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This article is about the Casagrandes book. For the Loud House comic book, see The Case of the Stolen Drawers.
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Case of the Missing Cake is the first chapter book based on The Casagrandes, to be published by Scholastic on January 4, 2022.[1]


Meet the Casagrandes! This funny original chapter book is based on the hit Nick show. Join Ronnie Anne Santiago as she makes new friends, gets to know her extended family, and experiences life in the big city.
There's tres leches trouble in this all-new adventure! The annual neighborhood rooftop party is tomorrow, and Ronnie Anne can’t wait to bring the tres leches cake that she helped her abuela make. But while she’s supposed to be guarding the cake against hungry family members, it goes missing! Ronnie Anne and her best friend Sid are on the case. But then the trail runs cold, and nothing goes as expected! Can Ronnie Anne save the cake―and save face―in time for the party?



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