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"Changing the Baby" is the sixteenth episode of the first season of The Loud House.


After noticing that none of his sisters share his interests, Lincoln tries to mold Lily into his mini-me.


At the Loud House, Lincoln (holding an Ace Savvy comic and in his underpants) asks Lynn if she wants to read it with him. She refuses because of three reasons: A) comics are boring, B) she tells him to put pants on, and C) ya later. Downstairs, Lincoln is about to watch a DVD, when Luan walks up next to him with Mr. Coconuts. He asks her if she wants to watch it with him, but denies, saying sci-fi stinks. He later comes to Lola, and shows her his coin collection, as well as the new coin he had just gotten from Poland. Lola just says it's lame, and asks him what's the point of the coins if he's not going to spend it. Later, Lincoln wants to invite Lucy to go ghost hunting with him, but she disagrees, saying that ghosts are her friends. In the kitchen, Lincoln asks Lana if she wants half of his peanut butter and sauerkraut sandwich, but Lana refuses, since she of all people says it's gross. As Lincoln plays a video game, Leni walks by, and Lincoln asks if she wants to play with him, but denies, saying that video games will "rot your brain".

Unhappy with all of these refusals, Lincoln explains to the viewers that none of his sisters share any of his interests, even Lily. Lincoln hands Lily a controller, and she begins to play with it, much to her delight. Seeing this, Lincoln realizes that he can make Lily like the stuff he likes. Clyde arrives, and asks Lincoln if he wants to hang out with him, but Lincoln tells him he's doing something important (which is "changing" the baby). Later, Lincoln begins doing all the various activities his sisters turned down with Lily, all while Clyde spies on them, making the assumption that Lincoln is replacing him. After winning a chess match, Lily wants her blanket (or "blankie' as she likes to call it), but Lincoln, thinking that Lily is fully changed, throws it away, claiming she doesn't need it anymore. Back at house, Lincoln and Lily (wearing one of the former's polo shirts) are playing video games. The other sisters arrive, and Lori asks what they're doing. Lincoln explains that he's implementing his interests into Lily, since none of them like the stuff he likes, much to everyone's surprise. Later at night, Lincoln reads an Ace Savvy comic to Lily so she can go to sleep.

S1E08B Linc show off toy spaceship

Lincoln decides to mold Lily into him.

The next day, Lincoln, ready to have another fun day with Lily, checks if she's awake yet. However, Lincoln discovers that Lily is gone, and realizes that she's outside, where Lynn is playing baseball with her. Lincoln reprimands Lynn for doing something potentially dangerous with Lily, but Lynn proclaims that he's not the only one allowed to mold Lily. During their bickering, Luan has taken Lily, and is now using her as her new dummy "Lil-Lil". After cracking a couple jokes, the three begin fighting, only to stop when they realize that Lily is missing. It turns out that Lucy had taken her, and is showing her how to act like a goth, provided with photos of Great Grandma Harriet, and Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln, not wanting Lily to be with Lucy, takes her away. After wiping off Lily's face makeup, Lincoln is prepared to give Lily one of his shirts, but upon turning around, Lily vanishes once again. This time, Lori has taken Lily, and is showing her a dating show she likes to watch. Lincoln confronts Lori, and demands Lily back, but Lori refuses, saying that she has always wanted to be with someone with the stuff she likes. Their argument is cut short when they hear Leni screaming. Alarmed, both siblings run upstairs to Lisa and Lily's room, and discover Leni in Lily's crib. She explains that she going to show Lily her fashion magazines, but in the process, got into Lily's crib, and now believes she's in jail. As Leni cries in despair, Lincoln and Lori, annoyed at Leni's foolish beliefs, help their sister out of the crib, to which she gracefully thanks them. Suddenly, they hear a menacing laugh. It turns out be coming from Lisa, who has rigged Lily to a potentially dangerous device, which Lily is completely clueless about. Just as Lisa is about to flip the switch, Lincoln shuts the machine off, and reprimands Lisa for nearly killing Lily. When Lisa tries to defend her actions by saying that she was going to give Lily a lollipop afterwards, Lincoln, now fed up, tells his sisters to stay away from Lily, since he had her first, but they remind him that Lily is missing once again. This time, Luna has taken Lily, and is letting her play with her drum kit. Luna prepares to stage dive onto Lily, but the others tackle her before she crushes Lily. Once again, Lily disappears, and it is shown that the twins have taken Lily. However, the twins begin to fight when Lola wants her to join her tea party, and Lana wants her to play with her pets. The others arrive, and one by one, explain what they've been doing with Lily (with Lucy telling Lori that she knows that she [Lori] regifted a brooch that once belonged to Great Grandma Harriet, and that she's not happy about it). Soon enough, the sisters being to fight for Lily. During their fight, Lincoln grabs Lily, and attempts to sneak away with her, but their sisters catch him sneaking out with Lily. Caught, Lincoln makes a run for it, but ends up in a game of cat-and-mouse with his sisters, each one grabbing hold of Lily. When the sisters begin to brawl for Lily again, Lincoln whistles for them to stop. He explains that they all have similar intentions to make Lily like the stuff they like, but says that there's only one way to settle their dispute: let Lily choose.

