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Chad is a minor character in The Loud House. He is one of the kids Lincoln invited to his sleepover in "Overnight Success". He has had minor appearances in other episodes.


Lisa on the point of studying Chad's brain.

In "Overnight Success", after Lincoln has a falling out with Clyde, and Liam runs away, he decides to invite Chad over to spite Clyde. However, when the two are watching "King of the Rings", Lisa sneaks up behind him to study his brain waves. This frightens him, and runs away in fear.

He later makes other cameo appearances in "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", "Dance, Dance Resolution", "The Price of Admission", "Mall of Duty", "Shop Girl", "Absent Minded", "How the Best Was Won", and "Frame on You".


Chad is a lanky, brunette boy who wears a dark red vest over a yellow checkered long sleeve collar shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers.


  • Chad is named after one of Chris Savino's brothers.
  • As revealed in "Frame on You", Chad has a sensitive nose. He may vomit when exposed to stinky scents.

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