end up in poison ivy, he is missing his top thinning hair.
  • Wolverines are no longer native to Michigan, they are only found in Northern tundra areas. The last one was killed in Michigan in the 1860's.
  • When Lincoln takes a calendar out of the drawer while him, Lynn Sr., and Mr. Rinsler pack up the office, the calendar says December, and there are 35 days on the calendar. But in December, there is 31 days.
  • Lily and Rita aren't seen in the beginning of the episode.
  • When the family is entering the skull cave, Lincoln is holding the map. In the next shot, the map disappears.
  • When Rita was about to protect the family from the wolverines, Leni is seen non-shaded compared to everyone else, as if light is shining on her.
  • When Lisa says "This actual genius begs to differ", her teeth weren't detailed.
  • When the family run into the treasure the first time, Luan, Lynn, Lily and Rita disappear for one from when they was running off screen to the treasure.



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