S1E08B Lily being adorable

Lily does have an interest after all: her blankie.

In the living room, the siblings agree that whoever Lily crawls to, they gets possession of her. They each pull out their respective belongings, and begin to bait Lily with them. As Lily become more and more stressed at her siblings' bribery, an angry Clyde barges in, still thinking that Lincoln is replacing him with Lily. Clyde tries to win back Lincoln by dressing up as a baby himself, much to everyone's shock. To everyone's astonishment, Lily crawls over to Clyde, but before he can berate her for trying to "steal" Lincoln away from him, Lily grabs the blanket he's holding, revealing it's her blankie. Seeing Lily cuddle with her blanket, Clyde, unable to resist Lily's cuteness, hugs her. When Lincoln questions why Clyde's wearing a diaper, he explains that he thought he was trying to replace him, but Lincoln says that he would never replace Clyde. When Lincoln sees how happy Lily is with her blanket, he realizes that he and his sisters can't mold Lily, since she'll want the one thing she loves most. When Lincoln asks Clyde if they want to hang out, Clyde declines, wanting to spend time with Lily more.

Lori, fearing about what Lucy told her earlier, calls up Bobby, and asks if his mother still has the brooch she regifted. Lucy, hearing their conversation, smiles with satisfaction, knowing that she finally got Great Grandma Harriet's message to Lori.



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  • It is revealed that Lincoln's favorite sandwich is peanut butter and sauerkraut.
  • This episode shows that not only do none of Lincoln's sisters have anything in common with their brother, but they also have nothing in common with each other.
  • When Lincoln breaks up the free-for-all to get Lily, all of his sisters are piled up similarly to when he and his sisters fought over the last slice of pizza in "Lincoln Loud's ABCs of Getting the Last Slice", and its adaptation "Slice of Life".
  • This marks the first appearance of Mr. Coconuts in the series.
  • There are some changes made to this episode in the Polish dub:
    • When Lincoln shows Lola his coin collection, he said his newest coin is a Polish złoty. In the dub, it's changed to Japanese yen.
    • In the dub, the disc Lincoln puts in the DVD player is a documentary film instead of a Sci-Fi.
  • The order in which Lily's siblings show her their possessions while saying something to win her attention:
    S1E08B siblings in agreement

    Lily's siblings holding their possessions.

    1. Lincoln - An Ace Savvy comic ("Come on! It's Ace Savvy!")
    2. Luan - Mr. Coconuts ("Wooden you like to be my friend?")
    3. Lynn - A baseball mitt ("Low and inside!")
    4. Lana - Izzy ("Izzy!")
    5. Leni - An issue of Sixteen 1/2 magazine ("Look at the magazine!")
    6. Lori - A TV remote ("Marisol?")
    7. Lola - A teapot ("Extra sugar!")
    8. Luna - A pair of drumsticks ("Walk this way.")
    9. Lucy - A photograph of Abraham Lincoln ("Abe Lincoln.")
    10. Lisa - Multiple cords and plugs ("I have more suckers!")
    • In the Latin American dub, there were just a lot of babbling, as everyone was talking at the same time.


