Chandler McCann is a minor character in The Loud House, who first appeared in "The Waiting Game" as the main antagonist. He later appears again in "Jeers for Fears" where he reforms himself.



Chandler is the son of a sewage plant worker. He goes to the same school as Lincoln and Clyde, but doesn't seem to be in the same class as them despite Lincoln referring to him as their classmate in "The Waiting Game". He's one of the popular students in school.

The Waiting Game

He makes his first appearance in "The Waiting Game". He's going to have a birthday party, so he invites each kid of the school, except for Lincoln and Clyde to the sewage plant that his father works at. When he discovers that Lincoln receives free food and tokens in the pizza arcade thanks to Lori, he begins to benefit himself from Lincoln, asking him if he can give him free stuff.

After Lincoln makes him a lot of favors, Chandler invites him and Clyde to his party, but also it forces Lori to do overtime because of all the free stuff Lincoln gave to him, and that she's going to miss the dance. At the end, Lincoln decides to cover Lori so she can assist to the dance after apologizing and telling her that Chandler is not his friend because he was using him.

Shell Shock

He makes a cameo in "Shell Shock", where Lincoln imagined Ronnie Anne pulling a prank on Chandler with their egg. A deleted scene from earlier in the episode also showed Ronnie Anne pranking Chandler by tying his shoelaces together.

Jeers for Fears

Chandler has another prominent role in "Jeers for Fears", in which he and his friends, Trent and Richie, plan on checking out the Royal Woods House of Terror. Chandler believes that Lincoln and Clyde are too chicken to visit the attraction themselves, but when Lincoln says that he and Clyde plan to go there themselves, Chandler opts to tag along. When they eventually do go to the House of Terrors, however, Chandler and his two companions ultimately are the ones who end up running out of the house in fear first, as it turned out that they were too scared by the House of Terrors. Chandler then sees that Lincoln and Clyde successfully made it all the way through the House of Terrors (unaware that the pair were actually just as frightened as he was), and worries that they might rub in his shame at school. But Lincoln and Clyde tell him that they won't do that to him, and as a result, he comes to respect them a lot more.


Chandler is a freeloader, and a conceited boy. He only invited Lincoln and Clyde to his birthday party because they gave him free stuff at the pizza arcade, and not because he likes them as friends. He also doesn't call Lincoln by his real name, instead he calls him "Larry". He seems to be very popular at the school, as seen in "The Waiting Game" when all the kids were excited to know who were going to be invited to his party. Although as of "Jeers for Fears", he might be more accepting towards Lincoln and Clyde.


Chandler is a redhead boy, with light fair skin, and hairstyle similar to Luna's. Like Lincoln, he has freckles on his cheeks. He wears a green long sleeve shirt with white sleeves, which has a print of a blue gear, black pants with a black belt, and white sneakers with green stripes.

In "Shell Shock" and "Jeers for Fears", his shirt is now yellow instead of green.


  • According to Campaign Chaos!, Chandler throws his birthday party at the sewage plant every year.
  • Coincidentally, he shares his last name with actress Amanda McCann.
  • Dub facts:
    • His Polish voice actor also voiced Rocky Spokes.
    • His Polish name is Paweł (Paul). However, in Season 3, his new Polish name is Kornel.

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