The Casagrande Apartment is where the Casagrande family lives, and also where the Santiago family and the Chang Family moves to. It also has a bodega on the ground floor.


The Casagrande Apartment and their bodega was first seen in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos". This location is in Great Lakes City which is one state over from Royal Woods, Michigan. It is also shown that a gang of Street Cats live nearby.



  • It was revealed in "Selfie Improvement", that Royal Woods, Michigan and the Casagrande Bodega are three hours apart.
  • In "Fool Me Twice", it was revealed that the bodega has a basement and has rat traps and asbestos.
  • In "Friended!", it was revealed that the Casagrandes live is the apartment 2-A while the Chans live in the apartment 3-A, with Sidney's window being right above Ronnie Anne's.
  • In "Friended!", it was revealed that the building does not have an elevator.


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