This page shows all of Carlota Casagrande's different attires she has worn throughout the series, excluding her normal outfit.

Image Episode(s) Description

Season Two

Carlota Casagrande Costume Vector
"The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" Carlota wears a black uniform, black boots, black cap, and yellow earrings. She dressed Ronnie Anne like that as well.

Season Three

Spy Agent Carlota
"The Spies Who Loved Me" During following Ronnie Anne, Carlota was wearing a light brown fedora and longcoat and pink sunglasses.
Casagrandes wearing turkey hats
"The Loudest Thanksgiving" Carlota, along with the rest of her family, wear turkey hats for their dance.

Season Four

Disco Boots
"Friended!" Carlota wears white disco boots.
Pink Robe
"Power Play" Carlota wore a pink robe with her white towel on her head.
Carlota's Rain Outfit
"Pranks for the Memories" Carlota wore a tan coat and red rubber boots.
Carlota's White Sandals
After her and Ronnie Anne's prank failed, she wore white sandals.
Carlota's Night Dress
"Lucha Fever" Carlota wore a light green dress with white heels and a necklace.

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