  • Changing the Baby - The title refers to changing a baby's diaper.
  • High Noon - The title card art parodies an iconic shot from the 1952 film.
  • Casablanca - Lincoln's quote "I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship" is a quote from this 1942 classic.
  • Lady Gaga - When Luan uses Lily as a dummy, they mention the famous pop singer.
  • The Bachelor - The show Lori wants Lily to watch with her is a parody of this TV reality series.
  • Starship Troopers - The movie/show that Lincoln shows to Lily on his laptop Starship Groupers, is a parody of the novel.
  • Aerosmith - When Luna tries to win Lily's attention with her drumsticks, she said "Walk this way," which is a reference to the song "Walk This Way".
  • Charlie Brown - When Lincoln and Lily are getting clothes, there are yellow shirts in the background with black zigzag stripes that resemble Charlie Brown's shirt.
  • Seventeen - The "Sixteen 1/2" magazine is a parody of the popular teen magazine.
  • Batman: The Animated Series - When Lincoln is showing Lily all the stuff he has displayed on his bed, there is a comic book with a character who looks similar to Batman, and the way it looks is similar to Bruce Timm's art style.


  • Plot hole:
    • Leni states that she doesn't like to play video games, despite the fact she didn't seem bothered playing one in "Driving Miss Hazy". She also plays video games with both Lincoln and Clyde in "Change of Heart".
    • Lucy refused to join Lincoln in ghost hunting, despite this she had no problem with this in "Suite and Sour".
      • The latter may be due to the fact that Lincoln asked her to hunt the ghosts in the house, whom she calls her "friends", while in "Suite and Sour" she is in an hotel she never has been before and, thus, she helps him because they would be hunting a ghost she never "met", meaning that she refused not due to not liking ghost hunting, but because she didn't wanted to hurt ghost she "befriended".
  • When Lincoln, Luan, and Lynn fought, from the smoke of their fight, body parts of other family members that didn't participate in the fight were seen:
    • Luna's hand.
    • Lucy's leg.
    • Lana's leg.
    • Walt's wing.
  • When the sisters fight for Lily in the hallway, Leni's sunglasses are seen falling off, but when Lincoln stops the fight, her shades are back on her head.
    • In that same scene, one of Lincoln's legs is seen in the fight cloud, even though he wasn't fighting with them.
  • In the scene where Lola is driving her princess car toward Lynn, she is seen with a full set of teeth.
S1E08B Lily with Teeth

Lily's teeth and eyebrows.

  • At times Lily is shown with a full set of teeth when the Loud kids were trying to convince her of choosing one of them, even though she is only shown to have one tooth.
  • Lynn and Lucy share the same room and have 2 separate beds, but when Lincoln visits them alone their beds are in the same place. The scene with Lucy was probably reversed.
  • When Lincoln breaks the sandwich in half for Lily, Lincoln's half has an bite on it, but, after Lincoln and Lily do a toast, and, when Lincoln bites the sandwich, the bite is gone.
    • Also, on the same scene, the crust is the same color as the bread.
  • Lori isn't seen coming into Lincoln's room for Lily, when he's looking for an orange shirt.
  • Lisa isn't seen walking into her room, while Lincoln and Lori are taking Leni from Lily's crib.
S1E08B Linc puts Lily to sleep

So Lily decides to sleep with one foot.

  • When Lincoln was giving Lily a bedtime story, one of her feet is missing.
  • Luna couldn't walk into Lisa's lab unnoticed, as Lori, Leni, Luan, Lynn, and Lucy were guarding the door and window in this room was whole time closed.
  • Lisa pointed Lily is missing, despite not looking at her.
  • In the Latin American version of the episode, Lana's line "Dang it!" is muted.


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