Carlos Casagrande is a supporting character in The Loud House, who made his first appearance in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos".


Carlos is the son of Hector and Rosa Casagrande, and the brother of Maria Santiago. He studied a lot, and became a college professor. He is married to Frida Puga, and has four children with her, Carlota, Carlos Jr., Carl, and Carlitos. He is also Bobby and Ronnie Anne's uncle.


Carlos is a bibliophilic and absent-minded professor. He loves reading books so much, that he does this with other things at the same time. Reading books distracts him from what's happening around him, like he didn't react to Lalo eating the food he's carrying, or on Carlino getting injured by a watermelon.


Carlos has short black hair, with some of the strands standing up, and also has thick, black eyebrows. He wears black glasses that have a square frame, a cream long sleeved shirt, a light green sweater, a red necktie, brown pants, a black belt with a yellow buckle, and dark brown shoes.


Season 2

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Season 4


  • He's the tallest member of the Casagrande family.
  • His concept art revealed he was going to have facial hair.
  • He shares the given name of his voice actor Carlos Alazraqui.
  • He is a Marine Biologist.
  • Dub facts:
    • Carlos' Brazilian dubber, Cafi Ballousier, also voiced Lars.
    • Carlos' Italian dubber, Gianandrea Muià, also voiced Loni.
    • His Polish name is Krzysztof.


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