The Loud House 360 Center of Chaos! 😜 Nick

The Loud House 360 Center of Chaos! 😜 Nick

"Center of Chaos" is an internet-exclusive promotional video based on The Loud House. The script can be found here.


Step inside The Loud House and immerse yourself in this 360-degree cartoon that places you at the center of the chaos that occurs when it's time to get ready for school.


Inside the hallway, Lori wakes up to the sound of Walt's tweeting and reminds her siblings to get ready for school. After doing so, the remaining siblings show off what they do the moment they wake up, which include Lucy predicting that their morning will end with "a rude awakening", getting Lily ready (with Lincoln changing her, and the twins dressing her), Luna jamming out, Luan cracking as many puns as possible, Lisa wanting some of Charles' poop for an experiment, and Leni impatiently waiting for Lori to be done with the bathroom. Once everyone's ready, Rita asks them why they're up early on a Saturday. Realizing that they got ready for absolutely no reason, everyone blames Lori for waking them up so early and wasting their time, and Lori rebuffs that Walt woke her up. Now knowing the truth, everyone frustratingly heads back into their bedrooms, presumably to go back to sleep.



  • This is the first video to have a 360-degree point of view.
  • It is unknown if this video will be dubbed into other languages.

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