This page shows all of Carlino Casagrande's different attires he has worn throughout the series, excluding his normal outfit.

Images Episode(s) Description

Season Two

S2E13 Carl With Lori Tattoo Distance
"The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" Carl used Carlota's eyeliner to make a tattoo of Lori on himself.

Season Three

PJ Footie Carlino
"City Slickers" Carl is seen wearing light blue footie pajamas.
Tuxedo Carlino
Then he reveals a tuxedo worn under his pajamas.
S3E09B Carlino's video
"Missed Connection" Carl wears a fake mustache in the video he sent to Lori.
S3E21 Casagrandes clucking
"The Loudest Thanksgiving" Carl, along with the rest of his family, wear turkey hats for their dance.

Season Four

Carlino as Ronnie Anne
"Roll Model" Carl wears the same outfit Ronnie Anne usually wears.
Carl Skaterboy
He wears a green helmet with his yellow skateboard.
Carlino's Wresling Outfit
"Face the Music" Carl, along with CJ, is wearing his wrestling mask.

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