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The Casagrande apartment is where the Casagrande family lives, and also where the Santiago and Chang families moved to.


The building is located in Great Lakes City, a large metropolis located somewhere near the Great Lakes in the Midwest of the United States, over 200 miles away from Royal Woods. It's 3 hours away from Royal Woods. It is a four-story yellow-brick building bounded on three sides by streets, one of which carries an above-ground rail viaduct. Its house number is 148. The building contains a rooftop and a basement, and in "Fool Me Twice", it is implied that the building is old enough to have used asbestos as part of the building's construction. There is a large retro-styled sign on the corner that says "Casagrande Market", with an arrow underneath pointing to the front entrance to the mercado.


The basement is where the laundry room and the not-so-secret room is located as seen in "Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes." The not-so-secret room was an undeveloped room that exits from the laundry room which Ronnie Anne and Sid decorated.

First floor

The first floor contains at least two entrances, one for each street, and is the site of the Casagrande Market, the family mercado.[1]

Second floor

The second and third floors are split into two apartments each. The units of the second floor are totally occupied by the Casagrande and Santiago families. Hector and Rosa Casagrande, their daughter Maria Casagrande-Santiago, and her children Bobby and Ronnie Anne Santiago live in apartment 2A while Hector and Rosa's son Carlos and his family (his wife Frida Puga-Casagrande and their children Carlota, CJ, Carl, and Carlitos) live in 2B.

Third floor

The third floor is occupied by the Chang and Flores families. The Changs (Stanley and Becca and their daughters Sid and Adelaide) reside in 3A, while 3B is occupied by Mrs. Flores and her son Alexis.

Fourth floor

The fourth floor is split into four apartments. 4A is occupied by Mrs. Kernicky. 4B is occupied by Margarita. 4C is occupied by Mr. Nakamura and his son Cory. 4D is occupied by roommates Miranda and Georgia.


The rooftop serves as a gathering spot for different occasions like tenants doing their activities there or parties held by anyone.


Temporary inhabitants



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