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Chandler McCann is a recurring antagonist in The Loud House. He first appeared in "The Waiting Game" as the main antagonist. He is Lincoln's arch-nemesis and was one of the most popular kids at Royal Woods Elementary School.



Chandler is the son of a sewage plant worker. He goes to the same school as Lincoln and Clyde, but doesn't seem to be in the same class as them (though he ends up becoming Lincoln's classmate following "Schooled!") despite Lincoln referring to him as their classmate in "The Waiting Game". He's one of the popular students in school.


He makes his first appearance in "The Waiting Game". His birthday party is coming soon, so he invites each kid in the school, except for Lincoln and Clyde, to the sewage plant where his father works. When he discovers that Lincoln receives free food and tokens in the pizza arcade thanks to Lori, he begins to benefit himself from Lincoln, asking him if he can give him free stuff. After Lincoln makes him a lot of favors, Chandler invites him and Clyde to his party, but also it forces Lori to do overtime because of all the free stuff Lincoln gave to him, and that she's going to miss the dance. At the end, Lincoln decides to cover Lori so she can assist to the dance after apologizing and telling her that Chandler is not his friend because he was using him.

He makes a cameo in "Shell Shock", where Lincoln imagined Ronnie Anne pulling a prank on Chandler with their egg. A deleted scene from earlier in the episode also showed Ronnie Anne pranking Chandler by tying his shoelaces together.

Chandler has another prominent role in "Jeers for Fears", in which he and his friends, Trent and Richie, plan on checking out the Royal Woods House of Terror. Chandler believes that Lincoln and Clyde are too chicken to visit the attraction themselves, but when Lincoln says that he and Clyde plan to go there themselves, Chandler opts to tag along. When they eventually do go to the House of Terrors, however, Chandler and his two companions ultimately are the ones who end up running out of the house in fear first, as it turned out that they were too scared by the House of Terrors. Chandler then sees that Lincoln and Clyde successfully made it all the way through the House of Terrors (unaware that the pair were actually just as frightened as he was), and worries that they might rub in his shame at school. But Lincoln and Clyde tell him that they won't do that to him, and as a result, he comes to respect them a lot more.

In the book Campaign Chaos!, Chandler competes with Clyde in the election for school treasurer.

Chandler shows up in episode 13 of the Listen Out Loud podcast, in which Lincoln and Clyde are reviewing Gus' Games and Grub. He convinces the hostess, Janet, to give him a table that was actually meant for Lincoln and Clyde, and then wins a chance to spin the restaurant's Wheel of Pizza, much to Lincoln and Clyde's dismay. He ends up winning a big wad of cash from the wheel.

Chandler appears again in "Wheel and Deal". In the episode, he appears as one of Lincoln and Lana's rivals in the race. He also reveals that he only cares about winning the race rather than meeting Bobbie Fletcher. Before the race starts, he taunts Lana for how poor her car looks, but shuts up after Lynn threatens him. During the race, he becomes victim to Lincoln and his friends cheating, as they cause him to drive his car into mud. He manages to escape and is last seen after Lana stops the car to scold Lincoln for cheating. It is unknown whether or not he won the race, but he was likely still disqualified since he bought his vehicle instead of making his own.

In "Schooled!", Chandler now attends Royal Woods Middle School and is a student of Mr. Bolhofner, making him one of Lincoln's classmates. He antagonizes Lincoln at every opportunity, slipping in pudding on his seat and later kicking it as well as sabotaging Lincoln's desk. When Lincoln returns from Canada and manages to win his classmates' respect by convincing Mr. Bolhofner to turn down the heat, Chandler is still unfazed, but is quickly attacked by Liam's new moose Ellie Mae who drags him out of Mr. Bolhofner's class trailer.

In "Season's Cheatings", Chandler eavesdrops on Lincoln at the Burpin' Burger and decides to help him with his plight of needing a gift for Lola. He reveals a briefcase full of diamond earrings retrieved from the sewage plant, which Lincoln knows Lola will love. However, Chandler demands payment and refuses to accept Lincoln's mere twenty dollars, forcing Lincoln to sacrifice his coveted Rip Hardcore backpack. Delighted at having two Rip Hardcore backpacks, Chandler celebrates Christmas by playing with Lincoln's backpack, only to crash into the Loud House's tree the next morning.

In "Zach Attack", Chandler, knowing that aliens aren't real, decides to go to Zach's "alien sighting" party only to tell him he was right. However, when Rusty puts on a convincing show, using one of Zach's flashlights to imitate an alien landing, the others, including Chandler, buy it, and Zach tells him he was right. By the end of the episode, Chandler sees the "alien landing" (actually a ruse made by Rusty, Liam and Stella), and later, when he sees an actual UFO, he is shocked, and Zach offers him one last rebuttal (though Chandler doesn't know that the UFO was actually a drone that was being operated by Flip).

In "Rumor Has It", Chandler and his mom were mentioned to have done a negative rumor about Mr. Bolhofner being a cannibal that uses the alias of "Skull-hofner".

In "Grub Snub", Chandler was present at Gus' Games and Grub during a competition between Lincoln's group and Leni's group until it gets out of hand.

"Broadcast Blues" marks his third most prominent role. Initially jealous and mocking of the Action News Team during homeroom (which gets him pelted with food and drinks by his classmates), Chandler nonetheless decides to join them, only to be rejected as Lincoln informs him that the team is full. Chandler is soon able to force their hand by purchasing new equipment that they can have if they let him join. However, Lincoln and his friends come to regret it when his obnoxious behavior begins affecting everyone, including them, with Chandler buying more equipment to get them to grant him more requests. When he finally goes too far on his "Bro in the Know" segment by bullying others, the crew angrily fire him, but he refuses to leave as he is technically the one who bought them new stuff. Luckily, the Action News Team, upon inadvertantly learning that Chandler had selling some things from his dad's sewage plant, trick him into falling for a sting operation and threaten to expose him to his father. Chandler is forced to quit, but he takes his equipment with him since he bought it with his own money. Unfortunately for him, the Action News Team get the last laugh by using their phones as substitute equipment, while Chandler is sprayed by a skunk placed in his locker and made fun of by fellow student Dirk, whom Chandler earlier made fun of on his segment for walking like a penguin.


Chandler is a freeloader and a conceited boy. He only invited Lincoln and Clyde to his birthday party because they gave him free stuff at the pizza arcade, and not because he likes them as friends. He also doesn't call Lincoln by his real name, instead, he calls him "Larry" and later "Lincoln Lame". He seems to be very popular at the school, as seen in "The Waiting Game" when all the kids were excited to know who was going to be invited to his party. Although in "Jeers for Fears", he briefly acts respecting towards Lincoln and Clyde, but goes back to being their rival as of "Wheel and Deal".


Chandler is a redhead boy, with light fair skin, and a hairstyle similar to Luna's. Like Lincoln, he has freckles on his cheeks. He wears a green long sleeve shirt with white sleeves, which has a print of a blue gear, black pants with a black belt, and white sneakers with green stripes.

In "Shell Shock" and "Jeers for Fears", his shirt is now yellow instead of green.

Starting from "Wheel and Deal", his shirt is now dark green with a white gear.

In "Zach Attack" and "Grub Snub", however, he wears the yellow shirt he wore in prior seasons.


  • According to Campaign Chaos!, Chandler throws his birthday party at the sewage plant every year.
  • Coincidentally, he shares his last name with actress Amanda McCann.
  • He, alongside Flip and Principal Huggins, is one of the few characters to play an antagonistic role in more than one episode.
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