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This article concerns a real-world topic and should be written from an in-universe perspective.

Canada is a real-life country that appeared in The Loud House.


In this show, Canada is portrayed with a lot of exaggerated stereotypes. It is very cold, and even at the beginning of the school year, there can be snowfall of over fifty feet and a temperature of -50 degrees Celsius. According to the border guard, their hottest day is -10 degrees.

Characters commute by riding on moose, and the country is also home to geese, and to beavers which look similar to the lumberjacks.

Local food and beverages include ketchup chips, gravy, bags of milk, and poutine. They also serve maple syrup on all their pancakes, which is illegal to turn down in accordance of the Royal Canadian Syrup Code.

Canadian people are also portrayed as very athletic, playing hockey a lot (with pucks which grow from the ground) and also possessing a baseball team.


In "Schooled!", Lincoln Loud was transferred to Mapleton Middle School in Mapleton, Ontario by Principal Ramirez upon calling in a favor from Principal Marshall. After taking a ferry to the border, the border guard sang "Welcome to Canada" as he walks him through its features. Then he goes to Mapleton Middle School where he meets Principal Marshall and struggles to their different customs that involve ice fishing. Lincoln going to and from Canada started to affect the time he has with Clyde McBride, Liam Hunnicutt, Rusty Spokes, Zach Gurdle, and Stella Zhau enough that they had to come visit him. In one of Lincoln's plans to get kicked out, they sabotaged the ice for the upcoming hockey game against a rival team led by Principal Marshall's brother. Seeing what happened, Principal Marshall stated that he'll take the fall for the melted ice. Lincoln eventually accepted that he would have to keep going to school in Canada, and joined his friends in a farewell breakfast. However, when offered syrup on his pancakes, Lincoln politely declined and said he was syruped out, breaking the Royal Canadian Maple Syrup Code and getting himself banned from Canada for three years. Though the border guard who told him that did apologize for the outcome. Luckily, this meant that Lincoln could now attend Royal Woods Middle School once more.

In "Kernel of Truth", a boat delivered popcorn here. While solving the mystery on whose been stealing the popcorn, Lincoln and his friends track the culprit who escapes on a ferry to Canada. Rusty tries to ride his bicycle off the boat to jump on to the ferry which does not go well.

In "Don't Escar-go", Liam mentions that Clyde going to culinary school in France will be just as bad as when Lincoln attended middle school in Canada.

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