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This article is about the Season 2 episode. For the Season 4 episode, see Exchange of Heart.
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Got kicked out, Change of Heart?
This article contains information about an episode banned in Poland and the Arab world[note 1] due to being paired with "Health Kicked", and therefore will be unavailable to any user from these localities, with the exception of this specific article.

"Change of Heart" is the thirty-third episode of the second season and the eighty-fifth episode of The Loud House.


Clyde is desperate to learn how to act normal around Lori, so he enlists Leni's help.


As Lincoln sits in the dining room, reading a book while eating carrot sticks, there's a knock at the door. Lori walks downstairs while talking on her phone, and answers the door. It turns out to be Clyde, and upon seeing Lori, he suffers a massive nosebleed, and passes out, unwittingly getting blood on her shoes. After Lori screams in horror, due to this being the fourth time Clyde's done this to her, Lori wishes for Clyde to act completely normal. When Lori leaves, he regains consciousness, and (apparently having heard Lori while passed out) wishes he too can act normal around Lori. After plugging Clyde's bleeding nostrils with a couple carrot sticks, Lincoln notices Leni talking to Mr. Grouse on how to control his anger, after Charles defecated on his yard again. Seeing Leni give Mr. Grouse advice that works, Lincoln gets an idea. Later, in the living room, Lincoln explains Clyde's dilemma to Leni, and she says that she knows exactly how to help Clyde.

It seems that Lori's fed up with Clyde's obsession of her.

Later, Lori cautiously comes downstairs, and asks Lincoln if Clyde's still around, because she fears that he will ruin her last best pair of shoes with his nosebleeds. Lincoln states that Clyde will be fine, since he's with Leni. Lori looks in the dining room, and sees Clyde having a nice conversation with Leni. In the backyard, as Lori practices her golfing, she gets hit on by a Frisbee Lynn and Lana are playing with. When Lori goes to pick up her golf ball, he hears Clyde talking to Leni in his robotic voice. When Lori heads into the kitchen to get a snack, she sees Clyde and Leni having another conversation, when suddenly, Lynn and Lana's Frisbee flies in from the window, and hits Clyde squarely on his nose, causing his nose to start bleeding, and some of that blood splashes onto Leni's sandals. When Lori sees Clyde's blood on Leni's sandals, she believes that Clyde loves Leni now, and excitedly heads out to go shoe shopping.

Later, when Lori comes back from shoe shopping, Leni gets a call from Clyde, and Lori overhears their conversation. When she hears Leni call Clyde thoughtful for getting her shoe cleaning supplies, Lori looks over all of the gifts Clyde gave her, she admits that while she doesn't like Clyde's crush on her, he was always pretty thoughtful. As she reminisces of all the thoughtful things Clyde did for her, Lori realizes that what's happening is wrong, and wants his love again.

Lori tries to coax Clyde into liking her again by giving him lemonade, but Clyde suddenly goes frozen, ignoring any of Lori's words. When Lori leaves, it turns out that Clyde was following Leni's advice of doing the ABCs in his head. Later, Lincoln and Clyde are reading comics outside, and Lori comes out, wearing a scarf Clyde made. However, Clyde just stares at her, and slowly heads into the house. It turns out that Clyde was once again following Leni's advice, which was holding his breath. With Clyde making good progress, Leni says that he's ready for the final step: having a conversation. However, Leni says that this will take some practice.

At the McBride house, Clyde is practicing on how to have a normal conversation with Lori. Leni arrives, dressed like Lori, and Clyde tries to talk normally. He succeeds, and it is shown that he was able to talk normally because of an ice pack resting on his belly as a distraction. At that moment, Lori arrives with a limited edition Ace Savvy comic as a surefire way to win back Clyde. Unfortunately, she hears Clyde and Leni chatting inside, and hears Clyde say that Leni is beautiful. Now fed up with the attention Clyde is giving Leni, Lori decides to look like Leni herself, thinking that her good looks will win back Clyde. When the remaining siblings question why Lori cares about Clyde loving her, Lori simply tells them to buzz off, claiming she knows what she's doing. However, Lori soon realizes that she should just apologize to Clyde.

