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"Chancla Force" is the twenty-second episode of the second season, and the sixtieth episode of The Casagrandes.


Carl takes Rosa's chancla, setting off the balance of order in the city, and calling the Chancla Force into action.


It's dinnertime at the Casagrande's, and Rosa serves her family asparagus. However, CJ and Carl, not wanting to eat their vegetables, call in for Sergio to top their greens with chocolate syrup and sprinkles. However, Rosa takes her chancla (sandal), and stops Sergio from fulfilling his task. Later, CJ, Carl, Carlitos, Sergio and Lalo have a pillow fight in the living room, but Rosa stops them with her chancla, saying it's time for bed. In Carl's room, Carl expresses frustration on how Rosa is seemingly controlling their home with an iron fist towards his brothers and pets. He eventually comes to the conclusion that Rosa's power comes from her chanclas, and believe they must steal them from her in order to stop her reign.

The next day, the brothers and pets plot to steal Rosa's chanclas. Throughout the day, they try to steal them while she does her duties like doing maintenance around the apartment or when she's doing chores around the house. However, their attempts are unsuccessful, due to unintentional inconveniences. In a last-ditch effort, Carl, wearing his ninja suit, decides to steal them while she sleeps. He succeeds in taking the chanclas from Rosa's feet (since she sleeps with them on), and hides them in a secret compartment in his bedroom floor. With the chanclas finally gone, Carl believes he and his family will have the best day ever.

The next day, as Rosa serves eggs for breakfast, Carl calls in Sergio to top some whipped cream onto his eggs. Rosa tries to stop him, but without her chanclas, Rosa decides to just let it happen. At that moment, Maria arrives, says that even the adults are afraid of the chanclas, and calls up Frida and Carlos to come home, saying the chanclas are gone. Before long, the Casagrandes do numerous rambunctious activities around the apartment. Throughout it all, Rosa does nothing to stop them, as she doesn't have the one thing to discipline them with. When Carl tries to tell of the amount of fun he's having to his El Falcon figure, he couldn't find it in his bundle of laundry. Entering the living room, Carl discovers that his family has taken his personal belongings, like his stash of Halloween candy, his backup supply of hair gel, and his El Falcon figure, which they accidentally break. Carl sadly tells Rosa what happened, but instead of Rosa disciplining them, she instead makes the suggestion that he break one of their belongings. At that moment, Carlos and Frida arrive home and Carl asks them to knock some sense into their kids, but because of the news that the chanclas are gone, they instead go off and have fun.

Before long, Carl discovers the pains of living in a place with no rules or discipline, like no one making dinner, Frida, Maria and Carlota using his bed as a trampoline, Sergio finding his stash of cash, and no place to sleep. As a result, Carl concludes that he must give Rosa her chanclas back. Entering his room, he opens his secret compartment to get the chanclas, but discovers that they're gone; Lalo has found them and runs off with them. After a brief scuffle where the Casagrandes play keep-away with Carl, Carl succeeds in obtaining the chanclas, but his family is closing in on him, hellbent on taking the chanclas from him. Cornered, Carl spots Rosa sleeping on the sofa and tosses the chanclas to her. However, Sergio and Lalo intercept and catch the chanclas where they throw them into a blender to destroy them. With his last hope gone, Carl screams in despair.

Suddenly, Carl wakes up, realizing that everything he went through was just a dream. Opening his compartment, he is relieved that the chanclas are still there. Entering the kitchen, Carl intends on giving Rosa her chanclas back. Before he can, he spots CJ, Carlitos, Sergio and Lalo goofing off on the couch, and approaches them to scold them for not being at the table while Rosa is serving breakfast. At that moment, Carl is suddenly transported to a spiritual realm where Rosa tells him that kindness has always been inside of him, and that it doesn't require chanclas to bring it out. Taking her words to heart (awkwardly), Carl gives Rosa her chanclas back.


Mr. Nakamura has no lines in this episode.


  • The premise of this episode is similar to the following Loud House episodes:
    • "No Guts, No Glori", for being about a family living without rules under the iron fist of a caretaker.
    • "Butterfly Effect" and "One of the Boys", for both being about highly unrealistic situations that turn out to be nothing but a dream at the end.
  • Rosa is revealed that she raised her children and grandchildren by threatening to hit them with sandals if they disobey.
  • Rosa reveals that she sleeps with her chanclas on.
  • Carlos riding a skateboard in some of the scenes in Carl's dream is a callback to his skateboard skills from "Going Overboard".
  • Carl is revealed to keep his candy and money in safes, and his hair gel in a hole in his bedroom wall.
  • If one does not count the picture shown in this episode, this and its sister episode mark the second time when Ronnie Anne is absent from both segments, the first being in "Fool's Gold"/"Flight Plan".
  • Foreshadowing: One hint that indicates that Carl was dreaming the events of the episode was that he hid the chanclas in a secret compartment without having his brothers and pets seeing where he hid them. Therefore, there's no possible way Lalo had known where Carl hid the chanclas unless he dreamt of a worst-case scenario where Lalo had known where he hid them.


  • Star Wars - This episode has several references to this film franchise:
    • The title card is a mock-up of the poster for the original 1977 film, with the title being written in the logo's iconic font.
    • Rosa's appearance on the title card and moment at the end appears to be a nod to Obi-Wan Kenobi.
    • Rosa's "chancla force" appears to be a combination of The Force and lightsabers. Speaking of the former, Rosa does use a Force-type move to get her chanclas after Carl offers them back at the end.
  • Burning Man - Rosa says that Carlos and Frida went to an art festival called Burning Flan, a parody of this event held in Nevada focused on "community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance".
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - Rosa sleeping with her chanclas on is similar to how the titular character of this Nickelodeon show sleeps with his shoes on.


  • The description of the episode is misleading as it mentions that the balance of order in the city falls once Carl takes the chanclas, but the events of the episode primarily take place in the Casagrande apartment.


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