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Carlino "Carl" Casagrande[2] is a recurring character in The Loud House, who first appeared in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", and later a main character in its spinoff, The Casagrandes.


Carl likes acting like a ladies' man. He considers himself as smarter and more mature than Bobby, so this makes him believe that he's his boss.

Carl is also mischievous because he likes messing around with Carlota's cosmetics and he switched out the flash drive Bobby was going to send to Lori. However, he is very clumsy, as shown in "The Spies Who Loved Me."

Carl is fairly confident and out-going, as he tried to protect his family from the city rats.

Carl is also a rather forgiving person as he did not mind that his father planted a tracking device on him. He's seen dancing with Lola during Luna and Hector's duet even though she beat him up before.

In "Power Play", it was revealed he likes being a child, but is ashamed of this, so he doesn't do this, when someone is watching.

As shown in "Walk Don't Run" and "Monster Cash", Carl is quite greedy as he likes getting money by conning people.

He also appears to be a callous young boy, as shown in episodes like "Missed Connection" and "Stress Test" where he is the only Casagrande who is unmoved when his cousin Bobby cries in front of the whole family. Despite this, however, "Miss Step" and "Achy Breaky Art" show that, whenever he hears his mother crying, he's willing to defend her from the person who made her cry.


Carl has black hair that is styled in a pompadour, which looks similar to Luke's haircut, and he also has a missing tooth, much like Lana and Lola. He wears a red hoodie, navy blue pants and white shoes.

He, also, wears "choo-choo chonies" (a pair of sky-blue boxer shorts with a white waistband at the top of them, and a picture of a green train with yellow wheels and a matching cowcatcher, with a plume of steam coming out of the green train's funnel that reads, "CHOO! CHOO!" within it, hence the name of the underwear), a pair of undergarments that he really doesn't like to have revealed and/or mentioned.


  • Carl's freeloading characteristics would be roughly copied with Top Cat and possibly Loopy De Loop for Hanna-Barbera Productions.
  • He, his father, and his siblings all have names that come from “Carl”.
  • Carl's real first name is "Carlino" according to an early design sheet, however, Carl is never mentioned by his real first name in The Loud House nor The Casagrandes.
    • However, his real name is mentioned in his profile in the "Live Life Loud!" graphic novel.
  • He does not know that the idiom "That costs an arm and a leg" means that something is really expensive.[3]
  • Out of all of Ronnie Anne's relatives, he makes the most appearances in The Casagrandes.
  • He has promised not to scam before, but never keeps his promise.[4]
  • His favorite food is hot dog nachos, and he owns a futon, but somebody puked crackers on it.[5]
  • Hector pays him five dollars to walk Lalo.[6]
  • Hector signed him up for swimming lessons a year prior to the series, but Carl swapped himself for another boy because he was scared. He has since gotten over his fear and learned to swim from Bobby.[7]
  • He knows a lot of ghost stories.[8]
  • He believes that he and nature hate each other.[9]
  • His mother forbids him from eating snacks before dinner because they ruin his appetite.[10]
  • C.J. cuts his hair for him.[11]
  • He likes riding on airplanes but if the plane flips over it can give him motion sickness, he hates thinking about his misdeeds, and he often neglects his homework.[12]
  • He thinks the fictional superhero El Falcon de Fuego really exists.[13]
  • He is good at karate, but not to the extent of Adelaide.[14]
  • He has a celebrity crush on the luchadora La Tormenta.[15]
  • He doesn't tend to do humanitarian acts, unless he has an ulterior motive. He's also been greedy since his infancy, and once scammed other babies out of their diapers.[16]
  • He keeps his candy and money in safes, and his hair gel in a hole in his bedroom wall.[17]
  • His siblings and cousins have a way of deciding things called "Dizzy Carl", whereupon they spin him and whoever catches him wins.[18]
  • He wants to turn into Bigfoot.[19]
  • He and Lola do not get along.[20]
  • Hector does not allow him to be in the bodega on his own.[21]
  • He does not believe in Ernesto Estrella's fortunes.[22]
  • He has five El Falcon action figures. He used to have six, but he sacrificed one of them.[23]




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