With Clyde ready to have a normal conversation with Lori, he begins heading off to the Loud residence. With Lori ready to apologize to Clyde, she prepares to leave. When Lori opens the door, she sees him right in front of her and apologizes to him, saying that she should accept the fact that he likes Leni, and hugs him. However, Clyde suffers another massive nosebleed, and passes out. When Lori and Lincoln bring Clyde into the house, Lori explains to Lincoln that she was simply apologizing to Clyde because of the fact that he likes Leni now. Lincoln, however, explains that Clyde doesn't like Leni. Lori tries to back her statement by saying that she saw Clyde acting like a robot at Leni, he bled on her shoes, and heard him say Leni was beautiful. Lincoln clears everything up by saying that Clyde acting like a robot was because he was showing Leni what he does when he's near her, the blood on Leni's sandals was because he got hit on the nose, and Clyde calling Leni beautiful was because Leni was dressed like her. When Lori questions why this was happening, Lincoln explains that Leni was just teaching Clyde how to act normal around her, just like she wanted. This causes Lori to become happy, knowing that Clyde never stopped loving her.

Lori is relieved that Clyde is back to his usual obsessive self.

When Leni arrives, still dressed as Lori, Clyde regains consciousness, and sees Lori and Leni in front of him. However, he sees two Lori's present, and ends up going full robot mode. Despite getting blood on her shoes again, Lori is relieved that the old Clyde is back.


Luna and Lisa have no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Absolute Madness", "The Complete Second Season", "Photo de groupe", and "Intégrale de la Saison 2" DVDs.


  • Mr. Grouse seems to be unaware that Alaska and Hawaii are part of the United States, since he thinks that there are still only 48 states in America.
    • This is proven when he decides to recite the states in alphabetical order. He doesn't say Alaska, which is the second state name in alphabetical order.
    • He may just be counting the Contiguous United States, hence excluding Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Innuendo: When Lola heard Lori talking to herself in the bathroom, Lola, who was horrified at what she heard, remarks "I don't think I need to tinkle after all.", which seems to imply that she wet herself.
  • Irony:
    • Lori was annoyed by Clyde's obsession on her, but when he started to be less obsessed, she was worried about it.
    • Clyde was about to talk to Lori, she thanks and hugs him, which brings him back into what he was before that Lori hated. Therefore, making Leni's work all for nothing.
  • Cartoon Physics: When Clyde got a nosebleed on Lori's shoes for the third time in the flashback, the blood was aimed at Lori's feet.

International edits

  • In the Polish dub, Luan doesn't say to Lori that Clyde is obsessed with her, but that he loves her.
  • In the Hebrew dub, the temperature in Lincoln's line, "It's 85 degrees [Fahrenheit], and you're sweating.", is increased to 34°C (93°F).


  • Change of Heart - The title of this episode is a phrase that means to move to a different opinion or attitude.


The voice of Luan played Luna?

Lincoln, since when do you have perfect teeth?

  • When Clyde goes full robot around Lori, her shoes get bloody. In the next scene however, the blood on them disappears.
  • In the scene where Lori screams and it shows an overhead shot of the house, none of the toys are in the front yard; and, the swing is missing from the tree.
  • During the credits, Luan is misspelled as Luna.
  • In the scene where Lincoln is playing video games with Leni and Clyde, Lincoln lacks his chipped tooth on his face.
  • When Lori was offering Clyde some lemonade, she pours some in a glass, but there was no ice cube added. But when she threw away the glass after Lincoln asked for some lemonade, there is an ice cube in it.
  • After the scene where Lana asks Lori why she's trying to win Clyde back, Lana is incorrectly shown with buckteeth.
  • When Lori's hairbrush snapped the broken end was facing forward (Lori's perspective) but when she returned to the mirror the broken end is facing backward.
    • The broken end of Lori's reflection is also facing at the front.


  1. MBC 3 only. This episode was aired on Nickelodeon Arabia.
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